tagGay MaleOld Man Discovers... Ch. 10

Old Man Discovers... Ch. 10


last sentence of chapter 9..

take your mind off....


Sitting across from Fred, on the couch I think..WOW!! Tits and ass, instead of tits and pussy? With a little cock thrown in? My mind started racing back to all our other encounters. Just a couple of old guys having sex? Would I ever have sex with a woman? Was I gay or bi? Fred did say maybe someday a cock in his ass. I did say I never want one in my ass. I did taste his pre-cum and suck him to completion twice. The shower encounter felt great with my cock in his ass crack. I did tell him I probably won't suck him again. But, fuck him? No tits and pussy but tits and virgin ass? He's got the equipment. Lube, nipple cups, breast pump, butt plug and anal trainer. No, wives to interfere. Seems like a no brainer.

"Fred, I get the idea that your looking for something different between us? I said"

"Well, I guess different but I really thought in addition too. We both like nipple play and the cups and breast pump could enhance our sensations. I got us each a set of cups. I want to know what it feels like to stand behind you, play with your nipples and have my cock in your ass crack. Hell, my little three inch stiffie could slip in and you'd never know. The butt toys I would use as starters. I know you don't want to use them. I really believe I want to be fucked. I also believe we'll both enjoy that completely. Close your eyes and imagine that your taking a woman from behind. Nice titty's to play with and a tight pussy to fuck. In a sense a virgin pussy. You are very vocal when you cum in my mouth. But, I'll bet you'll scream and shout my name when you cum in my ass pussy. It will be nice to see if I cum also."

Just sitting there listening to Fred, my cock has gotten so hard that it aches. It's also leaking pre-cum. He sees the spot on my shorts. Picks up one of the bottles of astroglide and squirts some on his hand. He comes over to the couch. With his other hand he shoves my shorts aside. The astroglide hand firmly grips my cock and he starts a top to bottom stroking. Five, six times and then he twists his hand around the head. That's all it takes and I shoot a load of cum that sprays almost to my face. Still with the astroglide hand, Fred massages my cock and balls oozing out the rest of my cum.

"Whoa, Fred that was almost better than a blow job. That lube is great. I can imagine how helpful it would be in other situations. Maybe you should start practicing with the anal toys?"

"I plan to start as soon as possible. Especially after hearing you shouting that your cumming and pumping your hips into my fist. I think you'll be shouting my name and pumping your hips when your fucking my ass. Maybe some of your cum and astroglide will help me insert the butt plug and I can start now."

I reach over to the end table and pick up the butt plug. I rub it in the cum that has accumulated in my belly button and squirt on some lube.

"Drop your shorts Fred, and turn around. Don't bend over but bend your knees. Just relax and I'll take it slow. Be prepared to try and hold it in, when I pat your ass. Then stand up straight. I'll keep a light pressure on the plug until you tell me your comfortable"

I slowly insert the butt plug. He straightens up and with one hand on the butt plug I reach around with my other hand and start to fondle his balls and cock. I stop just long enough to manage a few drops of lube on my hand and go back to his now hard cock. He's making moaning sounds and rocking his body into my hand.

"I don't want to cum yet, Mack. Cause it all feels so good. Stop stroking me and remove the butt plug. Then try to insert it again, slowly. Lets see if we can do it a couple of times without me shooting a load."

"O.K.,but don't force it out. Just relax and let me slowly remove it and put it back. Remember to just bend your knees. When I get it back in, start doing some kegels. I'll hold it with slight pressure. Since your thinking about being fucked, you might want to do some internet searching. I do believe that an enema is first recommended."

"I think I'll try to walk home with the plug inside. Since the wife is gone I can do anything I want on the internet. I'll research the toys and anything else I can find. Maybe sitting for a while will be helpful. I'll let you know what I find."

That said, Fred pulls up his shorts, stuffs everything in the bag and sorta prances out the door. I watch him kinda waddle down the street and try to keep from laughing.

...to be continued.

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