tagBDSMOliver Accepts His Place

Oliver Accepts His Place


Author's note: Please be aware that this story contains a cuckolding theme, I know that a lot of people don't like that, but I can't help that...

At the moment I am intending to write a Maledom/Femsub story next, but we shall see...

Thanks for all your feedback on my other stories I love to read your thoughts, whatever they may be!

Regards - Robert_Anthony.


Mistress Karen had been gone a while now and Oliver's knees were starting to ache. He had been kneeling (blindfolded) on the wooden floor of her bedroom for at least half an hour now, and he still didn't know when she would be back.

Oliver had first met Mistress Karen just over five months ago. She was not a professional dominatrix, though he suspected in time she would become one. They had met online initially, him answering her advert for a chastity slave (with special duties). Intrigued, he had emailed her and they had met up for a drink so that she could explain more fully what she was looking for.

It turned out that what she really wanted was a slave whom she could tease and deny and as she needed to be sure of her power over him she had insisted on the use of a locking chastity device, for which she would retain the key.

Oliver had asked how often he would be allowed to cum if he agreed to her terms and Karen had simply smiled mischievously, before adding, "a lot less often than you'd probably really like...".

The way she said it made Oliver's cock harden painfully, he had long desired a Mistress who would deny him for her own pleasure and who would be truly indifferent to his pleas for release.

She had assured him though, that he would be regularly unlocked and teased, and Oliver couldn't fault her on that score. Since their initial meeting he had barely gone more than three days without being summoned to her house, tied to the bed, unlocked and teased to the absolute brink of orgasm, before being left to cool down and then re-locked.

When it came to the 'special duties', Mistress Karen explained that while she had no intention of ever having 'intercourse' with him, Oliver would be expected to worship her pussy and ass whenever she requested it. Once again, every time Oliver had been summoned to her house he had been expected to provide a lengthy bout of stimulation to her ass or pussy with his tongue, before being sent on his way.

So far, so good. Oliver was happy, Karen was happy and everything was ticking along nicely. What Oliver didn't know however, was that shortly after their first meeting Mistress Karen had found a lover, called Dale.

Karen had intended for the two never to meet. Dale was unresponsive to her dominant nature, but she loved his long, thick cock and hard-muscled body. If she could have persuaded him to take on the role of her slave she would have dispensed with Oliver immediately, but Dale wasn't interested in being submissive to her and he laughed in her face when she asked him if he would let her control his orgasms.

Karen promised him everything under the sun in exchange for his willing submission, but Dale simply wouldn't play ball and so Oliver was retained, blissfully ignorant to what was going on, at least until 'the incident'.

It was a damp Friday when Oliver walked out of the local supermarket and almost bumped into Karen and Dale. Karen and Oliver exchanged an awkward look before Oliver started to say something to Karen, thought better of it and then stormed off to his car, looking over his shoulder at the couple as they stood in front of the door obviously discussing what had just happened.

Oliver had tried to contact Karen the next day but she didn't answer his calls or his email. In fact it was nearly a week until she contacted him, whereupon she explained the situation and gave him a choice.

She told him that she had met Dale a few days after they had started their games, that she had fallen in love with him, but that he couldn't fulfil all her needs and that she still needed Oliver to play with. She further explained that she had not told Dale about Oliver, because she didn't think he would understand, but that now that everything had come out in the open, he was willing to tolerate the arrangement for certain concessions on her part.

Oliver waited to hear what these concessions might be, but Karen was not forthcoming with them and he figured that she considered them to be a private matter between her and Dale.

Finally Karen told Oliver that if he wanted to continue as her slave, he would have to accept that Dale was her lover and that he would always be her number one priority, and that if he could not accept that then she would have no alternative but to return to him the key for his chastity device.

Oliver was fuming inside, but deep down he knew he would bow to whatever request she made of him. The last five months had been absolute bliss and he could not imagine going back to the bland life he had lived before he met her, trying and failing to find a woman who would control him as perfectly as she had.

Karen had told him that if he wanted to terminate their arrangement, she would understand completely, but that if he decided to continue, she would expect him to go even deeper into submission for her. She finished by telling him she would give him two days to think about it, and that if he did indeed want to continue as her slave, he should arrive at her house at 8:30pm on Sunday. If he did not arrive at that time, she would return his key and their relationship would be at a permanent end.

Despite his anger, Oliver hardly needed to think it over. He knew instantly that he would be there, that nothing would ever persuade him not to go, no matter what she had in mind for him, no matter how far she wanted to push him, he could not resist her and could not allow her to slip away from him.

And so it came to be that Oliver was kneeling on her wooden bedroom floor, waiting for her to return. He had arrived as punctually as ever and Mistress Karen had looked positively thrilled to see him. She had welcomed him into her home, just as she had done all the other times, before reiterating to him that she was still with Dale and explaining that she had helped him to understand why she needed their relationship and that it was no threat to what she had with Dale.

Oliver had taken it on the chin and accepted his lowly position, just being around her again made him feel dizzy and he was aching for her to release his cock and to touch him, and he was desperate to taste her delicious pussy and ass again too.

Karen had led him to the bedroom, told him to strip and kneel and then she had tied his wrists behind his back. Finally she had placed a blindfold over his head so that all he could see (by looking downwards) was the tops of his thighs and the CB-3000 that encased his already leaking cock.

Then she had left him there, alone, without any word as to when she would be back. He knew it was a test of his obedience and he was more than prepared to take it on. He would have stayed there all night if that's what it took to prove himself, but that was not exactly what Karen had in mind.

Oliver heard footsteps on the stairs, slightly heavy for his Mistress's trim form he thought, and then the bedroom door was pushed open. Oliver felt the air waft across him, making the hairs on his arms and legs stand to attention. Blindfolded as he was, every sound seemed acute to him and he was convinced there was more than one person in the room with him. He turned his head to where they stood and Mistress Karen congratulated him on his obedience.

There was a rustle of clothes and then Oliver heard the bed creak as first one, then two bodies clambered onto it's soft surface. Now he was sure there was more than the two of them there. He heard the bed creaking more and the sound of kissing and now he knew for sure that Mistress wasn't alone on the bed.

He tried to remember how Dale had looked when he had seen him, it had only been a few seconds of course, but Oliver hadn't forgotten. He couldn't blame Karen for finding him attractive, he was everything that Oliver wasn't: tall, dark, fit... He admonished himself for stupidly thinking that a woman like Karen could ever find him truly attractive. She herself was stunning, with not an ounce of fat on her, she could have practically any man she wanted, but then the majority of men wouldn't have been willing to play along with her games, so that was where he came in.

Suddenly he felt her moving closer and his blindfold was removed. Oliver squinted as the light hurt his eyes, he could just make out the shape of his Mistress's ass and two obviously male legs sticking out from underneath her. His eyes adjusted fully and he looked at her face which appeared looking back at him, just to the side of her gorgeous ass, which she was spreading with her right hand, lewdly exposing her puckered hole.

Oliver licked his lips as another bead of precum dripped from the end of his chastity device onto the hard, wooden floor.

"Hello slave," purred Mistress Karen. "I'm so glad you came back, I promise you won't regret it."

She pulled her cheeks even further apart giving Oliver an even better view of her pretty pink pussy and tight asshole.

"I bet you missed serving me didn't you?"

"Yes Mistress Karen," whispered Oliver truthfully, his breathing fast and shallow.

"I hope your balls are still just as full as I left them, what... twenty six days ago?"

"Yes Mistress, I assure you they are."

"Good slave, now move a little closer."

Oliver shuffled forwards, ignoring the pain in his knees as he inched closer to the prize he craved so badly.

Mistress Karen spoke confidently but quietly, allowing each word to sink in to Oliver's head in turn.

"I will be allowing you to lick my asshole later slave, but for now I want you to concentrate on watching me sucking my boyfriends huge cock... Something that I will never, ever do for you!"

Oliver's jaw trembled as Karen moved slightly and Dale's rock hard cock shifted into view. Oliver couldn't believe the size of it and he watched in awe as Karen struggled to get her mouth around it. Soon Karen got into the flow and she made obscene sucking noises as she worked Dale's throbbing meat in and out of her eager mouth.

Every now and then Mistress Karen would look back at Oliver, kneeling on her bedroom floor, watching her sucking Dale's cock. She appreciated the way he looked at her, the desperation and need written all over his face as he watched her servicing the superior male. She loved Dale's cock, but having Oliver there, desperate for her and desperate to serve her made everything even more intense and satisfying for her.

After a while she slid up his body and positioned herself over the head of his massive stalk, reaching back between her legs to hold his cock upright as she pushed herself slowly down on it. She was dripping wet already and so Dale's bulbous cockhead passed fairly easily into her tight channel. As he watched Oliver couldn't help but wonder what it would look like to see that magnificent cock stretching Mistress Karen's vice-like asshole, and wondered further if that might be one of the concessions she had made to him, and if so, would he be allowed to watch?

Karen and Dale's groans shook Oliver from his thoughts and he watched mesmerized as she started to slide up and down Dale's thick, hard rod. Almost imperceptibly Karen started to move faster and faster, causing Dale's balls to bounce as she fucked herself on his impressive stalk.

Oliver looked down between his legs to see a small puddle of precum that had leaked from his cock, he'd never produced anything like that before, but then he'd never been in this position before, watching his Mistress impaling herself on a huge cock right in front of his eyes while his own cum-laden balls and long-caged cock ached for attention.

He looked up again to witness the sight of his Mistress's cunt lips stretched around her lover's shaft as she pounded up and down on his throbbing length. This continued for some time, faster and faster, harder and harder, the sound of her skin slapping against his as she sought to drain him of his hot, sticky cum.

Suddenly Dale groaned loudly and bucked beneath her and Mistress Karen pulled herself quickly off his cock. She reached back and jerked his meat hard with her fingers causing several thick spurts of cum to splatter across her ass cheeks, some dripping down to the very tops of her thighs. When he finished cumming, Karen let go of his cock and used her hands to spread her cheeks once more, before rubbing her asshole against the glistening, sticky head of Dale's cock.

Oliver was trembling as he realised what was about to happen. Mistress Karen turned to look at him and gave the order. Oliver hesitated at first, unsure if he was willing to go through with it, but he knew that his place was to serve Mistress Karen and to put her pleasure before his own, and if Mistress Karen wanted him to lick her lover's cum from her ass then that is what he must do.

He shuffled closer, his hands still fastened behind his back, while Mistress Karen pushed her ass out towards him, encouraging him to perfrom his duties as her obedient slave.

"That's it slave," she breathed. "Lick all that cum off my ass and then, and only then, you can clean my asshole. I know how much you love licking my asshole don't you slave?"

"Yes Mistress Karen," confirmed Oliver as he stared nervously at the white spunk that coated his Mistress's beautiful ass cheeks.

"Go on slave, do it... do it for your beautiful Mistress."

Oliver closed his eyes and stuck out his tongue, tasting another man's cum for the first time in his life. He noted that it didn't taste that different from his own (Mistress Karen had made him eat his own cum the laste time she had allowed him to cum) and after a couple of minutes or so he had cleaned every drop of spunk from his Mistress's taut buttocks.

He pulled his head back to signify to her that he had completed his task and she rewarded him by peeling her ass-cheeks apart once again and inviting him to use his tongue on her musky asshole.

Oliver dived into his task, lapping Dale's cum from between her cheeks obediently before using his tongue to gently fuck her tight asshole. As he did so he felt his cock swelling painfully inside the CB-3000 and with horror he realised that he was only a few seconds from cumming. Karen reached back and played with her clit as he continued to tongue fuck her ass and within just a few short minutes Oliver felt her pushing back against his tongue and then bucking against his face as she had a truly colossal orgasm.

As Karen collapsed on top of her lover, Oliver pulled himself completely upright and looked down to see his own cum dripping from the hole in the end of the chastity device. He couldn't believe it, he had cum without getting fully hard and without being released from the device and now Mistress Karen was sure to be absolutely furious with him.

Without waiting to be told, Oliver shuffled backwards and bent down to lap his cum up from the wooden floor, hoping it might go some way to atoning for his terrible mistake. Struggling to pull himself back upright once he had completed his task, he saw Mistress Karen looking down at him with a disappointed look on her face.

"Oh dear slave, that's a shame... I did have a special treat in mind for you... but I guess it's too late now... it's a pity because I had to try really hard to talk Dale into letting me do it for you and I promised him I would never ask him again...".

Oliver's head dropped, utterly dejected, but at the same time strangely satisfied. Having been allowed to witness his Mistress's pleasure at such close quarters and to worship her asshole to such a powerful conclusion, Oliver knew that he had been right to return and to accept his position as her chastity slave, her ass and pussy slave and now her willing cum slut.

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