tagSci-Fi & FantasyOld World Magic Ch. 01

Old World Magic Ch. 01


"You will have to die." I stared at the man across from me. "Make no mistake, I mean exactly what I said. If you're going to do this," he pointed a finger at my chest, "Will die. Your wife will weep, your siblings will mourn your passing, and the world will know that Michael Gray is dead."

I paused and had no response. Not right away. I needed to think about how it was that I'd gotten to this point. I was never sure where to start any story. Something always came before the point you wanted to start, and something always came before that. There really was no beginning, just a whole series of middles.

- - -

I suppose for me the story started when I was a child. I always had a very active imagination. Part of me always knew that the world was magical. Fairy tales, ghosts, magic, heck even Santa Claus, these things weren't myth, they were reality. Don't confuse my imagination with gullibility. I was very bright and understood reality. I just didn't accept it. I always felt that there was more to life than the 'real world' as everyone accepted it.

So I guess that's why even that day in early June, I was ready to believe in magic. I was a few weeks from my thirty ninth birthday and my wife and I were at a family reunion. My mother's family was Italian heritage and the family reunions for that side of the family were always boisterous and wild affairs. You could never keep track of all the new family members that would show up every year, and so it was no surprise when I met the young man in his early twenties who introduced himself as Adam Saks.

Adam was a little evasive as to who's son he was or exactly who's relation he was, but at our reunions everyone was family. Plus he'd brought two hug pans of lasagna for the pot luck table that was absolutely fantastic. The keg of beer he brought didn't hurt his acceptance either. So we just all accepted that he was some distant relation and let it go at that.

Adam was a generally likable guy and while he didn't talk much, was a hell of a listener. Once he admitted he was an amateur magician, all the younger cousins clustered around him and watched him make coins appear from behind their ears, and all manner of card tricks and slight of hand. But it wasn't till late at night that Adam approached me specifically.

I'd chatted with him earlier, but this conversation was different. He asked me a lot of personal questions. Talked about how I was dealing with losing my job earlier that year. Being a teacher for several years, long enough to have tenure, I thought I'd be safe from the economic downturn lately. But even tenure couldn't help when your entire position was cut. As we drank beer, he got more and more personal. The fact that my wife and I hadn't been able to have kids of our own was a sore subject, but somehow I didn't mind talking about it with him.

Finally, well after dark and as most extended family members were packing up their cars and leaving the park where we had the reunion, he admitted something to me. "I'm a wizard you know Mike," he told me in all seriousness. "I have real magic, not just card tricks."

For some odd reason, I believed him. I always felt like magic was real, why couldn't this young man be a wizard? I shrugged my shoulders, something about him just screamed at me that he was being completely honest. "So, what, like you have a magic wand or throw fireballs or make rabbits actually appear out of hats?"

Adam chuckled at me, "No magic wands Mike, though I could create fire or a rabbit if I wanted. But that's a lot more crass than I normally like. I choose much more subtle magic, maybe you'd be more comfortable thinking of me as a psychic or a mentalist?"

I smiled, even though I believed him, this sounded like a bit of a dodge. Cold reading people could often give results that seemed like magic. But somehow he seemed to know what I was thinking. "You aren't sure if you believe me or not, that's understandable. But have you noticed that we've been sitting here talking for an hour and not a single member of our extended family has come up to us to talk to us?"

I looked around. We were under a park pavilion with two dozen picnic benches and tables, but the entire time Adam and I had been talking not one other person had joined us. That might have been forgivable if it weren't for the fact that Adam had brought the quarter keg in it's tub of ice with him over to our table. The lure of beer would have brought people to our table if nothing else.

In fact, even though it was getting late, most of the other picnic tables were full of people laughing, drinking, and talking. But Adam and I were alone at our table, and more so, no one was even looking in our direction. I could see my wife on the other side of the pavilion talking to a third or fourth cousin of mine who she had made friends with. It was like Adam and I were our own little island of solitude even though we were surrounded by people.

"Huh," I grunted, as I looked around.

"It's because," Adam explained, "I cast a spell on this table. No one even realizes that it's here at the moment. It's not invisible, it's just that they don't see it here. It's in their minds, or I guess I should say it's not in their minds."

The look on my face must have said everything I was thinking because he sighed and pointed towards the baseball diamond nearby. Now that the sun had begun to set the younger kids had vacated it and were off watching DVDs in minivans, playing on their portable game systems, or running around in the large empty grass area of the park. "I'll show you," Adam said, "Get up from the table and walk a few feet away. Then turn around and look for me. I'll stay right here, I'll finish this beer, then meet you at the dugout of the baseball field. If you can see me after you get up from the table, you know I'm a fraud."

He smiled, and I thought he was nuts, but I had to pee anyways and was ready to stretch my legs. I had arthritis set in early and now just a few weeks from 39 I got very stiff and sore if I sat for too long. Plus I should go check in on my wife. Renee had been on her own for the last hour that I'd been talking to Adam, and normally didn't like being left alone that long.

I stood up and walked over to her. She looked at me with an annoyed look on her face that I was getting more and more used to seeing. Our marriage wasn't great, and I thought that my absence for the last hour had annoyed her. Then as I got to her she sighed slightly and I realized that I was wrong. She wasn't upset that I was gone, she was upset that I was here again.

"Hello dear," I said, "I haven't seen you in a bit, I just wanted to make sure that everything was ok."

She rolled her eyes at me, "Fine, I'm just chatting with your cousin here." Her voice was curt and clipped. It wasn't one that said she really felt like she wanted me about.

I nodded and hiked a thumb over my shoulder, "I've just been chatting with Adam. Just let me know if..." I paused. I had turned to point at Adam and the table where we were sitting, but couldn't see him. The table I'd left moments ago was gone. But it wasn't, was it? I knew right where it should be, but I couldn't see it. There wasn't an open spot, there were just two tables next to each other just like the rest of the rows of tables.

I shook my head, wait a second how was that possible, where was the table with Adam? I tried to count the tables in that row. I knew that there were four rows of picnic tables, with six tables in each one, a few feet apart from each other. I looked at the row where Adam and I had been sitting, one two three four five. Only five tables in that row. But how come it looked correct? My mind started swimming and I felt the way you do if you look at one of those magic eye posters for too long.

I blinked and my wife had already turned back to her conversation with my distant cousin. Wait, I was confused, why couldn't I see the extra table? My eyes crossed and uncrossed as I stared at the spot where I thought I had just been sitting. Slowly a fog seemed to settle on me. I must have been mistaken about the whole thing. There was no table, no quarter keg, no Adam. I must be drunk. Sure, drunk, that was it. Maybe I should go pee.

After coming out of the john I glanced back at the picnic pagoda. I gasped. There WAS a table in that spot. Now there were several people sitting at it, pumping beer out of the quarter keg that had vanished earlier. I looked to my left and saw a bit of movement over at the dugout by the baseball field. Adam said he'd be over there. So I hurried over to him.

Sure enough, he was at the dugout. He was sitting on the bench leaning against the cinder block wall. "I told you," he said. "You couldn't see the table till I left it, could you?"

I nodded, "I wasn't even sure that it existed even though we'd just been sitting there." I admitted.

He smiled and said, "Just like everyone else isn't aware that this dugout exists anymore. I've used magic to make everyone else look elsewhere and forget that wherever I am exists."

I knew what he was saying was true, but I couldn't quite accept it. "But I mean... how... I mean, they really can't see it?"

He laughed, "They see what I want them to see. Like for example you don't see little Maria right now, do you?"

"Who's..." I started to ask, then in the blink of an eye, a woman appeared in front of me. Well, more to the point, in front of Adam. She was one of the distant relatives or the girlfriend of one. I couldn't remember. I'd seen her earlier today she was maybe in her early twenties and built like a brick shit house. Huge tits, broad athletic body, thick muscular thighs and arms and a flat taut stomach that showed rippling abs. Her ass was thick and muscular and I knew all of this as she was kneeling totally nude in front of Adam. Her brown hair was falling around her face as she was vigorously sucking Adam's cock. One hand between her thighs furiously rubbed at her pussy, and I could hear the wet schlicking sound as she slobbered on his dick.

I gasped, "Do you want some privacy?" I stammered. I watched the woman's head bouncing up and down on Adam's lap as she frigged herself. I had a past history of deviancy in my own sexual past, but I was just so startled by 'little' Maria's appearance. How hadn't I noticed her as I was entering the dugout or talking to Adam. The light was dim from the setting sun, it was more than bright enough for me to see even a small tramp stamp tattoo of stars across her back. I could see a small birthmark on her shoulder. I could even see her fingers between her thighs moving back and forth.

Adam shook his head no. "Nah, have a seat, if you try to leave you're going to just turn around and come right back to talk to me.

I was a little annoyed and turned, "I'll talk to you later." I said and turned to walk out of the dugout. I wasn't in the mood for these types of head games.

"So," Adam asked, "do you believe in magic now?"

I turned my head and looked at him. I was sitting down on the bench next to him as Maria worked his cock wetly. Hadn't I just been about to walk away? Why was I sitting down next to him? I nodded my head dully. I accepted that he was a mentalist, a magician, whatever.

"Do you want Maria to suck your cock?" he asked as he twined his fingers in her thick hair. I shook my head no. I never cheated on my wife. We'd had some threesomes, we'd swapped in the past, but we'd never out and out cheated on each other. As I was pushing forty, I wasn't going to start now.

"Don't misunderstand me Mike," he said as he began to push Maria's head down further and further on his cock as she sucked it, "I didn't ask you if you were worried about getting caught. I didn't ask you if you wanted to cheat on your wife. I simply asked if you'd like Maria to suck your cock."

I felt that strange feeling in my mind again, one part fog, and one part as if I was looking at an optical illusion. Then I found myself answering without thinking. "Well yes, of course, I'd love to get my cock sucked." As the words left my lips, I knew them to be true also. I wanted this young woman, almost half my age, to wrap her lips around my cock.

Adam pulled Maria's head from his dick. She was pretty enough, her nose looked like it may had been broken and set poorly at one point in her life. But other than that she had a cute mouth, slick with drool that had coated her pert chin. Her eyes were large and deep brown pools and she had high cheekbones that gave her a pretty heart shaped face. Adam asked her, "Maria, would you like to suck Mike's cock?"

She gasped and wiped the spittle from her chin as she nodded vigorously. Then she stood up and I saw her tight breasts with proud erect nipples. Her muscular body invited my gaze and I looked at the wetness between her thighs, courtesy of her shaved slit, as she walked over to stand in front of me. I fumbled to unzip my pants and quickly hauled out my cock.

I would say that I used to have an impressive cock. At one point when I was in my prime, I was a good eight inches long and quite thick. But all the weight I'd put on over the last decade or two and I barely held six on the best of days. I was still girthy, but never seemed to get fully erect like I used too. Another fuck you from father time. Still as I pulled my flaccid cock out and sucked in my gut a little, Maria looked at my dick as if it were prime rib and she were starving.

She dropped to her knees and attacked my cock with her mouth. I'd been circumcised, but there was still a little foreskin that covered the very back crown of my cock head when hard, and when soft, my head disappeared. She pulled the skin back, exposing my purple helmet, and began licking it like an ice cream cone. I leaned back against the cinder block wall and groaned as I felt the tip of her tongue licking at the slit of my cock. Her other hand began caressing my balls, and for the first time in easily a year or more, I found myself wishing I had shaved my pubes. I wasn't a hairy mess down there, as I kept it trimmed with a beard trimmer, but I knew that the kids now a days all went hairless.

If Maria cared, she didn't show it. She began licking and sucking on my cock as if she couldn't get enough. My dick quickly grew hard under her attention and I have to say it felt fantastic. I hadn't had a blow job in almost a year. My wife gave me one a year, on my birthday, and laughed whenever I suggested she do so more often than that. But this was a lot different than my wife. Maria seemed to be eager, she wanted this. She wasn't just doing this because it was my special day, she was doing it because she really wanted my dick in her mouth.

She looked up at me, her dark eyes almost seemed to thank me as she sucked my ever hardening cock in her mouth. Then Adam, nude from the waist down and his cock glistening in the early evening light, stood and moved behind Maria. I couldn't help but look. The young man had to be at least nine inches long and thick. I knew that my cock was just under two inches across, and he looked even thicker than me. Perhaps most impressively, his cock was standing up straight and proud. My cock was big, and even in my youth it stood more out than up when I was fully hard.

He tapped Maria's back and she stopped blowing me long enough to stand up. Then bending at the waist she put her hands on my hips. Her forearms resting on my thighs she quickly went back to sucking on my prick as I sat there. Then she moaned as Adam entered her from behind.

Maria's body rocked as Adam fucked her from behind. The blow job I was receiving suffered a little, but I wasn't going to complain. Adam grinned at me and said, "Did you know Maria is a squirter Mike?" I shook my head no but said nothing as the horny woman was getting me closer and closer to my peak.

But Maria lifted her head from my cock just long enough to moan, "No I'm not Adam." before resuming her oral assault on my cock. I could feel her going all the way down to the fatty base of my cock, taking my shaft into her throat as she sucked.

"You are now," Adam said as he gripped her hips and slammed her pussy hard with his monster cock. Then a moment later I felt her lips close down on my cock tightly as her body began to convulse. She moaned around my dick, using my fleshy pole as a gag to keep her screams from crying out too loudly. Then I heard the sound of dripping and looked to the side to see a small torrent of clear girl jizz spraying from her filled cunt onto Adam's balls and legs. From there it dripped audibly to form a puddle on the ground between his feet.

The musky scent of her girl cum was more than I could take. It was heady and unable to hold back anymore, I released. My cock was still buried deep in Maria's throat and I let my spunk fly. She swallowed reflexively and not a drop of my jizz spilled out past her lips. I groaned and my head fell back into the cinder block wall of the dugout as I came and came and came. Far more than I had in a long time.

I felt her lips finally leaving my cock and opened my eyes to see her turning and taking Adam's cock in her mouth. The younger man groaned and then holding her head aimed his cock right at her face. Thick white ropy loads began flying from his cock to glaze her face. Shot after shot of his cum landed on her face. Ten, fifteen, twenty, I lost track of how many times his cock seized up and fired hot spunk on her face. But by the time he was done she looked like she'd been in a bukkake video. Adam had cum as much as three or four men easily, glazing Maria's cute face with his white spunk.

Maria moaned as if she was experiencing small orgasms of her own as she wiped the cum from her eyes. She wiped it from her face and then deposited it directly into her mouth. She even licked her fingers, trying to get every drop of his spunk into her mouth.

Adam leaned back, against the half wall between the dugout and the empty baseball field and spoke to Maria. "Maria, there's no one in the ladies room right now. You're going to pick up your clothing, walk over to it, clean up, get dressed, and redo your makeup. By the time you leave this dugout, you're going to forget me and mike, and by the time you leave the bathroom, you're going to forget everything that just happened. But you're going to have great sex every time you fuck for the next few weeks. Ok?"

Maria nodded and stood up with a smile on her still cum slicked face. She bent over and retrieved her clothing from a pile before walking out of the dugout nude. Part of me wondered if anyone would see her, but I kind of knew that Adam's powers would cover her till she was decent again. I sat there panting and wondering what all had just happened.

"So," Adam said as he leaned against the half wall and looked at me. "Did you like that? Believe I'm magic now, yes?" I nodded my head and he continued, "There's very rare people that can become magic wielders like me you know, and that's the reason I have been talking to you for the last few hours."

"Me?" I said somewhat confused, "I could use magic like that?" I narrowed my eyes sensing there was a catch, there was always a catch. "What would I have to do?"

"Well," he said slowly, "You'd have to die."

To be continued...

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