tagNonHumanOmega Pride Ch. 01

Omega Pride Ch. 01


This is my very first submission on any site. Ever. So go easy on me. If you're looking for an easy flap or fix, you might want to look else where.

The other language you all see here is French.

Feedback is most welcomed, in fact asked for, and I hope you all enjoy


14 Years Ago...

Flames and smoke. The scent of it hung heavy in the air, causing Delphinia to drop the fire wood she was told to collect. This couldn't be happening. Panic filled the young pup's heart as she turned and rushed back to the pack den.

"Maman! Papa!" Delphinia called out, ignoring the cold of the snow that crunched through her human feet. It was too silent. Far too silent, and Delphinia couldn't reach her parents' minds; it was as if everything was an empty void when she reached out to them. She should have shifted to make it home faster. She shoulder have listened to her other self's instincts that told her something was wrong. She should never left in the first place.

"Alpha! Madame Alpha!" She brushed through the trees, her heart pounding in her head as she suddenly stopped her eyes full of pure devastation and horror at the sight that lay before her. The den, the manor that sheltered the entire pack, it wasn't just burnt down to ashes and charred wood. Her friends, her family, everyone lay dead in the northern snow, their blood staining the ice red. She covered her sensitive nose as she moved closer warily, fighting a battle within herself not retch and not to cry.

What caused this...?

Who would do this...?

A familiar smell wandered into her covered nostrils, making her snap her head toward it and take off into a sprint, "Maman?! Papa?!"

She stopped, seeing their bodies that copied the others in their lifeless state. The tears that were fighting against her will finally won as Delphinia fell to her knees at their limp bodies, "N-non... Maman...papa..." She reached out with shaky hands toward their bodies, scared to touch them in fear and denial that that was them, "Pourquoi? Pourquoi est-ce arrivé...?"

As she touched their heated fur, she wiped the ash a little of her parents' pelts, her 10-year-old form shook violently against them before she leaned back and cried in agony. "POURQUOI?!?" Her cries echoed into the night sky as they soon turned into howls.


14 years later...

"Now arriving in Jackson!" A man in the front of the bus bellowed, immediately waking Delphi from her sleep, her sensitive ears made her other self want to growl in annoyance. She lazily looked out the window, seeing the town and all of its surroundings for the first time. She inhaled deeply, blinking her orange to blue-grey eyes as she sat up in her winter clothes she brought from Illinois.

"...I should have stayed in Cheyenne," She thought to herself, but quickly shook her head of the thought. She needed to get out of Wyoming—in fact any mountain ranges—period. As a lone wolf, a young omega lone wolf, she couldn't risk being in such a place where she always had to have her hackles up.

She brushed her dark auburn hair back, making sure the rest was safely tucked in her navy blue knitted beanie. She wrapped her matching scarf around tighter and put her backpack on. She really didn't need it as a wolf, but in January winter, it would look awfully abnormal to be seen in summer or even fall clothes.

As she exited the bus station, she looked around, sniffing the air once again, trying to make it look as normal to humans as possible without seeming strange or paranoid. If any packs were in this area, she needed to know. As a native werewolf from Quebec, she's traveled way too far to die now.

Knowing if there were other wolves around would let her know if she had a few months or a few hours to get out of there. Only problem now was that she was nearly fresh out of cash. If she needed to leave, she would have to do so in her wolf form. However, that was far more risky that using human transportation and she didn't want another experience like before.

"C'est tiguidou," She thought as she let out a sigh of relief, her wolf inside her too seemed to relax finally after the 7-8 hour long bus ride. She hadn't smelt any wolves.


She opened her wallet and checked. Only $127 left. Enough to get out of town, but since she didn't smell any wolves, right now would be a good time to start earning more money, just in case the next town or city had any. She walked through the town, taking in more of the surrounding sights and scents, looking for help wanted signs.

She slowed when she saw one in a small café. She gave a slight smile as she walked in, people chatting away, ignoring her existence past a curious glance to see who came in.

She walked timidly up to the counter and sat down, trying her best not to look around and sniff the air again. A blonde and busty middle aged waitress approached her with a smile, her tall frame seemed full of confidence and cheerfulness as she walked, "Can I get you anything, hon?"

"No thank you," Delphi replied politely. Without a second look, the waitress turned on her heel. "Wait, ma'am," Delphi stopped her, "Actually I was...looking for a job here."

"A job?" The blonde came back.

"Yes please. I'm a bit new to Jackson, and I was wondering if I can have a job at least for awhile, or do you know anywhere that could hire me," Delphi told her.

"For awhile?" The blonde stared and then smirked, "You're gonna have to talk to the manager, hon. Sounds like you're unreliable."

"I know. I'm sorry. Things have been a bit rough, and it's hard for me to stay in one spot for too long... Is he here? The manager?" Delphi spoke with a little tentativeness.

"She is," The waitress corrected, leaning against the counter toward her, "...And we have been short a few hands... I'm sure she'd hire you. If you have any experience, and past employers don't have any complaints that is. Do you have a resume on you?"

Delphi nodded as she then turned and reached for her resume in her backpack, handing over to the waitress, "It's not too bad is it?"

The waitress whistled as she looked through the pages, "You've obviously been places, hon. Haven't seen a res like this...well...ever. Where are you from?"

"Around," Delphi shrugged a bit nervously, "I was born up north."

"I can see that..." The waitress read through her resume pages, "Yep...I'm sure...she's definitely going to hire you."

"Really?" Delphi brightened up, "When might I be able to talk to her? Maybe schedule a meeting?"

The waitress looked up and smiled at her, "She doesn't expect that much. I'm the manager, hon."

The slight surprise on Delphi's face made the waitress laugh as she held her hand out to her, "My name's Kathy. Kathy Adams. What's you're name, hon?"

"Delphi. Delphi Jones," She shook Kathy's hand.

"Think you can start tomorrow at 7 a.m, Delphi? As I said, we're short a few hands."

"Yes, ma'am," Delphi nodded, her smile on her face showing.

"Now, now. I told you my name. I'm too young to be called ma'am," Kathy winked.

"But old enough to visit a bar, little girl?" A middle-aged man rose his coffee cup.

"Oh shut up, Tim. I wasn't talking to you, was I?" Kathy grabbed the coffee pot, feigning a pissed off look as Tim started laughing, earning a few grins around their playful banter.

Delphi smiled, thinking to herself, "What a tight-knit community."


Delphi walked in the Motel 6 room she paid for, and threw her backpack onto an empty chair wearily. She would need to pay for the place with her first pay check or find a more suitable, temporary home, but for now this would have to do. She let out a heavy sigh as she lay on the comfortable double sized bed.

She hadn't laid in a bed nearly 3 years since she had a run in with a pack in Minnesota. Even before then she knew how hostile packs could really get against rogues or lone wolves, regardless of their position in the hierarchy. Hell, she's seen how hostile some can be to their own.

She's been on the run ever since she was 10, but she's been a part of two other packs since then, and both packs were hell.

A pack in Ontario abused the shit out of their omegas, considered them expendable bodies. She remembered when a Theta male, a rank just barely higher than her own, vent his anger out on an omega male since he had lost at his challenge for a Delta position. The poor Omega was forced to stay put, unable and not allowed to defend himself as his mate and pup watched him get severely beaten and eventually killed in front of them, and yet, the rest of the pack ignored it as if that was a daily and normal ordeal.

It wasn't until one of a neighboring pack's Betas mate one of the female Omegas from that pack and helped revolt against them did she escape in the chaos.

The pack in Pennsylvania was no better, as the treated their females like dirt as well. Only difference was they saw them only fit for breeding more male pups.

She recalled all the times she had to get beaten for failing to comply with the males of her rank's needs, and when she watched an unmated female beta be forced to blow and be ravaged by a bunch of unmated Deltas like a piece of meat. That pack had less care about honor and pride in the ranks than the pack in Ontario; they were pigs, not wolves.

How she escaped them, she didn't know or care to remember. When she nearly lost her life in a run-down in Minnesota, that became the final straw. She refused to ever again join a pack, despite how lonely and hard it was to be without one. She was going to find a place that was not only pack free, but had no other wolves in general. Somewhere inside of her, she and her wolf knew that that would be an impossible feat, but she had to try. Maybe she could go to Hawaii or another small island country of some sort? Madagascar? Who knows?

She closed her eyes as she remembered her original pack in Quebec. They were nothing like the other packs she's been with or seen. There were a lot of laughs, kindness, omegas may have been the weakest, but they weren't looked down upon, and the Alpha Pair led and protected the pack firmly, but with big hearts in such a way that made her wolf howl in longing, pain, and sadness.

She then remembered the fire that day so long ago and their massacre. She knew they were neither the largest nor the strongest pack in Quebec, but it wasn't the fire alone that killed them, it couldn't have been. Someone had to have killed them, but as an omega, she couldn't find out who did it. Even if she tried and did do so, what could she have done?

She exhaled sorrowfully and sat up a bit as she tried to once again rid herself of those haunting memories and images, removing her scarf, the grey coat that covered her curvy yet athletic build along with her 34C boobs under her olive green turtle neck, and the beanie and letting her shoulder blade length hair fall down behind her as she fell back on the bed once again. As she lay in lonesome silence, sleep overtook her as she curled into a ball as if that would protect her from the past and the future.


Pine trees. Shrubs. Cool water. A river. Fresh uncut grass. Remnants of recent snowfall. Delphi opened her eyes as she stopped sniffing the air, "A forest?" She looked around. How had she gotten here?

"Wait," She looked down at herself, seeing that she was no longer in her turtle neck and matching jumper pants. She wore nothing but her own olive colored skin, her brown nipples perked against the cool breeze, and chest rose gently with each breath, "This is...a dream..."

Regardless, she breathed in the air once more and a familiar and almost long-forgotten feeling rushed through her body, mind, heart, and soul. She felt...


It almost made her cry; she hadn't had this feeling in a long time. It was a freedom that she never thought she'd feel again, or even in the near future. The desire to shift, just because she wanted to, not to run away, hide, or protect herself, but just purely to run, to feel the earth, grass, or snow beneath her paws, the air against her fur, and the moon on her back...

She looked down in front of her at the sound of approaching steps and saw her other self, her wolf self. She had white fur along with golden blonde fur on her paws and tail, and grey fur under belly. Their eyes matched with the only difference being that her wolf's eyes seemed brighter. She was beautiful.

Her wolf approached her and moved her muzzle in her hand in a loving and welcoming manner. Delphi smiled at her wolf, greeting her with pet on her head, and with the same thought in their mind, took off into a sprint through the forest. They ran as one, brushing up against the same pine, jumping the same logs, every breath and beat in their hearts in perfect sync, everything together.

However, something caused them to stop their fun and freedom all too quickly. Her wolf stopped, her fur standing on ends as she looked over her shoulder, sniffing the air swiftly and cautiously before quickly turning and growled deeply, almost threateningly.

"W...what is it?" The sudden changed in her wolf shocked her, and she didn't understand why. She found out the moment she heard a howl not to distant them. Why was there another wolf here?

She wanted to run away. She felt even in this dream state that she couldn't face against another wolf, but she was compelled to stay there as if it were some pull, some force that bound her to that spot. She looked down once again at her wolf, who continued to growl intensely as the howling came close, and the sound of paws could be heard.

Delphi's lips quivered and her heart beat rapidly as she sensed what her wolf was about to do. "No...please don't do it," She thought to herself and to her wolf, "Please..." Her wolf didn't yield to her as she then charged and lunged at the unfamiliar wolf. Delphi dare not look at them; the sounds being enough. She could easily tell what was going on from that.

The sound of her wolf's paws circled around the foreign wolf. All too soon, she heard her wolf yelp slightly as the fight once again began. The clashing of claws and teeth continued as they growled, barked, and snapped at each other, the snow, grass, leaves, twigs, and even the bark of the trees making just as much noise and telling her every detail that was happening until finally her wolf yelped once more, the sound of a body falling ricocheted through the forest floor.

Delphi flinched when it did, her body starting to shudder as if suddenly cold, however, she felt the anticipation her wolf felt, the heat that started to pour from her core and making its way through her body. The other wolf growled throatily, forcing her to submit.

All fell silent for awhile before she heard the sound of their bodies shifting against the grass and snow. Her wolf began to whimper wantonly as the other wolf growled only lightly, forcing her wolf to raise her rear and move her tail to the side for him. Delphi's heart rate increased and her blood began to feel like fire as the wolf sniffed her at first before licking her wolf's entrance in quick strokes and then long and torturous ones.

Her wolf mewled at the torturous pleasure, the sound of her paws trying to push her pussy closer echoed through Delphi's mind. At that the unknown wolf plunged his lengthy tongue deep within her, earning a howl from her, and a gasp from Delphi.

Finally, what felt like forever yet only minutes, the wolf ceased his pleasing tongue and pulled away, earning a lustful and dissatisfied growl from her wolf at the emptiness and a quivering pant from Delphi, but none too soon, he mounted her.

His cock started to enter her other self, her wolf's tight and ready sex welcoming him into her, causing Delphi to let out a cry and her legs to weaken, her body felt like liquid fire and the heat burned from her core.


The word rang in her head, her wolf yelping, whimpering in pure ecstasy as the unknown wolf pushed himself inside her to the hilt before pulling out halfway and back in primal, steady thrusts.

This is our mate.

Delphi shook her head in denial, but her body and her wolf proved otherwise as the sounds—the feeling—of their rutting continued with more whimpers, yelps, and growls. Their fucking sped up as she could sense—no—feel his knot starting to form inside her other self, form inside her, their whimpers and growls becoming more and more desperate for release.

In that sudden moment when they were about to go over the edge, bare arms encircled around Delphi's shoulders in an embrace, causing her breath to catch in her throat and her needy body to stop moving. The arms were muscular and bronze colored and whomever they belonged to breathed raggedly against her neck, matching the foreign wolf's, his black brown hair moving softly against her own.

With a growl in his throat, a husky, baritone voice passed his lips, causing her soul itself to melt as he spoke with lust and longing,

"Look at me."


That concludes chapter 1.

P.S, Pourquoi est-ce arrive means "Why did this happen?" and C'est tiguidou" means "A-okay" or "Everything's fine".

Hope you all enjoyed it!

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