tagNonHumanOmega Pride Ch. 04

Omega Pride Ch. 04


The fourth installment of Omega Pride
In this chapter, there will be more than Delphi's POV
Feedback is more than welcomed
Hope you all enjoy it


The day prior....

Wyatt stalked toward the elk, his body remaining low as he hid behind a bush so his black-brown and gray fur wouldn't be noticed.

Before the bull could even look up and take a sense into realization at what was happening, Wyatt charged at it, seizing it by its throat with his strong jaws. It let out a fearful and indignant cry right before Wyatt's jaws tautened on its throat further and sharply twisted his head, breaking its neck with the momentum; its body fell almost soundlessly into the snow.

He looked around before indulging in his fresh kill. In truth, Wyatt didn't need to be hunting this far north in the pack territory, but he needed to clear his mind, and going on lengthy runs and occasional hunts did just that.

For the past week he's been having recurring dreams of "her", his mate. The very thought of her made his wolf go wild with want, desperate to hunt her out, where ever she may be, and since he's had those dreams, he knew she was close. Every night they got stronger, the need to mate, protect, and keep her forever by his side grew, and it almost drove him stark raving mad with lust and longing.

As he absent-mindedly ate through the bull, he couldn't help but think of last night's dream with her.


The smell of Lodgepole pine, fresh snow, and dampened forest grounds made him open his eyes. He looked down at himself. He hadn't shifted to his human form in the night; else he would have felt the change in his sleep.

"A dream then," He closed his naturally feral emerald eyes. He knew all too soon as what was about to happen as he heard the rustle of the surrounding bushes, his wolf approaching him before his eyes reopened.

They stood a part, facing another, each already knew and accepted each other's existence.

His wolf impatiently began to throatily growl at him, and Wyatt felt that same frustrating tug—that both irritating and keen pull—they both shared. His wolf couldn't wait. He needed her, and he was far too eager to see her here again.

Wyatt didn't know how long even these intense dreams would be able sate them. They both raised their heads to the sky and scented the air. The forest air was pure and crisp, but it wasn't the scent of the one they so craved.

Taking off into a sprint, they continued to hunt for it, searching for the scent—her scent—frantically through the woods, the wind they created with their speed ran through his wolf's fur and his hair and whipped past his ears.

Where? Where is she? His wolf's thoughts echoed his own. If he was here, then surely she was too.

A fresh scent that smelt of fresh water from a brook, and two distinctive fruits: Cucumber, Honeydew Green Melon, rushed through their noses as if looking for them, causing a growl to rumble from both of their chests right before his wolf let out a howl of longing and desire.

They found her.

They charged through the brush and thicket, his wolf not ceasing his howls as he hadn't all the other nights, Wyatt's dick hardened as they got closer to them; blood rushing through his veins with speed unmatched.

Where? Where? He stopped in his tracks when his wolf did as he heard the familiar and sultry sound of his mate's wolf.

Once again, the beautiful she-wolf, full of defiance, turned and growled at his approaching wolf, her white, golden blonde, and gray fur rose on her sleek and agile body. Her magnetic orange to blue-gray eyes showed the intensity that lay in them.

She did this every night: Challenge. Fight. Submit.

It still enthralled him as much as it did his wolf; she would be a good mate. His heart rate quickened as he watched her charge at him, snapping at his wolf's haunches.

An attack from the side this time.

His wolf easily avoided her bites. He dwarfed her without difficulty; each of her moves too readable to him, especially with his height. She would need to work on that.

Before she could turn, his wolf pounced on her, biting the scruff of her neck.

She let out a yelp; her head shook from side to side while she growled and snapped at him, paws reached for him to push him off. She was only able to do it once before he charged again.

This time, he grabbed her scruff and toppled over her, pinning her body to ground with his own.

She growled back once more, her pride didn't relent.

Neither did his wolf's as he growled at her back, her neck still in his strong jaws as he wanted—demanded—she accept his dominance over her. The fight was far too short, but his wolf needed to taste her—to have her underneath him as he pounded into her warmth, and he couldn't wait any longer...

With a whine from her, she stilled under him and relented; it was over.

Wyatt's breathing was heavy with need, his lips felt dry to him as his wolf nudged her muzzle lightly before getting off of her.

She didn't move until he was off, raising her ass and tail to the side for him without him prodding it out of the way.

Wyatt's cock twitched as his wolf sniffed in her addictive scent, relishing in it before he licked her pulsing snatch, earning an almost silent mewl of need from her.

But he wouldn't give into her this time. He continued to lick her in long, almost torturous, strokes; her taste just as satisfying as—if not more than—her scent.

Her juices flowed freely from her at his teasing. Her breathing picked up when he lightly prodded inside of her with the tip of his tongue before retreating back to licking her folds.

She gave a low whine of disappointment, trying to stay low as he had commanded her on previous nights; she shook with anticipation.

He then entered her with his tongue again, giving her inner walls a good lick before retreating once more.

She whined louder, but still she tried to remain still for him.

He went back to licking her wet folds—fast and steady—before sinking in and withdrawing out.

Then again.

And again...and again.

This made her growl and whine loudly at him, it was becoming too much to take, and she needed his cock inside her.

His wolf looked at her; his engorged wolf cock was throbbing with want. He would take his mate again.

Before she could let out another anticipant whine, he mounted her and plunged himself inside her awaiting pussy.

She yelped in delight at this, and more so when he started to work his way in and out of her; no boundaries.

No limitations.

No teasing.

Just what his wolf—their wolves—needed as they fucked with pure carnal need.

Wyatt's blood was in sync with his wolf's: each beat.

Each stroke.

Each sound.

But he couldn't just stand to watch them. He needed her.

He needed her right now.

Wyatt looked up in front of him as he saw her again. Yes. She wasn't but 15 feet away and as naked as day, her body perfect in the combinations of curves and nimble physique.


Once again, her back was turned to him. He could see her olive-toned body quiver, in perfect sync with her wolf as well.

Yet she dare not turn.

Dare not look at what was calling to her as well.

Wyatt's upper lip twitched, his cock bobbed with each of his movements as he neared her. "Why do you not look at me, mate?" His words came out husky and deep, thick with need.

She tensed at his words, her back still faced him. She wouldn't turn for him, but she would never run either: he could scent her arousal, her dire need that matched his perfectly, yet she didn't act upon it.

He reached out to her and pulled her into an embrace, her height allowed her to fit snug into his chest, "Why do you fight this?"

He could feel her tremble; both of fear and anticipation.

He brushed her silky hair back, bending down to her ear as he did so, "Don't be afraid of this. We are fated to each other..."

With that, he lightly licked the side of her ear teasingly, nibbling her earlobe slightly; her breathing hitched in her throat.

He trailed multiple kisses and nips down her neck; one hand lightly grasped and kneaded her right breast, earning a voiceless gasp past his mate's lips; he wished she could turn so he could kiss them and explore her mouth.

His kneading continued as he neared her nipple—brushing it between his fingers.

The sound of her biting her lip to remain silent did not deter him.

In fact, it encouraged him to make her call out in ecstasy, make her howl in pleasure. His free hand stroked down her side...his fingers caressing her body down her stomach...his thumb found its way down her sensitive skin, circling her belly button before trailing slowly down through her mound, pulling small and anticipant pants from her.

Her breathing hitched as he reached for her clit. When he touched her hood, she let out a slight whimper between her bitten lips.

His feather light kisses continued down her neck and to her shoulder and back up to where her neck and shoulder joined, nipping at the area, causing his mate to shiver.

If only she would turn and face him, but even now she refused. His hand on her breast and susceptible nipple tugged lightly at the bud before circling it once more.

Her breaths were uneven as he continued to rub her red bit; unconsciously she opened her legs wider for him.

He trailed down to her wet outer lips, stroking against them with his middle finger...and then a second finger followed suit. His deprived cock twitched before he rubbed it up and down against her lower back a tad, but this barely got the edge off that he needed; he needed more. Way more than that.

One of his fingers slid between her lips, circling her wet and ready hole, a moan escaping her lips before he entered her with it. A louder one this time as her puss pulsed around his invading digit.

And suddenly, she was gone.

Time stood still. Not a sound was heard. He didn't breath, and he was sure his heart stopped as well. Shock, disbelief, and realization took its time to reach for him. He turned his head slowly at his wolf, his other self had the same look on his face.

"...Did she...just? ....Did she...wake up...? Just now...? Now?" The thought finally reached them, causing his shock to turn to fury while his wolf let out a frustrated growl, "She woke up!"

Wyatt barked, his anger rising with each passing moment, "Why did she leave me?! Doesn't she want this just as much as I do?!"

Pure wanton rage echoed throughout his heated body as he paced. He let out a yell as punch a tree, the poor tree having a hole in its center, losing stability as it came crashing down into the snow, further disturbing what was supposed to be a glorious dream.

"WHY?!" He bellowed in forest, nothing but the sounds of his wolf's howls and his words echoes reached him. A growl came out in each breath as he moved about, trudging through the almost soundless snow.

He looked furiously at the moon, almost wanting to curse before he looked down, running a hand through his hair. He then stopped pacing. His breathing started to relax a bit as another awareness made him look up at the moon once more.

It was a Waning Gibbous; The Deity of Mating and Fate's phase.

...That's right. The Goddess of Mating wouldn't deter him like this. She knew that their mating would happen soon, and he had to be patient for her.

"But for how long?" Wyatt grumbled out, "How long must I wait before I can claim what is mine?!"

The phase didn't change, but he felt the non-existent wind pick up and whisper past his ears, "......Soon......"

Wyatt opened his eyes from his memory and looked up at the night sky, his kill finished. It was a Waning Gibbous here too—the first night of it—and it was a most fortunate sign that what the Goddess said was true. He'd have her soon. But first, he needed to return to the pack. Two days on his own was enough.


Morning had come, the winter wonderland brought grace and serenity. The sun peeked warmly from behind the clouds, giving a pleasant and gentle air this morning. Wyatt was anything but pleasant. He was pissed. He didn't have a dream with her last night, hell, he didn't dream at all!

He was sure any animal that remained here could sense his fury: those hibernating woke up with a start, those awake running for shelter. Everything turning to silence as he ran, the cool snow even seemed to melt quickly under his rampaging feet.

"How dare she?" He thought furiously, "She's trying to avoid me!! She's trying to avoid fate, isn't she?!"

He slowed down, breathing hard, but not because he was tired, as he tried to think logically, "What's wrong with me? This is not the Delaney pack way. Emotions like this cause weakness. It is best to remain impassive, cold to everyone, and to focus on physical and mental strength. To show anxiety like this isn't right, even if it's toward your mate—"

The very moment the thought of his mate hit him, he snarled at himself, his feral side returning as he took off into a sprint again, "No! She's my mate! Her place is by my side! I can't be impassive while she's so near! Why has she not tried to seek me out yet! I have for her! What is she possibly thinking?!"

He stopped once again and started to pace back and forth, trying to reason with himself, "The Alpha Deity promised me. I just have to be patient. She and I will be mated." He started to pace himself again as he headed for the compound.

"When?!" His wolf howled his mind, setting him off into a sprint once more, "Another wolf might claim her! I have to have her now! No other wolf may DARE touch her!"

He was struggling with the internal battle with himself, "No. No one will. Patience is a virtue. The Deities have taught us that."

"But...What if she doesn't want to be mated with me?"

He stopped dead in his tracks, "...Doesn't....want...to?"

The thought turned to words, and his words put him in overdrive as he ran once more, his feral side returning with a vengeance and overthrew his logic, "That's not her choice!! She will be!! When I return, I'll get some of the others to go look for her. Just you wait, my elusive mate!" He sprinted back toward the Delaney pack den, his mind made up in this matter.


Once in sight of the compound, he stopped, skidding his feet in the snow when he breathed in. The air...that scent... His wolf roared to life inside of him, his already feral eyes turned even wilder with each heartbeat, the emerald in his irises glowing brightly.

It's her!

This is her scent!

He took off into a sprint once more as he tore through the compound. Many of the lower ranks backed away, some yelped in shock, startled by the tension that radiated off him as he ran toward the manor.

"Where is she? Where is she?" Wyatt thought in a frenzy, "Where is she?!"

Without much other thought, he literally ripped the front left door of the manor off its hinges, tossing it out of his way as he ran in, following his nose past Conroy, Emmanuel, and two females, who were equally as startled, but he could care less about them at this moment. He charged into Adeline's study, bursting the doors open and imbedding the doorknobs in the wall, shaking the hinges lose, but not entirely broken.

"Wyatt?" Keric stood in concern from his seat.

"What's wrong?" Adeline asked, standing from her desk and stepping forward toward him.

Wyatt growled deeply, stopping both of them from approaching him, "Where?"

"What?" Adeline asked, but Wyatt ignored her as he turned and ran out the room.

"Wyatt!" Adeline shouted, chasing after him along with Keric, Conroy and Emmanuel following suit as well.

"Where are you hiding?!" Wyatt growled deeply as he ran toward the Omega quarters, trailing out her scent as he slammed the door to one of the flats open.

"Not here either!"

Snarling in his chest he turned and passed Adeline and the others just as they got there.

"Wyatt! What is wrong?!" Confused, Adeline continued to run after him, "I admitted in an Omega female! What's so wrong?"

He didn't hear her as he dashed back to the manor.

"Wyatt! It's just an Omega!" Adeline yelled, but once again her voice didn't reach his ears, his wolf howled in his head, their rage and need increasing with every heartbeat, every second he couldn't find her.

He was long past the point of no return as he sniffed the air again, running up into the manor once more.

Stronger. It was stronger now!

He made a sharp right turn down the hallway slamming a little into the wall but maintained momentum as he rushed toward the dining hall.

He fortunately didn't have to slam the dining hall's glass doors as they were not only open, but he stopped running, breathing deep and long.

She's here.

Right in front of him, there she was.

It was pure irony that her back was too him; she was setting plates on the tables. She's here. She can't leave us now, His wolf howled in his mind and the very thought made him growl out loud. He saw her stiffen as he did. Slowly, almost hesitantly, she turned and faced him for the first time.

"Damn she's beautiful," Wyatt thought, as he finally saw his mate's face, her orange to blue-gray eyes wide as she looked back at him, and her slightly up turned nose's nostrils flared out as if she was trying to scent him back.

Her dark auburn hair was tied back in a simple ponytail, her bangs wavy as it trailed down the sides, cupping her face.

His mate's chest heaved, and when she finally gave Wyatt eye contact, she quickly averted her gaze to the ground.

Wyatt narrowed his eyes in confusion at this, but that confusion soon disappeared when she started to back away from him.

"No!" Before he could think anything else, he ran at her and grabbed her. Remembering that she was carrying plates, he rolled, protecting her from the glass that shattered onto the ground. He pinned her underneath him, her eyes seemed dazed, but she was alright.

He felt electricity run through him when he touched her soft skin, causing his blood to start heading toward his nether regions. Her wrists fit so easily in his hands before he drew them up to interlace their fingers together. He bent his head down and inhaled her scent on her neck.

"It's her," his thoughts echoed through his head as he slowly trailed down to her crotch, pressing his nose again her as her smell was stronger here, "It's really her."

As he began to pull away, he scented a totally different scent that threw him off a bit. He looked sharply up as he scented the male Omega standing across from them, his fear and shock reeked in the air. A low and hostile growl escaped Wyatt's throat.

"Go away. NOW!" He projected at the male.

The male shook violently in fear as he made his way out.

"No one will dare take her from me," Wyatt thought, in sync with his wolf, "No one!"

"Wait! Wyatt!" Adeline ran inside the dining hall, along with Conroy, Emmanuel, Marco, and Keric now.

"Wait," Adeline took a step toward him, "That's just a—"

Wyatt barked loudly at her. "That?!" He as his wolf thought, livid.

"Mine...She's MINE!" Wyatt barked out as he lowered protectively over her, especially as there were more males near his mate.

Adeline's and about everyone else's eyes widened as those words left his lips, but Wyatt could care less as he once again faced his mate, taking in her scent at her neck. However he stopped upon what he saw. Inside, he wanted to rip his throat out for not noticing it earlier.

It was healing, but there was a large bruise on her neck that looked like she had been recently strangled.

Wyatt's breathing shallowed as his head slowly turned to her left arm, seeing the bruise that lay right under her elbow in the shape of a grip, also in the same condition as her other one. "...Who...?" His word came out more wolf that human, "Who did this..?!"

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