tagMatureOlder Interest Ch. 02

Older Interest Ch. 02


I walked up the stairs and into her bedroom. I watched her rinse and make her way to the bed. I waited a second. 'I so hope you'll get again mate' I said to my cock. He had not gone completely soft but he was also not hard enough for Steph to ride either. I walked into the room and dumped my cloths in the corner and walked over to the bed. She lay on her back with her legs crossed. I looked her over several times.

Her nipples were hard and I could see them through her sheer bra. The sheerness continued through out the set. The thong she wore was also trimmed in red lace which matched the suspenders that help up those sexy stockings. She also still had on her silver high heels which were tall and pointy.

I kneeled on the bed and reached out for her legs. I picked the top one slightly and lowered my head to meet her ankle. I kissed her softly and slowly made my way up her calve. When I made it to her knee I slowly started to take her leg a little wider allow me to kiss the inner thigh. I continue up her inner thigh. Her thong was wet with anticipation, most likely for her enjoyment in sucking my cock, which was getting hard again.

I nibble at her pussy through her thong. The part I was nibbling at was silky and very, very wet. The musky smell was strong of her juices which I was soon to devour. I slowly slid her thong aside to reveal her bare pussy lips.

"Wax I see!" I said as I let me tongue taste for the first time. I interrupted her response with my tongue; "Yeaaahhhh.... I maintain it just ennnnncaaaassseee.... A young stud wants to fuck me!" she said with a added giggle.

I was not about to complain, as it was tasting absolutely delicious. I slowly worked her not allowing my tongue to part her lips but to clean her juices that had flowed out instead. "Is it ok?" I asked as I had only been down once or twice on the ex as she was dead against it. "Oh...yeah don't stop....Mmm lick my pussy clean and don't be scared stud!"

Oh I wasn't. I was just taking it easy as I wanted to draw this out for her and to give my cock time to get really hard. I lick her pussy clean. I started to make my way higher when I noticed that she wasn't completely bald but rather had a small strip that lead/pointed to her pussy. Either way I looked at it, it was hot.

I licked her a little higher past her strip and went back down. On my way down I pulled her thong off. This allowed me to have easier access to her sweet lips. I settled between her thighs and went to work. I added a finger to her pussy which was just as tight as any I had seen.

After a couple of minutes I noticed that Steph loved it when I would lick from top to bottom and then back up. When I added the finger I continued to do this which sent her wild. She bucked her hips like she was riding my finger. I stopped licking and left my finger still. "Oh don't stop that was good!" she whinged. "Not yet I have some work to do yet"

I went back to licking her bald lips. I added and extra finger to her tight hole. I could tell that it had been a long time since she had had some attention. I licked and fucked her with my fingers. At one stage I accidently licked a little too low and she let me know.

"Wow stud! I don't think so!" I smiled at her and went back to work!

She moaned as I lick her pussy and she continued to talk to me letting me know what she liked and didn't. "Mmm...lick my pussy all the way up and down. Show that slut of a pussy how to cum!" she moaned out.

'Slut!' I thought. You want me to treat you like a slut then let's take this all the way. This time it wasn't an accident and I 'accidently on purpose' let my tongue lick her ass.

"Hey stud! I thought I said..." was all she got out as I started to push her buttons the right way. She interrupted herself as she started to cum. With my tongue flicking around her butt and my two fingers pumping her pussy.

I licked my thumbs between licks and just as she was about to climax, I slipped my thumb in her ass up to my knuckled. She bucked hard but I didn't let it slip. Instead of her telling me off when she sat up. She reached for my face and pashed me!

Tasting her juice's off my lips, my two fingers in her pussy and my thumbs berried deep in her ass she climaxed!

She settled down after a minutes and I slowly removed my thumb and fingers but continued to kiss this older beauty in front of me. She did not seem to mind that her juices were all through my mouth. As we kissed I felt her amazing body. Her but was tight and firm. It was like she was an eighteen year old. I slid my hands up to her hips and to her breasts and felt her amazing globes. Through her white sheer bra I could tell that having two kids had, had an affect on them but did not care at all. After five minutes or so I broke the kiss off and swiped a lose bundle of hair away from her face.

"Did you enjoy that?" I asked!

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