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Old Man Discovers...


The first few sentences might upset some people, but maybe some of the husbands will understand.

Married 41 years,four kids and sexual intercourse about that many times. No,touchy feelie,kissy, huggy. On the few intercourse times, I had to put it in as she wouldn't touch it.

So...then she died... and at 66 years old and alone I could finally walk around the house naked.

This was a truly liberating experience. I really became comfortable with my situation but felt something was lacking. Sure I could fondle my cock all day long, stroke it, edge and eventually cum if I so chose and it was great. One day I even discovered clothes pins...the clip kind.

Ah, you might ask..what did he do with those? Well, my tiny nipples would get stiff every once in a while when fondling my cock and one day out of complete boredom I put a clip on each nipple. I was standing at the kitchen sink in a loose pair of shorts and the clips were just laying there, my nipples were sticking out and I thought-what the hell. Of course, initially the pain was

unbearable but I left them there as I realized my cock was getting tumescent. I started lightly stroking my cock through my shorts and almost instantly it got got tremendously huge. I knew I had to quit or I would have cum all inside my shorts. I took the clips off and ooohh did the nipples hurt. I rubbed them to get rid of the soreness but shit that felt good also. I, had to think about this new discovery, of course as I was pondering I was still rubbing my nipples and occasionally stroking my cock. Wow, wouldn't it be great if there was someone to lick and suck the nipples after removing the clips. I, thought about all of this for several days, with many scenario's. None of which were feasible. A wife was out of the question, a girl friend was possible but how long would that take to find one and one that might be into a little kink?

One day after clipping and stroking but not cumming , the door bell rings. Looking out the window to see who (as I was just in pj shorts) I, saw it was one of my neighbors. He's always stopping by to give me religious pamphlets and entice me to attend his church. He knows I'm widowded and probably thinks I need the consultation of church/religion. He's a nice old guy (60's)but sometimes I don't answer the door because I'm just not in the mood. But, today I needed a distraction. I, invited him in, offered a seat and apologized for my manner of dress. He, said "no problem" and took a seat across from me. We, had a general conversation about weather, the neighborhood and nothing about church and/or pamphlets. I keep noticing him staring at my chest and realized my nipples were still fairly stiff. So, I thought maybe this visit should end rather quickly. I, told him that I had to take a shower and get ready to go into town.

As we got to the door I again, saw him glance at my tits. He looked me in the eyes and asked "are your nipples always that perky" and reached down and gently groped my cock. Still fondling my cock he asked "do you want company in the shower?"

Surprised, shocked, stunned!! Those adjectives really can't explain what was going on in my head...along with the fact that my cock was starting to grow!!! He continued to gently fondle my cock and slowly lowered his head, licked and started to gently nibble my nipples. I, pressed him closer to my chest and started grinding my cock into his hand. He moved his hand faster, raised his head and asked "you want to cum don't you?' My head is spinning, my nipples are aching, my knees are getting weak and my cock is ready to explode!! I, catch my breath and with a little stutter ask-how do I do that? he lets go of my cock and while bending down to his knees, slowly lowers my shorts. He gently grasps my throbbing member and lightly licks the head and slowly slides it between his lips. Gently, at first and then with a suction that would make a vacuume cleaner jealous, he sucks the head 3, 4, times and then deep throats all the way to my balls. In and out 3 times and I start shooting cum, he's sucking and moaning, I'm shooting cum and yelling suck it,suck it I'm cumming, I'm cumming!! He milks my cock and swallows every drop. He finally removes my cock from his mouth, looking up with a smile he asks, "did you like?" All I can do is nod my head and slowly fall to the floor. As I lay there feeling satisfaction I've never felt before, he gently pats my cock, gets up and walks off. He's back in minutes with a warm wash rag and gently milks and cleans my cock.

Done wiping, the wash rag cold, he helps me to my feet. He pulls up my shorts, gently pats my nipples and says- i'll be back later and we can talk- with that he's out the door and on his way home.

to be continued???

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Yeah, you can suck my cock neighbor, make me cum! Then I want your dick!

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