Olsen Twin Magic


The knock came at the door and the male voice from the other side.

"Twenty minutes girls."

They knew they had to be quick. The Olsen twins (Ashley and Mary-Kate) were in their dressing room on the set of their new movie called Twin Magic. The 25 year old twins are by far the most popular twins in the world as well as the richest. Although they were in their dressing room they were hardly dressed. Mary-Kate was laying on the couch almost naked with nothing on but her red panties pulled aside as Ashley's tongue lapped away at her tight pussy. Ashley had nothing on but a small baby blue and navy blue t-shirt pulled up over her small pert breasts Mary-Kate's hands squeezed and groped her tiny B cup breasts and pinched her nipples as her sister's tongue continued to work it's way deeper inside her.

"Oh gosh, yes Ashley oh that feels so good," Mary-Kate softly cried. She tried to be as quiet as possible the door was locked but they both knew it wasn't sound proof.

Ashley used her index and middle fingers from each hand to spread open Mary-Kate's pussy lips and snaked her tongue deep inside. "Mmmmmmmmmmm," she moaned and then paused and to look up at Mary-Kate and inquired, "you like that baby sis?"

Mary-Kate's head was thrown back hanging over the backrest of the couch. She couldn't believe lesbian sex felt this good. Not only that, that it was her own sister doing it to her. "I want it from behind," she told her sister as she bent over the couch. Ashley licked and sucked two fingers of her left hand soaking them in her saliva before slowly sliding them into Mary-Kate's tight ass.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh," Mary-Kate cried as her legs began to shake from the feeling of her sister's fingers penetrating her virgin ass. Ashley started to move them in and out slowly and then started to build up speed. Mary-Kate started to rock her body back and forth trying to get her sister's fingers in deeper. Ashley's other hand moved under Mary-Kate and stared to rub and pinch her sister's clit making her sister even more hot.

"Oh gosh yes Ashley, fuck it, fuck it, fuck me harder"

Ashley spanked her sister twice on the ass.


"Be quiet Mary-Kate we don't want everyone to know what we are doing here. This could end our career do you realize that? Is that what you want?"

"No, no," Mary-Kate cried as tears began to prick her eyes from her tight ass being stuffed with her sister's fingers.

Ashley removed her fingers and used her hands to hold her sister's ass open and as she slid her tongue in her tight hole. Then she softly blew in her sister's ass.

"Oooooooooooooooooooo," Mary-Kate cooed at the cooling sensation her sister was giving her.

Ashley then sat on the couch and pulled her younger sister on her lap as she began to lick and suck her tiny breasts and bite her nipples getting them hard.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm," Mary-Kate moaned and smiled and she stroked Ashley's hair as her breasts were being treated by her older sister's mouth and tongue. Ashley then lifted her head up and kissed her sister on the mouth and Mary-Kate could faintly taste her ass from her sister's mouth.

Ashley broke the kiss and smiled at her sister. "My turn," she said and she took of her t-shirt, lifted her ass up and leaned over the side rest of the couch. Mary-Kate removed her soaked panties and bent her head down towards her sisters ass as she spread her cheeks open and traced her tongue around the opening before shoving her tongue up inside her sisters ass. "Oh yeah," Ashley moaned as Mary-Kate tried to shove her tongue in deeper. She then moved under her sister moved her tongue toward Ashley's neatly trimmed pussy. Ashley started to move her hips grinding her pussy on her baby sister's face and mouth.

Mary-Kate then grabbed her sister by the hair and threw her over their make-up table in front of their mirror. "Owwwwww," Ashley screamed, "Mary-Kate what are you doing?"

"Quiet sis," Mary-Kate responded as placed her hand over her sister's mouth, "like you said we can't have anybody hear us." Mary-Kate removed her hand from her sisters mouth and walked over to her bag as she rustled through it. Ashley was not playing attention with her head down panting trying to catch her breath. Wen she finally looked up in the mirror all she saw was the reflection of her baby sister walking towards her with a 7 inch strap-on fastened around her waist smiling seductively. "Let's see if any of your boyfriends gave it to you like I am about to sis." With that she put her hands on her sisters hips and slammed the entire strap-on deep inside Ashley's moist pussy.

"Ahhhhhhhhh," Ashley screamed her thighs slamming against the table as her baby sister began to bang her tight pussy from behind her. Ashley's hands slammed against the table causing make-up to topple over and the mirror to shudder.

Mary-Kate spanked her sister twice on the ass and picked up her red panties she was wearing earlier and stuffed them in her sister's mouth to quiet her. "That should shut you up," said Mary-Kate as she continued to fuck her sister hard. Mary-Kate grabbed Ashley's hair and pulled her head back and gave her sister a big lick up the side of her neck before throwing her back on the table again and continued to pound away at Ashley's pussy.

Ashley's body began to shudder as she cried to her sister "I'm cumming I'm cumming." Her body became limp as she collapsed with her breasts smashed against the make-up table and her younger sister collapsed on top of her with her breasts against Ashley's back with the strap-on still buried inside her pussy. Both of them covered in sweat and the room filled with the scent of their incestuous love.

Another knock at the door. They both looked at the door with horror on their faces wondering if someone had heard them. "Five minutes girls," came the innocent male voice from the other side. Mary-Kate kissed her sister quickly on the cheek before pulling out the strap-on, as they both began to dress in silence.

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