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Older Neighbors


This experience goes all the way back to the 70s when Cathie and I were just married. I had a great job offer, but it required that we move some distance from our families. We moved to a nice neighborhood, and many of the new neighbors were friendly enough; but we both worked so it took a while to get to know people. Two doors down was a couple with grown kids. I guess he was in his late 40's, and so was the wife.

They were friendly, and the first to sort of take us under their wing. I suppose their being the ages of our parents made it somewhat more comfortable for Cathie and me as they seemed at first like surrogate parents. After a couple of months, they invited us to come along with them and another out-of-state couple, who were visiting them, on a small river boat they had rented for the day. It was a nice day, but even as nice at is was, it was a little odd hanging out with folks old enough to be our parents, more than 25 years our senior in a truly social setting where we were acting like peers.

After a full day of sun and drinking, we settled in to a little cove for an early dinner of sandwiches and beer. Otto, our neighbor, was doing the driving (both boat and car) so he was going easy on beer, but was a good host and made sure our cups were full. The other couple were long time friends of Otto and Helga, and the conversation started to get more and more daring, some sexual jokes, some personal opinion and desires about sex, etc. My wife and I looked at each other, a little shocked at it all, but after all the drinks, we did not care too much. Also, it wasn't like we were prudes with our own friends. But here we were with some people like our parents and who we did not know all that well and about whom we had no sexual thoughts or desires. If you imagine people in their late forties or early fifties who were a little overweight,and very plain looking, these guys were it. Moreover, our neighbors' friends were downright unattractive. The guy was short, fat, ugly, and bald. Further, it seemed odd hearing this talk, especially since we had never heard our parents speak like this, having grown up in strict religious families. On the other hand, it made us feel a little more grown up and was like a compliment that they were treating us like adults.

My wife even became the center of discussion for a while as the other wives talked about memories of having such a firm and sexy body. Some of it was inappropriate, but what could you do? The men talked about their virility in their 20s and asked how often me and my wife did it. Surprisingly, we answered! Differently! That drew a laugh. They talked about all the wild things they did when they were young...and beautiful. I felt a little odd and told them they still looked just fine. Then my neighbor's wife said in the old days she wouldn't shy away from skinny dipping.

This turned the conversation, and to everyone's amazement, the two guys pulled down their shorts in unison and egged us all on to follow suit. I felt my jaw drop. My wife covered her face and giggled. The other two wives seemed game and talked to Cathie saying they would do it if she would. The other men encouraged her, saying not to ruin the fun. I could see my wife feeling the pressure. Then to my amazementshe started peeling off her bathing suit! Wow, those wine coolers really worked wonders.

The women were giggling, but I noticed the men staring at my wife in silence as she got naked. She was a bit of a contrast to the other two, though they weren't bad looking. Just a bit plump and much older.

The two other couples jumped in to the water. My wife came up to me and told me I had to follow suit too. I could see her nipples were very erect though it was still very warm out. I leaned over and ask her in a whisper if she was turned on. A little, she answered, smiling shyly at me. A part of me recognized then we were both a bit too drunk to think clearly.

Into the water we went, and everyone went a bit wild in there, playing around like kids. I felt a little detached to the whole thing. I recognized many of the beers I'd had in the last hour were taking effect. After a while I stood by the other two women, talking between their giggles. I wasn't really paying much attention to what they were saying, just nodded and grunted from time to time.

The other guys in the meantime kept playing in the water with my wife. Water kept splashing, bodies jumping around. As I glanced over I realized it was mostly the guys moving about, my wife pretty much standing still between them.

I didn't hit me that the water-splashing had stopped somewhat later until our neighbor's friend,Helen's eye went large with surprise, looking at something over my shoulder. Helga turned and they both watched and made big eyes. I too turned and took in a surprising sight. My wife had sat up on a rock in shallow water. The rock sloped back but there was a little ledge where my wife had parked her lovely, full, shapely ass. It was like she was on a recliner chair in a way. She was mostly leaning back, holding some of her body up against her elbows. Standing next to her was my neighbor. His hands were exploring my wife's young and heavy tits! Her eyes were closed. She looked both concerned and excited. He had a lot to explore and he was doing a very good job of it. I was positively frozen by the sight, a maelstrom of emotions and thoughts poured through me, paralyzing me and rendering me speechless. What was he doing!?What was she letting him do?! What should I do and what should I be feeling? Whatever, I just stood there not moving nor speaking.

Then, to my utter amazement, he came around from the side of the rock (with a substantial weapon sticking out beyond his beer gut) and moved right between my wife's legs! Her legs were a little apart, and he put his hands on her knees and pushed them farther apart so he could bring his man meat to her married pussy. (That thought went through my mind - her married pussy). As he leaned over her, she looked at him, biting her lower lip the whole time as he positioned himself. Still not a word had been spoken by anyone. He was very eager and direct. He probably couldn't believe he was in this position with his new neighbor, and he did not want to give her time to change her mind or resist.

I was surprised to hear Helga giggle as her husband grabbed his cock and positioned it. It felt unreal to me. Cathie rolled her head back and moaned and seemed to shutter a little as he clearly easily entered her pussy. He was very eager. Clumsy almost as he started fucking her. He looked like a fat rabbit on top of her. I then noticed the sounds around me stop as everyone watched in silence.

Helga came up behind me and touched my shoulder. She asked if I was OK. I told her honestly I didn't know. I then asked her the same thing. She said with a laugh that she had a long trip to make the next day and at least her husband would now leave her alone tonight and she could get some rest. Her hand then brushed against my cock. I think we were both surprised that it was hard, rock hard. She looked at me, raised her eyebrows, and said, "well this guy is not confused;he's more than ok with this" and gave a little laugh. She continued to hold then stroke my cock as she pointed out my situation to her friend.

We all watched as her husband, mounted on my wife, continued to fuck her. Cathie continued to be passive. She maintained her position with her hands at her sides. Only as he was first sliding his man meat into her did she utter anything, which I could not clearly hear but it sounded like "big" was in her statement. Other than that she simply laid back passively and took the fucking he was giving her. It took her husband less than five minutes before he came inside my wife. He grunted loudly and trembled as he emptied himself, my wife seemed to tremble too, and I was about to cum to, but his wife clamped my cock and held it.

My neighbor was barely off her when his friend took his place. This was not appreciated by his wife, and I heard her curse at him. He didn't hear or didn't want to hear. His wife turned and looked away as he too mounted my wife. My wife put up her hand to his chest to stop him, but his weight was too much and in no time his large belly was on hers and his cock was in my wife's pussy. It was almost comical with him, because in his state of excitement he barely had entered her when he came. Even in the semi darkness of the evening I saw him splatter his seed on her pubic mound after only one withdrawal.

Helen was angry at her husband and letting him know it. Cathie continued to sit there, head held down (in shame?). Finally Helga said let's go. I went over and carried Cathie back to the boat, where everyone was dressing without looking at one another. The boat ride back to the dock and the car ride home, to say the least, was very quiet and uncomfortable. Nonetheless, the thought went through my mind that two of the three men had gotten off and gotten off in my wife's pussy. I was surprised again at how much that excited me. When we got to our house and were dropped off, I only said quick goodbyes before we headed off. My wife, upset, went straight to the bedroom and took to the bed; she had sobered up a bit and was horrified about being used as she was. She said she felt they took advantage of the situation, and she was mortified that she was not only used as she was but that she was a spectacle for everyone else, especially the wives. She said she had no intention of violating her marriage vows and being unfaithful. I told her it was alright; I understood. Things got out of hand, but I knew she still loved me and I loved her and that her having sex with these other men did not change that. She talked about how her breasts had been man handled, how she felt the effects on her breasts even now (her nipples were still erect from the pulling) and she felt a little pain where they had squeezed hard; she could stillfeel their fat sweaty hands on her breasts, and their fat sweaty bellies on her stomach, she said.

Next, I surprised myself and started to kiss her breasts to make them feel better. I was very conscious of my lips being on skin where these men's hands had been and how I was licking their sweat up. It was disturbingly erotic. I did not stop there, but also kissed and licked her belly, where these men had placed their sweaty stomachs as they took my wife. Then, surprise of surprises, my mouth was at her pubic hair. And the edges of her pubic hair where my lips first touched were stiff as though some sticky stuff had mostly dried there. I guess that was because it had! But knowing what that sticky stuff was did not stop me. There was also plenty of still wet fluid in her pubic hair that had not dried on the short trip back and her pussy also was full of semen. I knew that I was taking their essence into my mouth, but continued. I had my first creampie that night, and it was a double shot. It also brought my wife to orgasm and she said how glad she was she married me. How, even after this awful event, I showed in a dramatic way that I still loved her.

The next morning my wife again said that she was absolutely horrified at what had happened, and that she did not want to see our neighbors again.

Well, I thought that was that. However, about a week and a half later, Otto rang the doorbell and when I opened it he stood there with some beer and wine and held it out to me: "A peace offering" he said.

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Demented Old Trump story


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Great story. Would be better if they had been black couples and the wives had joined in saying humiliating thing about the young wife as she lay back being used, not knowing what to do to stop it. Themore...

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