tagGroup SexOld Friends, New Pleasures Ch. 2

Old Friends, New Pleasures Ch. 2


Note to the readers: It might help to read the first part of this story, "Old Friends, New Pleasures", to give you the whole scenario, but it isn't necessary to enjoy this one. Thank you for reading.

* * * * *

As Katie stood at the door of Cassie and Lynn's room, she fumed over the fight she and Keith just had. He told her that he needed a change, she wasn't the same as she used to be, and she wasn't very pleasing in the bedroom. Katie never figured they had any problems sexually, but she did agree that maybe she wasn't as open as he had liked. But why was this an issue, and why now? He never had any complaints about her before, why was he bringing it up, and why this weekend? Keith admitted to her that he had been having an affair, and with this "new" woman he was more pleased in and out of the bedroom. Katie felt like shit, she told him to fuck off, and she stormed out of the room, and down to the bar. After drinking for over an hour, she decided she needed to talk to someone. Hopefully the girls would still be up.

She knocked lightly, but loud enough to stir Ben out of his sleep, he grabbed his pants and slid them on and went to the door. Looking through the peephole, he could see Katie, and noticed she was upset, that she had been crying. Before it registered in his head that he was not in his own room, his hand went to turn the handle and open the door to her.

Katie looked at Ben, but before she could ask him what he was doing in the girls' room, he asked, "What is it Katie, what's wrong?" She started crying and went into his arms. He closed the door behind her, and walked her over the the couch. Sitting her down, he went to the bathroom to grab some tissue, and when he returned she was crying hysterically.

"What happened sweetie?" he asked.

"He is such a bastard...I hate him...I hate all men," Katie sobbed.

Ben put his arm around her, consoled her, and asked her again, "What happened?" She calmed down and took a deep breath as he wiped some tears from her face.

"It's Keith, he's been cheating on me, he says I don't please him." Katie picked up a tissue from the box Ben had brought out, and blotted her eyes. "Why couldn't he have told me before? I could have tried to change, he didn't even give me a chance."

Keith chuckled, "Honey, he isn't worth all this upset. He isn't much of a man if he is blaming you for his unfaithfulness." Katie looked into his eyes and heard truth in his words. She relaxed more, smiled and cleared her throat.

"Would you like something to drink?" Ben asked.

"What do you have?" Katie asked.

"Anything you want, I think this place has a stocked fridge", Ben replied.

"Water will be fine, I think I have stomached enough liquor tonight. I just came from the bar, I might have had a few too many.", Katie said.

Ben grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge, walked back over to the couch and sat next to Katie.

"Ben, am I attractive? I mean if we didn't know each other and you saw me, would you be interested?" Katie asked.

"Katie, that is a ridiculous question. You are even more attractive, because I do know you. I mean, you are beautiful in the looks department, but you are so much more attractive for other reasons--you are one of my best friends, you have an amazing spirit and your smile lights up any room."

Katie smiled and lifted a hand to his cheek, "Thank you Ben, that was very sweet."

Ben placed his hand over hers, smiled back at her, and placed her hand on his lips. She was taken back by his gesture, but she didn't pull away. He placed his other hand on her cheek, gently ran his fingers down her jaw line, and pulled her lips to his. She was shocked by his movement, but once his lips touched hers, she lost all train of thought. His mouth was hot on hers, but he moved sweetly and slowly. When he moved his head for a better angle, her lips parted and she felt his velvet tongue slip into her mouth.

Katie's head was swimming, but she didn't stop this feeling from continuing. She moved a hand up to the back of his head and turned the kiss from soft to hard in a flash. She began kissing him deeply, plunging her tongue deep into his mouth, licking his lips, sucking on his tongue. This made him moan, and it echoed all through her body, down to her throbbing pussy. She moved her hand from the back of his head, down his chest and let it rest in his lap, where she could feel his cock growing hard. As she continued to lick and suck at his mouth, she began to rub him through his pants, feeling him twitch. She enjoyed this feeling of power she was exerting over him, the pleasure she was bringing to him.

Ben began to move his hands under her sweater, massaging her breasts, rubbing and pinching her nipples until they were as hard as he was, as she tightened her grip on his cock through his pants. Katie began to unzip them, moving her hand inside, feeling the smooth skin of his hard shaft. While kissing him, she started to imagine sucking this cock into her mouth. The thought made her wet and she began to stroke him, gripping her fist around him, sliding her hand up and down. While she continued to stroke him slow, yet hard, Ben began to moan and kiss down Katie's neck, licking up to her ear, whispering,"mmmmmmm Katie, that feels so fucking good."

He slid his hands into the waistband of her pants, dipping his fingers through her soft curls, feeling the moistness they had created. His fingers slid through her lips, and she let out a gasp as they grazed past her clit, as they continued to move farther down, deeper into her wet spot. Ben started to rub his fingers up and down inside her lips. Her lips kissed the head of his cock lightly, and he stopped what he was doing.

Katie looked up at him, wondering why he stopped his massage of her wet pussy. When she saw his head thrown back over the couch, she smiled and moved from beside him down to the floor. He felt her move and wondered if she was stopping what was going on, when he saw her on her knees in front of him. She pulled on his pants to let him know to lift up, so she could remove them completely. Their eyes were on each other as she moved his pants down his legs and threw them to her side. She placed a hand over his throbbing erection and began to stroke him again. He smiled down at her, as she stuck her tongue out and flicked it across his pulsating head. Ben groaned, and let his head fall back again.

Katie started licking his cock, sucking the head into her mouth, letting it pop out again, as she began to lick up and down on his hard, smooth shaft. Her mouth made its way down to the base, and she continued to stroke him as she licked and sucked at his balls. She heard his moan of pleasure and felt his hand on the top of her head. When she finished massaging his balls with her mouth, she began licking up his shaft again, putting pressure on the underside, making him twitch when she got to the head. She dipped her hot tongue into his hole, and felt the precum emerging. She scooped it up with her tongue, licked it across her lips and then sucked the head into her mouth flicking her tongue across it, gently nibbling.

Ben laced his hands in her hair when he felt her lips open wider, her mouth close down over him, sucking his hard cock deep, hitting the back of her throat. She held him there, while running her tongue up and down on the underside--she could feel him twitching. She swallowed, and he could feel the vibration of her throat muscles around his cock. Then she slowly sucked as her lips made their way back to the tip. She didn't let him out of her mouth, but began stroking him again with her hand, as her tongue flicked back and forth over his throbbing head. He tightened his grip on her head, as she began her descent on him again, sucking him deeper, faster and harder. Ben watched as her head bobbed up and down on his cock, the feel of her lips and tongue bringing him close to coming in her beautiful mouth.

She heard him gasp, "Oooooh Katie, I'm gonna cum, Oooooh god that feels so good."

Katie tightened her lips around his cock, sucked him harder, and felt the release of his cum into her mouth. She swallowed it all, licking and sucking him clean. When she was done he moved his hands under her arms and pulled her up onto his lap, kissed her deeply. Tasting himself, he licked her lips, and pulled his mouth away from her. Seeing the look on his face, Katie smiled wide when she heard him say, "Keith obviously has no fucking idea what pleasure in bed is all about."

They giggled together. As Ben caught his breath, Katie took a drink of her water, and offered some to him. He took a long needed drink and then put the empty bottle back on the table, wrapped his arms around her, and began sucking and kissing her neck.

"Katie, please let me take care of you now, I want you to feel as good as I do," Ben begged.

"I don't know, Ben."

"Why, Katie? What are you afraid of?"

"I'm not afraid, Ben, but I have never enjoyed having that done to me. I don't get the normal pleasure out of it that most women do."

"Katie, there is nothing normal about pleasure. Maybe it was never done the correct way for you. I have been told I am pretty good at it," Ben boasted.

"Ben, really."

"OK, why don't we try this. I can start, whenever you want me to stop, just ask, and I will--no harm, no foul."

"Ben, please."

"See, you're already begging me for it and I haven't even started."

Katie shook her head and smiled. Before she could comment, he kissed her deeply, moving his tongue around her mouth, taking all conscious thought away from her. His hand moved down her torso and he began to rub her through her pants, feeling how wet and hot she was. Then he went to remove her shirt and bra, before laying her down on the couch, his body covered hers, and he kissed his way down, stopping to suck on her nipples before making his way down on her. When he got to her pants, he hooked his fingers in the waistband and pulled them off slowly. Throwing then next to his on the floor. Ben lifted one of her legs over his shoulder and situated himself for both their comforts.

His fingers began to play with her moist lips. Katie gasped when she felt him spread her lips and begin blowing air over her clit. The feeling shook through her body, and he smiled to himself knowing he was about to give her something she had never experienced before in her life. Ben could smell the sweetness he was about to taste and he was sure he was going to enjoy it. His tongue darted out, flicked across her clit once, and he felt her tremble. Ben licked his tongue from the bottom of her slit up--when he got to her hot, wet hole, he gently stuck his tongue inside. Tasting her for the first time, he began to drink up her juices and fuck her with his tongue. He could feel her moving underneath him, and he placed his hands on her hips to hold her still. She moved her hands from the couch to her hips and met his. Ben laced his fingers in hers when he heard the moan escape her lips. He started to lick his tongue up and down her slit. She gripped his hands tighter when she felt his tongue lick up to her throbbing bud. He sucked it into his mouth, sucking and nipping it between his teeth, flicking his tongue with speed.

Ben could feel Katie shaking, and he wanted her to come hard and long in his mouth, so he continued to suck on her clit. Releasing one of her hands, he moved his fingers to her hole and inserted one, then two. Katie moved her free hand to the back of his head, running her fingers through his hair, tightening the grip on his hand when he started pumping his fingers in and out of her while sucking on her clit. Katie started moaning, her body was trembling and he was ready for the juices to start pouring out. Katie pushed his head into her pussy, gasping and begging him, "Oooooh god Ben, it feels so good, please don't stop." Then he felt it. He started flicking her clit with his tongue, pumping his fingers in and out, fast and deep, as her pussy started clamping down around his fingers and she was coming all over his mouth. Ben drank it all up, continued licking her clit, and she was still clamping his fingers when she begged him to stop.

Katie was panting while Ben kissed his way up her body, When he got to her mouth he asked, "Would you like a taste?"

She ran her hands to his face, pulled his mouth down on hers and licked his lips. His mouth moved over hers, she sucked his tongue deep into her mouth. "You are very good, I have never come like that, ever."

Ben laughed, nuzzled his face into her neck and said, "I could very easily say the same to you", he chuckled, "very easily." The giggled together and lay on the couch, spent and unable to move. Ben's thoughts went to the others in the bedroom--what would they think about what just happened? What would Katie think about what happened between all of them earlier without her?

Katie moved, said she needed to go to the bathroom and Ben let her go. He laid there on the couch, and on her way back, he saw her stop and look in at the four on the bed. Ben walked up behind her, wound his arms around her waist and kissed her neck. She asked, "What happened here?" Ben didn't know what to say. "I told you, I am not as sexual as others, is that why I wasn't asked to join?" Katie asked.

"Cassie and Lynn didn't know what you would think, they didn't want you to judge them, or us." Ben turned Katie around in his arms, "And I happen to know from personal experience, right on that couch over there, that you are a very sexual person, and very good at pleasing."

Katie wound her arms around Ben's neck, kissed him deeply and asked, "How would you feel about a shower?"

Ben smiled. "Now that you mention it, I could use one." Ben grabbed some spare towels on their way to the bathroom, and left the door open as Katie turned on the water, very hot and steaming. They climbed in, water cascading over their bodies. Ben reached for the soap and began to wash Katie. He spent several minutes soaping her breasts, kneading them with his hands, moving his hands lower to her pussy, which began throbbing again. He put the soap down, let the water rinse the soap from her body, and kissed her deeply. His hand traced its way back down to her pussy and he started to rub her clit. She was still sensitive from earlier and it didn't take her long to come on his hand. Katie held on to him as the wave crashed over her and the water ran down her body.

When Katie could stand on her own, she pushed Ben under the water, getting him wet, and picking up the soap so she could wash him off. She rubbed the soap over his chest and arms, turned him around so she could wash his back, and while she was there she got on her knees and washed all the way down his ass and legs. Then she urged him to turn around, his hard cock inches away from her mouth, she kissed the head, washed up the front of his legs and stood. She moved the soap around her hands to get a lather going, put the soap down, and moved her hands down to his cock, washing him, stroking him, feeling his hardness in her hands.

In the bedroom, Cassie and Lynn awoke to a moan coming from the bathroom. They looked at each other, and then around the room. Noticing that Ben was the only one missing, they figured it was him. "Shall we join him?" Cassie said.

Lynn smiled and stood, "I don't see why not."

Cassie and Lynn walked into the bathroom, but couldn't see much through the glass doors, the fog was thick from the hot water of the shower. Then they saw a hand print fall on the glass, and they heard him moan, "Oooooh Katie, don't stop, I'm gonna cum again, damn this feels good."

The girls gasped and looked at each other in astonishment, both of them saying, "Katie?"

Just then Ben opened the shower door and said to the two girls, "Yeah, she knocked on your door when you were asleep, so I let her in."

"We can see that", Lynn said.

Ben smiled, "Would you like to join us in here?"

The girls looked at Katie, and then at each other, when Katie, her hand still stroking Ben's cock, said, "Yeah, why don't you two come on in."

They smiled, climbed in the shower and Ben closed the glass door behind them. Lynn kissed Ben, asking, "So you two have been having a good time?"

Katie smiled, "I should say so, I am surprised we didn't wake you up."

Ben kissed Cassie, rubbing his hands over her breasts. "How did you two sleep?"

Lynn and Cassie looked at each other."Very good," they both chirped.

Ben sat on the shower bench, brought Katie down to sit on his lap and told them, "Why don't you two get wet, we can watch."

They moved under the water, and started rubbing each others bodies. Cassie kissed Lynn, deeply, grabbing for the soap, she began to wash Lynn's breasts, moving her hands up and down her body. When she got to her pussy, she fingered her slowly, looking back at Katie and Ben as he was doing the same to her. Lynn and Katie both started to tremble and moan at the same time, coming all over Cassie and Ben's respective hands. Cassie then dropped to her knees, licking up the come from Katie's wet pussy. Ben pulled Lynn closer, kissing her, and rubbed her pussy, making her come again, now all over his hand. Katie started bucking her hips to the movement of Cassie's tongue, and Ben held her down with his arm around her waist.

Katie watched Ben and Lynn kissing, and stuck her head in the middle, their three tongues mingling around with each other, as Cassie continued to lap up her juices. Katie moaned again, against their mouths, coming again. Cassie moved over a little, grabbed Ben's cock in her hand, it was hard, and she started stroking it, flicking her tongue across the head, now it was his turn to moan in their mouths. They stopped kissing, turned their heads down and watched Cassie suck his cock deep into her mouth.

Cassie sucked up and down on his cock while Lynn and Katie began to suck and lick at his neck. His moaning and panting became louder--the slurping of tongues, the sound of moans, he was going to come again, but before he did, Cassie pulled Lynn down to her knees, kissed her deeply and told her to finish him off. Lynn flicked her tongue across the head, traced it up and down his cock. Cassie moved up to where Lynn was standing before and sucked Ben's tongue into her mouth, while Katie continued to suck and lick at his neck. Lynn sucked Ben hard and deep. He moaned loudly, "I'm coming." Lynn swallowed every bit of cum that he spurt out and when he was done, she stood up and kissed Cassie, sharing the taste of Ben with her, then kissed Katie, sharing it with her too. Cassie moved her head closer to them, joining her tongue with theirs as Ben sat back and watched. Then Lynn broke away from the girls, kissed Ben, and shared with him what he shared with her.

Just then, the shower door opened, Kyle and Kaleb gaping at what they saw. The four in the shower turned and smiled. Ben laughed, "I know what this looks like, but I don't think all six of us can fit in here." He turned to Katie and asked if she wanted to get out, she nodded and kissed the girls goodbye. As she passed the twins on the way out of the shower, she kissed each of them, long and deep.

They smiled at her as she walked away, looking back at the two wet ladies in the shower, they looked at each other and Kaleb asked, "May we join you?"

The girls laughed and Lynn said, "Please do!"

Cassie moved closer to Kaleb, kissing him, running her hands up and down his body, she pushed him under the water, grabbed the soap and began to wash him. Stroking his cock, he quickly got hard from her touch. He took the soap from her, and began to wash her body. Massaging the soap onto her breasts, down her stomach, her arms, to her legs, he washed all of her, and when he was on his knees washing her legs, he kissed her moist pussy, licked at her clit. Cassie lifted one of her legs over his shoulder, urging him to eat her out. "Make me cum, Kaleb."

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