tagMatureOld Friends And A New Lover

Old Friends And A New Lover


Tina and Alice had been friends since childhood and had the same birthday. Both of them were turning 60 and they decided that instead of a big birthday party the two of them would go out on the town and celebrate life and friendship. It was a warm summer night when they headed downtown both of them dressed in silk sundresses with sandals and no undies. This was a little game they had played for 40 years and each time they did it, it was more exciting.

Both women were tall and slender. Tina had bright red hair and incredible blue eyes that would look right through you. Her breasts were small and still somewhat perky though, as she liked to say, gravity is not kind to old ladies. She still had an ass to die for since she and Alice went walking all the time to keep themselves in shape. She had the typical fair skin and freckles of a redhead and loved to remind people of her Irish heritage.

Alice was a brunette with hair that flowed down past her ass when she let it down. Her eyes were so dark they were almost black and her olive skin always looked as though she’d just spent the summer at the beach. She had very large breasts and a slender waist that only served to accent that beautifully rounded ass. Her background was Spanish and when she got angry her native tongue would flow out in a river of obscenities.

The two women were quite a contrast physically but their personalities complimented each other so well. You couldn’t mistake them for sisters but they were closer to each other than any sisters ever could be. They had shared marriages, divorces, births, deaths, all the ups and downs of careers and the good times and bad times of life.

Tonight they decided to go to a little hideaway they knew where the steaks were tender enough to cut with a fork, the salads were the freshest anywhere and the baked potatoes were large enough to feed an army. They asked for a table in the corner and were seated at this little table for two. The restaurant was dimly lit and had a very relaxed atmosphere. Tina and Alice looked over the menu and then ordered a Sex On the Beach and giggled like schoolgirls.

Their drinks were delivered by their waiter, a very tall handsome young man. His dark eyes were full of mischief but with a touch of seriousness to them. His skin was a bit darker than Alice’s, his hair cut very short and his face that of an angel. Both women just stared at him as he sat their drinks down and announced, “My name is Angelo and I will be your server tonight.” The two women looked at each other and both knew they’d had the same idea at the same time.

Angelo never stood a chance. He was 20 years old, a student fulltime and a waiter part time. He had grown up in a house full of women and had a great appreciation for who they are – at all ages. He knew they were flirting with him but he had no idea that these two women intended to have him as their birthday present to each other. He kept coming back to their table to “check on them” and each time he lingered a little longer. Finally Tina decided to make a move. She told him that it was their birthday and that they wanted him as a present. She asked what time he got off work. Angelo hesitated a bit but told them he would be finished around midnight. He had enough adventure in him to be curious about them but also figured they’d never show up. They all agreed to meet in the parking lot when he got off.

The girls finished their dinner and went to do some shopping at the 24-hour mall while they waited for Angelo to get off work. Neither of them were sure he would follow through but they would be in the parking lot to find out. They waited until 12:15 when they saw him come out of the restaurant. He stopped at the entrance wearing tight jeans and a dark blue silk shirt. He looked around so they just pulled the car up and asked if he wanted to get in or wanted to follow them. He said he would follow in his car. The girls had gotten a hotel room while they were waiting on him so they headed in that direction with Angelo behind them.

The three of them walked into the lobby and to the elevator. Tina and Alice had splurged and gotten a suite for the occasion. They’d ordered champagne sent up to the room so it was waiting for them, chilled nicely with three glasses. Angelo spotted the wine and went over to open it. He did so like a pro and then poured three glasses. He handed the ladies their glasses then held his up in a toast. “To two beautiful ladies whom I hope to enjoy for a number of hours.” Tina and Alice just smiled.

They finished their glass of champagne and the ladies sat down on the loveseat together. This time it was Alice who made the move. She asked Angelo to remove his clothes, slowly, for them. He suddenly found himself a bit embarrassed and was hesitant but the two women just sat and waited, not saying a word. Finally he took off his shirt to reveal a smooth chest with well-defined muscles. His slender waist flowed into narrow hips as he removed his jeans. He wore snug fitting briefs that showed evidence of a very nice cock and the two women just looked at each other and smiled.

Tina asked him to come over so they could do a closer inspection of him. He could feel himself blush but he moved to the women as both of them sat on the edge of their seats. As he got close enough for them to touch him Alice put her hands on his hips and turned him around. Oh my, what a beautiful ass he had. It was one both of them would want to lick and fondle. As she continued to turn him he felt his cock start to get hard. The situation was so tense yet his body reacted on its own.

Tina took the initiative and started to remove his briefs as Alice ran her hands all over his chest. His cock was hard before his briefs hit the floor. His cock was nice and long and thick and both women were very pleased with their selection of a birthday present. Tina sucked the head of his dick into her mouth as Alice began to suck on his balls. He felt his knees grow weak and thought he would explode in Tina’s mouth. Both women sensed the tension starting to mount but they weren’t ready for him to cum just yet.

They stood and each took one of his hands and led him to the king-size bed where they had him get on all fours. Tina slid under him so she could get to his cock to suck it and lick it. Alice went for that lovely round ass. She spread his ass cheeks and began to lick his asshole. The sensations were incredible as both women worked him over. There was

Tina’s pussy just begging to be licked so he leaned down and closed his mouth over her. She moaned with pleasure as he used his tongue on her clit then drove it into her cunt to tongue fuck her.

Alice heard the moans and looked around to see what was going on. She leaned over to Tina and asked her if she were ready to get fucked. Tina was more than ready at that point. She moved out from under Angelo and turned her body around. Alice guided his hard cock into Tina’s wet pussy and marveled at the sight of his beautiful brown cock against that fair skin…moving in and out with a very slow rhythm. Angelo was determined not to cum just yet. Alice leaned over them both and began to lick Tina’s clit and Angelo’s cock. It was more than the young man could bear and he could feel his balls tighten as the cum began to shoot out of him into that wonderful wet cunt. He thought he would never stop cumming. His whole body shook with the intensity of it as Tina cried out in total abandon.

Finally the three of them collapsed on the bed, hot and sweaty and satisfied. No one spoke for a while as they savored the smell and feel of sex. It was Tina was moved first as she leaned over to take Angelo’s cock into her mouth and clean off both her juices and his. It was a taste she had long enjoyed. Alice moved to the end of the bed and spread Tina’s legs and began to enjoy those same tastes from Tina’s dripping pussy. She used he tongue to get as much of the delicious nectar as she could, letting her tongue move to the still slightly swollen clit.

Angelo couldn’t believe what was happening to him. He was so turned on by the sight of these two women and the feel of the warm wet mouth on his cock that he started to get hard all over again. Youth was such a wonderful thing but he never knew he could get this hard again so quickly. Tina took all of him into her mouth and then pulled off only to start stroking his cock with her gentle hands. He lay back and allowed himself the pleasure of being caressed by two women. Their hands were all over him and their mouths found places on his body he never thought of as erotic.

Alice pulled herself up over him and looked straight at him as she said, “I want that fine cock in my ass, young man.” He had never done this before and had no idea what it would be like but he was so aroused at this point that he could only nod his agreement. Alice got on her hands and knees on the bed as he stood on the floor behind her. Slowly he started to push his hard cock into her ass. It was so tight and when the head of his cock suddenly popped into her he found himself more turned on than ever.

Her asshole was not only tight but also warm and inviting. She had a great ass that now started to push against his cock. She moved her hips back until his large cock was buried in her up to his balls. His hands rubbed her ass cheeks and felt the soft skin as he watched his cock slide in and out of her. Tina lay down so that Alice could reach her pussy and start to lick it. He watched this whole proceeding thinking that he would never experience this again and he wanted to remember every detail.

Alice was moaning as she manipulated Tina’s clit with her tongue. The feel of Angelo’s cock moving in and out of her ass spurred her on to bring Tina over the edge with her. Angelo reached underneath Alice and started to rub her clit with his fingers. Suddenly she pulled her head up and he felt every muscle in her body tighten as she was driven into a powerful orgasm. The muscles in her ass clinched his cock so tightly that his balls ached. He would not cum! He wanted to keep fucking this ass.

Tina and Alice came at the same time, both of them screaming their total ecstasy. Tina moved up on the bed beside Alice and presented her ass to Angelo. “Fuck both of us, Angelo. Go from one of our asses to the other.” He could hardly believe what was happening. He pulled out of Alice’s ass and moved his cock straight into Tina’s. He drove his cock all the way in as he had with the other woman and pumped her hard until she was cumming.

Back and forth he moved, from one woman to the other. The women were reaching over and fondling one another’s breasts and pussies. They were both going from one orgasm to another. It was almost too much to take in and try as he would, he couldn’t hold back any longer. His cock was in Alice as he shot another huge load of cum. He would never have believed he could shoot that much cum or have that hard an orgasm so soon after the first one. Even more new things were to come for him as Tina got behind Alice and started to lick the cum dripping from her asshole. He sat on the chair across from the bed and felt as though he would die watching this.

The two women rolled over on the bed and held each other for a while, kissing and playing with each other while he just watched. Alice finally got up and poured more champagne for the two of them. She told Angelo that one glass was his limit since they weren’t finished with him. He just knew there was no way he would get hard again but he had no idea what two older, experienced women would do to and for him.

The women drank toasts to their birthday, to ex-husbands, to straight-laced children and to their newfound friend. They lay back lazily on the bed as Angelo drifted off into a dream world. They let him sleep for about 30 minutes and decided it was time for another game they enjoyed. Now it was time for toys.

Alice got out her little vibrator that felt so good on her clit and knelt down in front of Angelo. She turned it onto the lowest speed and applied it to his balls. He roused slightly and smiled then suddenly he was awake and realized what was going on. It was such an incredible feeling and as she moved it up his shaft he could feel all of those arousing sensations start again.

Tina was in the bathroom and when she came out she was wearing a strap-on dildo. It was about 6 inches long and not too big around, much smaller than his cock. Alice pushed her ass up into the air and Tina came over and started to fuck her pussy with the dildo. Now Alice had his cock in her mouth and the vibrator still resting against his balls. In spite of himself he was getting hard again. The more these two women did the more turned on he got. Surely he must have died and gone to heaven.

“Angelo, we want you to experience the same pleasure you have been giving us so we have a little surprise for you. Would you go lean over the edge of the bed please?” Angelo wasn’t sure about this at all but he was past the point of questioning what they asked him to do. He leaned his tall frame over the edge of the bed as Alice climbed under him with her head at the foot of the bed. She took his cock down her throat and reached around to grab his ass as he leaned over her.

He felt Tina pull his ass cheeks apart and then there was something cold against his asshole. He was a bit startled at this and tried to stand up but the women held onto him so that he was basically trapped between them. “Just relax and breathe. You’re going to like this more than you think.”

Tina had put a wonderful lube on the dildo and now slowly pushed it into Angelo’s asshole. Alice was deep-throating his cock and squeezing his balls and it felt so good that he could hardly focus on the dildo penetrating his virgin ass. Now Tina started to fuck his ass very slowly and gently. She was right – the sensation of his cock being taking in up to his nuts while his nuts were being massaged and the dildo filling his ass had him on overload.

Alice sucked his cock, running her tongue all over it as she held it in her mouth but backing off when she felt he might be too close to cumming. There was her pussy laying wide open so he held himself up with one hand and used the other to play with her clit and finger fuck her. She was squirming underneath his touch and the pussy juices were flowing out of her so that even the bed was wet with them.

He heard himself say it and didn’t believe it – “Fuck me with that cock. Fuck my asshole hard.” Tina was more than willing to do so because with each stroke inside him the little button on the underneath side massaged her clit. All three of them were on a collision course for earth-shattering orgasms and it all happened at once.

Tina started to fuck him as hard as she could while her clit and pussy exploded in great tremors. Alice bucked against his hand full-force as she came in huge spurts. But Angelo had the most incredible experience of all. The orgasm seemed to start at his toes and move up his entire body. He felt as though every ounce of cum his body had ever created was about to explode out of him. This orgasm was so intense that it hurt.

His body started to shake but Alice never took his cock out of her mouth. Instead she grabbed his hips and pulled him towards her as Tina continued to pump his ass. The pain gave way to the most phenomenal pleasure he had ever experienced. Even when there was no more cum to be gotten out of his cock it still throbbed with the orgasm. Neither woman stopped until his legs started to go out from under him. He collapsed on top of Alice and rolled over onto the bed. It seemed like forever before he could even speak.

The two women gave him a few minutes and then began to massage his body with scented oil. He drifted off to sleep at some point and when he awoke several hours later there was no sign of the women. There was a note on the table beside the bed that simply said, “Thanks for being the best birthday present we ever had. You are truly an angel.”

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