Old Major


It was a beautiful day. The sun was strong, but the cool sharp breeze made it very pleasant. I was walking with three of my friends in Sherwood Forest. We were going to have a pick-nick. The strong old oaks with their rustling leaves seemed to speak of ancient days, even before those of Robin Hood. Something older and stronger even then these ancient trees. It gave me a kind of tingly feeling, sharp and alive.

My friends meanwhile were talking about George Clooney. He is not one of my favorites; to me he seems way to suave. I like a guy to be a bit more mysterious, a bit more dark. Not that I had much experience with guys, in fact, although eighteen already, I was still a virgin. Way to shy, I guess. I mean I did get enough attention. My supple body, dark-blue eyes, long, blond hair, small but shapely breast and nicely curved lips did a lot for me, but my shyness kept the men at distance.

My friends were more free. One of them, Susan, was now talking about some guy who did it to her.

'How was it?' I couldn't help asking.

She smiled, her face aglow. 'Wonderful' she sighed. We all laughed.

'Hey,' said Caroline, who was the most outgoing of our group, 'you know, you actually should be with him today.' She smiled mysteriously.

'Why?' asked Susan.

'Well, it's Earth Day today, you know, and that means,' she lowered her voice, 'that means that having sex will be extra great today.'

We all giggled. But Caroline kept a straight face, and said:'It is true, you know, my grandmother, who's from Whales, has told me all about it. She says although it's a modern feast to create environmental awareness, it has more ancient roots. Actually she always used to say: "Don't go into the woods on a day like this, lass, strange things might happen to you!"'

That really made us laugh, and Caroline too, but something inside me said: there does seem to be something in the air today! I wondered whether the others felt it as well.

Marge who hadn't said much up till now, said: 'You know, you guys, why don't we go to Old Major, the oldest oak in the forest. If anything strange is going on today, well, it should be there!'

We all agreed it was a great idea and it was also a beautiful spot to have our pick-nick. So of we went and it wasn't long before we arrived at the spot. The old oak was standing tall and strong, its many leaves glimmering in the sun. The sight of it did something to me. I don't know, it made my heart beat faster somehow. Today the site was strangely deserted and quiet. Normally this was quite a popular spot. Somewhat impressed by this, we walked silently towards the tree; all four of us.

I looked at the old green bark, with its deep grooves and I just had to touch it. My palm felt strangely sweaty when I touched the cool wood. And that's when it happened. A deep dark longing suddenly started building up in me. It literally started in my toes, as if I myself was rooted in the ground. Strong hot waves began sweeping through my body and I felt my breast coming alive. The sharp tingly feeling that I had before, became stronger now, and my nipples grew hard. Something wild and alive seemed to have woken up within me.

I looked at my friends and from the looks of it they were under the same kind of weird spell. Their lips half parted, their nipples showing through there tops and their eyes closed. I tried to think, tried to pull my hand away, but at that moment the spell seemed to grow even stronger and I could do nothing but utter a deep moan.

I sank to my knees and somehow a mist had come up at this sunny day. The mist didn't feel cold though, but warm like a blanket. Suddenly I saw Caroline's face next to mine. I didn't really see Caroline though, all I saw were her beautiful firm breasts and all I wanted to do was to touch them.

My hands were quicker than my thoughts; as I was thinking about touching them, they were already making their way up her t-shirt. She moaned. And as I freed her breast from her bra, I felt her hands going up my legs and fingering their way up under my denim skirt. Something like an electric shock went through me when she touched my panties. All I could do was wet my lips when I saw her beautiful full white breasts with their pink nipples. I just had to taste that delicious pink. All around me I heard moaning and also something else...

It was laughter. Tinkling laughter, like the sound of tiny silver bells. The part of my mind that could still think, thought of the tales of little lustful pixies, who were supposed to be living in these woods.

Was I dreaming or did I suddenly feel tiny hands upon my breasts? I looked down and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the two little green men who were indeed touching my nipples, through my T-shirt. Two other green men, were rapidly pulling my T-shirt up, so that I was momentarily blinded when they pulled it over my head.

At the same time I felt my bra coming loose, so that the tiny men could play freely with my exposed nipples. And as their tiny tongs flicked over them, I knew that something was horribly wrong. The problem was, there was nothing I could do about it. No matter how I told myself to run away, my legs simply refused and when I wanted to cry out, STOP, all I uttered was: 'O, please, please, go on.' Which didn't quite do the trick. In fact it rather spurred them on.

Meanwhile Caroline had put her mouth were her fingers were before, and I was overcome with a feeling I had never known before. My whole body felt like a big burning hole that cried out to be filled up. In the able hands of the tiny men, my breasts had swollen and seemed to be twice their usual size, and before I could wonder what happened to the other two little men, I suddenly felt little hands touching my bum.

I was on all fours by now, so I had to turn my head to see what was going on. I was shocked. Tiny though the men might be, what they pulled from their pants wasn't tiny at all. They leered at me as they started rubbing their rods to even bigger sizes. Shocked though I was, everything in my body screamed out YES when one of the men moved his rod to the burning hole that was my cunt. I wondered what would happen when he actually did the deed. Some small part of me was screaming out in fear, and I managed to mumble: 'No' but my lips were swollen and my hair was hanging in my face, so I guess they didn't hear me.

And then I felt the hard lid going in, slowly, deeper and deeper, filling me up, and a deep moan escaped me. Not like this, I thought, but then my body shook under the force of the pixie's thrust. I felt my whole body growing burning-hot. Still I felt the pixie's lid within me was even hotter. It felt like a black-smith was thrusting a sizzling poke within me. It hurt, but it was the nicest kind of hurt I ever felt. I opened my mouth to let out a cry... and instantly it was filled up by another burning rod.

When I watched a porn-movie one time, I remember thinking that giving a blow-job was the grossest thing a woman could do, and I had decided then and there that I would never do something that vile. And here I was sucking this dick and only wanting to swallow it deeper. With every thrust from behind I opened my throat wider to let it go in. I was so horny by now, that I would have sucked the dicks of an entire army of pixies!

The thrusts from behind were going faster and faster and my whole world seemed to be focused around the cock in my cunt. My cunt was soaking wet and my breast were swaying with every thrust. My moans and cries were half blocked by the dick in my mouth, but still audible and I heard the others moaning as well. I looked about for Caroline and I saw that she was lying naked in the grass where to pixies were sucking her breasts and one was on top of her.

Susan and Marge were sitting in the grass with their naked backs leaning against the tree, while the pixies were all over them; their lips swollen, their breasts heaving. The tree itself seemed to be glistening and somehow I felt attracted by it. I longed to rub my soft breasts against its strong trunk and pass my tongue over its old skin.

Then I felt the two hard rods within me growing even harder and I felt that I would cum any minute now. And as the pixie's sperm started filling up my mouth and cunt, my mind reeled and I screamed out as I was overcome with such a feeling of utter pleasure as I had never known before.

I must have passed out after that, because when I awoke, I was lying naked and utterly spent and satisfied in the sweet-scenting grass. The sun was playing with my naked buttocks. I looked about me and saw the others were also waking-up. The mist and pixies were gone.

I looked at Caroline; we were both turning red. But then we both laughed and hugged.

Giggling she said: 'I guess I should have listened to my grandmother.'

We all laughed. We decided we wouldn't speak of this incident, but we all knew we would never forget it, not as long as we lived.

As for me, I decided then and there that being shy was all very fine, but there was a whole world of men out there to explore which I wasn't going to miss!

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