Olivia Ch. 04


Walking through the mall between them with head down, she suddenly froze. They bumped into her and she almost fell. Her father's office was here. Surely they weren't going to deliver her looking like this? How could they know he was here? Mathew slapped her ass hard and she tottered on weak legs that threatened to collapse.

Olivia was prepared to suffer even that vile degradation to escape. Daddy owned the building towering above them. His personal office suite was a whole wing of the building on the top floor. She imagined being trooped in by these street urchins, if it were possible to get past security.

His secretary would certainly have something to gossip about. The boss's daughter visiting those plush offices, dressed like a filthy whore, would certainly excite attention.

The men and women on the top floor thought of themselves as the cream of society. They had the clothes and manners though they had been described as vicious jackals. The thin veneer of society was soon washed off under the wrong circumstances. She had watched them at parties manoeuvring for position with a heartless disregard for others feelings. Polite niceties were dropped if it meant winning. That was the world she had grown up in.

Thankfully they veered away from the office block entrance toward the restaurants. She didn't react at all for she was past caring. It was as though someone else was there and she was somewhere distant just observing.

With head down her face was buried in long hair hoping no one would see her. Even if they did it was unlikely she would be recognised like this. The young guys kept her between them so there was no chance of escape.

"Hey you, yea you. You want a good time with our gang slut. She wants to compare us with a white dude," Mathew said to a group of businessmen.

"Get out of here! I'll call security if you don't push off," one of them grumbled.

"No-one would see her under the table. She gives good head and she's cheap," Mathew told them.

"Don't be such an old fart. It won't hurt to look old boy. How much?" another of them asked.

"Five each," Mathew said.

Olivia heard muttering and disagreement between the group of men expecting security to be called any moment. It was too outrageous for anything to happen here in this upmarket mall. These men weren't like that filthy scum out there buying her ass. Mathew would find he had gone too far and these men would call security. It would be an awful humiliation but at least she would be free.

"Bring her inside," one of them said.

The coffee shop was dark and empty, apart from a guy behind the counter and the smartly dressed businessmen. They were slightly inebriated after celebrating a newly won business deal so called in for coffee before returning to the office. One of them was still complaining but less so as the others cajoled him.

Olivia looked up at them ready to ask for help. She quickly looked away. 'No! Not now, not them!' she cried inside. She could hardly believe it. The nightmare had become so much more evil. These men were her father's employees.

The decision had to be made whether to shout for help or keep silent. As bad as it would be to reveal her identity to these men, she must. Mathew had a firm grip on her arm so she would have to make a scene. Opening her mouth to shout she suddenly clamped it tight.

Mathew pulled the knot open releasing her breasts. He lifted the little skirt around her hips and tucked it into the waist band. Olivia held back the cry for help; instead she felt like whimpering.

In a large wall mirror she could see, through her long hair, what they were all staring at. She stood before them practically naked. Her breasts were on show with her shaven bare pussy on display. She had been wrong it could get worse and just had.

It was impossible to reveal who she was. How could she tell them her body had been so badly defiled by these fiends? Everyone would know and her father would be so ashamed of her. Their rude remarks about her naked body made it impossible to talk let alone plead for help. She was thankful for having long hair to hide a tear stained face.

"This our whore, she likes face fucking. She can suck you good. Tell em, girl!" he demanded.

Disguising her voice she spoke up, knowing he would get her to repeat the disgusting words if she whispered them.

"I'm a gang whore, I do whatever I'm told," she said. She was surprised how poor and mean she sounded.

"Tell them what I said," Mathew told her.

"I want you to fuck my face. I'll suck you off real good," she stated plainly.

"Do a good job and we let you go," he whispered.

There was no way she could ask for their help now. How could she tell them she was a respectable woman, a rich woman needing their help? They wouldn't believe her until she forced them to look at her properly revealing who she was.

She looked like a stupid slut ready to defile herself just to be accepted into this gang. Would they think she had joined them as a game only to find it too much to handle? Gossip would tour the country club and didn't need exaggeration to paint her as contemptible and pathetic.

What they saw before them was what she was, a compliant little slut. She got to her knees and crawled under the table. It could have been a hiding place only four sets of legs in business suits were waiting for her. She could see hard bulges in their trousers and demurred.

"One more thing, just one more humiliation," she thought, "then it will be all over."

She reached for one at random to quickly pull his cock from an expensive pair of suit trousers. With her head against the underneath of the table she managed to manoeuvre her lips over the rigid shaft. Pumping it with a hand and sucking hard she just wanted to get it over with quickly.

Performing such a horrible act was bad enough, but in a coffee bar it was devastating. If her emotions hadn't already been ground into the dirt she would have fainted away. She barely hung on to sanity. A functional part of her mind concentrated on the mechanics of the job.

Fearful of appearing from under the table covered in sperm, she sucked the thick slime down her throat. She felt it slither down her throat almost retching on his vile fluid. She sucked the long strings of sticky fluid from his cock squeezing the deflating sack then pushed it all back into his trousers.

Leaving him to zip up she moved on hands and knees to the next man. Cringing at the horrid task she summoned all her willpower to keep going. With her head banging against the table with his thrusts she heard them laughing. This one, whoever he was, had more enthusiasm.

This was worse than having those strangers fuck her ass. She knew these men. She wanted to shout at them for being so vile. As they were her father's employees she had always thought herself above them. She had let them flirt with her and teased them at company functions. Watching their wives count up points against them had been amusing.

This wasn't New York but it wasn't a small city either and she moved in the highest circles of society. She was divorced but nevertheless a desirable rich woman. At the very least they should have respect for the boss's daughter. This was not how it was meant to be; naked at their feet on all fours, sucking for dear life on their cocks.

Olivia felt a hand on her ass and a finger slide into her pussy for a coarse finger fucking. She felt the juddering spasms of an orgasm from the cock in her mouth and looked up to see him peering at her.

Henry the sales director was watching her suck his cum down her throat.

With his cock filling her mouth, distorting her face, there was little chance he would recognise her. The angle and unexpectedness was against it too. Thankfully there was no sign of recognition in his face, just the screwed up look of passion.

This man had danced with her at company functions, she even knew his wife. Olivia remembered him flirting, as they all had, for she was an attractive woman. At company functions the drink flowed and they had all danced holding her a little too tight.

When under the influence they all wanted to kiss the boss's sexy daughter but were always careful not to push the boundaries of propriety. She would swan around in a bikini by the pool while they tried to avoid wives seeing them ogle her.

She had teased them thinking they were beneath her, knowing she was off limits. Now he had her sweet lips sucking on his cock, swallowing his cum. If he knew it would be a shock but how much more thrilling would the pleasure be. He leant back sated while she sucked him dry of the last drops from his balls.

She let him pull his cock back into place while quickly shuffling to the next appalling job. Before she could get another cock in her mouth fingers spread her lips.

She would have been dry, for this was not exciting, it was a terrible ordeal. She was wet from sperm still leaking from her body but they thought she was enjoying it. The crude remarks were unbearable.

They thought she was such a hot slut she was enjoying sucking them off. She could hear their derisory comments on how wet and open she was. What would they think it they discovered it was the result of so many men fucking her it left her pussy and ass leaking sperm? Even her bottom was open to their delving fingers.

The last one spurted into her mouth and in surprise she banged the back of her head on the table and groaned in pain. The man with his fingers working her bottom and pussy let go thinking she too had cum. Not once, after so many men had taken her, had she even the slightest orgasm.

The dreadful ordeal was over and she crawled from under the table. She felt her belly was full of their disgusting fluids trying not to think of it as sperm. She had to dismiss the degrading action trying not to think of it or she might just collapse in a heap at their feet.

Thankfully Mathew collected the money quickly for she was desperate to run and hide. At least two of them had fingered her pussy and ass and they all thought she had been hungry for them. She had been eager to complete the filthy task not eager for them.

Standing before them after that was a torment of shame. What could she say, 'this is a new company perk'. Just call reception and I'll come running like a good little whore to squat under your desk. If I can't give satisfaction just bend me over your desk and take my asshole.

She was no longer the beautiful rich woman they once knew and desired but so very unattainable. What they saw standing there was a stupid little whore ready for anything. She had been reduced to a three hole fuck toy, available for less than what they tipped at dinner.

"So, thank the gentlemen whore," he demanded.

"Thank you," she said demurely. He pressed a booted foot on her sandal and whispered. "Make it good, you want rid of us don't you?"

He held the back of her hair threatening to lift her head for a slap. She was painfully aware there was a slight chance they might recognise her if he showed her face.

These employees of her fathers were such hypocrites. What they had done, even if it hadn't been her, was just appalling.

She took Mathews words as a dire warning, not daring to take a chance, she cleared her throat. "Thank you, thank you for your lovely sperm," she said, while rubbing her bare belly. The action was supposed to be appealing but was pitiable.

She wanted to cry. She was standing naked before so called respectable men who knew her as a rich socialite but thought she was a young gang girl. She had their disgusting cum in her belly and they were looking at her, judging her to be a depraved whore.

She felt him pulling her hair back. He guessed she was too ashamed to look at them, but not why. She cleared her throat and quickly continued.

"I loved sucking and licking your big cocks. You made me cum so much when I swallowed your juicy cum," she intoned flatly, despite trying to make it sound alluring.

They were drunk enough not to notice the lack of emotion in the flat statement. They laughed at her for being such a despicable little whore.

"If I'd know how filthy you are you wouldn't have come near my cock," one of them laughed, setting the others off again.

Mathew was enjoying himself. He whispered in her ear and she cringed.

"Yea," she faltered. After going this far there was no turning back. "I'm a disgusting little whore but I love it. If you think I'm not good enough to suck your cocks perhaps you will let me kiss and suck your assholes," she said.

She just didn't care anymore. There was no further to sink. This was rock bottom. At least they looked a little shocked.

"Yea guys, next time, the bitch will kiss ass," Mathew laughed. He gripped her arm and dragged her away.

The little gang swaggered through the upmarket mall with her between them where she shrank in shame. They attracted looks from security but well to do shoppers avoided them.

Once more into the bright daylight they headed into the parking lot. The little crumpled skirt hardly covered anything but she didn't care anymore. She had given up holding it down as she had given up caring about herself altogether.

They stopped and she wished with all her might to be away from there. If her father saw her, or one of his staff recognised her, she would die of shame. Perhaps that was the only answer.

"We've all used the slut and made some money on her so its time we let her go," Mathew said to his gang. He listened to their approval then turned to Olivia.

"You were a good little whore. You want to say goodbye to the gang?" he asked.

They didn't seem to want to even touch her let alone take her. Olivia was relieved it was all over. They had robbed her of every shred of dignity until she was ready to submit to whatever they wanted, however depraved it was. What did they want now?

"Sorry Sir. What must I do?" she asked.

"Just do as I say," he said, leading her to a car. "Get in."

Surely this must mean she was being taken back to her car. A flutter of dismay at driving to Jane's house dressed like this came and went. It didn't matter just as long as she was free of these brutes.

She slid onto the back seat of the old car, another version of theirs. A couple of young Hispanic lads slipped in beside her. She watched the guy in the front passenger seat hand over a wad of notes to Mathew, not understanding what was happening.

The young money guy leant over the seat examining her. Under his scrutiny she tried to pull the little crumpled skirt together, to at least hide her bare pussy. It covered little else and she felt so very naked under his stare.

"I've just paid good money for you. You now belong to our gang. What do you say, slut." Rodriguez said.

"W. W. What do you mean?" she gulped.

He gripped her chin in a strong hand looking at her closely. "You're a bit old for us but Mat said you're a good gang fuck. How old are you?" he asked.

"I'm twenty-eight, sir" Olivia whimpered. Before she could gather her wits to protest he slapped her face.

"He told me you need to be slapped around to keep you under control. No talking unless asked a question, you got that?" he watched her nod. She was quickly subdued having suffered so much. She simply gave in to the thug while her mind whirled in fear.

"Twenty-eight! That's a bit old gyrl but you look fit. I'm eighteen like the rest of the gang. We're called the eighteens. Cause of our age and that's how many we have in our gang. It's our lucky number. We'll have you tattooed with our symbol of ownership and you can get to work. Mat said you can handle all of us. You're experienced and know plenty of tricks," he said seriously.

'No! No! This can't be true. Surely they're just taunting me. They can't keep me for sex.' She wailed inside not daring to speak. She believed it. After being used by Mathew and his gang, then pimped as a prostitute all self worth had been ground into the dust and trampled upon.

The sight of that money being handed over flashed through her mind and she burst into tears. She had been sold! Mathew had used and abused her then he sold her to this gang. They considered her property. She was a thing to be used.

They didn't care about her tears. She had been reduced to being a gang slut and was considered just an object they owned. Being bought and owned by these gangsters just added to the nightmare.

They were callous and hard but she doubted they would use her more roughly than Mathew had. It stunned her to think she had been reduced to thinking like a gang girl. She cuffed away the tears and tried not to think about her fate in the hands of these young men.

No-one knew where she was so there was little chance of help and they would watch her closely after paying so much for her. It seemed she belonged to this gang and would be subject to their demands. Olivia slumped in the back of the car having been ground down into accepting her fate. There seemed to be little choice but get on with whatever fate threw at her.


"No! Please let me go, please, Sir," Olivia squealed. Rodriguez watched as two of his gang stripped her naked. The pitiable clothing was little enough but it was something. They pulled her over the concrete floor by both arms and pushed her into a cage. She curled up on a piece of cardboard wrapping her arms around her body for protection and comfort.

They had driven her to an old warehouse in an area of abandoned factories. A bowl of water was put into the cage and the three of them walked out slamming a steel door behind them.

The small dark room held two cages and the other was occupied too. "You Ok?" someone asked.

Olivia tried to control her sobbing. She looked into the other cage to see a young woman also naked, squatting, holding onto the bars of the cage. "No! I'm not alright, I want out of here," she sobbed.

"I wish I could say it's going to be alright but it isn't. My names Rosa," she said.

"How long have they kept you like this?" Olivia asked, trying to bring her thoughts into order. She needed to find out what was to happen to her and maybe escape.

"I don't know, a year, maybe," the young woman said.

Olivia cringed at the thought of being kept like this for so long. "Do you know what they're going to do with me?" Olivia asked.

"They will probably use you as their gang slut for awhile. Then train you," the stranger answered.

"Train me? What for," Olivia asked with a look of dismay on her face. She looked a mess with hair awry and face streaked with a mixture of tears and cum.

"Maybe like me, I don't know. Me? I'm a cum whore now. I spend the night giving blow jobs to anyone who'll pay. I'm hungry for it too. I don't know if it's cause of the training or cause they keep me hungry. Whatever it is I do it good and quick so as I can to get as much as I can. Don't look at me like that," Rosa complained.

"I used to be a student studying geology. I made the mistake of taking a loan I couldn't pay back. I got sold to this gang and they used me as their gang slut for awhile. When I gave up fighting they trained me as whore. More than that! They turned me into this," she cried. Drying her tears she leaned back from the bars rocking on her heels.

"Maybe we can escape," Olivia started to say.

"No going back for me. I'm addicted to sperm. Got to have it! That bread and water in your cage, that's all you're getting tonight so eat it. In the morning some soup then it's up to you to milk as much sperm from them as possible. Yeah! All the protein you can squeeze outa their balls, gyrl. You'll get used to the taste then grow to like it. After awhile you won't remember what good food tastes like. You'll start to forget what life you had before this. Or maybe you will want to because it hurts to remember."

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