tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersOlivia and Katie Ch. 02

Olivia and Katie Ch. 02


I had just pulled my mouth off of Olivia's hard clit as the sudden flash of blue lights caught our attention. Olivia was being stopped, no doubt for her erratic driving caused by my giving her head. I was terrified; two guys dressed like sluts and no idea what was going to happen. The cop walked up and tapped on Olivia's window. She looked at me before rolling it down.

"Good evening ladies, do you know why I stopped you tonight?"

Olivia was much calmer than I was, "no officer I'm sorry."

"Well you were swerving an awful lot, how much alcohol have you had tonight to drink?"

"None officer, we have drank a lot but no alcohol." Olivia giggled as she said this.

"Well why on earth would your driving be so bad?"

Olivia grew bolder with her answers. "Well because my friend Katie was going down on me, she was so horny and just couldn't make it home!"

I couldn't believe my ears. Was she fucking crazy? I grew red faced as the officer shined his light in my direction; I glanced at him from the corner of my eyes. Wow was he cute, and young! He was probably in his early twenty's with blonde hair a sexy smile, very lean and about our height. Olivia continued to flirt with him even more.

"This is my house officer so I assure you we are home safe and sound, you're welcome to come in and talk to us further inside."

"Do you have your license Miss?"

Olivia opened her purse wide making sure the young cop saw the lube and condoms. "I must have left it in the house; can we please step in and get it?"

He looked up for a minute and despite his better judgment allowed us to. We stepped from the car as he turned off his lights. I could feel his eyes on our asses as we walked up the steps to the house. Olivia unlocked the door and we followed her in. The officer looked me up and down as Olivia stepped out of the room. The cop made small talk with me as he looked me up and down. My tight dress was hugging all my curves and he seemed to like them judging by the growing bulge in his pants. Olivia entered the room with a devilish look on her face.

"You know what Officer, I can't find my license. But maybe there is something we can work out?" Olivia moved in and traced her finger over the young cop's chest.

He stammered as I picked up on Olivia's cues, I stepped to his other side.

"Surely a young strong sexy officer like you could use some relief" I said in a lusty breathy voice. I put my mouth right next to his ear and hands moving to his hard cock.

Olivia dropped to her knees and worked his zipper down as I placed my finger on his chin and turned his face to me. Slowly I touched my lips to his and sucked his lip inviting his tongue into my mouth. Olivia fished his hot cock out and proceeded to go to work on him.

"Do you want two hot mouths on that big cock?"

He nodded yes as his lips touched mine. I dropped to my knees and looked into Olivia's eyes. We took turns licking and sucking his cock moaning deep as we did. My mouth moved to his filled balls as Olivia licked and sucked on his head. The young cops head dropped back as he placed a hand on each of our heads. I traced my tongue up his shaft as Olivia moved hers down. I put his head in my mouth and dove down deep onto his pole pressing it to the back of my throat. I squeezed my lips and bobbed up and down on him as Olivia continued to suck on his balls. I found a perfect rhythm as I felt him begin to buck and hold my head still. His cock burst in my mouth with his tasty cum. I held my mouth still as he dumped his semen in my mouth. When he was finally spent I repaid the favor Olivia gave me earlier. I opened my mouth wide as she dropped her tongue into my open mouth. She began lapping up the cum as the sexy cop watched. This turned into a full on deep cum filled kiss. When we had swallowed every last drop we looked up to a still hard cock.

"Do you want some more sexy" Olivia asked?

"Oh god yes, I've always wanted to be with a Tranny!"

He took his radio and said something to his dispatch. We stood up and each took one of his hands and walked him to the bedroom. We began by undressing our fine public servant and moving him to Olivia's king size bed. He was on his back with hard cock in the air and his abs were nicely defined. Olivia and I began to kiss and rub our hands all over each others bodies. We then broke our kiss and Olivia climbed onto the bed and rolled our sexy guy onto his stomach. Taking hold of his cheeks she began to lick his tight hole. A loud moan escaped his lips as I took off my dress. I was stroking my cock as I handed Olivia the bottle of lube. She put some on her fingers and began to rub lube onto his hole. She slowly pushed a finger into him causing him to jump just a bit. Olivia with expert skill rubbed is back and talked softly in his ear telling him what she was doing and how hot it was. Very soon he was grinding his cock into the bed as she pushed a second finger in. I put some lube on my cock and continued to stroke it. I wasn't going to last long in that tight ass. Three fingers now disappeared inside of his virgin hole as Olivia looked at me and nodded.

I climbed onto the bed and aimed my cock to his ass as I pulled him up on his knees. Olivia moved around front of him and lifted her skirt to him. Pressing my head to his rosebud it finally gave way and I popped in. I rubbed his hips as he relaxed enough for me to push in further. God his ass was tight as little by little my cock clit disappeared into him. Olivia on the other side pulled her cock clit from her panties and pushed it into his mouth. He eagerly allowed it to slide between his lips. My balls were now pressed against him as I slowly pulled out holding his hips. My nails contrasted his skin as I pulled it nearly out. He was moaning deep as I increased my pace. Olivia was bucking against his face giving his mouth a good fucking. Harder and faster I fucked his hole as Olivia fucked his mouth. Our officer began rubbing his cock as my cock slide in and out. I think this was too much excitement for him or I hit him in just the right way, what ever the reason he began to shoot all over the bed. As he did he tightened his grip on my cock and I drove down deep into him. My jizz started shooting deep inside of his ass filling him up. Olivia became wild and fucked his face hard. She then pulled out and stroked her cock before shoving it back in. My orgasm subsided and I kept my cock buried deep inside of him. I felt like I shot a gallon of cum, it was one of the strongest I have ever had. Olivia was close as she grabbed a handful of the cop's hair and drove her cock to the back of his throat. I saw her stiffen as he began to gag on the cum being dumped into him. Finally she let go and let her cock slide from his well fucked mouth. I was still buried deep with his asshole wrapped around my cock. Olivia got up and grabbed her camera and took a few shots of me deep in him. I then pulled out and she took one of his gaping ass and the hot cream that was leaking out of it.

Our hot man just collapsed as his radio went off. Suddenly he jumped back to reality. In a panic he grabbed it and answered it as Olivia and I cuddled up together. After answering and assuring he did not need back up he raced to get dressed. He mumbled a few things before hurrying out the door. God this was a HOT night!

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