Olsen Twincest


DISCLAIMER: I've always wanted to read a twincest story about the Olsens...well...PERIOD (very difficult to find), but I especially wanted them to be wearing the sexiest outfits I've seen them in. As such, I have written the story below and combined some facts from roughly around the same time for realistic plot advancement. However, I'm not obsessed with the twin's lives and haven't been following their exploits when I wrote this story, so outfits and events may not, in reality, intermingle very well. (In other words, I didn't research this story before I wrote it.) So suspend reality for a little bit and you can fully appreciate this story. Comments and feedback would be much appreciated, as this is my first attempt at an erotic story.


Mary-Kate was dressed in her current favorite outfit: a flannel shirt and black tights. Her favorite high heeled boots lay near the coffee table while her feet rested upon the couch, her legs strait out in front of her, as she read a magazine detailing the 50 most beautiful famous people in the world. Having finally recovered from her anorexia, she felt comfortable with her body again, and with a slight twinge of superficiality she looked at the magazine for confirmation that the rest of the world agreed with her. It didn't. Feeling a twinge, Ashley made it on the list, but Mary-Kate was nowhere to be seen. For the most part, she didn't care; she was happy with who she was, and for 99% of her, that was enough. The rest of her felt saddened that she didn't make it onto the list, and the remaining 1% of her sighed.

Ashley came inside the house. Soaking up some rays while wearing nothing but a long, white, deep v-neck shirt and white panties, she felt a twinge herself as the paparazzi took pictures of her. Deciding to act a little out of character, she showed off her legs (and panties) and flashed just a hint of breast. She entered the house, her pussy just a little moist, and she was about to head off to her bedroom to play with herself when she heard her sister's sigh. Ashley decided that she wasn't so horny that she couldn't wait, so she walked up behind the couch to see what Mary-Kate was doing.

The cover of the magazine told her instantly. Having flipped through it earlier, she knew what her sister's hang-up was. Drifting her eyes down, the flannel shirt prevented her from seeing the shape of Mary-Kate's upper body, but she got a great view of her long, skinny legs. Her sister's gorgeous legs made Ashley feel some heat between her own. Licking her lips slightly, she leaned on the back of the sofa, bringing her face closer to Mary-Kate's, and smiled.

"I know what you're thinking."

Mary-Kate closed the magazine, threw it on the coffee table, turned to her sister, and returned the smile. "I'm sure you do."

"Don't pay that magazine any attention. To everyone that matters, you're beautiful and sexy."

"I know, and I'm happy with myself. It's just..."

"...Nice to get some recognition?" Ashley finished, knowing her sister too well. Mary-Kate dropped her gaze to her body. Ashley slid off the back of the sofa and maneuvered herself to the arm where Mary-Kate was propped up on.

Mary-Kate forced a slight laugh. "I know it's silly, and in the end, I really don't care—"

"Good," Ashley interrupted, getting down on her knees and brushing her sister's hair from her neck, "because your family and friends love you no matter what, and I will always love you unconditionally." Holding Mary-Kate's hair off to the side, she leaned forward and kissed her sister's neck. Mary-Kate genuinely smiled this time as Ashley gave her long, sensual kisses up and down her neck.

"I know you will. You've helped me so much during my time of need, and I think I got my unconditional love all over your body."

Ashley moved around to the front of the couch and got even closer to her sister. "And in my mouth and even in my pussy." Leaning forward, she gave her sister 3 quick, sensuous kisses on the lips.

Mary-Kate returned her sister's once-over. Her smile broadened. "Well now, you're in a mood."

Ashley's eyes twinkled. "I just got done showing off a little for the paparazzi." Mary-Kate's heart tugged a little, realizing the photographers wanted a piece of her sister. Ashley sensed her sister's despair and started to unbutton Mary-Kate's shirt. "You know, if you tease them, too, they'll be able to see what I see: a woman who's sexier than me." Leaving the shirt buttoned a little at the bottom, she opened the flannel a little and kissed her sister between her boobs. Her pussy twitched a little, realizing that, like herself, she wasn't wearing a bra.

Mary-Kate witnessed the lovely vision of Ashley's face buried in her bosom and felt a slight jolt of electricity run from the kiss to her heart. "You're just saying that to make me feel better."

Ashley smiled wickedly. "I'm saying it because you know it's true." Looking down her sister's body, she ran her hand down Mary-Kate's tight-covered leg. "Or would you like me to prove it to you again?" When she brought her hand up, she raked her fingers along the way.

Mary-Kate unbuttoned the remainder of her shirt and opened the flannel widely, exposing her tiny, mouthwatering tits to Ashley. "I could use a little more convincing."

Ashley mounted her sister. Mary-Kate spread her legs slightly, allowing their lower bodies to mingle. Ashley rubbed her legs slightly with her twin's, enjoying the feel of her tights and the smoking legs beneath them. Leaning down, she gave her sister an excellent view of her tiny, braless tits. Ashley, also, gently humped her panty-covered pussy against Mary-Kate's thigh. Leaning forward, she gave Mary-Kate a long, slow, passionate French kiss.

It felt wonderful to have her sister's tongue in her mouth and her thigh between Ashley's legs. The heat in Ashley's pussy got hotter as Mary-Kate wrapped her arms around her and began humping her pussy against Ashley's naked thigh. Ashley brought her hands up to her twin's face and thrust her tongue deeper into her sister's mouth.

Mary-Kate ran her hands down Ashley's body and began massaging her sister's ass. Her groping caused Ashley's shirt to bunch up around her waist, exposing her white cotton panties. She slid her hands inside the waistband and gripped her twin's hot ass, helping her to hump her tights.

Ashley came up for air; she was ALWAYS the first to give. She looked at Mary-Kate with deep passion welling from her eyes. "I love you so much," she whispered.

Mary-Kate returned her sister's eyes. "I love you, too, sweetie," she replied, sweeping a lock of Ashley's hair behind her ear.

Ashley leaned in and gave Mary-Kate another passionate kiss, sliding her hands down her sister's body and cupping her boobs, squeezing them, feeling her twin's nipples harden beneath her palms. Pushing herself up a little, feeling Mary-Kate slip her hands from her panties, Ashley grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head, throwing the v-neck on the table. Mary-Kate's hands found her sister's boobs and gently groped them. Ashley enjoyed her twin's manipulation for a few minutes, returning her bullet nipples in kind, then took one of her hands and kissed the palm. She then took Mary-Kate's arm and pulled her up to a sitting position, allowing Ashley to slip the flannel shirt off her sister's sexy upper body. It found itself on top of the v-neck and Ashley pushed her sister's shoulders back down to the couch arm. She followed every step of the way down, placing her breasts on top of her twin's, and gyrated her body a little more so that their pussies and tits were getting simultaneous stimulation.

Mary-Kate lifted her head from the arm and gave her sister another passionate kiss and they both savored top-to-bottom stimulation. With one arm wrapped around Ashley's lower back, Mary-Kate reached down with her other and ran her hand up her sister's sexy leg. When it reached the top, she lowered her other hand until the two had converged on Ashley's ass, squeezing her panties into her flesh. She thought about removing them, but decided against it. Instead, she felt her way down to Ashley's pussy and began rubbing the exposed lower half. Ashley gave a tiny cry of surprise when she felt her panties slightly enter her pussy, but she didn't stop the kiss. Mary-Kate was a panty sniffer and Ashley knew her twin would love to bury her face in Ashley's pussy-soaked panties, but Ashley didn't expect her to act so quickly; Mary-Kate usually waited until her sister had orgasmed before grabbing the panties from the floor, soaking them in her sister's juices, and getting a nose full. This change in routine made her already wet pussy a little more generous.

Breaking the kiss at last, Mary-Kate temporarily stopped her manipulation and pushed her sister off of her. She then guided her to the other side of the couch and made her way on top. Now they were opposite of how they were before, with Ashley on the bottom, her head on the opposite arm, and Mary-Kate on top. Mary-Kate, however, instead of lying on top of Ashley, remained standing on her knees and put full concentration into rubbing her twin's pussy. She started with running her middle finger down, and a little into, Ashley's slit. With her finger resting inside the outer lips, she began rubbing circles within. A few minutes later the panties began showing signs of the owner's excitement. Mary-Kate had never done this to Ashley before and Ashley was enjoying it very much. The heat inside her mound raised and she watched as Mary-Kate began rubbing her sister's pussy with another finger. A few rubs later, Mary-Kate began taking her two fingers and poking them, through the panties, inside Ashley. When they were sufficiently soaked, Mary-Kate, with a very large grin, leaned down and inhaled her sister's scent. Her aroma was intoxicating! Mary-Kate could spend the rest of her life buried between her sister's legs, deeply inhaling, as Ashley rubbed her pussy against her face. She loved feeling Ashley's pussy juice against her skin while she inhaled her musk, and it made her so horny that she began to lick her sister's panty-covered pussy.

Ashley was sent nearly over the edge. Reaching down, she grabbed the back of Mary-Kate's head with both hands and held her sister against her. Slight moans escaped her lips as her sister fauxly ate her out. Mary-Kate watched hungrily as Ashley laid there, head upon the arm, eyes closed, with her perky breasts rising and falling. Feeling her own pussy, she noticed that she had practically drenched her tights. She began sliding them down, but Ashley, who apparently had opened her eyes and saw Mary-Kate, stopped her. "If you're not going to remove my underwear, then your pantyhose stays on as well."

"Tights, actually," she replied, reluctantly removing her mouth from Ashley. Ashley could see her juices glistening on Mary-Kate's face and marveled over how beautiful she looked. "And if that's how you want to play it..."

Before Ashley knew what was happening, Mary-Kate had grabbed her panties and forced them out from under her. With a little coaxing, they had come off completely. Ashley's pussy was finally exposed: bald lips with a trimmed vertical triangle top of pubic hair. Mary-Kate quickly went for her tights again, but Ashley screamed, "No!"

"What now?" Mary-Kate asked, irritated; she was too hot to be patient.

Ashley sat herself up and deeply kissed her sister (she tasted herself in Mary-Kate's mouth), running her hands down Mary-Kate's back and grabbing a hold of the tights herself. "I want to do it." Running her thumbs inside the waist, Ashley felt for her sister's panties and was surprised to not find any. "No underwear? You naughty girl!"

Mary-Kate gave Ashley a devilish smile. "I did say I was happy with myself."

Ashley leaned in and began kissing her sister's neck as she pulled down the tights to below her twin's ass. She grabbed her ass with one hand and began playing with Mary-Kate's pussy with the other. Unlike Ashley's, Mary-Kate's was completely bald, and by the feel of it, extremely wet. Without reservation, Ashley slipped two fingers inside her sister's pussy and began pumping.

The passion within Mary-Kate overwhelmed her once more and she began playing with Ashley's boobs once more. Although she couldn't see them since Ashley was still kissing her neck, she found them easily enough and groped them a little before tweaking the nipples with her fingers. Ashley enjoyed her sister so much that, while staying inside her, she took her free hand and played with Mary-Kate's boobs as well. Her twin's breasts felt electrified in her hand and she imitated Mary-Kate's touches the best she could with one hand. It was apparently enough, for she felt her sister's pussy clench in order to keep her fingers in and she began moaning.

The heat from between her sister's legs gave rise to her own. Desperately, she ended her kisses, stared deeply into Mary-Kate's aquamarine eyes, and said, "Oh God, please! I need it!"

The change was immediate. No sooner had Mary-Kate released one of her sister's boobs than she taken her free hand and shoved two fingers inside her sister's slit. The heat from Ashley was practically unbearable. Mary-Kate had no idea how she had become that hot, but she was certainly going to ask when this was over!

Ashley's moans joined those of Mary-Kate's as they made love to each other. They knew exactly where to touch and soon the pleasure was so intense that they released the other's boob and hugged one another as tightly as they could, bringing their lower halves as closely as they could while maintaining their fevered pace. Once again their breasts pressed against each other, their nipples touching, and the twins moaned loudly in the other's ear as they continued to play with each other.

Despite being pleasured for a shorter time, Ashley was the first one to cum; she was always the weaker and more sensitive of the two. She felt the blood rushing to her pussy, demanding more sensation, until the energy within her built up so much that her entire body tensed up until it finally exploded. Screaming at the top of her lungs, Ashley's release caused a large discharge of pussy juice that not only covered Mary-Kate's hands and ran down her own leg, but it also rained heavily upon the couch. Her body jerked and twitched, trying to release every ounce of juice there was, until finally it was pushing out nothing. Her mind swirling, she wanted nothing more than to take a long nap, but a pressure on her hand made her snap back to reality: Mary-Kate hadn't gotten off and Ashley had stopped playing with her, causing Mary-Kate to squeeze her sister's hand with her legs to grab her attention.

Exhausted, Ashley reluctantly began pumping her sister again. Her twin's moans were as loud as ever; although Mary-Kate acted as if Ashley had returned to the same pace and speed, Ashley's tired senses told her that she was going slower. Unable to determine if she was or not, she attempted to pick up the pace, but was unsure if she was successful. However, Mary-Kate continued her moans until they seemed to stop. Unlike Ashley, Mary-Kate's moans became few and far between when she felt the build up; all of her concentration went into her release. Practically insane, Mary-Kate felt her body tense up, the pressure within her unbearable. With one final scream her tension was released. Like her sister, Mary-Kate was a squirter. Her orgasm drenched her sister's hand, ran down her own leg, and rained even more heavily upon the tights that were still pulled down beneath her ass than Ashley's had on the couch. Her body continued to push her juices out of her, drenching her tights enough that she began leaving a small puddle of cum on the leather couch. When she ran out, her body convulsed a few more times before finally stopping.

Tired and breathless, Mary-Kate and Ashley remained as they were, standing with their knees on the couch with their fingers in each other's pussies, hugging each other loosely. Although their bodies had collapsed, their dead weight supported each other. It took a few minutes for them to catch their breath and regain their senses. When they did, they once again passionately kissed each other, enjoying their tongues in their mouths. When they finished, Ashley stared deeply into Mary-Kate's eyes and asked, "Are you convinced now that you're sexier than me?"

Mary-Kate smiled. "I think I may need more convincing."

Ashley laughed. "Good thing I Scotch-Guarded the couch then."

They giggled together. Then Mary-Kate looked deeply into Ashley's eyes and said with the utmost sincerity, "I love you, Ashley."

Ashley beamed at her sister and replied, "I love you, too, Mary-Kate." Leaning in for one final kiss, she brought her sister's tights back up (which gave Mary-Kate a funny sensation) and forced Mary-Kate down to her original lying position. Mary-Kate, however, moved her outer leg to the floor, which Ashley imitated. Then, sliding down a little, she placed her head upon her sister's chest and listened to Mary-Kate's heartbeat until she drifted to sleep. Mary-Kate, spying Ashley's panties on the ground within reach, grabbed them and, with the aid of a backscratcher on the coffee table, used them to wipe up as much of her sister's puddle as Ashley's body allowed. She then brought the panties to her and inhaled slowly and deeply until she had fallen asleep with the panties still on her face.

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