tagGroup SexOld Spark Turns to Flame

Old Spark Turns to Flame


I am Dave, a Navy enlisted sailor, and have a story about an ugly duckling. She was never really ugly, but during the time I had not seen her, she became a gorgeous young woman.

I had 20 days of leave to enjoy after my first deployment. I booked a flight and flew home to run around on old stomping grounds. I was having a great time and had hooked up with three different girls the first 16 days of leave. I was getting things in order for returning to the ship and had planned on spending the last few days with my parents but then I saw her.

Her name is Mary and she grew up across the street from my parent's house. I was 2 years older than her and treated her like a little sister for the most part. I took up for her at school, rode her around on the back of my motorcycle, and even took her to the movies and bowling a couple of times just as friends. When I left to join the Navy, she was a senior, still in braces, and I was playing in a local band that was heading nowhere fast.

I was sitting in my parents' family room watching TV when I heard a motorcycle slowing down and idling. I peeked out of their curtains and I saw the rider coasting into the driveway across the street. The figure was too skinny to be Kenny, their son. I kept looking as the bike was turned off and the person dismounted. Her hair fell down out of the helmet and she ran her fingers through it a couple of times and made it more presentable.

Then this girl turned to walk towards the mailbox. Once she got closer, I realized it was Mary! Wow, she had let her hair grow out and had filled out to a perfect size, it appeared. I watched her get the mail and walk back to her house. I swear she rolled her ass as if she knew someone was watching.

An hour or so later, my mom walked through and I asked her, "So what ever happened to Mary?"

Mom said, "Last time I talked with Meg, she was moving in with a girl named Paula closer to the campus."

"Do you know if she's dating anyone, "I asked?

"Meg hasn't said anything about it. You might be in luck, "Mom said with a laugh!

"She looks good, that's for sure, "I said matter of fact like.

I had no idea if I would see Mary again so I walked outside in hopes she would walk out at the same time. I walked around the front yard and picked up a few sticks, like I was out there for just that reason. After 15 minutes or so, I put the sticks in the trash and got up the nerve to go over and knock on the door. Her mother, Meg, answered.

"Hey, Dave! How has the Navy been treating you, "she asked?

"Just got back from a cruise and I'm leaving on Monday to go back, "I answered.

"Thank you for serving! What can I do for you? Kenny's at work, "she said.

I didn't know what to say so I just told her, "Well, I haven't seen Mary in a while and just wanted to say hello."

"Oh, "she said, "Well let me holler at her."

"Thanks, "I said.

She called for Mary and told her that her date was here. I heard Mary ask, "What?"

When Mary saw me, she nearly ran down the stairs to me. She was ear to ear smiling and gave me a long, warm hug. I was not sure if it was a brotherly hug or something more but it felt incredible.

"You look different with short hair, "she said. Very handsome!"

I had to admit to her, "You look very pretty with long hair, actually rather stunning!"

She was wearing tight jeans, white socks, and a red t-shirt. She invited me in and took me upstairs to her old room. Her bed had been replaced by a day bed and her dresser by a computer desk. Meg offered some fresh cookies and a Dr. Pepper. She remembered that as my favorite drink from all of those years growing up. I took the plate and soda from her and thanked her.

Mary asked me a million questions about the Navy and how life was. She asked if I still played the bass. I asked her about college and all of our old gang. We finally finished catching up when she asked, "Do you remember that night you took me home when I was drunk?"

I replied, "Yes."

She asked, "Did you know my friends got in a wreck that night and one of the girls nearly died? You saved my life."

I had not heard about that. I only knew that her and her friends were drunk so I demanded I take her home. I was always so protective of her.

I replied, "Damn, Mary, I did not know that. I'm sorry, I mean not for bringing you home, but for what happened. I should have driven all of you home I guess."

She replied, "It's not your fault and everyone is fine now, but I am forever grateful for that. You are an awesome friend. Too bad that's all you ever were though."

She smiled wide again. She was gorgeous and I could feel my bulge growing when I stared at her.

I said, "Well, seems like I am not too good at picking up signals sometimes. If you want, hit me with a hammer and tell me what you want. That would probably be more effective."

She laughed and said, "I don't have a hammer, but I do have this."

She reached in and gave me a nice, slow kiss. I closed my eyes and kissed her back. She kissed me again and put her hand under my chin to turn my head more towards hers. I kissed her slowly and soon, our mouths opened and our tongues began to swirl around each other. My bulge was now more like an erection. She moved closer to me on the day bed and the heavy kissing really started. I was not going to go any farther right here and have Meg walk in on us so I kept my hands from really exploring her body.

We kissed for just a few minutes and my head was spinning. I felt like I was in a dream. Finally Meg called up, "Mary, why don't you show Dave your house?"

Mary started laughing as we broke off our kiss. Her hand fell from my face onto her leg and she answered, "Hey, that's a good idea!"

She stood up and I sat there for a minute. Mary asked, "What's wrong?"

I answered, "Just give me a minute. A certain thing needs to calm down, if you know what I mean."

She said with a smile as she placed her hand on my crotch, "No. I have no idea what you are talking about."

I said with a smile and raised eye brows, "That's not exactly helping."

When my erection finally went down enough to go downstairs, we proceeded to walk down the steps. From behind, I couldn't help but stare at Mary's perfect heart shaped ass and watch her hair sway from side to side as she took each step. Even the way she ran her hand down the rail was exciting me at that point.

When we got to the family room, Mary asked Meg if she could use her car since she didn't have an extra helmet for me. I am glad because I really didn't want to ride bitch anyway. Mary told Meg we'd be back by this evening but Meg said no rush that she didn't need the car for anything until tomorrow. I joked and said, "I'll have her back by 10 PM, mam!"

Meg said, "Yeah, right. The last time she came home by 10 was when she was in high school."

We walked out and got in the car. On the way to her rental house, she asked me if I remember Paula. I barely remembered her. She was a year behind me in school and had gotten married right after high school. Mary said she was separated and trying to hook up with another guy as of late. I remember her being a cute blonde and I think the only reason she got married was to rebel against her parents because they hated the guy.

We drove for nearly a half hour when she parked at the curb of a small, 3 bedroom home. I guess it was about 800, maybe 900 square feet at the most, but it was within walking distance of the college campus Mary was attending.

We got out and proceeded to the front door. She unlocked the door and we walked in.

"Paula? You here, "Mary hollered?

"Hey, girl, "Paula answered from a room in the back.

We walked to the back where the family room was at. Paula looked good and was dressed like she was going out with some sexy short shorts on and a pink blouse. She told Mary her new friend Ryan was supposed to be coming over in a little bit and she couldn't wait. Paula and I spoke and she commented on my short hair.

We sat on the couch holding hands and flicked through the channels. She stopped on a movie that had a cheesy romance plot so we laughed a bit at that. Mary then put her head in my lap while she laid on her back. She kicked her shoes off and put her knees up in the air with her heals up to her butt. She was opening and closing her long, thin legs as she stared up at me. I had my right hand on her stomach and she put hers on top of mine while interlacing her fingers in mine.

She asked, "So all of those years we went out, you never wanted me?"

I replied, "Sure I did, but I guess I never thought you wanted me."

"Well, I didn't always, "she said, "but the more time I spent around you, the more I liked you. I was afraid to say anything though. I guess I didn't want to ruin a good thing."

I leaned down and kissed her. She met my kiss by leaning up from my lap. Our lips pressed together and made a nice smacking sound. The next kiss was more tongue and we started to moan and breathe a little harder. She squeezed my hand tight and had her other hand on the back of my head. Paula said, "Get a room or something."

Mary said, "What, you don't wanna see?"

Paula said, "I wouldn't mind but I don't want to scare off Ryan when he gets here by having people fucking right here on the couch!"

Mary answered quickly, "How do you know we're gonna be having sex?"

Paula answered, "Why wouldn't you?"

I was getting hard again from all the talk and Mary could feel my growth under her head. She smiled at me and said, "Let's go to my room."

I said, "Ok. I'll follow you!"

We got up and I could see the outline of my shaft and head in my jeans going down my right leg a bit. I saw Paula look down at the bulge and looked away before she knew I caught her.

Mary's room was the closest to the front door, first door on the right when you walk in the front door, maybe 7 or 8 feet from the front door. We walked to it and Mary pushed me into her room as she went to the bathroom across the hallway. I stood in her room looking at the things that I remembered being in her room at her parent's house. There was her bed with the same headboard and her dresser, along with pictures. I was surprised when I saw she had a picture of me and her riding a horse together. We must have been 14 and 12 or so.

Mary came back into the room and asked, "How do you like our place?"

"It's nice, "I replied.

She came over to me and wrapped her arms around me. I embraced her as well. Then we started kissing, first with little soft, slow pecks, and then we dove into each other with a passion I had not felt in a long time. Her lips were soft and our mouths mixed juices as I felt the roughness of her tongue against my own, both swirling around the other. She reached up with one hand and rubbed my shoulder while the other went south to my crotch. I was already hard and my cock jumped with the sensation of her rubbing it through my jeans. She commented, "Damn, you are huge!"

"No, not me, "I said smiling at her.

We resumed kissing as I reached into her shirt and grabbed one of her breasts, squeezing it through her bra while our breathing continued to quicken. She moaned as I cupped her breast and pinched her nipple through the fabric.

She started to unsnap and unzip my pants. I backed my lower body away enough to give her room. As she pulled my cock up and released it from my pants, I managed to unsnap her bra in the front. I pushed a bra cup to the side rubbed, needed, and pinched her small, firm breasts, then moved to the other and repeated the motions. She gently began stroking my cock as she moaned and we continued to fight each other's tongues.

She said to me, "Oh, this feels so fucking good. I knew we never had closure. I knew we would end up like this one day."

I kissed her deeply again and reached down into her jeans. They were loose enough to get my hand down to her pussy. She spread her legs a bit to give me better access. She had a nice, narrow strip of hair above her clit that I rubbed on the way down to her juices. As my four fingers went down, I put extra pressure on the middle finger in order for it to slide over her clit and into her silky, wet folds. She moaned louder at that and whispered seductively in my ear, "You're making me so hot. Do you want to shut the door?"

I answered, "No. If Paula doesn't want to watch, she can shut it herself."

Mary smiled at me and then stopped stroking me long enough to unbutton and unzip her jeans. She then backed away from me and pulled them down and kicked them off. We started kissing again and I reached into her panties to play with her pussy as she started the stroking of my cock again. I knew the door was wide open to her room and knew Paula could see in if she walked down the hallway to the front door. I had hoped she would for some reason.

I finally picked Mary up, carried her over, and put her in the middle of her bed. She kicked the covers back so we were on the sheets. I kissed her neck and nibbled her ear as I took in the scent of her perfume and shampoo. She rubbed my back and shoulders as I slowly moved down between her legs and started kissing the insides of her thighs. I sucked and kissed all around her mound while I rubbed her lower body and breasts. I used one hand to move her panties to the side so I could get a taste of what I could have had years ago. I parted her sweet, moist lips with my tongue and burrowed my way into her pussy. I flicked my tongue up and down in her folds and then worked my way up to her clit. I put my mouth over her mound and swirled my tongue around her clit. Her body answered me with moans and squirming. I could see in the mirror on her dresser, Paula was looking in at us. I looked up and said, "Come on in!"

Paula walked out real quick. I assumed I had scared her off. I was so drunk with lust I went right back to eating Mary's pussy until she bucked against my mouth and released her juices onto my face. I continued to lick and suck her pussy as she came down off of her first orgasm. I looked over and Paula was standing by the bed now. I asked her, "You wanna join?"

Mary said, "What?"

Paula said, "No, I can't, but scoot over. I don't want to get all messy before Ryan gets here."

We scooted over to the right side of the bed so Paula could climb onto the left. I looked at Paul as I slowly slipped Mary's soaked panties off. When I finished, Mary sat up and took her shirt and bra off and tossed them onto the floor. She had one of the nicest bodies I have ever seen on a woman. Her tan lines were pronounced, her stomach was tone and tight, her breasts were bigger than they actually felt and very firm. Her pussy was a perfect camel toe with just the small landing strip above the slit. She had a small chain belly button ring. After admiring her beautiful body, I went back down on her, licking, sucking, and slurping. Mary was getting close again while Paula laid there on her side with one hand between her legs watching everything that was going on. Paula then rolled over onto her back, undid her shorts and slid her right hand down into her panties. She began to rock back and forth on her hand while I continued to eat her roommate's delicious pussy. Paula scooted down further on the bed and began squeezing my ass with her left hand. I raised my ass up and got up on my knees. Paula grabbed my cock and began stroking it gently while she finger fucked herself. When I stopped to look at what she was doing, I could tell from the motion she was rubbing her clit rapidly. She started jerking my cock harder and her body began bucking while her chin lifted up away from her chest. I knew she was coming and knew Mary was about to again.

My cock was rock hard now and at this point and I needed relief. Paula's hand was almost getting me there but there were two aching pussies in this room I could please along with my cock.

Mary's body once again began to buck as she pushed her mound harder into my face. I licked her clit, put my hands under her ass, and pulled her pussy hard against my face as she released more fluid into my mouth. At the same time I started to dismount her to penetrate her hot pussy with my cock, she said, "Fuck me, Dave, please! Fuck me now!"

I moved into position between her legs. I looked over at Paula and her eyes were staring at my cock and Mary's pussy. Next thing I know, Paula is taking her shorts and panties off and tossing them on the floor. She had a completely shaved pussy with big lips and a clit ring. She had no tans lines at all and her mound had an upward curved above her slit. She spread her legs wide open and said, "Touch me, too."

I couldn't get to her because I needed my hand to hold me up so I said, "Let's move to the edge of the bed so I can."

I moved off of the bed and the girls moved down and put their legs in the air. Mary's legs were lower while Paula's foot was actually resting on my chest. I reached down and rubbed my cock between Mary's folds for a few strokes, then pushed into her. Her pussy was hot and wet. She was tight and I felt my head and shaft being squeezed tightly as I pushed all the way in. She breathed deeply and blew the air our through puckered lips. She again said, "You are huge, love."

I moved my left hand over to Paula's body and pulled her over a little closer with her help. The girls' bodies were touching at the hips with Paula's leg wrapped up over Mary's. I started moving my cock in and out of Mary's pussy as I reached down and began rubbing Paula's soft inner leg up and down with my hand. I moved closer and closer to her pussy until I finally brushed against it. The next time, I traced up her leg and above her mound, then came back down with four fingers until one disappeared into her wet folds. I pulled the finger back out and rubbed her clit, then pulled on her clit ring just a tad. I stuck a finger back inside her pussy and finger fucked her for a few strokes. I pulled my finger out and grabbed her left hand to move it between Mary's legs, down to her clit. Paula looked and Mary with a shocked look on her face and Mary looked at her and shook her head in approval.

Paula began to rub Mary's clit while I fucked her. I then grabbed Mary's hand and moved it to Paula's clit. There was no eye contact this time, just a start of motion from both of the girl's hands. I stuck my finger into Paula's pussy again, then two. I reached up to the roof of her canal to find her g-spot and rubbed it as she moaned with pleasure.

The girls continued to rub each other while I looked on in amazement. Seeing these two beautiful women here in front of me, one naked from the waist down, one completely naked, playing with each other while my cock is being rammed in and out of one of them was too much for me to hold back on. Then add the moaning and sounds of the juices, I finally had my release coming on. My cock began to itch underneath and I drove deep into Mary's canal as I prepared for my release, pulling her to me with my right arm over her legs. I told Mary, "I'm...gonna....cum!"

She said, "Me, too! Fuck my pussy! YES!

I started cumming inside her as her pussy squeezed my shaft and head. Her body bucked into me and her head lifted up off of the bed. At the same time, I looked over at Paula who was starting to cum as well. I could feel her pussy clamping down on me fingers and her lower body bucked in a rhythm. Both of their hands were stirring each other in rapid swirls. I felt like I came harder than I ever had, releasing so much cum it leaked out around my shaft. We all came down and Mary said, "I can't believe we just did that."

Paula said, "Not a fucking word, you got it?"

I said, "It'll be our secret. You never know, we might want to do this again sometime."

They both said at the same time, "I don't know."

We laughed at that. Paula got up in a panic and said, "I'm gonna go rinse off. Please get the door if Ryan arrives early. I'll hurry."

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