Olivia Ch. 01


Chapter 01

A Rich Bitch Arrives

Olivia parked the red British sports car in her aunt's garage. She hesitated getting out while cursing her father under her breath then felt bad about it. "I'm twenty-eight not some stupid adolescent needing my life organised," she sighed, knowing at the moment maybe he was right. Since the divorce she had been drifting. Relying on the allowance he provided, living back home with nothing to do, left her behaving like one.

She wasn't looking forward to staying at her aunt's home or the job they had organised. It was for 'her-own good', which made it sound daunting. "Well, I'll show them I'm not useless. I'll make this work then get a decent position somewhere in fathers corporation," she said.

"Talking to your self is the first sign of madness," Mark sneered.

"Who the hell are you?" Olivia exclaimed. She had been startled out of her reverie to see a young guy gawking at her. "So? Who are you?" she demanded.

"I live here. You must be Olivia," he said, just standing staring at her.

She was used to men staring at her but this creep was eyeing her a little too openly. "It's rude to stare. Aunt Jane doesn't have any kids so what are you ding here?"

"I'm just staying here like you. I've been bad too," he shrugged.

'Impudent shit,' she thought. So Jane still fostered kids but this one looked too old. He looked over eighteen so maybe she was looking after delinquents now.

"Help me with the luggage," she ordered. Getting out of the little red sports car her dress rode up as she struggled to climb out, inadvertently revealing a pair of lacy red panties. She flashed him a stern look on seeing him stare right between her legs.

"You have to look after your own stuff around here," he told her and sauntered off.

"You scruffy twerp," she said, to his retreating back.

Hefting a suitcase she made ready to face Aunt Jane wondering what her father had told her.


In the kitchen Jane pulled a rack of biscuits from the oven. "So your father caught you fooling around with the pool guy. That's not why your here though is it. He seems to think you need something useful to do so I can send you back with a sense of purpose," she said, looking at Olivia over a pair of half rimed glasses.

"Your father spoilt you Olivia. You are going to inherit from him and me too, making you a rich young woman. With no idea what to do with your life, that sounds like trouble. It is about time you had some idea how to handle money and people. I can give you a purpose, if you learn care about others," she said, trying not to lecture.

Olivia was a beautiful woman knowing very well how to handle men. She would just tease them until she got what she wanted, which definitely didn't include what they wanted.

She cringed at the mention of Joe the pool guy. She had tanned her bikini clad body beside the pool while he was working, smirking on seeing his shorts bulge, knowing what he was thinking yet unable to do a thing about it.

She pushed him a little too far when asking him to rub cream into her back. She enjoyed it and so did he. It wasn't harming anyone as they were old enough to make their own decisions on how far to go.

She remembered his hard calloused hands on her perfect silky flesh and brought on a little shiver. It had been a long time since making love and she needed a distraction. If her father hadn't arrived home early she would probably have let him continue. He had a delicious technique of kissing. He sucked on her lips, biting them then exploring her mouth with a long tongue.

"What's this job you've lined up for me?" she asked.

"It's a community job. They need someone at the pool. You are an excellent swimmer and you still look fit, do you think you can handle it?" Jane asked.

Olivia really didn't care either way and would just go along with whatever was arranged. At least it got her out of the way of Jane. If it didn't work out maybe they would leave her alone so she could return home.

"You're father has stopped the allowance giving you an incentive to put some effort into it," she informed her.

"What? I was going to buy some new clothes, I didn't bring much with me," Olivia complained.

"You won't have to fund your expenses here so you can live on the small salary they can just about afford to pay. It's an inner city pool for poor kids with little funding. You'll just have to learn to budget and don't think you can load that credit card either," Jane scolded her. "It's been suspended."

Lecture over Olivia went to her room feeling even more like a wayward adolescent. She opened the French windows to take a look at the pool and wondered if it was worth taking a dip before dinner. She pulled clothes out of the case throwing them around anyhow forgetting there wouldn't be a maid to clear up after her.

Finding a bikini she pulled off the light summer dress ready to strip off her underwear.

"Hey you, what are you doing here?" Olivia crossly asked.

"Is that all you ever say? Are you some kind of wind-up Barbie doll? I'm just standing here, what are you doing?" Mark retaliated, with a smirk on his face.

He looked intently at the beautiful blond woman. Her long tanned legs were so smooth and the swelling of her tits in the skimpy little bra was fascinating. He hadn't seen such a sexy woman up close before. She looked as though she had stepped out of a magazine.

She pulled her arms around her body in embarrassment from the way he looked at her. "I'm getting dressed. You shouldn't be in my room," she said lamely.

"Looks to me as though you're getting undressed and I'm not in your room. Anyway, it's your fault, you should close the door properly," he smiled and coolly walked off.

Olivia grimaced at the audacity of the young rogue. She kicked the door closed and changed into a bikini. She looked at it in the mirror. She decided to try something else, it was too revealing with that young guy around and Jane certainly wouldn't approve. Without knocking he appeared again.

"Aunt Jane says to help with dinner," he announced. He couldn't help ogling her bottom. It was a perfect heart shape with just a thin strip of material between the cheeks. His face said 'wow' and his eyes glowed.

"Knock before you enter my room and don't look at me like that you ruffian," she scolded him. He walked off looking pleased with himself and she slammed the door. Stripping off the bikini she looked at the door with a mean look as though daring him to try it once more.

She pulled on a pair of white panties but couldn't find a bra in the heap of clothes so pulled the dress over her body. Fortunately, although her breasts were large they were firm enough not to need one.

Jane organised her and Mark around the kitchen where Olivia slowly peeled a small potato from a large one. "Here let me do that." Mark told her. She watched him expertly peel the potato feeling useless. He did it without even looking. Then she realised he was staring at her breasts.

Standing between him and the window, the low sun shone through the dress, he could see clearly the outline of her breasts. It was fascinating to see those lovely big melons so close. He looked forward to seeing more of her.

Olivia marched up to Jane looking cross. "OK! Is there something I can do? I just don't know how to cook. Sure, I can lay the table."

The food was plain and simple compared to at home where the chef always prepared something interesting looking. Olivia wondered why her Aunt didn't employ someone for these menial chores, she was wealthy enough.

After the meal she was left to load the dishwasher and became annoyed at breaking a fingernail. Jane had left for one of her many committee meetings while Olivia carried on struggling with a list of chores. Now she needed him Mark was nowhere to be seen.

The on-suite bathroom had a shower but no tub so Olivia decided to use the family one for a greatly needed soak. Her dress was a wet mess on the floor so she left it there to pad back to the room on bare feet, her lovely smooth skin wrapped in a towel.

"What the hell!" she exclaimed, almost falling over Mark. "You pervert, you've been spying through the keyhole at me in the bath, how dare you!" she shouted at him.

He scrambled up onto his feet looking guilty, not daring to meet her eyes. "I'll tell Jane about this and have you sent home. Is this why you are here because you're a pervert?" she ranted at him.

"Don't you dare snitch! You're just a teasing bitch showing off your body," he said. He was angry and upset at the idea Jane would find out. She had given him a home, avoiding a custodial sentence. In a temper he reached forward and pulled at the towel, unravelling from her body.

Before she could move her hand to grab at it the towel it slithered from her naked body to the floor. She quickly bent to pick it up then straightened without reaching it.

Bent over she was displaying her bottom and everything between her legs in the mirror behind her. Trying to cove her breasts with one arm she slapped a hand to her bottom. She pressed her thighs together tight, knees slightly bent.

Her face was crimson with embarrassment from being naked before this young guy. He could see everything and was still staring while she desperately tried to cover up. "Give me the damn towel you stupid shit!" she yelled.

He held it in his hand before her but she had to reach for it and that meant revealing something. She couldn't stand the humiliation of his smirk a moment longer and reached for it only for him to snatch it out of the way. She covered her breasts again glowering at him.

"Promise not to snitch?" he warned her.

She watched him twirl it into a weapon threatening to whip her ass with its wet end. "Alright I won't tell on you, just give me the damn towel and we'll forget about it," she reluctantly agreed. Again she snatched at it and he let her take it. She wrapped it around her prone body trying not to give him any more of a thrill than was necessary.

She turned on a heel muttering angrily but he wasn't finished with her yet. He slapped her bottom speeding her on the way. She felt his hand on her bare cheeks and ran to the room hearing him laughing at her. She was in such a fury she couldn't speak.

She heard him strut out the back door and slam it behind him. She slammed the bedroom door too and kicked at the pile of clothes. Olivia ranted at the four walls while searching through the pile of clothes but hadn't packed a night gown.

"That raga-bond shit! Wait until Jane gets back and I'll tell her to get rid of him. The little pervert was spying on me in here then the bathroom. It's not me who needs a slap it's him." She pulled a gown from the wardrobe, checked it was clean then wrapped it tightly around her body.

She flung herself down on the bed and hurt her back on something hard. It was a vibrator. It had been hidden in her underwear and must have rolled out while unpacking. Holding it in her hand she was about to throw it at the door then changed her mind, deciding to use it.

She needed to calm down and definitely needed some pleasure. It didn't seem there would be much fun in her life for some time to come.

Reaching for a stocking she tied one end to the bed rail and the other around a wrist. Wriggling down the bed her arm became firmly held above her head. With both eyes closed tight her imagination began to work on her hot body.

She squirmed rubbing her thighs together feeling the wetness of arousal. The naughty secret fantasy was working as usual.


A big rough man had caught her naked outside the house and she couldn't get away. She couldn't run naked into the street and couldn't get back into the house. He caught her in his strong muscular arms and pinned her to the lawn. He tied her hands together above her head with his belt.

He was going to take her and there was nothing she could do about it. His penis was nudging her sex, teasing her.

Olivia moved the vibrator over swollen lips finding the bud hard and sensitive. Touching it gently for a moment she pressed it hard for the tingling vibrations to push her nearer.

The big man was going to take her little pussy and she whimpered knowing there was no escape yet knowing she was ready for him. The more he teased the more she needed it.

The vibrator was thrust into her pussy between open glowing wet lips.

She arched her back, spreading her legs for the big brute of a man to take her. Olivia whimpered with shame at being so wanton with a stranger.

The fantasy disappeared as a gentle orgasm fluttered in her tummy. It wasn't enough, she needed more.

She was on vacation and had been kidnapped. Sold into an eastern harem she soon became the Sultans favourite concubine.


She lay back panting feeling better but not completely satisfied. The second orgasm had been better but a vibrator couldn't cuddle her afterwards or tell her the soothing love words she wanted to hear.

She lay there a moment then reached up with a free hand to undo the knot. "Hell, why did I use an expensive stocking." The knot was tight and her fingers were slippery.

The bed rail was higher than she was used to and usually she used a pair of play handcuffs; easy to unclasp. In the throes of passion she had pulled the damn knot too tight. This improvisation was a menace.

The back door opened and closed and she scrabbled at the knot only it tightened as she desperately pulled at it. She gave up and looked for something to cover her naked body. The sheets had been kicked to the floor out of reach.

The door opened though not as wide as her eyes that showed white in fear. In desperation she double crossed her legs. She wanted to shout but her mouth was too dry.

As he opened the door Mark belatedly remembered to knocked. He came to apologise not wanting to take a chance on her informing Jane of the stupid prank.

"Sorry Olivia. I shouldn't have ..." he began, then stopped cold. His mouth fell open on seeing a beautiful naked woman stretched out on her bed. He knew he should leave but couldn't move. His eyes roved over the attractive body that was so much more powerful an image lying on a bed.

He noticed the stocking and it awakened him. "What's happened?" he strode to the bed on seeing her tied to it. "Who did this to you?" he said in alarm.

"Get out!" she croaked. "Just go now!"

"I'll phone the police," he said. He was afraid he might be blamed in some way, not knowing why exactly.

"No! Come back. Don't call the police. Please, just wait," Olivia was mortified at being seen her like this, let alone explaining it to Jane or the police. It was so shameful.

"Just untie me, please!" she said.

He stood there with a look of puzzlement on his face. She realised he was staring at the vibrator. Her face and breasts were already red from exertion now she was burning hot with embarrassment.

"I was just playing a game that's all," she said defiantly. Olivia wanted to shout at the stupid lump of a youth but needed his co-operation. She needed him to keep quiet about this and more immediately to free her hand. "You saw me naked before so I guess it doesn't matter now," she lied.

"What kind of game?" he asked.

His face revealed he new very well what she meant. She wanted to pick it up and throw the dreadful thing at him but was too embarrassed to draw any more attention to it. She would distract him until he untied her then get rid of him. There was no chance of telling Jane anything now, he could tell a much more damning tale about her.

Deciding to shock him she asked, "You play with your self don't you?" Seeing his shy response she pressed on. "Women do to. So now you know. Untie me, then just go." she said firmly.

"So you use this?" he asked and picked it up.

She looked from it to the bulge in his trousers. She almost groaned on wondering how experienced the young thug might be and how vulnerable she was. Her legs tightened in response to the nasty idea of this ruffian getting excited over her. He dropped it onto the bed where it rolled against her thigh.

"Yuck, it's sticky. You must have shoved it deep." he stated.

"Yes I did! As you seem to have discovered my little secret now perhaps you might untie me?" she asked sharply.

"No need to get touchy Olivia. You are the one who got into this and need my help. So, ask nicely," he said imperiously, attempting to mimic her finishing school accent.

'Damn the scruffy urchin!' Olivia took a deep breath. "Please, kind sir, will you untie me, pretty please," she asked, with her best imitation of a little woman in distress, seeking help from the big strong man. She even used the trick of looking demurely up through her long eyelashes. This usually worked.

He lent over her to get at the knot. In that position she couldn't look away from his crotch and the hardness there. 'I would never have guessed. He is a big lad after all,' she giggled.

"It's OK. You're just tickling me, just free me quick as you can," she said, when he asked if she as alright. She caught herself from calling the damn nuisance her hero. This was another fantasy she used, only the hero rescuing her was big, strong and handsome, not a common ruffian off the streets.


At least he kept his distance from her for the rest of the evening. 'He's probably in his room flogging himself silly,' she thought.

While making a coffee Olivia heard the front door chime. Just in case it was Jane she rushed to it, wanting to speak to her before Mark did.

"What are you doing here?" she exclaimed. Joe pushed passed her before she could close the door on him. "Now you're in do you want a coffee?" she said. Walking quickly back to the kitchen she wondered how on earth the pool guy found her?

"You bitch! Your father cancelled the contract and so have most of the best customers in the area," he spat the words at her.

"That is not my fault," she asserted.

"No? You're just a spoilt teasing bitch!" he shouted. "You knew exactly what you were doing to me. How could I resist, how could any man. Shit! It took me a long time to build up that business and you ruined the best part of it," he furiously poked a finger toward her.

"What do you expect me to do about it?" she said petulantly.

"I don't know, I don't know why I bothered coming here. An apology wouldn't put it right and you don't seem capable of understanding the real world. You've never had to live in it. Your rich father keeps you. . ." his angry outburst was suddenly cut short.

"Leave her alone. Get out of here," Mark said. He spoke quietly but the tone of voice was hardened from the streets where he grew up.

Olivia looked from Joe to Mark and back. "Not in front of him, leave him out of this," she said, feeling embarrassed.

Joe reached out and grabbed the dress in a big calloused hand. "Another of your spoilt rich relatives I suppose. Well, you all need a lesson of what it's like to live in the real world. You need to be spanked like a naughty spoilt girl," he snarled.

He yanked her forward and the light summer dress split open spilling her breasts out. Joe quickly sobered from his anger realising he had gone too far.

He had driven here wanting an apology or some consolation, something to compensate for the loss. It all seemed so unfair, these people with their privileged lives were able to mess his up without a thought.

"No! You slob, get out, you deserve everything you get, you stupid oaky," she shouted. She struggled to cover her breasts but he shook her, jiggling them about as though she were a rag doll.

"Let me cover myself up. Please!" she said, not pleading but with anger in her tone.

Past thinking straight, he reacted by bending her over the table and slapped her ass a couple of times. It didn't make him feel any better. Knowing he had gone way too far he stomped out of the house feeling worse than he had before going to see the spoilt bitch.

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