tagBDSMOld Friends Ch. 05

Old Friends Ch. 05


Ryan got home, cleaned his items and stored them. He checked his messages but nothing from Mistress Nora. He went to the chat room and she wasn’t there. It was 2 a.m. and he was seriously confused about the entire matter. He had thought she was pleased with him, by the end of the evening but hadn’t said a word when she left. Now he had no message and she wasn’t online.
Though completely spent, he could not get to sleep. He tossed and turned, reliving the evening’s events and picking apart every part of it, searching for the answer he needed to know. Would he ever see her again? By 5 a.m., when he had to get ready for work, if he still had a job, he hadn’t slept a wink and was stressed beyond belief.
He went to work, somewhat relieved to find he still had a job, and worked through the day, checking his messages constantly for one word from her. Nothing…not a word all day long. By the end of the day, he was struggling with himself, deciding what he should do. He was exhausted and wanted to go home and sleep but he wasn’t sure that’s what he was supposed to do. His last ditch hope, though far-fetched, was to go to the hotel, even though he hadn’t heard from her one way or the other. Maybe she had left him a note or message there. It was possible. Right?
His mind was buzzing; his body sore from lack of sleep and the beating he had taken at Master’s hand the night before. He pulled up and parked, walked into the hotel and to the desk. By now, the woman behind the desk recognized him and smiled as he walked in. Before he could say a word, she reached under the desk and handed him an envelope; but no key. Thanking her, he took the envelope and walked out to his car to read it: “My Pet, go to room 328 and knock on the door.”
He dropped the note on the seat and leapt out, walking quickly to the room. He stopped outside the door, not sure what to expect and knocked lightly on the door. He waited and…nothing. He raised his hand and knocked harder this time. This time he heard someone turning the doorknob, as he held his breath.
The door opened and there stood Mistress Nora, wearing nothing but the hood, thigh high boots and holding a riding crop. He wanted to smile but knew better so he stood there looking at the ground, waiting for her to say something to him.
“Come in, my pet,” she said softly.
He stepped in, feeling a thrill at the face that she had called him her pet. He was her pet and planned on staying that way.
She closed the door and told him to strip, which he did placing his clothes on the table.
“Mistress, I’m sorry, but I did not bring my items. I wasn’t sure what I should do when I didn’t hear from you.”
She placed her fingers on his lips to quiet him, then leaned forward, pressing her taut breasts against his chest and kissed him on the lips. He was even more confused than he had been, wondering if she would call. Now here she stood, looking like a dream, kissing him on the lips. Despite his fatigue and confusion, he could already feel the stirring in his loins, alerting him that whatever she wanted, he knew he would give no matter what it took from him.
She walked over and sat down on the bed. “Come here, my pet, and get on your knees.”
“Yes, Mistress,” he replied and quickly complied.
“It is time for you to learn how to service me,” she informed him, as she leaned back, spread her legs and said, “you will start by learning how to eat my pussy properly. You may suck, lick and use your fingers to show me your skills. I will correct you as necessary. Remember what I tell you because next time, you will be expected to start and finish correctly.”
Finally, he was going to get to touch her and, though, every nerve in his body felt like it was charged, he knew he needed to concentrate and take his time. Even though he wanted to dive in plundering that beautiful cunt spread in front of his face, he had to do and remember every movement and instruction.
Ryan wrapped his arms around her thighs and pulled her to the edge of the bed to give his face complete access to her wonderful wetness. Leaning in, he began licking the lips of her pussy with the tip of his tongue, ever so lightly, with a hint of pressure. With a low sigh, she placed her legs over his shoulders, so she could pull him closer as the need built up. He glided along, licking and kissing, teasing her senses with his wonderful warm tongue. As he continued, he could feel her arching toward him, pushing her need of his mouth higher and higher. When he felt her legs begin to urge him forward, he spread her open brought his tongue to the bottom of her pussy opening and licked her beginning juices upward until he reached her clit. As he heard her low moan, he wrapped his mouth around her swollen clit and began gently sucking and licking, causing her legs to wrap around his neck, pulling him into her. Not wanting to rush, he maintained his pace, licking, nibbling and sucking as he rubbed his thumb over her wet opening, tantalizing as many senses as possible. He could hear her low, throaty moans as she glided back and forth against his skilled mouth. Though she could feel her orgasm building, she did not want the sensations to end. It was all so amazing and as much as she wanted a reason to slap his ass with the riding crop, so far, he hadn’t given her a reason.
She finally reached the point, where she needed release, she locked her ankles around his necking, pulling him toward her, “make my cum now,” she demanded. He grabbed her ass firmly and pulled his face into her sweetness, plunging his tongue deep into her hole, fucking her with his mouth, while rubbing her clit with his lip. It drove her over the edge and she yelled out, as she squirted him full in the face with her orgasm. As she loosened her legs and fell back, Ryan wasted no time licking and cleaning her juices with his expert tongue.
Mistress stood and walked to her bag, she removed a few items then motioned Ryan to her side. He sat at her feet on all fours, as she pulled a stimulator out of the bag, several inches long, and covered it in gel. She told him to turn his ass to her then slid it into place in his asshole. No longer painful, the sensation did nothing more than make his cock harder than it had become as he had eaten Mistress’ sensational honey hole. As he remained there, waiting for instruction, Mistress began rubbing the tip of the riding crop along his ass cheeks, making him tingle in anticipation. He didn’t want to disobey her but he really wanted her to smack his ass with that crop.
She stood and straddled his back, making sure to spread her pussy lips open so her clit would be rubbing against his back, as she continued to rub the crop along his cheeks, stopping occasionally and sliding it between his legs, gliding it across his balls. It felt so good, he felt like he was being hypnotized. The feel of her wetness on his back as she rocked back and forth with her motions; the stimulator and the leather on his skin was so damn erotic, he could feel the sweat beading on his brow. He could feel the pressure building and hoped she wouldn’t make him wait long.
Mistress sensed his need growing and rose, throwing his clothes to him, she instructed him to get dressed, while she pulled a dress over her head. “You will get in your car and follow me,” she informed him.
He did as told, then found himself sitting in his car, following her down the road. He still had the stimulator in place and was aroused even more by the vibration of the car and every bump he hit in the road. Though he wondered where they were going, he knew he didn’t care as long as he was following her. Without warning, the stimulator in his ass began to vibrate, sending tingling sensations through his extremities. What was this?
In her car, Mistress was smiling as she fingered the buttons on the remote to the stimulator she had placed in Ryan’s ass. She knew, by the time they got to her place, he would be willing to agree to anything she proposed and that was just the way she wanted him. Begging her; knowing that she was the only one that could bring him to the brink of the pleasure and pain he wanted…no, needed.
Behind her, Ryan was shifting in his seat, trying to satiate the desires running through him. As they turned down another road, he felt the power and pressure of the vibrator increase. Holy shit, he swerved for a moment but quickly recovered. What was she doing to him? How many speeds did this thing have? How much longer before they got where they were going? The wheels were turning and at the same time, he was having trouble focusing as the blood was no longer supporting his brain but rushing to his hardened and damp prick, threatening to push him too far.
She pulled into the driveway of her simple but beautiful little two bedroom cottage home. Before sliding from behind the wheel, she took Ryan’s vibrator up another notch, knowing he would already be agonizing over it’s power.
Ryan had stopped behind her and put the car in park, when he felt the vibration turn to an intense hum. He swore he could hear the vibration but wondered if it was just because the pressure was coursing its way through his entire body. He opened his door, as she walked toward the car but was finding it difficult to put his feet on the ground and get out.
“Follow me,” she said briskly as she strode quickly toward the door. Despite his situation, he knew if he didn’t follow her quickly, she might very well lock the door and leave him standing outside. He struggled to his feet and walked as fast as he could, ambling to catch up with her. He followed her into what he could only describe as the most comfortable and quaint house he’d ever seen. All the soft colors and homey décor definitely denied the commanding nature of his Mistress. He could smell apple cinnamon and vanilla wafting through the house, mixing with the scents of her womanly fragrances and it was more sensual than he had imagined.
As he stood there, with his ass and balls humming, she turned and placed a new collar around his neck, with a long leather leash, that he could see would easily reach his ass, if she were so inclined to slap him with it. “Remove everything, my pet, and leave your clothes at the door.”
As soon as he had done so, she took the leash in her hand. He looked at her, waiting for instruction. She quickly took the end of the leash and slapped him hard on his ass, SLAP! “Pet, why are you still standing?” she asked him angrily. Suddenly he realized his error and dropped to all fours.
“Sorry, Mistress,” he said as he looked down at her feet.
She led him by his leash to the basement. As they entered the room, he could see it looked more like a dungeon than a basement. The wall was adorned with whips, chains, clips, vibrating and other devices he’d never seen. In the middle of the room was a tabled with restraints at all four corners. In the corner, he saw what looked to be a large dog kennel. Whoa! Am I in over my head, he wondered. But he knew he wanted to know what everything was, what it did and how it felt to be used on him. He practically salivated, looking around and knowing she wouldn’t have brought him here if she hadn’t chosen him as her sub. Finally, he was in and looking forward to days, weeks, months…years of what she had in store for him.
“This is our playroom, pet. We will be spending many hours here; perhaps even days as we proceed. The crate in the corner is where you will sleep when you are a bad boy. If you are a good boy, I have a dog bed in my room, you will be permitted to sleep in. If you are very, very good, I might allow you to sleep at the foot of my bed. But I am getting ahead of myself, you have a long way to go before that will happen. Each and every item in this room has been purchased for my pleasures with you. You will no longer go to your apartment after work. You will come here every day, remove your clothes at the door, take your collar and leash from the hook, put it on and wait for me at the door, like a good dog. Your position is on all fours unless I tell you otherwise. You will see to all my pleasures, never your own. If you are good, I will reward you. Do you fully agree to do exactly as I say and never question me?” She said and waited for his response.
At that moment, he knew he wanted everything she had. If he had to endure beatings and humiliation, as he had in the past few days, it was a small price to pay for the honor of being with her, “Yes, Mistress, I fully agree. I will be your pet, at your beck and call, whenever and wherever you command me. I promise to learn at your hand and be your obedient pet as long as you will have me.”
She smiled and patted his ass, which was still gyrating under her control. “Get on the table, my pet, lay on your back and extend your arms and legs to the bindings.”
Onto the table he went, the metal under him was cold as ice, and proved only to make his nerves jump a little, in combination with her stimulation of his asshole. She went about strapping his wrists into the leather cuffs and then his ankles. Without the ability to clench his legs, the stimulator was working overtime, making him harder and harder, beyond his belief.
Mistress quickly removed her dress and climbed over Ryan on the table. “Tonight, I will give you a taste of one reward you will be working for.” Smiling at him, she took the control in her hand and moved the setting from 3, directly to 10. Jolting his senses, he gasped slightly but caught himself for fear she would be unhappy with him. As he fought the urge to push back against the vibration, Mistress squatted over him and slid her soaked, hot pussy onto his throbbing cock, beginning to ride the tip slowly and methodically; only letting him the tip enter and exit her, as she began rubbing her clit with one hand and massaging her breast with the other. As she glided over him, like and angel, he could feel all his nerves tingling from head to toe. Oh, how he wanted to plunge into her warm wetness, as he began writhing under her.
She continued to massage only his cock head with the snug warmth of her cunt, as he fought the urge to thrust his hips up into her. It was the sweetest torture he had yet felt in all their meetings. What he had wanted and worked for. If he had to wait, then he would do so. He was hers, all hers and wanted, nor needed anyone else. He knew he would be hers forever, if she would let him.
She met his eye, seeing the hazed and lusty gaze, he held as he looked at her. She reached up and pulled the mask off her head, as she plunged her body all the way down on his massively erect manhood, and began riding him to orgasm. Though it was hard to focus, he watched intently as her long black curls fell from under the hood. He finally got to see her entire face, with its pert nose, full lips and smokey eyes. And as she thrust onto him over and over, watching her breasts bounce, and hearing her sexy moans escape those sensual lips, he suddenly realized, he knew this girl…no, not girl, woman. But she had been a girl, the last time he saw her. Junior High, he recalled as she continued to push his resistance to its limits wrapping her hotness around his cock, faster and faster.
Her moans and panting were increasing, as she was growing wetter riding him and he was beyond ecstasy with the ass vibrator still going as she fucked him. He could not believe he had finally seen this beautiful vixen and she was riding his full staff, with such frenzy.
“Cum,” she yelled as she thrust fully onto him, her soaked cunt constricting as she screamed out in ecstasy. Relieved for such release, he came fast and hard, feeling their juices mingle and overflow onto his balls, thighs and stomach, as he too yelled out in release.
She slumped over him, laying on his chest, their stickiness sealing them to each other. He could feel her breasts rubbing against him as they fought to catch their breath. She reached over and turned off the vibrator. After a few moments, she climbed off him and released his restraints.
As he laid there, she walked toward the basement steps. “You may sleep in your pet bed, in my room tonight. Clean yourself up, but leave the stimulator in. Whenever, I turn it on, you will know to come to my bedside and wait for instruction.” She turned and started up the stairs.
“Yes, Mistress, I live to serve and please you and only you.”
Without turning around, she smiled and said, “I know you do, my pet.” And proceeded up the steps.
The end?

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