tagHow ToOlder Black BBW's Are the Best

Older Black BBW's Are the Best


I think I am some what of an expert on Black women – they are notoriously horny and the size of their body is directly related to their horniness – The bigger and thicker they are the wetter they get between their legs. However my particular tastes run to mature black ladies only and in my few years of encounters and experiences with these older larger black ladies I can safely say I have tasted all the kinds of older BBW black cunt there is out there. So I thought I should write a bit about this particular section of ladies – something like my tribute to them – in hopes that more of you “playmate of the year seekers” get interested in these wonderfully glorious pussies.

All these ladies have one thing in common – they are highly sexed and they love to be pleased – They may be shy or reserved on the outside but once in bed they fuck like whores. If treated right there is nothing they wont do for you. However one secret about them - a lot of them have heavy odors – I’m talking between their legs – and if you want them to really get nasty you need to really relish that smell.

Of course all wet pussy smells - but not like this – theirs is a special class of smell – something that has become a drug for me – mind you its an acquired taste and not all may love it the way I do – but the way into their nasty side is through this fact about them. I have come to understand that all of them are aware of this fact – some try to camouflage it while others may not care but all are aware of it.

The thing to do is when you first smell them between their legs – tell them you enjoy it – tell them how it makes you so hard and horny – I of course try a slightly different approach – I tell them that its so smelly – that’s its so dirty – and that it makes me hot. Fortunately for me I really do love that about it – and they can see from my ever growing hard on that I really mean it.

There are some really shy ones out there who might not like you to talk like that – what I do with them is – before we meet – I ask them not to wash it for 2 days – the psychology here is that they have an odor not because of themselves but because you had asked them not to wash – It’s a trick that will break most of them and open them up to you – but you must remember to do something like this you have to be a lover of their smell – because an unwashed one will smell much more than a washed one – so unless you are ready for it don’t do it.

One must remember that when this woman parts her legs she is opening herself up to you – at that point she is the most vulnerable – whatever you do and say at that time will eventually color your bed time with her – If you enjoy it and make her feel very good about it she will let you into such a deep dark place of sex that you will be hooked for life - but remember that a woman is the most sensitive to you when she’s showing you her pussy – and even if you think you are not showing it she will know what you are feeling.

So what does one do here – well its quite simple – you need to get used to that smell to enjoy it and relish it like I do – the one way I recommend is that you ask her to send you her used panties before you meet her – You must emphasize that you want it dirty and soiled and if that means she has to wear it for a longer time for that to happen then so be it – tell them to send you white nylons or cotton ones – so that you can see the stain and taste it well – nylon seems to hold more odor than cotton so I do prefer nylon but that is your choice.

Once you have these panties go to work on them – look at them closely and smell them deep – let the smell of it hit you deep inside – and keep smiling while you do all this – this will send a message to your brain that it is a desirable smell. Once your ready, lick them and taste them – deliberately – enjoying every molecule of that dried up pussy juice – keep it in your mouth till it coats your tongue and roll it around to get the taste strongly embedded in your mind – jerking off at this point will seal it in your mind – you must cum while the taste and smell are alive in your senses and once you cum doing this you are ready for the real thing.

These ladies are older and more mature – they may not be having as much sex now but have probably had more sex in their lives than you or I and you need to give them something different than what they are used to – After haven spoken to so many of them they are quite unsatisfied in sex – they are mostly used to giving pleasure and not so much receiving it – change that for them – be there for them – do what they want and forget your own self – doing this, trust me you will ensure that you will never be left unsatisfied – I’ve had experiences where these ladies have done such kinky acts for me that I have been able to explore my darkest desires and fetishes – I didn’t even have to ask – they would ask me themselves. Knowing that I desire them so much only makes them want to please me more.

Contrary to popular belief a big cock is not the only thing that makes a woman horny – I’m an average sized guy and I’ve never had any complaints – remember that a cock is the last thing that will go inside - There are some whose pussies have been stretched open – but there’s nothing to worry – there’s always your hand – remember a fist can be very pleasurable to a woman if done right – let her guide you through it and make sure she’s not in pain. Of course one doesn’t stop thinking about oneself – with a pussy so stretched how do you get off right – well that’s simple – she has another hole doesn’t she.

Sex is all about pleasure with these women – its no longer procreation so it doesn’t matter where you put your cock – as long as it gives both of you pleasure do it – If they are resistant to that – use your tongue – Every woman will go crazy to have her asshole licked - But these ladies are so much more into ass eating its insane – I know of a time when I ate a woman’s ass for so long that she actually came from just that – but remember same rule as the cunt – enjoy it – smell it and taste it – be aware of what she likes – some like it to be tickled on the surface – others like it to be dug deep with a tongue – if you do them right there’s no reason she wont let you ease your cock in there.

Also its so much more enjoyable if you ask them to sit on your face – they all love that - and slowly work up into their asshole – it’s a completely different experience being engulfed in two fleshy dark butt cheeks – the smells here can get a little too much for the weak – but then again if your weak then you shouldn’t be trying to get these ladies in the first place.

Eat them like they are your last meal – suck them till they can give you no more fluid to suck – bite them and tease them – have them smear your whole body in their juices – make them feel that if you don’t taste them you will perish and most of all fuck them hard and they will show you a whole new level of sex.

This is for all you large black older ladies out there – I know I haven’t tasted all you sexy ladies but I’m still young and I know you all are still wet – looking forward to having my next black cunt meal hmmmmmm.

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