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Sumalee Sum Chai, suspended in mid air, kicked and thrashed her legs in terror. The Thai beauty gripped at the tentacles wrapping around her body, trying to pry them, loosen them, they were crushing her! One athletic leg, strong and lean, was free of the sinuous evils, but everywhere else merciless pressure pulsed tighter and tighter.

The darkly tanned Indonesian beauty choked out a meager scream, her thick rimmed glasses working down her nose in her airborne throes. Her ribs compressed, her EE tits were squeezed with pitiless depravity. The white lab coat flapped and fluttered as the alien limbs constricting her toned dancer's midsection began to shake her like a toy.

Against any imaginable course, the lab assistant's nipples sprung to rigidity. Pointing, jutting up underneath bra and blouse. Her thrashing about was riding her conservative knee length black skirt up her hot thighs. Cackling laughter peeled thru the physics lab when the first signs of moisture appeared, twin wet spots on her blouse, expanding from the ends of her continuously mauled mammeries.


"We have to help her!" Yvette whispered.

"It's no use, not yet." Dr. Kafka Samsa put a restraining hand on the blonde's shoulder. They were crouched on the other side of spacious laboratory. Behind slate tables, dry erase boards, and assorted office clutter. Dr. Keynes was not so lucky. His broken body lie still, mangled. Wrapped around a support post, in a way indicating every bone in his back was broken.

"What about Keynes?" Yvette was sobbing.

"Dirt bag deserved that. The idiot bankrupted our research and this facility!"

Another, raspy yet dreadful throaty scream from the Asian knockout held aloft.

"Oh, poor Lee! What can we do for her? What is happening?"


The sight of her nipples leaking was so delicious. Dr. Azeez Plasibo walked toward her. The tentacles sprouting from his back turned and twisted his girl puppet. The growths took some getting used to, but he was getting the hang of it. His movements becoming more controlled, more dexterous.

Her arms were almost dislocated as her lab coat was ripped from her. Lee's glasses finally lost their grip and went flying.

"Please, please, let me go." She whimpered, with what little air she could manage. Azeez was now standing close, displaying her gorgeous body up before him. The look in his eyes was greedy, and ravenous. The vine like limbs tore away her blouse, displaying that big rack, bouncing, in a plain, but no less erotic bra. Those big orbs would make any wrapping the most titillating lingerie. Whenever a tentacle moved from one spot, it left behind a temporary pale stripe on her brown skin from its constriction force. It pleased Azeez to know how cruelly he was squeezing his assistant.


"How did this happen? What is Azeez doing?"

Yvette and Dr. Kafka had retreated into the hallway, but she still kept her voice low. The doctor hesitated, considering his response.

"I wasn't here when it happened. I was in the energizing control room."

A moan from Sumalee, audible even out here.

"Never mind for a moment what he is doing, but how!" Yvette's Moldova accent was thick in her mounting tension.

"He appears to be surrounded by a Higgs field. I saw the very faint glimmer all around him. He has taken conscious control of Higgs-boson particles. He controls reality itself."

Yvette's undergrad degrees gave her an understanding of the mechanism; her time at the facility gave her a wide eyed realization of its implications.

"We must stop him!" Yvette exhaled.

"There is one way to undo the process; I must test this, an Achilles' heel to see if it works. Then I will know if it can be stopped."


Lee was down to her bra, panties, and black heeled shoes. She was his doll. He (it?) rolled and turned her about. Running tentacles all over her, enjoying the tactile sensations of her smooth skin. And then Azeez fixed his gaze on her bouncing globes. Her bra disintegrated, revealing at last the brown orbs. A brutal squeeze produced trickles of titty milk. He wrenched her legs wide open, focused his eyes on her crotch, and the panties disintegrated. The Thai's pussy was so small! Sumalee was not fully an average height woman, but that pussy! Miniscule! With a blink it was hairless, perfectly clean shaven. Had she ever even had sex?

Azeez's erection freed from his trousers. Angrily turgid. The brown girl was lowered towards it, slowly, inexorably. She realized at once, her thinking had always been lightning fast, and brilliant.

"Dr. Plasibo, please, spare me. Let me go." The anguish in her face! A charge surged through him. Her terror was even sexier than her hot body! His cock was near her teeny Asian twat.

Lee's devastatingly beautiful brown exotic face, her long brunette hair. Those EE's set onto a trim, petite even, frame! Strong fit legs stretching long! There was nothing Azeez could do to make her any sexier, she was beyond his imagination.

Her terror, though, her scrumptious tasty terror, he could improve upon! Two of his tentacles, each about as thick as a broom handle, plunged up her ass. They twirled and seemed to dance within her. Pushing around, tiny bulges in her abdomen tracked their progress. They cavorted about within, up the left side of her tight abdomen, before turning more horizontal and moving across her belly north of her belly button. Their plunges gained less and less advancement, getting increasing resistance. Yet they did push on, and in. The romping bulges, once across her belly, turned downward again to run down a ways along her right side.

She was trying to say something, but could not. Lee's face looked as if she had taken in a breath of bad air, and the noxious atmosphere was stuck inside. Her cheeks were drawn in, her mouth in an "o". Her eyelids seemed to flutter with each piston of the tentacles within her.

Azeez turned his attention to his own member. It was suitably impressive in its own right. Especially considering the miniscule target it was considering! But terrifying? Dreadful? Panic inducing?

"My beauty..." getting her attention, even pausing her anal assault so she could focus upon him. "...allow me to introduce you to your lover. I suspect possibly your first, but definitely your last I'm afraid."

And with a twitch of thought, Azeez's phallus expanded to nearly three feet in length, thicker and wider than the girl's arm's! Veins pulsed in hungry urgency and it throbbed with desire. Sumalee's eyes saucered.

"And, for my personal enjoyment..." Along the length, additional crenellations sprung forth, so that it appeared instead of just one "head" with its sensitized ridges, the man spear had more than a dozen sets of pleasure glands. Each outward stroke would drag on them all, they were even designed that they would expand like an umbrella on the outstroke, further increasing their width during egress.

"I must consider your experience as well my dear..." The outer edges of each crenellation hardened to a shell like toughness. Boney studs sprouted forth that would scrape mercilessly Lee's sensitive inner walls with every inward and (even more devastatingly) outward stroke.

With a last flourish, Azeez added a bit more to its length, so that while the base was just below the level of the girl's entrance, the crown extended up just past the top of her head. It was ramrod straight and hard, but to Sumalee it yet seemed to hover like a python preparing to strike.

"Do you notice, my gorgeous plaything, it is long enough to go in your cunny...and out your mouth!"


"Where is his power coming from? Dr. Samsa, I know you've been trying to crack the Higgs-boson link, but there was never any aspect to it that could produce the energy needed for the power Azeez seems to have." Yvette's lab coat had been dropped to make covert movement easier. Moving from lab table to instrument panel, bent at the waist, Kafka marveled at the East European blonde's cleavage. Not to mention the great ass on display when she crouched about.

"It's not that he harnessed power per se, although the Higgs field about him from my invention is important. The nature of quantum particles, the remote possibility of quantum tunneling that could cause a person to blink off the earth and appear on the moon, randomly, that is what he has his finger on."

"There is nothing random about his actions." Yvette whispered as she peaked over a desk. Sumalee was in mid air, spread eagled.

"The formerly unproven theory of multiverses, that there is a separate reality for each and every possible outcome, every chain of events. Azeez is choosing his own path through the multiverses. There is a reality where tentacles grow from his back, where his penis mutates to the form he has it now. The 'power' is quantum tunneling. He, unlike us, has the power to walk the chain of events as he wishes. There is a potential reality where anything and everything happens."

"And we are stuck here, in his reality." She shuddered.

"Yes, that the events unfolding before us attest, there must be limitless realities, it is now proven. But we are not helpless; we can still act and change this reality. That Higgs field is my brain child; there is one variable Azeez doesn't even know about. That is the last piece of the puzzle for me. "


The tip of the reptilian phallic monstrosity rubbed against Sumalee's pussy entrance. Copious pre-copulation lube oozed in a steady stream from the cock slit. Painting the dark Asian's crotch with goo. Penetration seemed impossible, the size difference! Her virginal opening less the size of a quarter, the battering ram head accosting her larger then both her fists together! The circular pressing against her was mauling her clitoris. The pressure, often painful, was also firing bolts of electricity through the small girl's brilliant mind. The beast upon her was unskilled in female stimulation, ignorant even; but the assault on her clit caused additional leg clenches, heel kicks of sexual electricity. Her eyes would tremble with the mad bolts of desire firing a few centimeters behind them.

As Azeez manipulated his course, sailed thru the reality spectrum of his choosing, changes began occurring outside of his direct intention. His skin hardened, began to assume a greenish, scaled consistency. The sky outside the lab's windows had changed from blue to a yellowish tint. None of this registered on him, nothing was sapping any of his energy or intention away from the lovely brown Ms. Sum Chai.


"You heard it too?" Yvette asked. Both had tilted their heads at the dinosaur -like roar that had sounded from outside the lab. She and Dr. Samsa had circled about thru a hallway towards the energy room. The windows to the outside showing a morphing landscape and sky. Her lips were quivering. "Is there a way back to our reality?"

The stress worked upon her accent, causing it to become more pronounced. She sounded like a cold war Eastern bloc spy.

"Yvette, keep it together. We've got maybe only one chance." Kafka had to bring her focus back. He grabbed her by the neck and planted a forceful kiss upon her luscious lips. He grabbed her big tit and squeezed. When he released her from the kiss, he pinched and twisted her nipple.

Yvette was beyond the point she could feel shock, after what was happening to Sumalee, to the world. But the desired effect was achieved; she looked again at Dr. Samsa. She knew he often leered at her, catching his gaze in mirrored door windows or a reflective surface. It creeped her on occasion, but not now, the entire world was upside down.

"To the energy booth, this is my project. If there is any key that can destroy Plasibo's Higg's field, it is my intention to discover it. I have a theory, but I need to test it."


Pressure. Pressure upon her pussy, pressing inwards. Grinding against the bottom of Suma Lee's clit now. Suddenly a flood of girl juice poured from her, like a dam had burst. The Asian's own lubricant washing over the invader in streams. Her gaze fixated upon her crotch, and the impossibility unfolding there. At once terror of the unimaginable and lust for the inevitable caused her mind to float as if on a stream. Waves of disassociation, her grip slipping on her very identity.

Tentacles wrapped around her heeled ankles pulled her shoes upwards, higher than her head, spreading her legs wide apart. Threatening to pull them from their hip sockets. The spelunking snakes winding up her ass and thru her insides surged again. Her trim belly, heaving from trying to catch breath, evidencing internal advances with more and more bulges from within.

The reptilian pre cum, Suma Lee's sopping and flowing cunny honey, and the unrelenting, increasing force.


The nightmare phallus pushed inside the thrashing, screaming, assistant physicist. The lumps from her anal plungering were nothing in compare to the bulbous cock head stretching her pussy and abdomen from inside. Her high pitched, far eastern wails echoed from the building walls. A beaker trembled on a lab table, berated by her octaves.

Pusssshhhhhhh! The screams choked off, although her convulsing legs continued kicking. Suma Lee now looked pregnant, her belly protruding outward all the way past her navel, nearly to her gasping ribcage. Azeez basked in the sensation of her wet, warm insides. He pulled outward, the phalanges of his penis crown dragging at her tunnel. Another thrust. Another. The impacts rocked her body, swaying in the grasp of tentacles maintaining her position aloft.

And Suma Lee started cumming. Cumming like a hydrant. Girl cum, thicker and greyer consistency from the earlier liquids gushing from her sloppy hole. Her climax rocketing, the throes of her ecstasy making oxygen demands her struggling midsection could not provide. Her screams transitioned into a moaning siren, and her eyes rolled upward into her skull from the air depravation. Her cum expelled in surges, great slops of it falling to the floor. The extreme tightness of the coupling also sent sprays of it in all directions. Her swaying from the brutal fucking twisted and turned her in mid air. A liquid jet plastered her science degree on the wall with steaming thick girl goo.

The creature's deeper attacks now reaching and bumping her lower ribs. Even her moans stopped, what air she could take in being used to stay alive. Only the very bottom of her pupils could be seen in her otherwise white eyes. Her mouth fell slack, but somehow her face testified to her ongoing, shattering orgasms.


The elevated control room had windows looking out in all directions. One window looked in on Sumalee's mid air fuck toy acrobatics. Yvette looked thru another window panel over towards Dr. Palsibo's work area. Mounted from the ceiling was an 'energizer apparatus', it hovered over where Azeez kept his instruments, no far from his desk. The apparatus looked the twin of the one here in this small hexagon shaped chamber.

"Why is there even an energy coupling out there?" When Yvette turned, she noticed Kafka had been drinking in her shapely legs.

The question was interrupted by Ms. Chai splattering against the window. The East European blond bombshell leapt in response. With a mid air twist towards the horror splayed upon the plexiglass. Dr. Samsa made a quick note of the Asian beauty pressed against the clear surface, before again staring at Yvette's tits bouncing as she made a surprisingly dexterous landing in her heels.

The tentacle beast was just out of their field of vision, but Sumalee's aeronautics was like a sky show just for them. The monster swung her in a slow wide pendulum sweep near the ceiling. Its cock was now several times longer than its victim's entire body, and growing thicker as well. The pregnant bulge in her belly was now plunging further within her. So tight was her body stretched over the head, that its delineations were clear in base relief beneath her smooth soft skin. This head was seen to be hammering beneath her sternum now; its withdrawals returned her athletic belly to its basic concave under her ribs, and then the fuck thrust pregnated her entirely. The crown pummeling her heart from below. Bruising the frantic fragile muscle aside to go deeper.

Her eyes did flutter back down, and for a moment Yvette and Sumalee locked their terrified gaze together. Then the girl came again. The light brown fit legs were pulled in a spread eagle, and from the stretched cunt more thick girl cum power sprayed like a pressure hose. It ran down the sides of the pulsing alien phallus. The two girl's eyes were locked when she erupted, and Yvette seemed to almost feel Sumalee's bursting orgasm via this link, an eye contact, soul to soul.

On the next swing past the window, the Asian assistant again smacked with a fleshy 'whack!' into the windows. Her arms being wrenched apart and slightly backward, her back arched. The full brunt of the impact fell onto her large breasts, still being squeezed brutally by lesser demonic appendages. So evil were their wringing and mauling of the tits, that their efforts were indistinguishable from the act of actually trying to pull them off her chest. When they pressed like twin fleshy circles against the plexiglass fresh spouts of girl milk painted the window. Running down the surface in thick rivulets from her ejaculating nipples.

The next fuck thrusted her across the window surface, her sopping wet and dripping tits making a very satisfying squeaking drag along the glass. The torturous pullout swept her back down, another fleshy squeal as her skin and nipples pulled against the glass. Thick dairy smears marked her nipple's progress across the surface.

Again she looked in on Yvette, and the blonde realized immediately the Asian had been in constant climax, unending exploding orgasm, since she was last against the glass.

Yvette was dimly aware Dr. Samsa was working frantically behind her at his instruments.

"I think...Sumalee is trying...trying to say something." She murmured, more to herself than the doctor. Yvette didn't know how this would be possible. The seemingly ever thickening phallus was now pushing out the girl's sternum from beneath, and had reached nearly to the base of her collarbones. However her neck was convulsing and moving with fervent effort. Being careful to keep put of Azeez's line of sight, Yvette leaned forward to try to hear anything over the wet slopping sounds of the fuck barrage.

And then from the tan beauty's mouth emerged...the two alien limbs that had been grinding their way thru her body this whole time. They had sprouted sensory crenellations and a cock crown at some point so that they could feel and enjoy the journey all the way through Sumalee. They thrusted out a good 10 inches from her lips, drawing their victims gaze towards them. That way Sumalee could see what she felt pounding, twisting, and undulating within her all the way from her ass. Then they withdrew back into her neck, where the girl's convulsing attempts to breath massaged them in moist liquids from her throat and mouth.

When they started spitting cum, they added their slime to Sumalee's milk across the window. When their eruptions occurred while withdrawn into her neck, they filled her mouth with semen. The thick steaming cream leaked out her nostrils, ran down her chin in viscous waves. Seeing this happen, the Asian's eyes fluttered. While her mind seeked refuge from the madness she was witnessing, her nipples spouted milk in forceful gushes.

There was no way any air was reaching her lungs.

"Doctor we have to hurry!"

And then the trunk of a phallus went into a frenzy. Its thrusts at an unbelievable pace. Sumalee's belly was drawn in, thin and athletic. The next instant it was filled to pregnancy, bulged all the way thru her to the very base of her neck! Thin and concave; then bulged from within. Faster and faster until the eye couldn't keep up.

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