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Old Man Nickel


Living in the country, nothing ever good, weird, or crazy happens. Everyone knows everyone. No one has secrets; it's pretty much the same day after day after day.

Well, that all changed. John from three doors down was back from the big city. That weekend everything changed.

I was driving along one day, looking off into the fields and fields of crop, weeds, trees, and a junk yard. Just past Old Man Nickel's home there is a tree. If you ever see anyone drive up to that tree, there gonna be a drug bust. I wanted to be nosy, so I drove by. There was a Red truck and black car parked. Old Man Nickel was getting ready to call it in, I told him, "I'd check it out."

I drove up parked grabbed my pistol; (I wasn't stupid) walked up closer. I kept hearing moaning, someone saying softly "Suck it, cocksucker."

I didn't know what to expect. I walked around the tree to my surprise, I found John and Peter both naked. John was sucking Peter's long hard cock. They didn't see me, I got back to my truck radioed back to Old Man Nickel it was nothing. I walked back over un-armed. Peter was moaning a little louder now. It kept getting louder and louder as I walked up.

I knew Old Man Nickel was getting ready to hear them I said "You might wanna be quieter." They about died. They had been caught. Peter was trying to pull his pants up.

I asked him "What's the rush? I'm into watching."

Peter was mortified, John wasn't. John's dick was long and hard. Just by looking at him you could tell he needed some attention. Peter was about to leave. John was vigorously stroking his shaft. I looked at Peter and told him "See what you did. Now your gonna leave. Huh uh. Get over there."

He was reluctant, but I told him if he didn't want the whole town to know he'd better give John's dick some attention. He walked over and he was still reluctant. I told him what to do. Peter took John's dick in his hand and started stoking slowly. Then he stuck his finger in John's ass. He licked his finger first for some lubrication. John rocked back and forth, with the movement of Peter's hands. A thick creamy juice coming from John's dick.

I told Peter to suck it. As he was sucking, my own dick was getting hard. My pants were getting tight. I had to take it out. I unbuttoned my pants and my dick popped out of the flap. John looked at me liked what he seen, as I was jerking myself. John told me, he wanted me in him. Peter looked back and with the look he gave me, I think he liked it too. I walked behind John, Peter moved his hand. Pre-cum was all over my dick. I stroked my dick a few times and poked the head into John's ass. When I pulled back, I grabbed on to his shoulders and shoved in. His body was pushed forward. John's dick went down Peter's throat. He started to choke. When I pulled out, John pulled out, I though Peter would be pissed and leave, instead he wanted more.

We opened his tailgate and climbed in. Peter lied on his back. John lied on top in a 69 position, sliding his cock in Peter's mouth, and I strattled John's ass, shoved my dick down his ass. His dick went down Peter's throat. He slid in and out of Peter's mouth and I slid in and out of John's ass. Peter came first; he exploded in John's mouth. John licked every bit of it up. Then I came, I exploded in John's ass, my juices filed up his ass and came oozing from his ass. I pulled my dick out and jerked a little more and came again, all over John's ass. I licked every bit of it up, when I stuck my tongue up John's ass; he shot his load down Peter's throat. He pulled out and emptied his load all over Peter's face. Peter licked it up.

As we were getting dress I noticed someone out of the corner of my eye. It was Old Man Nickel. He said "You youngens have a lot of energy for fucking each other." We smiled and agreed. He looked us up and down. He liked John better.

He told John "if he wanted his secret kept secret he'd have to suck his dick." John looked at Old Man Nickel, he was 53, medium built body, and his bulge was poking at his pants. John was fine with it. Old Man Nickel walked up to Peter's truck. John undid his pants hi cock was hard and ready for attention. As his dick stood at attention, john stroked it. John went to his knees, and licked up and down his shaft. Puckered his lips around the head, I looked at Peter, he looked back. My dick needed some more attention. Peter came over got on his knees and commenced to sucking my dick. Old Man Nickel and I came at the same time.

We were getting ready to leave and Old Man Nickel told us. He expected to see us at least once a week at the tree. We haven't missed a day...

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