tagLoving WivesOmen Ch. 05

Omen Ch. 05


Married couple rediscovers their sexuality on their way to becoming swingers.

Julie ran out of the house leaving me with Sheila. I called her cell phone but she would not take my call.

As soon as I saw Julie, it flashed across my mind how extraordinarily beautiful she is and how ordinary Sheila is. What am I doing with Sheila, I thought to myself, when I have Julie to come home to every night.

Julie came home several hours later that night. I was worried out of my mind afraid that I had crossed the line, pushed her too far too fast, and that she was leaving me. I was sick to my stomach thinking that I lost my beautiful Julie, my beautiful wife. Never again, I swore. If she walks through that door, never again will I want or even think of another woman.

Matter of fact, everything went through my mind. Was she in a car accident? Maybe, something happened to her. Maybe, she was in a bar having a drink and someone slipped something in her drink and now, she is alone with them doing God only knows. Maybe, she's gone for good and never coming back.

Then, the front door opened and Julie walked in the house. I was so happy.

"Julie, where've you been? I've been worried sick about you." I tried to hold her and to hug her but she turned away from me and went in the bathroom. It sounded like she was brushing her teeth. I thought that odd. Maybe, she is getting ready for bed.

When she came out finally, she looked like she had been crying. This time, she allowed me to hold and hug her. I held her for a long time never wanting to let her go and ready to apologize for everything, my wanting to play these stupid sexual games, and making her do things that she was, obviously, uncomfortable doing. I felt like such a pervert.

"Jimmy," she said finally, after a long while with neither of us saying anything, "what is happening to us? Suddenly, you are having sex with Sheila and I am blowing everyone."

Everyone? The word rang through my ears like a car alarm...everyone. Did she just say everyone? She didn't say Jack, she said everyone.

"Julie, Honey, what did you mean when you said that you are blowing everyone?" It was then that I could tell she had been drinking. I smelled the alcohol on her breath that the toothpaste and mouthwash could not cover. She also smelled like sex. That is why she said that she is blowing everyone; she must have blown someone tonight. Who? I felt a rush of desire for her, as my cock, suddenly, stiffened thinking of her sucking someone off. Maybe, she picked up a stranger in the bar. Maybe a police officer stopped her for driving under the influence and would let her go if she gave him a blow job. Maybe—

"I went to the bar downtown and was having a drink by myself and Joey—"

"Joey? Joey who? Our neighbor Joey? Kathy's husband?"


"Okay, go on."

"Well, suddenly, he was standing behind me and we had a drink together, then another and another. Before I knew it, I was in his car giving him a blow job."

"What? Julie! You blew Joey? No way! I can't believe it." I stared at her not saying anything. The vision of her sucking Joey's cock washed over me and made me so terribly excited and horny. I wanted to push her back right there and fuck her while she whispered in my ear all the dirty and nasty things that I imagined she did. "Did you really blow Joey?"


"So," I looked at her wanting to chose my words carefully, "is that what you meant by blowing everyone? After blowing Jack and now Joey, is that what you meant when you said that you were blowing everyone?"

"No," she looked at me with sad eyes, "I blew Mike, too."

"Mike?" I was dazed. I put my hand to my mouth and nearly fell backward. "Are you kidding me?" I looked at my beautiful wife standing there so vulnerable and instead of being jealous, instead of being angry with her, I was totally turned all and could not wait for her to tell me every detail. Finally, I composed myself. "When the Hell did you blow mike? Was he with Joey?"

"No, I blew Mike first. After I ran out of the house when I saw you with Sheila, I was sitting in my car in front of the house crying and not knowing where to go. Mike jogged by. He jogs every evening, now, since that last barbeque we had. He said he wants to get a body like you."

"Okay, so what happened?"

"Well, he asked me what was wrong and why I was crying and I could not answer him because I was sobbing so hard. The more that he asked me what was wrong, the more that I cried and could not answer him. So, he scooted me over to the passenger seat and we drove over by the park and just sat there and talked. Well, the next thing that I know, he was touching and feeling me everywhere. Man, he is such a tit guy. He loved my tits. Then, I don't know what I was thinking or how it happened but I started giving him a blow job."

"Just like that? You started giving him a blow job, just like that?"

"No, no it wasn't just like that."

I sat down. I needed to sit before I fell over. I was dizzy. My head was reeling. I wasn't sure what I was feeling. I felt like my friends and my neighbors took advantage of my wife when she was feeling so very vulnerable and disrespected me by putting their sexual needs ahead of our friendship. Yet, at the same time, I felt excited, too, that she had not only sucked off Jack but, also, Joey and Mike.

Besides, Sheila told me that they were all swingers and that all three couples, Jack and Sheila, Joey and Kathy, and Mike and Rita were all intimate with one another. Suddenly, I thought about Kathy, Joey's wife, and Rita, Mike's wife, sucking my cock after fucking them. Suddenly, the whole thing sounded very appealing and very exciting to me, now. Suddenly, I imagined Jack, Mike, and Joey fucking Julie. I, suddenly, imagined, Julie going down on Sheila, Kathy and Rita, and they going down on her. Suddenly, I had a huge erection. Then, I imagined the six of us in a room together going at it like animals in heat.

I went over to the bar poured myself a drink and poured her one, too. I led her out to the screened patio out back and we sat in the dark to talk. Sometimes the quiet of the backyard, especially when we do not turn on any lights and just sit in the dark and talk, is like a confessional. We cannot see one another's eyes, so we are freer to communicate and generally, we talk about anything and everything without fear.

Maybe because it is too dark to see one another's eyes and facial expression that would make us alter and withhold our topic of conversation if we felt we were being judged but this, the backyard is our place where we do not judge one another and the dark gave us the security that we needed to keep the dialogue between us honest and open. Once there, we just sit and talk like two old friends without the husband interfering with the wife or the wife interfering with the husband. Even, sometimes, the equation of man with woman is erased and we are just two people talking.

"So, tell me everything and don't leave anything out. Okay?"


"Yeah, everything, even the smallest detail."

"You just want to get off, later." I knew she was smiling at the thoughts of me being turned on by her blowing two more men. "You just want to think about me blowing Joey and Mike while I fuck you and blow you, later."

"Well, yeah, it does turn me on to know that you are a wicked woman."

"Is that what I am now, wicked?" She laughed. "I'm a wicked woman. I like that." I was glad that she knew that I meant it as a compliment and not as an insult.

She worked her hand up along my thigh feeling my cock and leaving it there. It was her way of telling me that this cock, my cock, was her cock. I do that sometimes with her tit. I sit next to her cupping her tit or her ass. Sometimes, I allow my hand to fall between her legs while we are driving and she'll leave it there. It feels so comforting to touch her like that, not sexual, but more sensual. I love her body.

"I haven't said anything, yet, and you already have an erection," she said with a chuckle.

"Well, basically," I said adjusting myself, "I know what is coming."

"You're such a pig, Jimmy," she said withdrawing her hand and laughing. "You'd probably like it if I blew everybody."

"No, not everybody, only the men that I know," I said with a chuckle. "Actually, not everyone I know either. I would not want you to blow grouchy Mr. McNabe or my brother or my father."

"Ewww, you just gave me a gross image of Mr. McNabe's limp, wrinkled cock in my mouth," she said with a shiver. "I can't even go there thinking about sucking off your brother and your father. You are twisted, Jimmy," said laughing.

"It is more exciting when I know the guy you blow and I can imagine the looks on their face when imagining you sucking them off."

"Pervert," she said punching me in the shoulder.

"So, go ahead, tell me everything. I want to know everything that happened before, during, and after."

"I pretty much told you everything. I blew Mike first in my car, drove to the bar, had a few drinks with Joey and blew him in his car in the parking lot."

"That's not everything. You're rushing it and giving me the condensed version," I said with a laugh. "Did they touch you? Did they kiss you? Did you get off? Did they remove any of your clothes?"

"Okay," she said taking a big sip of her drink, "Mike drove to the park and I was crying. He kept asking me what was wrong, he held me and hugged me and I don't remember if I kissed him or, I remember, he kissed me. We started making out, French kissing and you know how I get really turned on when French kissing. Well, he started feeling my tits and pinching my nipples through my top and my bra and that, as you know, drives me crazy. He was turning me on and I could feel myself getting wet just by his kiss and by his touch. That was when I started feeling his cock through his sweatpants. We continued French kissing with him feeling my tits and me feeling his cock."

"So, did he force you to blow him?"

"Force me to blow him? No, he didn't force me to blow him. I blew him willingly. Actually, once he started French kissing me and playing with my nipples, I could not wait to suck him off."

"Okay, continue, so what happened?"

"Well, I was feeling his cock through his pants, like I said, and he, suddenly, slipped his pants and underwear down to his knees. I looked down and he had a nice erection going, so I wrapped my fingers round his cock only letting it go to cup his balls. He seemed to like it when I felt his balls. I closed my hand around his cock and began stroking his him while he kissed me."

She stopped to take another sip of her drink and I could not wait for her to continue, I was so turned on thinking about her blowing Mike.

"He put his hand beneath my top and lifted my bra. Now, with my tits out, he was playing with my nipples and when he leaned forward, I let him suck my tits. Once, he started sucking my tits, I knew that I was going to suck his cock." She looked at me and even though it was very dark out back, I could see by her look that she was excited recapping what she had done. "I could not wait to feel his cock in my mouth and to take control of him," she said with a shiver.

She stopped talking to look at me and started crying a little, again. I held her. She was shaking.

"It's okay. You did nothing wrong. We talked about this remember, about experimenting with other people. It's okay, Julie, really, it is."

"Well, while he was sucking my nipples and I was stroking his cock, I started thinking about you licking Sheila's pussy. That for some reason made me horny, seeing you giving another woman oral. That is really what made up my mind to blow him." She looked at me. "And you know what?"


"When I started blowing him, I almost wished you were there to watch me."


"Yeah, it was then that I was getting turned on thinking about two guys doing me at the same time."

"Well, now that the barn door is open with the neighbors, maybe, that is something that we can explore."

"Besides, what made me want to blow Mike was, I knew that later, once we talked about it, as we are doing, now, that you would forgive me and get off on having me tell you all about it. I knew that if I did not blow him, you would have said, why didn't you blow him."

"True, Julie. You know me all too, well."

"Anyway, I just sort of leaned down putting my head in his lap staring at his cock and fondling it before taking it in my mouth. At that point, I had my other hand between my legs masturbating myself while I blew him. I could tell that he would not last very long. His cock kept throbbing and he kept pushing my head down and raising his hips while fucking my mouth. I closed my hand tighter around his cock and stroked him faster with my hand while swirling my tongue around the head of his cock and he exploded."

"So, did he cum in your mouth?"


"Did you swallow?"

"No, I spit it all over my car seat. Yes, of course, I swallowed." She chuckled. "The weird thing with Mike was that he could not wait to French kiss me after I blew him, as if he wanted to taste himself on me."

"Yeah, some guys like that. Not me, though. I'd rather you gargle, first, especially now, before we start making out, since you've already blown two guys tonight."

"Don't worry about that, Casanova. What makes you think that I'm going to be making out with you, anyway? Maybe, I'll just go back to the bar and pick up a sailor."

"Funny girl." I took a sip of my drink. "So, tell me what happened with Joey."

"Well, I don't know if Joey knew that I just blew Mike but I kind of think that he did. I figured Mike called him on his cell phone and told him. You know how guys are, right, isn't that something that a guy would do?"

"Yeah, I guess so, especially getting a blow job from a hot chick like you." I thought about it for a minute. "Did you tell Mike you were going to the bar for a drink?"

"Yeah, I invited him, but he did not want to come. He said that he had to get home."

"Well, that would explain Joey suddenly showing up behind you in the bar."

"Yeah, we got a booth and we started talking. I didn't finish my third drink. I did not want to get arrested for DUI, so I told Joey to walk me to my car."

"Yeah, then what happened?"

"Well, when we got to the parking lot, Joey had his arm around my waist and he kept dropping his hand to my ass. It was a few seconds before I realized that he was feeling my ass. I'd lift his arm back to my waste, as soon as I noticed, though." She looked at me, again and barely, I could make out her face in the moonlight. "It was all kind of funny. He was very touchy, feely, and grabby."

She stopped to take a drink.

"Yeah, Joey's always been an ass man."

"Anyway, he led me to his car and we sat and talked before he started trying to kiss me. I don't know, maybe because I had just sucked off Mike, I did not want to be kissed by Joey."

"So, what happened, then?"

"When I looked down, he had his cock out of his pants and was stroking himself."

"I started laughing. I mean, it was funny. He started laughing and said that I made him horny. So, I asked him if he needed some help and some relief and, of course, he said he did, so I started giving him a hand job."

"Did you like jerking him off?"

"It was okay, no big deal after blowing Jack and Mike. That was when he asked if I would blow him."

"So, that's when you blew him?"

"Yeah and he must have been so shocked when I started sucking him off."

"I can picture the look on his face while you blew him."

"Well, I teased him, first. I asked him if he wanted me to suck his cock. I asked him if he wanted to cum in my mouth. And I asked him if he wanted me to swallow his load. But, before I took him in my mouth, I lifted my blouse, pulled up my bra, and showed him my tits. I told him that I wanted my nipples sucked first, that it will get me in the mood to blow him. He attacked my tits like he was a teenager."

"I guess he really wanted that blow job."

"Yeah, he lasted all of five minutes before he was shooting cum down my throat."

"Let's go to bed. I'm horny."


"Gargle first, though, okay."

"Sure, no problem."

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