tagGroup SexOliver's Lesbian Surprise

Oliver's Lesbian Surprise


"So have you heard from Francesca recently?" Oliver asked her.

Naomi paused just momentarily. "Not apart from that one email I showed you. But she's coming for lunch on Friday, so we'll catch up there, I guess."

Oliver smiled inwardly, wondering if his performance would be a matter of discussion. Naomi bought him up short: "But it's a whole team thing – so it'll just be work stuff. See how she's settling into her new job. Anyway, I have to go back to work now – otherwise they'll be getting suspicious! See you Thursday ..." They kissed quickly and went their separate ways.


Oliver gave a final thrust of his cock, then withdrew. His hot cum sprayed over Naomi's naked body and onto her face. Transfixed at the sight, he didn't hear the door quietly open behind him. Naomi noticed, a smile spread across her face as she saw Francesca enter the room. So Francesca was up for the plan ...

"So, you're the man wearing Naomi out, then," said Francesca quietly. "You deserve to be punished for that ..."

Oliver recognised the voice; turning, he saw Francesca standing before him. She was tall and slim with long dark hair and beautiful dark eyes. She was wearing a green summer dress that clung to every curve of her body, with two thin straps over her shoulders and a row of buttons up the front.

"Move over," said Francesca, effecting not to recognise Oliver, though they had worked together for six months, "Naomi must be comforted." Even as she spoke she undid the buttons down the front of her dress, allowing it to fall to her feet in a crumpled heap. Underneath she was wearing nothing but a pair of fishnet stockings. Her breasts were small but beautifully round; her nipples dark and erect. Oliver's gaze moved down her slim body to her pussy. It was covered in neat, dark hair; he could just make out her pussy lips between her long legs.

Swiftly Francesca moved over to the bed. She moved forward to Naomi, and their lips met in a passionate embrace. Oliver watched as Francesca's hands began to explore the body that so recently had been his alone. With practiced ease her left hand cradled Naomi's head, while her right moved over Naomi's breast and down to her crotch. Unhesitatingly Naomi parted her legs to expose her cunt to Francesca. Expertly, Francesca's hand started to stroke Naomi's still wet pussy; her fingers rubbing her clit in a gentle circular motion. Naomi let out a low moan; however expert Oliver had been, the feel of a woman led her to a new level of ecstasy, as if Francesca instinctively knew where to touch and how. Shortly, her fingers moved inside a moist cunt, exploring and teasing and bringing Naomi to the point of orgasm.

As Naomi moaned with pleasure, Francesca withdrew her hand and moved down her body, planting her face between Naomi's legs. Her tongue slipped in and out of Naomi's pussy. Darting strokes pleasured her clitoris, then with the flat of her tongue, she parted Naomi's pussy lips and licked deeply, leaving Naomi moaning uncontrollably with pleasure.

Though scarcely five minutes had passed since Oliver had shot his load over Naomi, he felt his cock hardening at the sight of these two beautiful women immersed in pleasure. So they wanted to punish him by denying him his opportunity? He'd see about that...

Francesca lay between Naomi's spread legs, her own legs drawn up under her and her arse in the air. Silently, Oliver moved behind her and looked at her pussy. He pushed his cock between her legs and felt it begin to enter Francesca's cunt.

Francesca let out a gasp as she felt the girth of Oliver's cock enter her; but that was as nothing to the pleasure as the full length entered her. All other thoughts were banished from her mind; the sensation of tasting Naomi's pussy was as nothing compared with this. Oliver withdrew almost the full length, then thrust in again. As he did so, Francesca let out a moan with each stroke. Twisting round, Oliver lay back on the bed and Francesca, not daring to remove his cock, swung round so she was astride him but still facing backwards. Then setting the rhythm, she started to rock up and down on him, riding his massive cock.

Naomi stared at the sight of Oliver's shaft moving in and out of Francesca's pussy; from where she sat she could see very detail of the veins on his cock. Simultaneously she was fascinated at the sight of the pink tip emerging from Francesca's pussy and then thrusting back in; and also secretly jealous that she had consented to share Oliver with her best friend. She looked up at Francesca's breasts bouncing up and down in time with Oliver's thrusts; then further at her face, eye's closed in ecstasy has his massive shaft filled her pussy again and again. It wasn't right that Francesca got all the fun, she reasoned, and leaned forward between her legs. As Oliver's cock moved down, she slipped her tongue over its tip, then licked along his shaft as he thrust back in. Francesca gasped as she was filled, and soon felt Naomi's tongue playing over her own clit; the pleasure was almost unbearable as Naomi's tongue pleasured her clit from one side, and Oliver's cock filled her pussy. She felt her cunt tightening as the first waves of her orgasm spread through her body. "Fuck fuck fuck" she screamed, as the pleasure became too much even for her.

Finally, Oliver could take the attentions of these two vixens no more. He felt the cum well up through his cock. At the last moment, he pulled his cock away from Francesca; almost at that moment, he felt his cum shoot along his shaft. Naomi's face was still close by, and once again she felt his warm cum spurt over her hair and face. She let it drip down onto Francesca's now quivering body; then expertly licked every drop, savouring the salty taste in her mouth. Then,as Oliver flopped back in exhaustion, Naomi moved up to tenderly kiss Francesca. She felt Francesca's tongue explore her mouth, tasting the cum...


"So that's what they call punishment," thought Oliver to himself as he sat in his office the next day. "I wonder what pleasure would involve ..."

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