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Old Man Gets Lesson From Young Man


First let me start off by saying I have always considered myself bi-sexual but in the closet. I married young and have children with my first and second wife. This experience happened about 5 years ago.

I was divorced from my first wife 10 years ago and my oldest daughter continued to live with me. She was always very pretty and had lots of boyfriends. One of these young men impressed me very much, his name was Matt. Matt was a tall kid 6'2" or so and real skinny about 150 lbs, deep blue eyes and sandy blond hair. Matt always dressed like he just walked out of a magazine. Very outgoing and seemed to be intelligent, not like most 18 year old guys, you could actually carry on a conversation with him about things other than cars, girls, or money.

Well on with the story. My daughter had been dating Matt for about 6 months when she invited him to go camping with us. We go about twice a year to Enchanted Rocks Texas for some rock climbing and some R and R. Well this is not something she normally does, invite her friends to go with us, but I liked him and he said he would not "DO" anything with my daughter on the trip so I said that would be fine. We planned to leave the following Friday for the campout. For the next week we got ready for the trip, went to REI and purchased him some rock shoes, a sleeping bag and other clothes he needed. We packed everything on Wednesday evening so when I returned home from work on Friday all we had to do was jump in the car and go. I got home a little early from work that Friday evening about 3;00 and noticed my daughters car was already home and so was Matt's. When I went into the house I was surprised to find my daughter on the couch and she was ill. I explained we would postpone the trip until the following week but my daughter insisted that we Matt and I make the trip so we could have time for "Male bonding" Well after some time and her insisting I agreed and about 30 minutes later we left. The trip there took about 4 hours, as we drove we talked about all the normal stuff , how college was going, his likes and dislikes and just the normal bull.

When we arrived at camp we set up camp fixed a little supper and sat around the campfire for a little while, When I got tired I told Matt I was going to the showers to get ready for bed he said hold on and he grabbed his clothes and towel and said he would go with me. That was OK with me so off we went. This was the first time I saw Matt naked and wow was I surprised. He was very well built for someone so skinny and tall and had a very impressive cock. I also noticed that he was completely shaven around him cock and balls. After our showers off to bed we went. Several times during the night I woke up with a hard on and thinking about Matt. Early the following morning I got up and headed to the bathroom to take a piss and decided since I was all alone to rub one out I guess I was so into what I was doing and thinking about Matt that I never heard the door open, when I finished I turned around and was horrified to find Matt standing behind me, I looked down and could see he was sporting a massive hard on in his wranglers. He must have realized my horror and said hey man don't worry we all have to do that once in a while. The rest of the day nothing was said about it.

That evening after dinner I went to the showers, I soon realized that again Matt was there. As he was showering I looked down and he appeared to be half hard, then it hit me I was attractive to my daughter's boyfriend. I turned around facing the shower trying to keep from getting totally hard. That is when Matt spoke... "See everyone has to do it sometimes".......... I turned around to find Matt had his huge cock in his hand and was soaping it up. He had to be 7 ½" long and it was beautiful. I was instantly hard yet again I turned hoping he had not seen it, partly because I realized he was longer than I was.

The next thing I knew I had a hand touching my ass. Caressing my ass what an incredible feeling! As I turned to face Matt he grabbed by cock then he kissed me, a deep passionate kiss. He then proceeded to soap up my entire body feeling each and every part. Kissing my neck and chest caressing the most intimate parts of my body I was thrilled. Matt then turned me around and from behind hugged me and I could feel his man tool against the small of my back, he rinsed off my front side turned me around again and dropped to his knees and engulfed my cock all the way to my balls, I could tell this was not the first time for him. I had never received such a fantastic blow job in all my life , especially from my ex wife. It could not have been more than 30 seconds when I blew my load down him throat. I felt the need to express my thanks so down I went for my first time and took his tool in my mouth, Since this was my first time I licked the head and went slow not being sure what to expect or what I was doing. I licked up and down his shaft which now seemed to be 2 feet long. Licking his balls and playing with them. I then took his cock by the base and stick it in my mouth, wow how soft yet hard, nothing like I had expected. After what seemed 10 minutes, Matt started to talk to me explaining not so hard and to like and suck, to use my hand because I was gagging when he shoved it in all the way. So I did as instructed, and soon he shot 5 hot streams of cum in m mouth, I tried to swallow all I could but there was so much I could not take all of it. Some drooled down my chin and onto the shower floor...........well this was my first blowjob! After we finished showering and went back to the camp, Went to bed and ...........well that is another story............ I got my first but not last lesson from this young 18 year old man.

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