tagRomanceOlde Tale of Herbs & Healing

Olde Tale of Herbs & Healing

byUncle South Loop©

(Author's Note: This tale is a "period" piece. Liberty has been taken with the use of Olde English in the writing to match the tone of the times.)

Nearing the top of the turret stairs, the challenge rang out "Who goest there?"

"Tis I, Lord Robert, Giles." was mine response.

"M'Lord, thou art the only stir upon this cold clear night."

"Is that not good after many years od struggle, Giles?"

"Aye, M'Lord. All thy subjects give ye thanks to now live in peace and comfort. Tis our good fortune to have M'Lord. Without thee, it sure nary a one amongst us wouldst be living."

Giles words were truely heartfelt. He'd fought at mine side in all the battles. He'd toiled endlessly in time of famine on but mere crusts of bread and swigs of water. He'd held firm as many fell to the plague. Laying mine hand upon his shoulder, mine response were, "Yes, old friend, thou hast been a true and loyal subject through all. Such loyalty shan't ever be forgotten."

He bowed his head in saying, "At thy service, M'Lord." Then asked, "M'Lord, art ye troubled by yet another problem of the realm?"

"Nay, Giles. A ruler's matters, in peaceful times, are thankfully less weighty. Just mine seek of the fresh, cool night air in hopes of deepening mine rest at later retire."

"As ye wish, M'Lord."

Mine turn to part halted when Giles continued, "Perchance tis time for ye to address the matter of an heir?"

Giles, despite his lower station, had a gift which he now used. I'd known him to be able to read a person's mind, into hidden thoughts that troubled one's being. No longer rapt by his gift, the exchange ended with, "Perchance, Giles, perchance."

Striding away with thoughts of an heir returned. An heir would bring great joy and was needed to insure the future of the realm. But, caution was required in choosing a new wife. Four years had past since mine first was taken by the plague. It had been a good match, to solidify the alliance with Westridge in marrying the Lord's daughter. But, from the onset, she was a frail and sickly woman and had died childless. Scarce were times when we attempted conception as she rarely had the strength. E'en if she had conceived, there was much doubt that she couldst carry and birth a child. Thoughest there were many choices, none was made for fear of the same tp repeat.

Stopping after twenty paces, full view mine lands was clear in the pale moonlight. Mine revelry was short, afore I heard Giles repeat his challenge.

"Tis the Widow Gwen", came the reply.

"Please halt, Widow. M'lord is upon the ramparts, let us ask his leave." He then shouted out, "M'Lord may the Widow Gwen pass this way?"

"Give her leave Giles", was mine grant.

The Widow Gwen brought much ease to mine mind. She was but one, of few, widows of past enemies made when their mates were slain for their defiance of my authority. There were many women made widows of in past times of war. A great number cursed mine person in their grieving wails. Gwen was one of scarce few whose loss was a release from a miserable life with what had been a cruel, evil mate.

Memory still lingered of how wretched she looked when found upon mine collecting victor's spoils from her fallen husband's estate. Unbefitting her place and belieing the substance of her husband's lands; she'd was dressed in dirty rags, bruised, battered and starving. In spite of her woeful appearance, she held firm with dignity and grace as she lauded me in releasing her from much misery.

In showing mercy to her, the entire castle benefitted greatly whenst order issued to bring her in. After full health was restored, all were blessed with her beauty, wit and charm. And, without my biding, she asked for and was granted command of the inner household that she managed with great efficiency.

Mine greeting formed as she neared, "Gwen, what keeps ye about at such late hour? Do thee have pressing matters of mind that keep thee awake?"

"Nay, M'Lord, tis not matters of the mind that denies mine sleep. Thy household has never been better. We've stores of plenty and all thy subjects are hale and vigorous. Instead, tis mine seek of the cold, night air. Tis been of aid, in the past, to put mine body at rest on nights when sleep is hard to come."

Afore contining converse, a stab of pain stuck my shoulder. Twas not unfamiliar, a reminder left by a foe's sword along with a scar where blow hadst pierced flesh. Mine hand went to thy inflicted shoulder to knead the area for relief.

Gwen took note mine discomfort to asked "M'Lord, art thou in pain?"

The ache became bearble from vigorious rub to allow response, "Aye, tis an old war wound that comes and goes. This night shall not be restful for it's onset. Tis a hurt that's slow to fade."

"M'Lord, there is help canst be rendered by this subject. Skill in the arts of herbs and healing hands are mine."

"Thee speaks truth?"

"Aye, Tis mine closely guarded secret. But now, let us go in haste to my bed chamber wherest mine herbs are. In the going, all shall be relates on the way."

Going forth, Gwen kept her word. She'd been a curious child taken under the wing of an old Healer, her teacher. A quick apprentice, she gathered fast the knowledge, attained healing skills and, in time, even exceeded those of her tutor. The Healer bade Gwen caution in the use of her acquired arts. Warning such skill couldst bring harm, to the owner, from others prone to greed and envy. For fear of being looked upon as a witch, it remained unknown but to those she'd helped after the'd sworn solumn oath of secrecy. Her dead husband past without ever knowing, including her use of herb that denied him heir.

Gwen hung her cloak, whenst both us entered her chamber and bade same of mine, along with all other garments down to mine trousers. Afore sitting on fireside bench, mine tending of fire was needed and logs added despite the ache hindering mine movement. She went straightway to large bag and drew out some vials and small sacks. These she placed, along with a wooden bowl, close on bench.

She added her herbs to the bowl and then pounded them with a smooth, round, heavy spoon. Water was added and all mixed into a thick balm. Whilst she did, her lilac scent filled surrounding air about her. The firelight made the skin of her face and arms glow soft. Her dress draped her as if it were an hourglass. Twas narrow at waist and tapered up o'er full breasts and down o'er rounded hips. Mine thoughts hadst just ventured into what mayest lay beneath the sturdy dress cloth when she turned to me, "M'Lord, this is a salve mixed from roots and wild srigs of the forest to be rubbed o'er and into thy shoulder that pains."

"Do what is needed."

Gwen scouped the salve upon her fingers and cicled around behind. The salve was cold whenst she first brushed it against mine skin. As she spread and rubbed, it tuned warm and seemed to pierce through mine hide in going deeper. Like flow of charging battle line, it met and then pushed back the pain. No counter charge was mounted by my ache. Gwen's hands and fingers pressed on harder and the pain fled in defeat. As it full retreated, mine words spilled out, "Gwen, tis magical. Thee, and thy potion of forest herbs, have conquered the pain."

"Aye, tis true, but herbs are not of mysterious world but of common nature", she retorted with a faint laugh. Her hands lingered moving twixt mine neck and two rounded shoulders. With her fingers, she probed flesh whilst saying, "M'Lord, there is a knooty tightness here and could be more on thy back. Kneading of the knots willst put them at ease."

"Thou art a good Healer, continue as thee deem necessary." was mine consent, more out of enjoyment of her touch than of agony.

She kneaded and rubbed working up o'er sidies and back of my neck. Her warm, soft fingers brushed about. Her breath set upon mine bare skin and the sweet lilac scent heightent mine sense of smell. It had been so long since a woamn laid hands on mine bare skin, mine loins began to stir in a way thought forgotten.

"M'Lord, thou hast more scars here, smaller than shoulder one. Art they bothersome too?",

"Nay good Gwen, they bother not as they art from glancing blows. There's but one more, less hurtsome than what thou hast relieved, but naught of strength that thee se to it."

Her hands rose off me and she sputtered rather irked, "M'Lord, Hast not mine skill proven well with thy other hurt?"

"Gwen, thou hast proven a fine and skilled Healer. Tis not thy skill be denied for as tis proven. Mine other is onst the top mine left shank, not nearly as hurtful but would require removal of mine trousers. Truth be said, thee art a beautiful woman. Thy nearness and touch this night hast awakened, what thought lost in mine loins. In offing of trousers, thee wouldst see mine uncontrolled response."

Gwen answered in stern voice, "M'Lord, there is naught much that Healers hast yet to see. Oft thee trousers."

As she rounded the bench, mine loosed trousers fell to bare mine stiffened member She stopped drawing more of herb salve to her hand and then came to stand twixt mine legs. Her eyes widened as she searched and found shank scar. Finding same, she applied the herb salve as before. When finshed she kept eyes fixed towards mine attentive member, she spake again in lower tone than last retort, "M'Lord, tis mine own truth that needs said. In womanly way, mine own loins stir as thine as naught afore. Mine past coupling hath been but with one man, mine dead husband, and mine feeling not same for he was evil and brutish. Unlike thee who art strong and handsome without trace of brute. Joining could bring us both healing of our two stirring wants. Dost thee find tis woman worthy of thus?"

Afore could answer think, she reached back and unhooked her dress to let it fall. Mine blood surged as her nakedness appeared. Her skin pale and soft o'er rise and fall of womanly shape. She read answer in mine eye and leaned forth setting her lips on mine. Both our mouths pressed firm, opened and exchanged exploring tongues. Mine hands went to her waist and hers to mine head. Mouths remained locked whilst she knelt down twixt mine legs.

Mine hands journeyed to her tits encasing their bulk. As mine fingertips probed her budding centers, her hands dropped upon mine engorged member. Our mouths parted with both us seeking breath. Mine shaft was full circled by her palm and she leant forward to licketh glistening seed that hath seeped forth. Her other hand came down to cup mine lower globes and fondle them with gentleness. As if in fever, mine body begged for ease.

She took signal of mine clasping the sides of her shoulders and both us rose up together and strode to near bed. On her back she reclined, spreading legs far part. Her eyes ablaze. All her naked slopes and crests bared freely for mine taking. Advancing forth, mine hand bent stiff memeber tip to the threshold of her slippery door. Scarce didst mine hand clear, from tween us, afore her legs circled mine arse to pull steely shaft down deep inside her welcome channel. She matched mine ensuing powerful thrusts and retreats with force of her legs. Mine member seered with burning thence erupted, spouting bursts of seed into her depths. Gwen's hips bucked neath mine jolting with mine own rushes. O'er and o'er our hips shook and a backflow of seed flowed out to cover mine globes and stream twixt the passage tween matched orbs ofher arse. Our eruptions calmed to cease and mine body collapsed full weight upon her soft flesh. Both us lay panting and spent afore, still joined as one, rolling to sides wherest member slow shrank and exited. Thus reclined lay us both as two pair lips pressed, lapped and suckled. Two hands fondled and probed bared flesh of other.

Again, mine member rose in want. Upon notice, Gwen moved to stance as if four legged and beckoned mine body to move behind her flank. She spread wide her rear shanks in offer of entry towards mine rigid staff. Whenst mine member tip pushed against her door, she started back taking same inside her warm, damp sheath. Mine hands gripped aside her rounded mooning arse. Holding firm, mine hips began powerful thrusts and feigns. Gwen moaned in the coupling and returned her own thrusts at the end of each retreat. Both us pounded hard and long til spurts of release burst. Mine seed mixed with her own sticky woman juice to overflow and wash back out. As one, both us stilled as last shudders swept through two molded bodies. Full sated of need, mine member soon went limp and slipped from her sopping hold. Thence together both us lay, entwined of legs and arms as sleep's blanket covered.

Later in the night, Gwen rose then returned with potion mixed from herb of her bag and water. She bade me swallow full. The drink made my member rise and remain standing strong to engage in many more wondorous marvels of the pleasures of the flesh. The sun rose in the skies finding us together, not as Lord and subject, but as man and woman at peace and full well.

Thus it is written of times of olde.

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