tagGay MaleOld High School Friends Ch. 02

Old High School Friends Ch. 02


My friend Steve and I had fucked earlier in the morning when our wives when off the the store.

Saturday evening we were all sitting around drinking a few beers and passing around a joint or two. Getting high in high school always made me horny and this time was no exception.

I kept looking over at Steve and I could see the bulge in his pants growing.

Then he said, "Girls, I am going to show Dan the car I am restoring out in the garage." "Don't wait up for us, it maybe awhile."

The wives said ok, and we marched out to the garage. Sure enough the car was there as well as an old couch that pulled out into a bed. We started off kissing again and pulling each others clothes off.

We tumbled onto the couch and began to 69 each other. My friend's cockhead wasn't all that big, but it came to a point. The shaft was thick as a sausage and seven inches long.

My cock is seven inches as well, but just average in thickness. My friend Steve just seemed as if he couldn't get enough of my shaft. No one ever sucked me quite like he did that weekend.

I also took as much of his huge member into my mouth as I could. We went at it like this for sometime until Steve pulled his mouth away from my cock.

He said, "stand up Dan."

I stood up and he backed me up to the wall. Steve placed his hands under my asscheeks and pulled them apart. He then started to lift me up, pinning against the wall.

I knew what he had in mind and I wrapped my legs around him. I could feel the heat of his cock directly at my pucker hole. He lowered me onto his cock and I sunk down on his huge pole. My ass seemed to gobble him up.

He must have stretched me pretty good earlier that day, because I took his cock up my ass easily. He started to fuck me like a madman! The sweat was rolling down my body as he drove into me again and again.

Steve said, " I want to breed you Dan, impregnate your ass."

This made me go wild for his cock!

I thought I was losing it as he pounded me repeatedly for over an hour.

Then Steve cried out, " I'm cumming!" He flooded me with one hot rope after another of his seed. I nearly passed out. When he finally pulled out, my ass was on fire and it was so sore.

We both cleaned up as best we could and headed back to the house. The living room was empty, so we made our way back the the bedrooms. Then we heard voices.

Looking into Steve's bedroom was my wife, Louise and Carol, naked in bed. Louise was on all fours and Carol had a strap-on around her waist. She had a ten inch black cock buried in my wife's pussy! I could see Louise's big tits swaying as Carol was fucking her pussy from behind.

"Fuck me Carol, give it to me harder!" My wife was begging for it and Carol was obliging.

Steve motioned me to leave and we walked back out to the garage again.

This time Steve pulled out the sleeper bed. He told me he had never felt a cock in his ass, and he wanted to feel me in his rectum. Steve got on his back and seeing his asshole exposed like that made me hard in short order.

I grabbed his ankles and lifted them up. Placing my cockhead at his opening, and I pushed. Steve grunted and his eyes got wide. I got the head in past his rim and I slowly worked my way deeper. I kept pushing into him an inch at a time. I was soon buried to the hilt.

"Fuck my pussy Dan, please!"

I pulled almost all the way out, then I drove my cock home. I plunged into his bottom and took his virgin ass all to myself.

Steve's head was pushed back and I thought he might have passed out. He cried out for me to fuck him all night long! He was so tight, but I gave him his wish.

After awhile I felt my balls tighten up and I knew I was close. Steve sensed it, and his ass clamped down tighter on my cock, We were rocking and fucking and finally I blew my steamy seed into his greedy ass.

"Oh my God!" Steve kept saying this over and over. "Dan, that felt so good!" I want to be fucked by you again."

Unfortunately it was getting late, and we knew the girls would probably be finished by now.

We crept into the house silently and both women were in their respective beds, so we made our way back to our wives.

The next morning everybody seemed caught up in their own thoughts,and no one said a word.

My wife and I left the Poconos and we haven't gotten back together with Steve and Carol since that time. But I know I need to hook up with my friend again very soon!

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