Oli: A Letter

bySurrey Gal©


As commanded, my report on last night's 'off the leash time' with Oli. I hope it amuses You. I followed Your wishes, making sure the sex was as far from the usual vanilla as possible.

Oli and I did the boy- and girlfriend thing in the 6th form at school, before drifting apart at separate uni's.

Seven years back we met by chance in the fruit and veg. aisle of the Lightwater supermarket. Since then he visits once or twice a year. We do wine, food, the occasional spliff and, most times, each other.

After a quick shower, I re-dressed in a white embroidered Indian shirt that fell to just under my bum, and the kind of bra/shorties set that was not designed for comfort.

At the front door, I yelled, "In, in! I'm not dressed for the neighbour's benefit."

He greeted me with a peck on the lips I turned into a deep, slow kiss. His hands travelled up my back to my neck. Mine travelled down to squeeze his ass. Smiling like the school boy he can sometimes be, he said, "We're *not* going out for a drink? Hot damn. But feed me first, I'm hungry."

Oli and I chatted for a few minutes, before I gave him "Man work, man grubby, man shower, woman cook."

Wearing my green bathrobe he ate at the kitchen table. More chat, plenty of cinsault and some rather nice glimpses as my over-filled bathrobe - not cut for the way a man sits - kept parting. At a convenient pause in the conversation I asked him if he would like a cigarette. I only allow smoking in the reception. "Come on, my smokes are in my coat pocket."

We plodded down to the chilly reception. There, over two cigarettes I told Oli about recent misadventures in cyber space - to his laughter and judgement; "You little tart!"

I took Oli up to my bedroom, almost feeling sorry for him. The innocent. He sat on the end of my bed while I undressed for him. Naked, I knelt before him and peeled away the bathrobe, kissing his neck, licking at his nipples, slowly running my tongue down his stomach….skirting his cock to lick and nibble his inner thighs. As Oli looked down at me, he mutter "This is new…"


I have never been so subservient with Oli, but what vicarious pleasure You might derive from this was in the front of my mind.

Finally I tickled the length of his cock with the tip of my tongue. After the third lick I looked up at him and said , "Oli?…."



"Do you trust me?" At that I sucked his cock deep into my mouth.

"Argh!! Yes!" I did not know if his response was to my words or encouragement for my mouth. Fine. A touch of confusion would assist me nicely. Four or five more deep sucks, then I asked him to get up on the bed. "On all fours; feet to my pillow, head at the bottom of the bed. Grip the post and close your eyes."

"Kinky," he said, grinning and waggling his cock between his thighs.

"Ab-so-lute-lyyyyyyy, now eyes closed."

I took two scarves from the top dresser drawer. One I used to blindfold him. The other I knotted around the low bed post, threaded around his wrists and tied it. Tight.

"Now you're my bitch," I laughed.

I stood back to admire him. Prone. Bound. On all fours. Automatically, my fingers found my clit. I pushed two fingers further down my slit, scooped up a generous helping of juices and worked it under the hood of my clit, until it was almost as erect as Oli's dick.

An impatient , "Still there?" forced me back to action. I blew him a loud kiss, but my fingers did not touch my mouth. They dipped deeply into my dribbly pussy. I patted my pussy-kissed fingers to his lips.

"Oh, yes. Still here, sweetie. Enjoying the scenery."

As quietly as possible I removed the rest of my 'kit' from the drawer, climbed around him, and arranged it on the pillows.

"Spread your legs wide, Oli. More. That's it."

He made a couple of low noises. One look at his cock, twitching and oozing pre-cum told me all I needed to know about his comfort levels.

Resisting the urge to instantly milk his cock with my mouth, I started slow, teasing spirals over his balls with my finger tips. Louder nonsense noises from my bound man. I added my tongue, now and again blowing lightly on the saliva trails to make his flesh goose.

My tongue travelled up the root of his cock to his little brown pucker. One quick, deep scooping lick with the broad of my wet tongue, and immediately cold air blown into his asshole saw it relax out and contract in a split second. The sight caused my own nonsense noises of appreciation. I settled my mouth over his asshole and began to kiss gently. Gradually notching up the intensity until I was alternating playful nipping with plunging my tongue in deep and fast, wriggling it around in his musky tasting hole, then applying my teeth again.

A guttural voice from the end of the bed managed, "ARgh! FFUCK!" Oli was about to shoot all over the sheets. Pulling my mouth away, I blew long and hard at his grasping asshole. One small squeak of shock, and I had taken his spunk off the boil.

I reached for my kit. The cold lube being rubbed gently over his pucker had him ask "Wh' doin'?" but the words were not demanding, merely inquisitive.

"Fucking you. Be quiet."

On 'quiet' I pushed a finger tip into his asshole. He flinched, but the second time I dipped he stayed still. Within a couple of minutes my bitch's grateful sphincter was pleased to let me fuck it with two fingers.

I really had not expected Oli to allow me to go this far. By now he was off on another planet, so I had no qualms over what I was about to do. Just amazement. And a cunt so swollen I had to part my legs to accommodate it. I purposefully did not touch myself while I treated Oli. Even though my cunt was shouting 'Over here!! Look at me! Engorged! Ready to go!!!! All I ask is a finger to rape and I'll sing the Hallelujah Chorus!'

Down that route lay half an hour on my back, frantically frigging myself insensible.

I knew that was not allowed, so I turned around, lay down, shimmied between Oli's legs and nibbled at his cock head. He exerted what control he had by stabbing his dribbling cock at my mouth. I giggled and dodged a couple of times, then opened up to accept his meat. He rammed in with so much force I thought it was going to pop out of my cunt.

A moment later, a quick touch-search of my pillow, I twisted the vibe to on/low and pushed it into his asshole. That stopped him. Unfortunately all the way down my throat, but as I withdrew the vibe he backed up and I gulped down some air.

As I slowly fucked his ass I found I was fucking my own mouth; his hips moved to the pace of my vibe. Oli did not last long. Rather cruelly, I pulled the vibe back to see how much he wanted it or my throat. That backfired! He bucked back and forth so suddenly he made me gag. On reflex I shoved the vibe in….too hard.

Oli nearly screamed. He fucked my throat with such ferocity it went beyond fucking. He was blindfolded and tied, yet still in a position to rape me, pinning my head to the mattress. Your commands and Oli's cock deprived me all control.

Later Oli told me he came within seconds. Strange, but I do not remember it that way. I was on the verge of vomiting when the first gush of spunk shot down my throat. I stopped struggling; I had a goal to focus on. And did my best to suckle Oli's frantic cock.

As his aftershocks faded I slowly pulled the vibe from his ass, twisted it off and set it aside. Oli jerked his cock out of my mouth and barked "Untie me. NOW!" Not exactly in post-cum bliss.

I untied his hands. It took a while, he had strained at the scarf, pulling the knots *tight*. When his hands were free I retreated to the pillows, leaving him to deal with his blindfold. I sat, wiping cum and a few tears from the sides of my face.

He turned and his eyes searched the bedcover. "Is that what you used?" he demanded, nodding at the shit smeared vibe near my ankles.

''yss,'' I whispered.

"On your back. Hands behind your head."

I complied, thanking every god I knew the name of that he had not slapped me or, worse, walked out. I lay there as Oli grabbed the scarves.

"Legs in the air…spread them!"

He tethered my ankles close to the bed posts. Painfully stretched, I was ass and cunt on a plate. Not meeting my eyes, just staring at my cunt, he started teasing my inner thighs; tickle, tickle, SLAP!! I closed my eyes and took those lovely sensations as a precursor to the damn well stinging ones. His hands made the short journey to my tits. I could not help groaning long and low. As rough as his pinching and twisting was, every sensation ploughed straight into my cunt.

"Nahh!" My eyes flew open when he rammed god knows how many fingers into my spread cunt. The tit abuse and fingering carried on until I was breathing hard, straining against the scarves, hoping to increase the friction in my pussy. Running on automatic again, I snaked a hand down to my mons, intending to pinch my clit. Abruptly he tore his fingers out of me.


My left ass cheek had been set on fire. Fresh tears ran down the sides of my face.

Then, he gripped my ass with both hands and squeezed. Harder. Harder! I bit my lips to keep inside the whimpers, but there quickly came a moment when the scream he wanted burst out. He immediately let go, and before the stars stopped popping in front of my eyes, ploughed his tongue into my cunt.

This was not being eaten. I was being consumed! Every time I reached the edge he withdrew his tongue and fingered me with incredible delicacy, denying me the force of sensation I now required to tip me into orgasm.

I am not sure how long he kept me stunned and jabbering nonsense that inside my head was "FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME…..PLEASE!!!!!"

Some of the words must have been intelligible because during one of the finger fucks he said "Fuck you? Where? Here….?" Hard shove into my cunt. "Or…" The fingers were *slowly* withdrawn from my sopping cunt, "Here?" And forced up my ass.

"FFUckK!" The word tore out of me and delighted him.

With a nasty little laugh, he said, "OK"'

For a minute I was left untouched. He was fiddling with something. I kept my eyes closed, wanting all my senses reserved for the invasion to come.

His left hand curled around my right lower thigh, his other hand must have been holding his cock poised. I felt…yes, his lubed cock head pressing at my pucker. The pressure gradually increased until my ring gave way. In seconds my sphincter relaxed and accepted his bulk. He held me by the thighs, curling his finger tips into my flesh.

I waited. My ass was open, I was squirming with want but he did not move. My face must have been a pitiful sight as I looked into his eyes and said, "Please…."

"Please what?"

''JUST FUCK ME, YOU BASTARD!!!!'' came from god knows where.

With his full weight he rammed every inch he had to give up my rectum. His balls slapped at my ass, as he waited out my screams.

Thank Christ the neighbours are not that close, or they would have reported blue murder. Flashing lights and pounding thumps on the front door? Mood killer.

Before I came back down to earth Oli started long, deep thrusts into my clenching ass hole.

"Not so bad, is it?" was cooed above me.

I did not reply. I did not want to. I could not anticipate his reactions to any reply I might give.

"Does your clit need something, sweetie?" I nodded in response.

"Put your hand out…"

Before I could reach my clit he pushed into it the slimy vibe I had used on him.

''USE IT!''

Revolted, beyond argument, I complied. He twisted the vibe to a medium intensity, and, resuming his pace, left me to it.

Nasty words, a burning asshole, and a nastily teased clit….within seconds I came like the slut I am. My ass, clamping and spasmming around his cock forced Oli to cum. In hard, wild thrusts he shot jet after jet of scalding spunk way into my bowels.

When Oli stopped shivering and muttering "You fucking bitch…you whore….fucking slut..," he pulled out to an indescribably nasty suction sound.

"Your hands. Pull your cheeks apart and wait," he told me, as he left the bedroom.

The wind whistled up my crème pied ass. When he returned he was holding his camera phone. I turned my head into the pillow, but he did not seam too concerned at my lack of smiles, as he shrilled , "Say cheeeeeez."

Two minutes later I was freed, being cuddled and asked if I wanted a bath running. Usually at this point I kick him out, remake the bed and selfishly enjoy my own space. After a quick shower and slow bath - never had my clit loofahed while sat firmly on a cock before - I did something so filthy, I knew I would be disgusted with myself in the morning; I let him cuddle me to sleep.

In Obedience,


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