tagRomanceOld Habits Never Die

Old Habits Never Die


The taste of her permeated Daniel's senses as he gazed at the solitary figure standing in front of him. He had not touched her, had not even said a word as memories from a bygone era flooded his senses reminding him of the forbidden fruit that stood before him. The perfect drug: euphoria, mania, depression, madness, happiness, sadness all in one size 10 package. A drug to which there was no cure from, a drug to which he would wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat with a pain deep in his chest. Am I suffering from a heart attack? He thought to himself. What is this pain that rapes my heart repeatedly? Like a scalding knife cauterizing his heart from the inside-out. A drug to which he wanted more of. Yet he did not know why. I wake up wanting more and I go to sleep wishing death upon myself to free my mind and soul from this endless cycle of pain. Yet, here she is, standing before me like a manifestation from my dreams and nightmares materialized before my very eyes. In the doorway of my bedroom to make matters worse. He wanted to touch her, touch that delicate mocha brown skin once again and tell himself that everything was alright. Lie to himself once again that the past will not predict the future. But he knew that deep down this was not the case, past mistakes could never be forgiven and bad habits can never be accepted. Like a drug addict seeking a fix telling him self that tomorrow will be a different day.

Daniel looked at the girl in front of him; Josephine, she had stayed silent this entire time as she looked at him. Her coffee brown eye's gazing deeply at him trying to find the words to say something. She looked as though she herself was struggling with her own personal demons. He looked into her eyes seeking answers to unsaid questions. Redemption? Condemnation? Thoughts of preceding times together swept through his mind again. Images of naked limbs, entangled upon each as the strong scent of sex filled his olfactory senses, and the pleasure, yes the pleasure. Intoxicating his senses beyond relief to a point of no return. As if observing another person rather than himself he watched in disbelief as he walked up to her. His appetite needed to be satiated, an animalistic desire had taken over him, he had no control; like a shark tasting the scent of blood sending them into a feeding frenzy he too was beyond control. No rationale thinking could stop him now.

He took a step towards her, as she drew in a breath, her voice barely a whisper against the rustling of their clothes.

"What are you doing? We can't..." her voice trailing away into silence as their eye's locked. He had the look of steel in his eyes, the kind that did not respond to no.

"Why are you here?" Daniel asked.

".... I-I don't know." She replied

His hand ran across her delicate cheekbone's and across her almond shaped eyes; their eyes looking at him with confusion initially, the cinnamon colour of her iris turning a shade of dark sepia before returning back to its original colour. She too was fighting her own demons, and like him she had lost to them. She had just not known that yet. His delicate hands ran through her gossamer like hair, relishing in their silken smoothness as her hand ran down his spine, sending shivers of pleasure throughout his body. Her scent, a delicate mix of cinnamon and spices filled his senses as his tongue delicately probed her satin skin until her scent filled his taste buds with their exotic complexity. The girl sighed in pleasure as her hands ran against his body, here fingernails lightly grazing him with their sharpness; the plastic sounds of acrylic against flesh the only sounds heard besides the faint suckling of his own tongue against her lustrous skin. He could feel her heart beating faintly, its staccato rhythm spurning him on to explore further pleasures.

Daniel embraced her, his hands moving across her clothing as he pressed himself against her, his erection straining against the tight confines of his jeans. Josephine bucked against him as she slid against the growing tent in his pants. Her hand stroking his inner thigh in soft delicate strokes.

He grabbed her shirt with both hands, ripping it open in one sudden movement as buttons sprayed the room like shrapnel from an explosion. Her firm full breasts bounded forth from their material restraints as they hung delicately before him, restrained only by the thinnest of bras. A Black laced bra- its design screaming unspoken amounts of money as delicate gold thread interweaved itself amongst embossed black thread intricately designed as small flowers and snaking vines snaked its wire edges. The thin lace material in places offered glimpses of the hidden treasures of flesh beneath. His mouth found hers then as his tongue parted her lips their tongues crushing each others in desperation, weeks of pent up frustration erupting into a climactic show of passion. His hands moved to her back, freeing her bra with a flick of his wrist as her hands went to his pants. The sounds of her nails against his metal belt combined with the rustling sound of his removal of clothing resonating through the room. Freed from their material hindrances her breast stood proudly before him. Their dark areola's framed her copper skin as her nipple's stood out erect and proud.

Daniel's hands circled the dark hardened nipples as he affectionately squeezed her nipples between his thumb and forefingers. The sudden attention to her already rigid nipples caused an involuntary sharp intake of breath from her before she removed his underpants in one deft movement in response. His hardened member sprang forth from its material constraints.

Josephine's hands snaked down to grasp his rigid member, her fingernails clicking in unison against one another as she began to tug at his member with increasing urgency. Daniel's eye's rolled back in ecstasy as an involuntary groan escaped his lips, breaking the unending duel his tongue was involved in with that of Josephine's. He opened his eyes to see her on her knees before him, her lips already swallowing him, encasing his member in a world of liquid euphoria. Daniel could only moan incoherently as he ran his hands through her hair as her eyes remained on him throughout this. Engorged veins pressed against her silken lips, sending them both into a world of bliss as she moaned in rapture, her tongue flickering against his head before sliding back along his engorged veins she could feel herself getting wet and found herself needing release very soon.

As if in answer to her building pleasure Daniel extricated himself from Josephine's wanton tongue, albeit with a small amount of regret. He pulled her up off her knees before pushing her onto his bed; she fell with a small cry of surprise but was unable to react as he was on top of her before she could move at all. His hands deftly removed her pants with her assistance as his tongue kissed her breasts, enjoying the familiar musky taste of her sweat. Josephine went to remove her underwear, the last item of clothing that remained on her pert figure, black and lacy it was a match for the bra, with the intricate lace design offering glimpses of her dark mound that lay beyond. She went to push them off herself before he stopped her, his seductive smile causing her to pause.

Daniel moved towards her mound, his head moving in a sweeping motion as his hands spread her legs wide apart. Starting at her knee he began to caress the flesh of her inner thigh with his tongue, the musky smell of her sex permeating the air as he neared her mound. His uninhibited tongue moved down the silken expanse of her thigh tracing circles as he crept closer to her centre. Her breathing became harsh as his face hovered inches away from the black lace, the anticipation of things to come overwhelming her need for release. He swooped back to the top of her other knee, nibbling his way back down to her centre only to continue to the other leg. Ignoring her moans of pleasure and whimpers of pleadings as her hips bucked violently towards his face. He held her hips down with one hand as his other continued to cosset her other breast, his fingers grazing her hardened nipple. Without warning he drove his face into her thin laced underwear, his tongue lashing out against the thin material covering her core as his lips slid rhythmically against the sodden material, tasting her through his tongue as her smell intoxicated his olfactory senses. Josephine sighed in pleasure as the built up pleasure reached its final climax a washing her with its euphoric rapture.

Wetly, heatedly she dragged him up as she slid her way down his body, her legs already parted as he slid into her smoothly, her legs locking to the base of his spine as she ground her hips against his, as they thrust into each other in unison. Daniel felt himself shudder in pleasure as he felt his phallus become encased in the silken expanse of her tight confines. Their lust turning into a manic hunger for each other as their pleasures radiated throughout each others body, all inhibitions lost as their pelvis's ground up against each other in unison, the frenetic friction of this sending tremors of pleasure that irradiated down their legs, before spreading up through their body from below. Josephine's legs splayed wider as he began to fill her deeper, the feeling of him filling her as he continued to pump at an increasing rate. The spark that had began deep within themselves coming ablaze into a burning inferno as the sensations increased.

Josephine locked her ankles against the base of Daniels spine to slow him down, pushing him over while still maintaining him deep within her silken confines as she rolled to resume a position on top of him. His back arched forward so they came to rest in a sitting position as Josephine ground her hips in circles against the base of his cock. Daniels tongue lashed out at her erect nipples, as he laved at her nipples, taking each of them deep into his mouth. As she started to slide up and down his length, his thrusts in time with hers driving him even deeper within her. Josephine arched her back in ecstasy as her breasts pushed even deeper into his mouth, her nails scratching the length of his muscular thighs as she reached behind her to cup his swollen balls. The silken skin heated at her touch as she massaged him while grinding against him. Her inner muscles contracted in time to her impending orgasm as she felt him thrusting against her with increased desperation. He clamped down on her nipples with his teeth as he came, sending hot jets deep inside her as this set off her own orgasm as she came at the same time, her swollen clitoris throbbing from the grinding and the unexpected intermingling of pain shooting through her body from his teeth on her nipples. Their groans reverberated around the room as they collapsed against each other in a heap entangled with the sheets of the bed. The pleasure subsiding to a pleasurable buzz as they dozed in each others arms. At peace with each other for the first time in months.

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