Oliver and Emilie Wright

byMatt Moreau©

"And your opinion of important things—important to me—like my limited sexual prowess, absolutely killed my self-esteem, Emilie. I got it up for Mavis last night because, frankly, I was still angry and that helped; but, you'll doubtless be shocked to learn, that I have been having a very difficult time even getting an erection at all since you put me down. And again, for some reason my being angry last night kinda cured my—what do they call it; oh yeah, erectile dysfunction," I said.

"I know that now, I mean how devastating my words to you were, but this is about my 'former' point of view. Oliver, I just never saw the harm in what I was doing. Yes, I was going after the larger toys, if you will. You didn't have one, others did, and I wanted them—the bigger toys. But, and this is key for me, Ollie, I always came home to you, always gave you more and better than I ever did any of them; and we made love. With them it was for laughs and the bigger orgasms; with you it was commitment and wonderful oneness," she said, "lastingness.

"The bottom line, Ollie, is that I know better now; and I want another chance. Whaddya say?" she said. I slid down in my chair a few inches and gazed at her sitting there. She had a hopeful expression on her face. I guess it was hopeful.

"You said your 'former' point of view. What did that mean exactly?" I said.

"Good, you were paying attention. It means, dear one, that I understand how wrong I was before. I understand now, and I am into making things right and doing right from now on. No more Billy, no more anyone but you," she said. I nodded.

I was now faced with a dilemma. Mavis had asked me to call her later in the week. And damn me, I wanted to. But, similarly, I wanted to take my wife up on her offer to change. As hard as it would have been for me to believe her before this little sit down; I did believe her now.

Suddenly, I was seeing things from her perspective. I understood her need, or if not her need, her want. Still there was the codicil that I apparently wasn't worth a shit as a lover, not really. Mavis had been nice about it, nicer than my wife, but she had left no doubt about the fact that I had a lot to learn. And, then there was the size thing; I was small, and I was condemned to remain small, not a damn thing I could do about that. So what now? I decided to play a delaying game.

"You've given me a lot to think about, Emilie. And, I intend to do just that. We'll be talking again," I said.


And, I did think about all she'd said. And, I was of the considered opinion that she was still going to cheat, just more surreptitiously. Oh yeah, she was going to be careful, but nothing was going to cut her off from her apparent need for bigger and more talented penises. And so, I made the call to Mavis.

I answered the door and was met by a vision. Her look told me two things. One, she really did have some interest in keeping me on the line; and two, she was way prettier, when she wanted to be, than I had originally thought possible—I mean way prettier. She smirked at my momentary state of speechlessness.

"Well, are you going to invite me in?" she said.

"Uh—yes—of course," I said. She smiled as she swayed past me and into the room.

"I guess I didn't waste my time getting ready for tonight," she said.

"No, no you didn't. You look great," I said. "Wanna glass of wine?"

"That would be nice," she said. I nodded, and headed for the mini-bar my apartment featured.

I handed her her stem glass of sauterne and toasted her with mine.

"So, Oliver, does this mean that you and your wife are still..." she started.

"Broken up?" I said. She nodded. "The jury's still out. At any rate, you said to call, and well, here we are," I said. I got a look for that one.

"Hmm, not sure of your druthers at this point are you? Maybe your wife awakened a monster," she said. I just smiled.

"Could be," I said. "But, so shall we get a little more comfortable?" Her turn to smile.

"Of course. Hope you've been practicing," she said. This time she smirked.

"Smartass," I said. She giggled.

She came to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. The kiss was soft the kiss was gentle the kiss was deep and the kiss was enslaving. I knew Mavis from whensoever, but, I had never known this Mavis!

I fell to me my knees in front of her. She was still dressed, and the little depression in the center of her miniskirt was oh so female. I kissed it. She had her hands on her hips watching me surrender any miserable smidgen of a vestige of male macho-osity I might ever in my wildest most obscene fantasies have imagined I possessed. I was falling in love with her. I think I was. Or, was it just the impossible pressure of the moment. Damned if I knew.

An hour later, naked, and spent; I had no words no ideas no direction. But, she did.

"And, now you go home and talk to her," said Mavis. "What you will say is that which comes to you. I know you don't know at the moment. But, you will know when you see her. And, don't worry. Whatever you decide will be fine with me."

"She was right, I would not, could not, not at that moment have decided anything. But, when the time came I knew that my choice would be my choice and it would be the right one for me. Mavis the playmate, the high school cheerleader, the sex symbol was also wise. I really had never known this woman.


I awoke in my own bed. Emilie was just awakening. She licked her lips. She smiled at me. "You gonna grant me my sloppy seconds," she said, smiling at me. "I know you fucked her last night, and that's okay. But, today is another day, and I want some too. So...?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact," I said. She laughed outright and spread her legs for me to take her. And, I did. I did it as energetically and as hardcore as I could. She seemed to like it.

I rolled off to the side panting. One thing about all of my recent dealings with Emilie, I was beginning to get the sex I needed at least for the short term.

"That was good for me," I said.

"Good," she said. "I'm glad. So—I mean—can I ask a question?"

"Okay, sure," I said.

"I know we're not exactly even, but...?"

"I don't know, Emilie, I really don't like the guy. All of those years fucking you, him laughing at me the whole time—you joining in with him. That's a hard nut. He could suck my dick in front of both you and his wife and we still wouldn't be even. I just don't know," I said. I saw something in her look: a light go off in her head.

"Okay, honey. I do understand," she said.


"Hello, girlfriend," said Mavis as she took her seat across from her friend. "So do I measure up?"

"Oh yeah, you do," said Emilie. "You actually have him believing that he's the man. Well, maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but he is a helluva a lot happier than he was."

"And Billy? His chances?" said Mavis. "He asked me to ask you."

"That's what I wanted to talk to you about," said Emilie, "but let's eat first." She signaled the waitress, who was only a few feet away and they ordered.

As they ate Emilie laid out her plan. "Well, it would be neat to watch that particular show, but Billy wouldn't go for it in a million years," said Mavis. "He sees himself as Ollie's better because of the dick size thing. He'd not be wanting to give that up, that edge up."

"Well, he has to if he ever wants to get into these panties again. You tell him that. It won't kill him, and it could lead to some real interesting times for all of us, even Ollie," said Emilie.

"I'll ask him. Hell, I'll threaten him, with what you and I've got on him now his choices are more than limited. He'll go for it," said Mavis. Emilie smiled.

"You said it," said Mavis.

"Yeah, blackmail him? Right, that boss of his would fire his ass just for a rumor of such unacceptable proclivities," said Emilie.


I was at work when it hit me: the light going off in Emilie's eyes when we'd last talked. She'd thought of something that she thought would get me to accept his dicksmanship doing her: I was certain of it. I knew that she'd be sounding out Mavis on it, her plan, and I needed to know exactly what it was. Hence, the mini-recorder in Emilie's purse. Would she find it and figure out what I was doing? Unlikely, but in any event, I'd soon know one way or the other.

Two days after our confab about Billy; she hit me with it. Of course I already knew the score in general terms, so I was prepared. I'd gotten every word of her discussion with Mavis including what Mavis really thought of me, which wasn't all that bad. Mavis I could deal with, that is her opinion of me and my bedroom skills. She was at least amenable to giving me a chance to learn the right way of things according to womankind. That was something.

"Honey, I have an idea. I won't kid you, I ran it by Mavis first," said Emilie. Well, so far she was on the up and up with me.

"Really?" I said.

"What if, there were a way for us to even up the score so that all of the things that we—Billy and I—did would have been atoned for?" she said.

"Atoned for?" I said. This was getting good. Though I'd gotten most of the confab between the two women, I hadn't gotten the details. I had to assume they'd come up with those either before or after the conversation that I'd managed to tape. Whatever, I was about to get the skinny and I had to admit the two of them had come up with a doozy of a plan.

"Yes," she said. I stared at her, waiting for her to continue. She seemed a tad nervous, but confident.

"What if Billy were to suck you off, and I mean in front of me and Mavis. What if—and well—what if you were to do him up his butt," she said. I began to laugh.

"Yeah, right. Like any real man would ever go for something like that for no payoff except to make amends to someone he despises.

"Wait a minute—there would be a payoff, an acceptable one, acceptable to him, wouldn't there?" I said. Now she looked down. She looked up. She nodded.

"Billy wants to be able to see me again. You know, every once in a while," she said. My eyes narrowed. She actually imagined, after all of the water under the bridge, that this—making us even as she thought—would bring me to heel.

I had a thought. Maybe there might be a way. A germ of a plan was coming together. One that really and truly might make us even. Emilie would get her horse's cock from her horse's ass of a lover; and I'd get mine, oh yeah!

I slowly began nodding my acceptance of her offer. I laid it on her. "But, Billy doesn't get you unless I get Mavis each and every time he does you. Got any problem with that?" I said. Her mouth dropped open. I could have been wrong, but she seemed to be at least mildly jealous of Mavis.

She looked a tad unsure of herself now. But, then she smiled. "Yes, sir," she said. "I'll work that out with Mavis. She likes you, you know. Told me so just the other day." I knew Mavis had said as much, but she'd also said that I needed a busload of training to be worth a damn in bed. Well, okay, she, Mavis, was going to be the one to do the training; and, I was going to be the one to enjoy it!

I'd risked having my plan blow up in my face by making me serially doing Mavis a condition of my giving into Emilie. But, I reasoned, it was either that or nothing; that was going to be ironclad. I mean she would be doing the same with Billy. The way I saw it fair was fair. This little trade we were making, would be a small price to pay; at least in her eyes, actually all of their eyes, to get what she wanted. Well, that was my reasoning.

It was two days later that Emilie came to me with a big smile on her face. "Okay, stud," she said, "Mavis is thumbs up on your condition." I was all smiles.


The night of the big get-even party was tentative. Billy was looking a tad morose; Mavis unsure, but trying to hide it; and, Emilie hopeful. Me? I was positively ebullient! The motion operated camera and voice activated recording gear would get it all; and, I would have what I needed to really and truly ruin my rival's life and to get my revenge if I so desired. I was going to own the adulterous bastard. I might not have a big dick, but I sure as hell had a busload of IQ points on the lot of them. Yes, ebullient was the word: I couldn't lose. The movies I was about to produce would put the lot of them under my thumb for freakin' ever! I was about to be the driver of this particular bus, and I was going to make the most of it; the future was gonna be mine. The past had been lost to me, but from now on it was going to me doing the laughing.

"So how are going to do this stuff," said Billy, the mood was reflected in his tone of voice.

"Slow and easy and in the master bedroom," I said. He gave me a sardonic sneer; well, that's the way I read it.

Emilie came in with Mavis in tow. "Well, we're all here. Should be fun," said Emilie; her smile was a little forced.

"Fuck you," said Billy. She frowned, and it was a frown with that was loaded with ire.

I was ready to go through with the farce because I had an agenda. And, not because I was dying to cornhole my worst enemy though that was going to happen. But, be that as it may, it was down and dirty time.

Billy lay on his stomach, eyes shut, and I think he was gritting his teeth.

Mavis came to me with the KY and smeared it thickly on my penis. She leaned over her husband and poked at his anus spearing him with fingers heavily coated with the stuff. I gave her a look. She just shrugged and mouthed me a silent message: "Have fun."

"Spread a little wider, little man, make it easy on yourself," I said. I could hear him hiss his anger. I pushed into him. I did go slow at first then rammed my cock home impaling him. I screwed him slowly for almost fifteen minutes, stopping and starting numerous time to make the experience for him last. Finally, I shuddered as I climaxed filling him with my sperm.

Shrinking out of him, Emilie handed me a wet towel. I cleaned myself off. He stirred. He was obviously in some discomfort. He gathered his clothes wordlessly and went into the bathroom. Five minutes later he came out. He didn't meet my gaze and headed out of the house. I presumed that Mavis would need a ride home. I'd be doing those honors, but not until after I fucked her in front of my wife.

I went to Mavis, I was still naked. "Think you could get me up for another round?" I said.

"Huh?" she said.

"I want to do you. Here in front of her." I nodded in the direction of my wife.

Emilie looked at me. "You want to do her in front of me?" said Emilie.

"Yes. You can join in if you want," I said, "but Mavis will be the primary fuckee." The look on Emilie's face almost made up for all of the misery she'd caused me—almost. Before I'd doubted myself, but no more, Emilie was jealous. Oh, how the world turns. What goes around really and truly does come around.

Mavis stripped and smiled in the direction of Emilie. There was something going on there but damned if I could figure what it was. Maybe even something to do with Billy being so accommodating. No matter, the video I was getting and the audio were going to make things right for me whatever happened. But, all that said—or thought—I sure was curious.

Naked Mavis took Billy's place on the bed. "Come here, "Em," I said. Kneel in front of me. Get me up," I said. She gave me a look that could only have been interpreted as concern, but she did as I asked. I had to say something.

"Look, you got him in here to pay for his sins—and maybe yours. But, you also did, I am sure, to get to a place where I would be less forbidding of you doing him in the future. Well, I'm still not sure about all of that. The role of a cuckold is not all that palatable to me. But, regardless of any of that, you still owe me, and tonight is partial payment. Okay?" I said. She didn't say anything, but she took my shriveled cock in her hand and guided it to her mouth.

She began licking the length of it and my balls. It was clear to me that she wanted me up and done; she was trying her damnedest to get the job done fast. The good news was that she was succeeding. She let the glans slip between her lips. I was already feeling my dick beginning to come back to life. Five more minutes and she had me stone hard. My cock ached, but Mavis was going to get a royal screwing regardless, and my wife was going to get to see it and hopefully regret some of the things she'd done to me. Well, hope springs eternal.

Mavis flashed me a smile, in any other setting I would have considered it conspiratorial, but here and now...

"Come on mister, mount me," she said. Emilie stood back and leaned again the dresser. She'd watch, but for whatever reason, she didn't look especially enthused.

I mounted Mavis and guided my cock to her slit. She took hold of it and impaled herself. I slipped in easily and drove all of it home. I got an "ugh" from her; I loved that.

I began screwing her. I went slow; I wanted the experience to last. I knew I probably didn't have another bullet in me after this one so this one had to do the job, two jobs really. One, get Mavis off, and two give Emilie something to think about.

Some seven minutes later she was bucking like a rodeo horse. I pile drove my cock a deep as I could. Her face took on an I-can't-believe-it look—no—glaze. She was coming and coming big time. Emilie came to us again and knelt by the bedside.

"Shit! Why couldn't you do that to me, damn you," she said.

Finally, I felt the last dregs of my ball sack ready to blast into her. Mavis noticed and squealed.

"Thank God," she said, as her breath returned, "you didn't leave me hanging." I smiled

I rolled off of her, breathing hard. Well, it had been a pretty good romp overall.


Emile joined us on the bed. I decided to go for it. "Okay, you two, I gotta know. How did you get Billie to sit still for it? And, I do mean my fucking him," I said. "I know for damn sure it wasn't him wanting to make amends to me, or even to have a chance to get back to fucking Emilie."

The girls who were lying on either side of me glanced at each other.

"You gonna tell him or am I?" said Emilie.

"I'll do it," said Mavis.

"And?" I said.

"Billie's been hiding it for some time, but I caught him on his computer a couple of months ago. He's a wanna be cuckold—and—a sissy. I got pics of him dressing in my clothes prancing around. I've got him by the balls." said Mavis. "I held it over his head; he had no choice."

"I don't believe it," I said. "Mister big heman and all of that. I mean no way."

"Way," said Emilie. "What he didn't want though—at all—and he fought us on it, was to be 'your' cuckold. He enjoyed making you his, but now, well, you know."

"Jesus!" I said. "And, the bi stuff?"

"He had no choice. It was our—well—Emilie's hope that when this night was history that maybe you'd be more, you know amenable to letting her have some play time," said Mavis. "IN spite of his newly discovered sissyhood, your wife still wants his oversized tool to satisfy her needs. I looked over at Emilie.

"Emily, you and I will talk," I said.


She sat opposite me and stirred her cup of tea. I had a snifter of brandy in front of me. "So where are we, Oliver? Are we all right? Gonna make it or not?" said Emilie.

"Yeah, I guess we are," I said.

"And Billy...?" she said. I knew what she was referring too.

"You love the guy?" I said. "Tell me straight."

"His cock? Yes. Him? No," she said. "And, if I may, his humiliation at your hands last night will be something he doesn't soon forget. You've gotten your revenge, Ollie, and that big time." That I didn't think we were anywhere near even I didn't voice. But, I did have a decision to make.

"I guess, as long as I can have Mavis whenever I want," I said. Emilie nodded.

"That's okay by me. I mean it's an even trade from my point of view," she said. I nodded.

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