tagErotic CouplingsOld Home Town - Old Lover Ch. 02

Old Home Town - Old Lover Ch. 02


Synopsis of Chapter 1

Marg had returned to the town of her youth to make arrangements for the long term care of her father. She discovered that her father's doctor, Marc, was the man who had taken her virginity in the back seat of his car.

Her place of birth had been a one-industry town with a very structured social life. Mark was from a wealthy family and they had only met on one occasion at a house party for the 'in' crowd, to which Marg had been invited because of her popularity and beauty.

It was her first full-sex experience. The foreplay had been very exciting, but Marc had ejaculated with his first few strokes.

The incident had been both pleasurable and disappointing, and she had pretty well erased that evening from her memory. Now over 25 years later, the excitement of that night had returned and Marg had accepted his invitation to spend a night with him at his summer home.

Chapter 2

Marg had located a very nice Care home for seniors and she and her father had spent some time looking it over and meeting the staff. To her surprise her father had been positive about the place and she proceeded to make arrangements for his move.

With her primary reason for being back home accomplished, she allowed her mind to return to satisfying this urge to relive a day of her youth. Marg was feeling more empowered than at any time in her life. She was out in the world on her own. Despite a happy marriage, there had always been a sense of being tied down with the concerns of others. Whether it was her husband's work issues, raising her children, or just housework, she had sometimes felt trapped in her surroundings as if her personal needs were of least importance.

After their children had left the nest, she and Jim had rediscovered passionate sex. This eventually led to curiosity about other partners and a series of threesomes with their next-door neighbors Mary Ellen and Doug. Now she felt in control of her own destiny and being away from home only intensified this sense of liberation. She wanted to spend the night with this man.

Marc had suggested that she bring a semi-formal or cocktail dress with her for their night together. He told her that dinner was to be prepared and served by a young couple that looked after his summer home, and that he enjoyed dressing for the occasion.

Marg had a good sense of fashion, but she had not brought anything suitable from home and decided to visit Penelope's boutique to find something. She had once been a regular customer of the boutique but it had been over 25 years since her last purchase. Marg recalled the warm feelings she had experienced while Penelope had helped her try on clothes that had also ignited Marg's first erotic interest in women. They had never acted on those feelings and the attraction appeared to have survived the passing years.

Penelope was obviously pleased to see her. She suggested that Marg wait for her in the fitting room while she selected a few dress options. Marg stripped to bra and panties while waiting.

Penelope returned shortly with two dresses. At first she seemed to be all business-like and formal as Marg tried them on. But Marg could feel the heat of Penelope's fingers and hands that lingered on her body longer than necessary, while ostensibly testing for fit.

Marg's face was flushed as she posed in front of the mirror with Penelope peering over her shoulder, her hands slipping up and down Marg's hips and thighs. She moved her hands up her side and belly, almost, but not quite, cupping her breasts.

"You are very lovely Marg, your body has filled out some since I last fitted you," said Penelope with a tight smile.

The temperature in the room seemed to be rising as Marg tried on a few more outfits before making a selection.

Penelope said, "Seems as if you are preparing for something special. Would you like to try some lingerie to go with this outfit?"

Despite the temptation to strip totally for Penelope, Marg did not really have the time and said softly, "No, I am fine, I believe that I have brought something appropriate from home."

"Are we still on for a dinner next week?" Penelope asked.

Marg kissed her on the cheek and whispered, "I can hardly wait for it, will call you in a day or so." She pulled back a little, reading the desire in Penelope's eyes, and leaned back in for a soft lingering kiss. Their tongue tips touched eliciting light moans from both. Marg wondered as she left the store if the wetness in her panties had been obvious during the fitting.

Later that afternoon she slid into the passenger seat beside Marc. There was no obvious excitement or anticipation displayed in either of them. Just soft smiles and a light touch of their hands in greeting. Marg smiled inwardly thinking, 'just two mature adults planning to fuck their brains out later'.

A few miles out of town, Marc pulled the car into a side road. Marg recognized it as the one leading to the lakeside where she had lost her innocence.

"I think it was just about here," said Marc as he pulled into a spot overlooking the lake. Joining hands, they leaned in to each other for a short kiss. "You are just as beautiful now as you were then," he breathed. There was no thought in getting it on in a car again, and so after a few nostalgic minutes they drove away.

Marc had an amoral attitude towards sex. It was pleasure, pure and simple. He did not see any real problem with any two people getting it on, married or otherwise. The only requirement from his point of view was that the lady of the moment be interested in him. He liked beautiful women of course, but their apparent desire for him was paramount in his decision to bed them. Marg was a special case in that she had also been part of his failure to please a woman all those years ago. Despite all the sex that he had enjoyed since, the memory of that night had bothered him.

Marc turned onto a gated side road. This was the private entrance to his property and summer home. It had been in his family for several generations. The home was located on a lake to which this road was the only access. The house was a large old style two-story building with a big double entrance door and dormer second floor windows. The rear of the house looked out over a small beach, dock, boathouse and the lake.

A young couple met them at the door and ushered them in. Marc introduced them as Leo and Ilsa. They lived rent-free in the house in return for acting as caretakers. For occasions such as this, they also performed as cook and waiter.

Ilsa took Marg's light bag and led Marg upstairs to an antique style bedroom with ensuite bathroom. She lay out a terry cloth robe in case Marg chose to shower before dinner. Marg hung up her new outfit and arranged her toiletry in the bathroom. She opened French Doors to a railed balcony outside of her room. She felt as if she had stepped back in time to a place that she would never have dreamed of being in her earlier life.

She was startled by a sound behind her, only to suddenly feel Marc's hands slide around her waist and the warm wetness of his mouth kissing the back of her neck. She relaxed back into his arms, pressing her back and butt against his thick body.

"Are you all settled in?" he asked. He lifted her tits, slowly massaging them, his hands felt hot through the thin cloth and bra. She rubbed her butt against him, her loins warming at the excitement she sensed.

She turned towards him. He was wearing a bathrobe, and she said, "Have you showered?"

He smiled, "No, but I thought that maybe we could shower together, sort of introduce ourselves once more."

Marg opened his robe, slipped her arms around his muscular chest and pressed her entire body length against him. "What a lovely idea."

He took her hand and they moved back into the bedroom. "Let me undress you," he said. She watched in a full-length mirror situated to one side of the bed as he slowly began to remove her clothing.

As each article fell to the floor, he moved in to kiss and lick the exposed skin. Marg had the feeling that she was in a dream or movie in another time frame. When she was totally nude he dropped his robe and moved in, sliding his thick hard cock between her legs. They began to kiss, her tits crushed to his chest, her hips moving back and forth as she slid her pussy lips along the top of his cock.

Marg was ready to surrender to him, but he stepped back and smiled, "Shower first my sweet."

Although she was a little disappointed she suspected that he was being deliberate in this first replay of their previous encounter 25 years previous.

She watched him adjust the flow of water in the shower. Her fingers clenched with a desire to grab his cock or dig her fingers into his hard ass. They took turns soaping each other as they fondled and kissed in the steamy shower stall. He pressed her back against the wall, lifted her leg up in the crook of his arm and slowly worked his cock up her pussy. He took a few strokes, just enough to get her body to open and respond, before pulling slowly out of her.

The suspense was building as they toweled each other off. He lifted her ass up on the vanity and moved in between her legs. "Feel my cock Marg, want to feel your hand on it, stroke me a bit, make me want you even more."

Her nipples brushed his chest as she reached down to clutch the stiff cock, her hand could barely encircle it as she stroked it, stopping occasionally to run her finger around the spongy knob and teasing his pee hole. This had been the first bare cock that she had ever held in her hand.

He moved back allowing her to look down between them. He moved his hips forward, pushing his cock and her hand towards her wide-open slit. There eyes locked as Marg rubbed the red knob in her pussy, around and around, allowing her lips to slide over it, then pinching behind the knob.

Her lips formed a perfect 'O' as he buried it in her once more. She was ready again, bracing with her hands beside her butt, spreading to receive him, lifting her knees in anticipation of his thrusts. He fucked her a little, four or five strokes only before beginning to pull it out.

"Look down Marg, see how wet my cock looks, covered in your juices." Marg tried to pull him in, hooking her heels behind his thighs, wanting it back inside her, but he was too strong and he moved back enough to lift her off the vanity and carry her into the bedroom.

Marg encircled his neck with her arms and applied a tongue swirling kiss as he carried her easily to the bed. She felt like a fairy princess being taken by a prince. He laid her on her back with her head on the pillow and then stepped back to look at her. His cock was so hard it was bowed upwards. She wanted him on her and in her.

There was no need for more foreplay. The past was forgotten and pleasure time had arrived. He crawled up on his hands and knees, starting at the foot of the bed until hovering over her, his hands each side of her head. He bent and licked and sucked her lips, nuzzled and kissed each nipple. She stroked his cock until it felt as if it would burst in her hand. She pushed the knob down to her slit and raised her hips to meet and swallow it. She waited for his thrust and then shouted 'yes' as he plowed it deep into her waiting hot cunt.

They were relentless in seeking release from the built-up stress in their bodies. If she slowed in her grinding and twisting, he picked up the pace as if not wanting to lose momentum. She wrapped her legs and arms around him as his big butt slammed away. Hard as she tried to hold him in her, she could not contain his wild thrusts. She felt the first squirt of his cum and lost all control. She whimpered and moaned as he ground away at her, her ass cheeks clenched, her hips rising to bow her body upwards to take him.

Then silence, the only sound they could hear was the beating of their own hearts. He collapsed, his sweaty body covering her. He finally rolled off of her to his side, facing her and smiling.

"That was as good as it gets Marg. And I knew from the moment we met last week that it would be like that. I knew that I could have you. Does that upset you?"

She replied, "Oh no, my loins weakened as soon as I recognized you, so I am not surprised at how good it was or that you would know that I would fuck you. But I really did not think that we would get together. I am glad that we have."

He smiled, "The night is not over, and there is more pleasure to come. Have another shower and dress for dinner. I will come to take you down in an hour or so."

Marg showered and toweled off in front of a mirror. Her nipples were still red and bruised. She had a hickies on her neck and upper arms. She did not recall receiving them. She applied some jelly to her pussy lips; still a little tender from the pounding she had received. That had surprised her as she had imagined that Marc would have been a slow grinder of a lover. But she had been wild herself and expected that he had picked up a few scratches and bruises.

She pulled on a pair of lace trimmed pale green mini panties and matching half-cup bra. Then the thin summer dress from Penelope's, the hem of which snuggled just under her cheeks. She turned to look at her butt in the mirror and thought, 'maybe a little too bold', but it was too late to worry about it. Half heels helped to display her legs below the short hem of the dress. She felt strong and in control and knew that she looked seductive.

Marc arrived shortly after wearing a dark sport shirt with light dress jacket and slacks. They kissed lightly and she took his arm as they walked down the winding stairs to the dining room.

The dining table was set up in a small intimate room off of a larger dining room. It was all very elegant, wood trimmed windows and doors, fine porcelain and crystal place settings and all illuminated by candles.

The place settings were for two, and a carafe of red wine was breathing at one end of the table. As soon as Marc seated her, Leo entered the room to pour the wine. He appeared to be about 30 years of age and had a Latin look about him with a slim wiry body. He was dressed Spanish style in a loose white open necked shirt and tight black pants. He had the look and moves of a boxer or MM arts fighter, and Marg felt a sense of danger lurking in his dark eyes.

They toasted each other, sipped some wine before Leo appeared once again with an appetizer. It was all very romantic, Leo appearing only after a signal from Marc. Marg felt as if she was in a time warp. The thought of being entertained in this rich old house that would have been outside of her world in her youth; gave it all a surreal atmosphere.

Despite the formality of the place and event, Marc was attentive and tender. His eyes roamed her body, signaling his desire for her, but he made no attempt to touch her. Her nipples were erect and her pussy was warm and squishy, she wanted to be back in bed with him.

When they finished their meal, Ilsa and Leo were waiting in a lounge area to join them for a Cognac. Ilsa wore a low cut peasant blouse, displaying quite large breasts for an otherwise slim woman. She was quite lovely and smiled her thanks for the compliments she received about the dinner.

The formality of the dinner was over and it seemed to Marg that the other three were more familiar than it had previously appeared. Marg wondered if Marc had ever been erotically involved with the two of them, or at least with Ilsa. It was hard to believe that he had not, given his reputation as a womanizer. For some reason this thought excited Marg.

Marc suggested to Leo that he heat up the sauna for later, and then they went for a walk around the grounds. The moon was bright as they stood at the end of the dock and kissed and held each other to the sound of the waves gently slapping the sides of the boathouse.

"Have you ever had a sauna Marg", he asked. He gestured towards a small building off to one side of the beach. It was set up on a rock outcrop beside some deeper water. She shook her head and he said, "We will have one later at midnight. We can make sweaty love."

"Speaking of which, feel me Marg, see how much I want you now," he whispered as his tongue slipped between her lips. Marg rubbed the flat of her hand down his erection, bulging up along his belly. She felt her legs weaken at the feel of him, all sensations centered in between her legs. She moved to rub her mound against his hardness.

He undressed her in the moonlight back in her room. He was very slow and deliberate, kissing and murmuring sweet phrases about her beauty and taste. He was totally focused on her. He laid her on the bed, her arms and legs spread star-shaped as he worshipped her entire body with fingers and tongue. He traced the outline of her body beginning at one toe, up her sides and back down to the other toe. He moved over her nipples flicking his tongue at each one before swallowing and sucking them.

He licked suggestive vertical strokes between her tits, an indicator of what would come next. Marg was aching at the thought of his next move as he moved down her belly and gently lifted her legs over his shoulders and back. He nuzzled her bush with his nose and chin, kissed the inside of her legs just below her glistening slit. She felt his hot breath on her pussy lips, and arched her back, trying to make contact with his lips.

He pushed her legs wider by lifting up with his shoulders, spreading her before finally flicking his tongue along the length of her slit.

"I might come, I might come," she groaned as he began to lick her, flattening his tongue and rubbing it full length along her pussy, from her butt hole to the tip of her slit. He did not let up, despite her warnings. He focused on her swollen clit, teasing it with tongue tip, then capturing it between his lips and gently sucking it.

It was the entry of a thick finger slipped in just below where his lips were working her clit that put Marg over the edge. She clamped her legs on his head, using her hands to hold him as she began to violently rub her cunt on his face. He never let up, kept his lips and tongue busy along with his finger, until she stopped thrashing.

As she slowly relaxed, Marc got to his knees and rolled her to her side. He lifted one of her legs up to his shoulder and slid his cock into her. Her body was like a wet rag, completely at his disposal as he began a slow fuck.

He gave her the full tour. Rolling her to her stomach next, lifting her butt and sliding his cock back into her. He grasped her tits and squeezed her nipples as he fucked. She found herself responding once more, eager to feel him using her. He rolled to his back and pulled her on top, she settling down on his cock and lowering her tits for a nipple suck, her butt rising and falling. She could sense his cock starting to throb as he lifted her butt up, freeing him to fuck up into her as she held still.

Then to her back again, Marc kneeling between her legs and lifting them to his shoulders. He rose up on his knees until he was directly over top of her, driving his cock straight down into her.

"Fuck me Marc, come in me, fill me," she cried. His eyes were no longer tender and soft, just blazing down at her as he released his load in her.

They lay separate from each other, panting and groaning with heaving chests.

Marg rolled on her side, her hand on his belly and smiled, "Now, that was worth waiting for. It took 25 years or more, but it was definitely a winner."

"It is easy to make love to you Marg. You are so beautiful and so open when we are alone. The night is young. Let's put on our robes, have a glass of wine, and go for a sauna and a dip in the lake."

She replied, "Good, a sauna sounds just right. I have always wondered about having one. It sounds sexy."

He paused a moment, "Would you mind if Leo and Ilsa joined us?"

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