tagMatureOlder Interest Ch. 01

Older Interest Ch. 01


This experience was the first for me since my girlfriend left me. We departed on good terms and went our own way after five years. Stephanie was older than me and she worked with me at work. I work casual at a hotel and Stephanie works part time in the gaming area. We have always mucked around and while I study at university she takes care of the children and cleans the house. Stephanie is older, I would say in her early to mid thirties and she takes care of her body great. I would say she is a C cup as I am no expert but definitely know she has a great ass! With blonde hair and a great bubbly personality she gets along with everyone.

At work one night and I mucking around with Steph as we normally do when she says to me do I know much about computers?

"Do I? I study computer programming at uni Steph. I know it all!"

"Great then you don't mind coming around one day to fix my computer then do you?"

Since I wasn't at uni for another week I agreed and we set a date that fit into both our schedules.

Steph's husband is a jerk and at the work recent work Christmas party he got so drunk that he passed out in the cab the second he got in. since that they had split up and from what she told me she kicked him out and filed a restraining order.

I brought my CD case and portable hard drive and had her computer running again in twenty minutes. Her husband had been on so free hardcore porn sites which gives you so nasty viruses.

"If he had of paid for the porn you wouldn't have had this problem but since you do Steph I can tell you he didn't!" I said as I up dated he software and added a few programs.

All done! I said as I walked to the sink and placed my cup in the sink. It was only 1:30pm and I didn't have any plans. I had made a list of the site he had visited and handed it over. As she read the list I looked her over. She was in jeans and a t-shirt. Normal day to day clothes I thought to myself. Steph walked into the lounge room and nodded for me to follow I sat in the couch and she sat at the other end facing me.

"So can you tell if he accessed any of these sites? Like paid for them?" I said no but he did. She took a deep breath and exhaled.

"Well now that I don't have to spend a couple of thousand on a new computer, it helps me out heaps, how much do I owe you for fixing the computer?"

"Nah nothing" I said shaking my head.

"No seriously" she said insisting on repaying me some how?

"Look I didn't do it for money I did it to help you out! It's all good!"

"I feel guilty and feel that I should thank you somehow!" she said with her head to the side thinking. A

All of a sudden she reaches for the remote and throws it to me. Can you watch TV for fifteen minutes while I go do something?"


Watching TV I thought to myself why did she want me to hang around. We had always mucked around at work but I had never taken anything that we said serious as it was all fun. So that ruled out any of the sexual thoughts that I had. Maybe she was... I had nothing!

Anyway found that she had cable TV and was watching some show about doing cars up but hadn't seen a title yet. All of a sudden Stephanie walks out in a silk dress. It was a silver dress that had thin straps that went down to her bust! 'Wow went them looking nice!' I thought. The dress was shiny and new and was relatively short! Which was good as the split allowed her stockings to show just a fraction which added to the erection now that was trying to force its way out of my pants.

She stood so sexy in her silver dress, stockings showing ever so slightly and her heels were so tall.

"Do you like the outfit?" she asks already knowing the answer as her eyes at my crotch. "I bought it to wear for Michael! But since he isn't around I thought you might like." Oh yeah did I like it. She looked amazing. With her hair let out, some lipstick and a small amount of make up that I noticed, she was so hot. So hot, I wanted to reach out grabbed her by that waist of her put her on my lap and kiss her until she could take it anymore then fuck her brains out! "So would you like to see what is under the dress?"

I some how got a nod and "yyyeaahh" out which even surprised me. She giggled at me and turned around showing me her fine ass. She bent over ever so slightly and pulled her dress up showing me the top of her stockings and the straps to the suspenders that were holding them up.

I sat forward a little so as to get a better look and she continued to move her dress up until I could see her white thong. I reached forward and softly slide my hand over her bare ass and let my thumb move in close to her pussy. She watched me over her shoulders. She smiled at me and nodded. I was not going to miss this opportunity for anything.

I got on my knees and kiss her butt softly. Closing her eyes she let out a soft moan. I could feel my hands shaking as I move my hands over butt and made my way to her pussy. My hand went between her sexy legs and rubbed the soft silky patch. Before I could go any further she put her hand on under my chin and moved me to stand up. With my crotch painfully wanting to be set free we kissed.

My hands explored her older yet beautiful body. Her breasts were full. Her neck smelt like a whole bouquet of flowers. The aroma made me pulsate between my legs. Steph must have known as she slides her hand around and gabs my cock through my jeans. Still with her back to me I slide the top of her dress of her shoulder and kissing her soft skin. I let other shoulder fall and kissed that also. Her dress fell to the ground to reveal her hot lingerie. It was white and trimmed in red lace. She looked so amazing. I slid my hands all over her body as I devoured he neck line.

After a minute or two she stopped me and pushed me to the couch.

"You like what you see?" she asked getting to her knees and releasing my rock hard cock with was the only answer she wanted.

I nodded as she undid my jeans and continued to nod when my cock sprung free for my boxers and jeans. In one clean swop my jeans and boxers were gone, leaving me in my shirt and Steph in her lingerie.

Steph needed no direction as she took me cock in her hand and started to pump it. I watched her work it like a pro. To add to the pleasure she added tongue to my balls.

"You like the way it feels?" she asked between licks.

"Oh...you bet babe" I managed. She stopped for a second and looked at me! "What?" I asked. I only released she was looking at me because she had stopped. "What? You don't like me calling you babe?"

"It's not that! It's just...I have never been called that before except for many years ago when I dated a boy!"

"What you see me as a boy?" I asked hoping I had not put my foot in it.

"Not at all! In fact you're the opposite with the size of this!" she said as she started to pump me again.

"Well...you can have this as much as you want as long as you continue to wear that fine lingerie of yours!" I said with a massive smile on my face.

"Mmm...you're on! And this does not happen or interfere with work! AT ALL or I stop it straight away!" she said with a straight face.

"Ok as long as you put your mouth...." I didn't have to say anymore because she had wrapped her lips around my cock continued were she had left off. And after a couple of minutes I noticed the build up of her lipstick around the base of my cock.

"Babe you look so hot right now!" she looked up at me and smiled! She loved the complement and started to go harder, pushing my cock deeper. Every time she went down I let out a soft moan. To seemed to encourage her.

She had my cock all the way into her throat except for two fingers worth, and then she would start to gag.

"Oh my gosh babe! That is so fucking hot! You are an expert at this! Don't stop it feels so good!" and she didn't she continue to deep throat my cock. "Babe if your not careful I will blow my load down your throat!" I said as a warning!

"Mmm... you're young. You'll get hard again for me! Then you can fill my pussy up! But now I want to taste your hot young cum. Tell me when your ready." Her words just added fuel to the fire that was building up in my balls. "Better yet blow in my mouth then force your cock down my throat like the young sluts like it these days!"

I wasn't going to tell her that they were getting so up tight that it was hard enough to get a blow job let alone to cum in on their tits or face let alone in their mouth! With her final words of encouragement of how blowing in her mouth it would have not even been twenty seconds that I blew my load in her mouth. I watch her facial expressions as she realised that it was a big load and that was only the first squirt and it was starting flow out the corners of her mouth. On the next squirt I forced my cock deep and delivered it straight to her throat were she had no choice and she swallowed it all. She was good and loved every second of it.

I released my hands from behind her head and she continued to clean my cock up. "Oh...ohhh" was all I could say! And in return she replied "Mmm...Mmm. How was that?"

"Good, very good! Better than any other I have ever received!"

"Yeah!" she asked surprised

"Oh yeah! Like a real eighteen year old..." before I could finish, she said, "Slut!"

The look on her face was one looking for my approval! I smiled and said "like a real eighteen year old slut!"

She returned a smile and continued to clean y cock of all cum.

Steph left not a drop of my cum left behind. She looked so hot and worked my cock to perfection. She stood up and turned around to show me her thong disappeared between her round shapely cheeks.

"I'll go brush my teeth and wait for you in my bed room! How does that sound?" she more instructed then said. I didn't need or have the chance to say anything as, as soon as she finished she was off.

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