tagGroup SexOlympits Ch. 01

Olympits Ch. 01


I will never forget covering the Olympics in Barcelona in 1986. I worked for a small magazine and I was asked by my editor to look into the allegation whether the East German athletes were taking performance-enhancing drugs. There had been speculation in the past about the great Marlies Goehr and other great runners and I was specifically asked to tail Sabine a member of the 400 meters relay squad. She was a reserve but she trained just as hard and she hung around with the other members of the team including the legendary Heike Dreschler and the up and coming star Katrina Krabbe.

I followed her around during the vigorous practice sessions and one thing that struck me was the abundance of hair in their pits. Being an American and used to women shaving their underarms I was shocked by the thick bushy forests in their underarms and they certainly had so much in their underarms that even men would seem bald before these athletes.

I wondered whether their "OLYMPITS" was because of the drugs they were taking as all of them including Sabine had bunches of jet-black bushy hair in their unshaven armpits. Mind you the thatches of hair in their underarms turned me on and I found it very alluring and erotic. In the Olympic village there was a lot of camaraderie and I had clicked a few photos when I went to Sabine's room to show her some of hers hoping to see something in her room. I looked through the window to see if she was there and I heard her moaning, "Oh my God, your cock is fucking huge," I was turned on by hearing her sexy voice and I slowly pushed her door and entered the small living room. I saw the hammer throw record holder Gunther saying, "Your tits are really turning me on".

She knelt between his legs and bent over and she had put her head down and began to lick his balls. After she had finished with his balls she licked his thick, pulsing shaft again. Gunther had a massive prick and she licked every inch of it. She grabbed his cock and let her lips slide over the head of it again until three or four inches of his solid meat was in her mouth, then she started sucking it hard, jerking him off with her hand. Gunther just moaned and groaned as he looked down at her, her lips locked around his huge cock, her throat absolutely filled with his flesh. After a last few loving sucks down at the base of his massive endowment, she slowly pulled off of Gunther's flesh, and just wiggled that busy, pink tongue over the head.

It was then she saw me gazing at her. Gunther looked up and saw me too. She winked at me and called me in as Gunther straightened out his massive tool flopping out from her hungry mouth. She roughly pulled my shirt off sending buttons everywhere. She saw my hairy chest and kissed down my body pecking my body with her sweet lips. I held her head as she traveled down my body till she pulled off my belt and yanked my pants down.

My 11 inches of thick cock meat busted out at her and she gasped saying how big it was and how she was going to suck it. I marveled at the jet-black bushy hair in her underarms and with trepidation I touched the hard heavy fur in her unshaven armpits. It was very coarse and since it was my first real touch at a woman's underarm hair it felt very good. She licked up and down the shaft with her tongue as she held my ass in he hands. She took a deep breath and did the best thing I have ever felt in my life, she took all my cock and stuffed it all down her throat. I almost came right there but I knew I had to hold off till I fucked her brains out. She traveled up and down my cock sucking it like a vacuum and making it glisten with saliva. She grabbed each of my balls and put each one in her mouth sucking them enchantingly.

I pushed two fingers in her cunt and let another finger push into her asshole. Sabine opened her eyes and looked at me. "I want your big cock. I want to wrap my white lips around it and taste it." Gunther looked at her "Go ahead, you hairy slut! Lick his big prick and his hairy balls" Sabine smiled as she bent her head. Her tongue felt soft as she licked up and down my shaft. My dick throbbed under her expert work. Sabine's lips and tongue was giving my hard dick a sweet sensation. She was making loud slurping sounds as her mouth traveled up and down my dick. I felt my balls grow tight from her expert cocksucking. If there were an Olympics for cocksucking Sabine would have been the outright winner. Her armpits were glistening with sweat from her exertions and a sexy aroma wafted around the room. Gunther's massive prick was also erect but he was watching Sabine intently as she sucked my dick.

Gunther was holding his own huge cock and he stroked his monster cock a few seconds before walking right behind Sabine. He pointed his huge pre-cum leaking cock head to her hairy pussy helped by her own hand pulling wide that juicy ass cheeks, that should be wide enough for a huge cock. The instant it touched her outer lips I could see her juices begin to flood out. As he began to slide into her she began to tense up, as she was stretched further and further. The tip of his cock was throbbing deep inside her, and as it rubbed against the opening of her womb she began to shake. He withdrew his cock and then slammed into her again and again. She sucked my cock and ate it voraciously. Her silky tongue tentatively emerged from between her soft lips. She licked my cock from its head to its root and back to its head. My cock began to grow as her tongue moved along the shaft as she moved her head back and forth sucking as much of my growing shaft into her throat. My mushroom shaped head grew larger as she swallowed more of my cock into her warm mouth.

I groaned as she continued to stroke the base of my prick while sucking on my cock, Sabine paused and looked at my thick meat then returned her mouth to the cock before her. Gunther was ramming his prick hard into her even as she licked and kissed the underside from the base of my cock to its head. The blowjob Sabine was giving me was beginning to affect her. Her nipples were hard and erect, and her armpit hair stretched out lovingly as it glistened in a mixture of sweat and my saliva when I had kissed he long strands of hair in her unshaven armpits. Soft murmurs were escaping from within her as I watched my cock slide in and out of the young athlete's mouth. I watched her head bob back and forth as her lips held my cockshaft tightly and her tongue flicked madly at the sensitive underside of my prick. I knew she was getting into it, she was enjoying sucking me off.

Gunther started to cum and his spurts brought me to edge. The way she was eating my prick left me with no option as I neared my orgasm "Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh drink my cum " I moaned as the first shot was a hot sticky glob which Sabine moaned as she swallowed. Gunther was groaning to as he deposited his seed into her. Sabine's mouth was open in lust and she had a smile on her face. I pulled her forward and let her suck the last bit from my dick. By then my dick was rock hard and I pulled her to the edge of the bed. Sabine lay there legs wide open, staring up at me. She had a look of contentment on her face. I grasped the shaft of my dick and stoked it. Then I … I was in the "OLYMPITS" marathon.

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