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Old Friends, New Pleasures


Note to the readers: This is my first time writing for Literotica. I have been reading here for the past few months, and it has been an experience unto itself. This is just a fantasy, something I would probably never do in real life, and in all honesty, something that will never have a chance to present itself. On all accounts, just a plot of fiction, but a story of Love and Lust nonetheless. I hope you enjoy it, and if you have any comments, please don't hesitate to email, for in the world of writing, all criticism is constructive.

* * * * *

It had been awhile since the "gang" had all been together, the last time, probably being after graduation. They had seen each other on separate occasions, but now was an occasion to bring them all back together, and to bring some of them together in a way none of them ever imagined.

It was a group of eight, four guys, four girls, the closest friends from college, they roomed together, took classes together, and for all practical purposes, became adults together. It had been two years since their graduation took place, two long years since they had all seen each other at the same time, and now two weeks until the wedding of two of their own. Jen and Micah had been high school sweethearts, downright annoying at times to the others, but happy, and definitely in love. When all of them had heard eight months earlier that the nuptials were pending, excitement and anticipation were felt by all.

Cassie had been in New York for a year and a half, working for a publishing company she loved, but was excited about the upcoming wedding. For her it meant a week of vacation, time away from work, and time to spend with her best friends. Lynn had gone back to Seattle, continuing her education, and was working as an operations manager in her father's company. She was excited about the week of preparations ahead as well, she needed to get away from her family and have some fun. And that she would. The last would be Katie, she strayed the furthest from the group. An artist, she liked to move around and barely kept in contact, but was also ready to see her pals again. She was the only one with a significant other, and he, Keith, would join her the weekend of the wedding.

Ben, the jock of the group, went to school on a football scholarship, and although he was good, and the NFL looked to be in his future, a knee injury in his junior year proved to be serious enough to knock that dream right out of his head. He was excited about seeing the girls, it had been too long, and he wanted to see what he may have missed out on. Then there's the twins, Kyle and Kaleb; the spitting image of each other, they did everything together...lived together, worked together. They couldn't wait to get to Boston either.

All of the flights would land in Boston on or about the same time, which made it easy for pick-ups and hellos. They all hugged, reminisced and remembered the "good ol' times". They were all staying in the same hotel, they had even reserved suites. That way they could at least share rooms with one another and spend time with all. The girls hurried off to have final fittings of their dresses, the men with their tux's, and they all caught up on the last two years. The men had a little bachelor party, and the girls threw Jen a bachelorette bash-eating, drinking, and all having a great time.

The night of the rehearsal dinner proved to be the beginning of wonderful things to come. Cassie and Lynn drank way to much and by the time they got back to the hotel, started discussing the guys in, for them, an unusual fashion. Katie had picked up Keith that afternoon from the airport, and decided to stay with him in their own room, so the girls had their suite all to themselves. They changed into their PJ's and began plotting the next night's events.

"The guys haven't changed a bit, if anything, they have gotten hotter." Lynn said, "I can't believe that neither of us ever went out with any of them, what were we thinking?"

"Well, I guess it just never came up, and at the time, it probably would have ruined our friendships, you know how immature they were in college. At least now, we know they are grown up, maybe they can handle something mature for a change." Cassie stated.

The girls sat and drank wine, watching the fire, and thinking about what they would like to do to each of their perspective male friends, Lynn said, "I know, why don't we have fun with all of them together, I mean that way, we know it's just friends having sex, we aren't looking for a relationship with any of them, and I doubt they would say no. Did you see the way they were ogling us?"

"Oh you bet I did, when I danced with Kyle, he couldn't keep his hands, and organs, off of me," said Cassie, "but do you think they would go for it-I mean all of them and both of us, at the same time?"

"Well, there is only one way to find out." As Lynn said this, she picked up the phone and called the guys' room. Kaleb answered the phone, and she could hear the others in the background laughing and talking.

"Me and Cassie were wondering if you would all like to do something after the reception tomorrow. I mean, we would like to spend some more time with you guys, since we are going home in two days."

"That sounds like a great idea, what do you have in mind?"

"Let us take care of the plans. Are you boys up for anything?"

"Anything with you two-we'll see you at the church in the morning."

"OK, sleep well, and don't forget to be there on time."

"Will do, you too."

With that, Kaleb hung up the phone and told his friends that they had plans for the next evening with Cassie and Lynn, and they all began to wonder what was on the agenda.

The wedding went off without a hitch, the bride and groom were as happy as ever, not only were they finally married, but all their friends had come and participated. At the reception, they all danced, drank, and ate and all had a great time. The festivities were winding down, and the girls were anxious to get the evening started. The guys were as well-all night the girls had each been flirting with them, and they were beginning to wonder what they had gotten themselves into. They all said their good-byes to the happy couple, Katie and Keith went to the bar, and they all headed out to the valet of the hotel, to begin their adventure. As they stood around waiting for the limo to pull up, the guys started asking questions, but all they got were smiles and giggles, and the occasional, "you'll have to wait and sees" from the girls. The anticipation was killing them, little did they know it would be well worth the wait.

They let the girls climb into the limo first and when they started piling in, they looked and noticed that the two girls had sat together directly across from them. With the three of them on the opposite seat they watched as the girls held hands, and looked at them with fire in their eyes. Finally someone spoke up.

"So ladies, what's going on?"

"Well, Lynn and I discussed it, and have decided that we want to have sex with you, all of you...together."

At the exact same time, all three men were staring at them, jaws dropped to the floor.

Lynn chuckled, "I told you they wouldn't, or should I say couldn't, say no."

"Are you two serious?"

"Do we look like we're serious?" Cassie said flatly.

The guys looked back and forth from each other to the girls and each of them shrugged as if giving permission for the fun to begin.

Cassie looked at Ben and said, "Why don't you and I trade places?"

With that Ben and Cassie maneuvered to switch spots, but while suspended in air, exchanged a deep and passionate kiss. To this Lynn said, "Let the fun begin."

Ben sat down next to Lynn, and she began to lick his lips lightly. He could smell the alcohol on her breath and wondered to himself if she was sure she knew what they were getting into. She could sense this and said, "It's OK, this was 'our' idea."

With that Ben began to kiss Lynn, parting her lips slowly as she invited him into her wet and hot mouth. His tongue began to probe and thoughts were racing through his mind, and he felt eyes on him. He looked away, at the three directly across from them, when Cassie said, "Go on, I wanna watch. We'll join you in a few minutes, right guys?" As she said this she placed each of her hands on the twins' thighs, on either side of her. All they could do was watch and nod, which made Lynn and Cassie smile.

Lynn brought Ben's mouth back to hers and began to loosen his tie. As she started to unbutton his shirt, his lips made their way down her neck and back up to her ear. When she finished with his shirt, he removed it, and went back to kissing her, now with his hand on her thigh, slowly making a move upwards to find what he was waiting for. She slightly spread her legs, just giving him enough room to fit his hand up there and feel the moistness that was developing, and with that he lightly moaned into her ear. He couldn't believe this was happening, not complaining about it, but shocked to say the least.

On the opposite seat, the twins and Cassie were watching with great intensity, when the guys felt her hands dig deeply into their thighs, and slowly inch their way up. They looked at her in unison, and she thought, "damn they are cute when they do exactly the same thing at exactly the same time", and she wondered to herself if that was true for everything. She was ready to find out.

With that, she started inching her hands slowly up their thighs, getting closer to the growing bulges in their pants, and as she did this, they both sighed at the same time. This made her giggle. They both looked at her, and she smiled, saying, "I'm ready when you are".

They each began to lick and kiss the side of her neck they were on, placing their hands on her knees, moving them slowly up her thighs, looking for the same sweet spot. She turned her head and kissed Kaleb deeply. She began to suck on his bottom lip and this made him massage her thigh so gently that she began to feel the moisture forming. After she finished her assault on his lip he returned to her neck, and she then turned to Kyle, kissing him deeply, but this time sucking on his tongue. This absolutely drove him crazy, knowing that at any moment those lips could be wrapped around his hard cock. He felt a twinge in his pants, and at this she smiled around his tongue. Cassie then looked into his eyes and said, "Why don't we get these clothes off, it might make this easier?"

They didn't need to be told twice. No sooner had their hands left their respective parts on her body than they were already tugging on their tuxedos. By the time they were stripped naked, they looked back at Cassie and noticed that she was staring across the way, while her hand was gently stroking her obviously wet pussy. This in turn made them look across, to see what her excitement was all about.

They had almost forgotten about the other two in the limo, and watching now, they wondered how they could not see what was happening. Both Ben and Lynn were as naked as they were. Ben had one of his legs up on the seat and Lynn was going to town on his rigid pole. They watched as she licked the hard shaft, and sucked each of his balls into her mouth, and they obviously enjoyed the sight, cause then Cassie noticed that at the exact same time, they reached for their own hard cocks and started to stroke. They continued to watch in amazement their two friends having a good time with one another. Ben had one hand holding him up on the seat and the other embedded in her hair, lightly urging her to keep going, and take him in deeper. His head was thrown back but every once in awhile, he would look down at the beautiful girl taking him in, stroke after stroke with her soft lips and strong tongue. His moaning was low, but could be heard by all, and his breathing was becoming panting, as he watched his cock disappear into the mouth of a dear friend, and an obviously great lover.

Cassie snapped out of the daze that she was in, watching Lynn swallow Ben's cock, and moved the twins hands out of her way, saying, "I will take these from you, now let's get started. I don't want to see them have all the fun". The boys then returned their mouths to her neck and their hands to her thighs. She started to stroke each of their cocks, already hard but growing by the second, she could feel them getting bigger from her touch. As she did this, each of the boys made their way down her shoulders, to her breasts, licking and sucking on her hard nipples. This was a wonderful feeling to her, each part of her body getting the same pleasure at the same time, from practically two of the same men. Her hands noticed that the similarities didn't seem to stop, both of their cocks seemed to be the same size, huge at that, she had never see any that big, and she had seen her fair share.

The twins moved their hands upward, to the heat of their desire, and reached the destination together. Each of them stroking, sharing the feel of her hot pussy together, sliding their fingers up and down, feeling the wetness that formed from their touch, and their other friends' actions. Cassie let out a gasp, as they were sucking on her nipples she felt their fingers begin to move over her clit. And this in turn made her hands pump faster and her grip to become firmer. At exactly the same time, it would figure since they are twins, she felt each of them insert a finger inside of her. She moaned as they accommodated each other, to let the other in, so they could begin a coinciding rhythm. Their fingers moved in and out of her-same time, same pace, making her wetter than she had ever been before. As she continued to stroke their cocks she noticed some wetness forming on each, looking at them, she saw the precum, and moved her hands over the tips, swirling it around, to help make the stroking easier, gliding through her hands at a faster pace. As they continued to pump their fingers in and out, their mouths continued to feast on her breasts, and she was beginning to feel her first orgasm of the evening and, lucky for her, not the last.

Across the way, Ben and Lynn had switched places-her with a leg on the seat-he had his head between her legs, as he began to lick the folds of her deliciously wet cunt. He used one of his hands to spread the lips, giving him a better view and more room to enter. He stuck out his tongue and began to lick from the bottom of her pussy all the way up to the top, then, finding her clit, he popped it into his mouth and began to suck on it, nibbling it between his teeth, making her buck her hips. She was pinching her nipples and letting out soft moans, begging him to fuck her with his tongue. Then, in one move, he released her throbbing clit from his grasp, and began to slide his tongue in and out of her hot hole. She was coming close, and he could tell, as he moved his tongue in and out, penetrating her deeper each time. He could feel her walls tightening around it, and that got him thinking about this tight pussy wrapped around his already hard cock. He began to dive into her deeper and faster, she was now moving her hips in a way that seemed like she was fucking his face, and he had to hold her hips to keep her in place. He pulled his tongue out of her and began to work on her hard nub again, thrashing his tongue, moving it in circles. Lynn had never felt this good before, and began to wonder if he took a class on the proper way to eat a chick out. If not, he could give lessons. He popped her clit back into his mouth and started to suck again, and this sent her over the edge. She felt her orgasm coming, and she stated it loudly for the whole car to hear. And when Cassie and the twins looked up and across from them, they watched in amazement as she flooded Ben's face, and he drank it all up, gulp for gulp, he left nothing to waste. When he was done he was gasping for air, as was Lynn, as he sat back up on the seat. They breathed heavily for a few minutes, and she kissed him, tasting herself on him. She thought the mixture of his saliva and her cum tasted great together.

As Ben and Lynn slowly calmed down, they began to watch what was happening with the others, and they couldn't believe their eyes. Cassie was jacking off the brothers, as they were fucking her with their fingers at the same time. Their fingers glided in and out, same movements, same speeds, same timing. And Cassie was keeping up with them as she stroked their cocks-the faster they pumped her, the faster she pumped them. Before she knew it, they were both rubbing her clit with their thumbs, again the sensation of two hands on her was driving her wild. She started to buck her hips up, fucking their hands and moaning for them to go faster. As she came, her juices flowed over the twins' hands and they continued to pump into her until she was done. They each pulled their fingers out, and sucked her cum right off of their hands. Licking up all that they could, when they were done, they both said, "Sweet as honey". This made all five of them laugh out loud, and when Cassie looked at their cocks, still hard and yet to cum, she asked Lynn for a hand. With that, each of the girls got on their knees between their legs and began to suck.

The girls looked at each other as they licked the shafts, making sure they were doing the same thing, seeing if the same movements would make them cum. And it was working. They both grew harder, in the girls' mouths, as they clenched their fists into the seat. The girls' licked around the heads, stuck their tongues into the hole that was letting out little drops of cum. Then they began to massage the balls, as they both put their hands on the bottom of the shafts. Then they both looked up at the boys, looked at each other, and began their descent on the hard cocks in front of them. Taking them all the way in, playing their tongues against the underside of their cocks. Slowly they pulled their mouths up, and moved their hands up as well. As the girls moved their mouths over the "Hardy Boys", as they would soon call them, each of the twins placed hands on their heads, and urged them to take it all. And boy did they. They began to bob up and down on their cocks, same timing, same everything, getting them as deep as they could into their throats and then pulling them out, and starting all over again.

On the seat in back of them, Ben had quite the view. His two best friends, getting the blowjobs of a lifetime, from his two best friends. This was turning him on, as he felt his cock getting hard, he began to stroke himself, watching these two girls he loved, loving his two friends. Just then, both the twins exclaimed, "I'm gonna cum", and at that, the girls swallowed their throbbing cocks, far into their mouths, hitting the back of their throats. Spurt after spurt of their hot cum was making its way down their throats, and the girls swallowed it all, not missing a drop. They cleaned up the twins and then all of them took a seat...everyone in need of air, and a break. They looked around at each other, smiling and talking when Lynn said, "Now that wasn't so bad, was it?". And in unison, the boys all said, "Not at all, thank you for making this happen."

Then Ben said, "So what do we do now?"

"Well we aren't finished with you yet, the night has just begun. We have champagne and a king size bed big enough for 5 waiting back at the hotel."

They all smiled and began to get dressed. Everyone finding the right clothes, the girls fixed their hair and makeup as they pulled into the front of the hotel. They got out and walked into the lobby, when they ran into Katie and Keith, on their way up to their room after spending some time at the bar.

Katie said, "What have you guys been up to?".

And without even taking a minute, the twins spoke together, "Taking a drive through the city".

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