tagMatureOld Mrs. Finney Ch. 02

Old Mrs. Finney Ch. 02


Chapter 2: After Dinner Desert

Let me tell ya after catchin' our breath Mrs. Finney went to working on the stove. I think I was fallin' in love. She brought that plate over to me with that plate sized steak all covered in sautéed mushrooms, and a baked potato with all the fixins, well hot damn. We played sweet with each other while we ate, I fed her food from my plate and she did the same for me. The funny thing is neither of us was even dressed yet and watching her mouth open to my sensual feeding was causing me another woody.

The 72 year old decided to hate a taste of my cock along with her food and hungrily suck me down her throat. She kept sliding her warm mouth over my big knob. She was really going to town on my cock and I could feel my balls achin' for release once again.

"Mrs...I mean Anne I am itchin' to cum right down your throat soon!" I told the sexy woman.

"Mmmm do it hunny, shoot your sweet cum in my mouth, I would love to have dessert!" Mrs. Finney told me. That done did it for me and I thrust my hips upward and blasted my juice right down her throat.

"That was a damn fine suck job Anne. You just keep pullin' out the surprises for me don't ya?" I said to her as she licked the last bit of my cum off my deflating cock.

"Mmmm I sure do sport, but I do have one favor to ask of ya!" By that time I would have jumped off the old Smith train bridge, we named it that on account of a man named Jim Smith hangin' himself there a few years back, if she went and asked me too. That is when she asked me if I would like to join the century club. I had no idea what she was talking about but I told her sure why not. Then she told me how she would love to give her mom a hundred year birthday present and I was to be that present.

So she was super old heck I didn't care none, I was already hittin' Mrs. Finney and she was 72, how bad could it be? I told her it would be fine with me. After our conversation she took the dishes out and put them in the sink to rinse. I yelled to her from the living room askin' if I should get dressed and if we were done for the evening. She done told me no way in hell, she had other ideas to try first. I couldn't recollect what we could have possibly missed out on. I already ate her hairy pussy and fucked it till she done cummed all over my cock. And she just finished swallowing my seed. I guess I would just sit back and sip on my beer till she told me what to do. That was the best thing about Anne she had so many ideas for sex, not like the young girls I hung around. They was all tease and no please if you know what I'm sayin'.

Anne walked back in the room glass of wine in her dainty hand, her naked body swaying with her movement. She sat right beside me and leaned back just looking at me. Then she did the weirdest thing for a 72 year old, she reached in the table beside the couch and took out a brown paper bag. In it she had some marijuana and rolled up a big fat joint.

She saw the puzzled look on my face and then said, "I recon you have never seen an old broad fire a spliff up before? Well I am gonna need to be relaxed for what I have planned. See John I am wanting to feel that young cock deep in my shitter, the weed here will help me relax so I can take it all."

Holy crap I couldn't believe my ears and my cock must have heard it too cause he just shot up like he was on a spring. If it would have been made of metal I swear you would have heard an honest to goodness "BOING!" She lit up the fatty and took a big haul; the pungent odor filled the room. Its sweet stench was pleasing to my nostrils and after exhaling her toke she passed it to me, which I graciously accepted. I pulled on the joint and felt the rush in my head instantly. We smoked it down to a roach then looked at each other and bust out giggling; it was some pretty good shit.

Then without warning Anne leaned in to me and shoved her tongue down my throat. Her hand found my throbbing shaft and she started stroking me. We lingered in the kiss for awhile then she bent over the couch and pulled her big ass cheeks apart, offering her tight brown hole to me.

"John would you be a dear and get my asshole ready for your cock. Can you lick it for me sweetie?" She asked. I didn't hesitate and put my face between her massive cheeks and slid my tongue over her puckered anus. It didn't taste all that bad, so I continued prying her hole open with my wet tongue. She started moaning and thrusting back on my face. Then I took my hand and started shoving my fingers in her wet pussy, my movements caused her to shudder. I had four fingers in her when I began to thinkin'; I was wondering if the old broad could take more. I pulled my fingers out while I kept licking and replaced them with all five of my digits. It was a tight fit at first but once I broke through her hole I found I had my whole fist inside and was sliding it in and out of her soaked cunt.

Anne started trembling something fierce and she started swearing like there was no tomorrow. "Holy fuck John, you are fucking me with your fist. You are splitting my cunt open and tasting my juicy ass. Oh god yes! YES ... YES ... FUCK I AM CUMMING ALL OVER YOUR FIST YOU SWEETY DIRTY BOY!" I felt the flood of her juices pour over my hand; they left a river that washed right to my elbow. When I pulled my fist out her pussy she looked back over her shoulder and said in the dirtiest voice I'd ever heard, "Oh that was amazing John! Now why don't you take that nice hard pole there and shove it right up my corn hole!"

I didn't want to disappoint her so I fisted my cock and pushed it at her tight rectum. The feeling from her pussy to her ass was like night and day. Her ass was so tight, I thought it would plum tear my cock right off my body. Anne didn't even wait for me to take my time feeding her my cock, she just thrust her hips back and the tight opening swallowed me to the base. I drove it into her at her encouragement, faster and faster I fucked her old ass. I could feel my nuts start a tinglin' and knew I was about to spill my seed in her tight hot ass.

"Oh God Mrs. Finney I am gonna cum right up your tight shit hole!" I warned her.

"Yes Johnny boy, fuck my old ass. Split me open with your big young cock! Cum in me baby ... yes cum right up my ass. I want to feel your hot juice deep in my shitter! Yes I am going to cum too ... YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!" She howled. Hearing her words took me over the top and I'd done thrust my hips as hard as I could spraying my young cum deep in her bowels. I collapsed on top of her back and she just kept saying how that was the best ass fuck she had ever had.

We took a shower together both of us so tired we didn't have anymore sex that day. When I left her house she gave me a big ole sloppy kiss and told me she would set up a night to have her mom over and we could give her the birthday present.

Chapter 3

John breaks the century mark

To be continued...

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