tagLesbian SexOn A Mission Ch. 01

On A Mission Ch. 01


The computer monitor blinked with activity. A finger rolled down the mouse and information scrolled on the screen. Blue and black text intertwined in a maze of records.

“Where are you, Doctor Hile?” A soft voice whispered.

The question did not require an answer. But, the girl would get her answer. She always got her answer.

Half way down the page, she stopped. An underlined block of blue text read: “…Dr. David Hile, cardiologist…”

She smiled and clicked on the link.

Katie Sherwood watched as the hospital’s web site opened. The banner heading “Cardiology” was followed by a row of links and a page full of text. Down the left side of the page was another set of links: Home, News, Staff…

She clicked on Staff. A new page flashed on the screen and a series of pictures accompanied bios of heart doctors at the hospital. There, amongst them, was Dr. David Hile, M.D., Ph.D.

“There you are,” Katie said. “Aren’t you fine?”

The 19-year-old girl stared at the photo. He couldn’t have been more than 32 or 33, or more beautiful. His dark blonde hair was brushed neatly back, with just a hint of something…a gel, perhaps…holding it in place.

“What do you look like naked, Dr. Hile? What do you and Kristen look like naked together in the shower?”

Kristen Hile. Just the name made Katie horny.

Kristen Hile was Katie’s latest project. And Katie needed to know what her competition was. Dr. David Hile was going to be stiff competition.

She smiled to herself at the unexpected pun playing in her mind.

You see, Katie Sherwood had an unusual hobby. She collected women, preferably married straight women. Once under her control, Katie convinced the married woman that she (the married woman) was bisexual and that she needed the special love that only another bisexual woman (Katie) could provide.

Katie loved challenges. The beautiful Kristen with the beautiful, rich husband and two beautiful kids was going to be a challenge.

The young temptress had some advantages: she was relentless, aggressive and far from ugly. Katie had short brunette hair, small breasts and an athlete’s hard body. She was sexy in a feminine sort of way. Women wouldn’t consider her intimidating, especially after being seduced by the soft, sweet voice and penetrating eyes.

The part of the game—or, project—that Katie liked most was when the woman played hard to get. This occurred virtually every time at the outset, but when the prize was especially hard to claim it turned Katie on even more.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks facing Katie was time. She attended evening classes at the local community college studying psychology. During the day, she worked part-time at a day care center. Finding time to bury her tongue in the sweet pussy of a married woman was not easy. But, starting tomorrow Katie was going to get serious with Mrs. Hile.

When young medical resident David Hile was ready to get married, he wanted a wife that his looks, profession and place in society entitled him to. He found it in Kristen Peters, a gorgeous strawberry blonde with full breasts, tight ass and long legs. Now 28, Kristen was the mother of a four-year-old son and three-year-old daughter.

She had everything she could possibly ask for. Except, perhaps, more of David’s time. His long hours kept him away from Kristen and the kids for extended periods. When he was at home, it was often to sleep before his next shift.

Kristen grew frustrated, but realized her husband’s hours would settle down as his career did. It was Tuesday and Kristen was heading out the door, a bag over her shoulder and a child’s little hand in each of hers.

“Mommy, will Miss Sherwood be there today?” the little girl asked, trailing a half step behind her mother and brother.

“I think so, hon. Why?”

“Is this Tuesday?” the little girl asked.

Kristen opened the car door and watched her daughter crawl up into the seat. Before closing the door, she answered her daughter’s question. “Yes.”

The girl’s face shined up at her mother. “Good. Miss Sherwood lets us choose the stories on Tuesdays.”

Kristen smiled back at her daughter. Behind them, her son had managed to open the door, throw in his backpack and jump inside.

“You in, Kyle?”


Kristen looked for legs and slammed the door shut.

Kyle and Carly actually enjoyed day care. The Hiles had done considerable research and were impressed with the facilities and staff at Kids Matter. Both took a quick liking to the young Miss Sherwood and her seemingly endless energy.

Kristen backed the car out of the drive and made a mental inventory of what she would need for the meeting she had at 10 a.m. As a volunteer at the Humane Society, she was learning that meetings generally meant more work. But, the same was true at the abused women’s shelter and senior center she volunteered at. So, she was used to it. It helped immensely that the kids liked day care.

On this day, Kyle was in the mood to verbally poke jabs at his sister. He would have used a more physical approach had he not been strapped into the back seat. Kristen twice broke her train of thought to caution the young boy. Otherwise, the kids’ mutual taunting went unheeded.

The Lexus SUV veered into the day care parking lot. The tires squealed faintly on the payment, which gave reason for Kyle to yell at his mother. Kristen dreaded the day David had made a fuss about a similar incident while she was driving, just to get a laugh out of the kids. Now it was a ritual.

They all hastily piled out of the car and walked toward the door, hand in hand, backpacks swinging freely. Once inside, the kids immediately ran to the room where Katie was sure to be waiting. Kristen followed more sedately behind them, her shoes clicking on the tiled floor of the hallway.

By the time Kristen got to the room, the kids were already returning from the shelf where backpacks were randomly strewn. Katie was standing in the center of the room, attempting to find space to walk around prone children, books and pillows.

She smiled at Kristen as the woman entered. Eventually, they met in one of the few open spaces left in the room.

“Hi,” Katie nearly shouted above the din.

Kristen returned the greeting and added, “I should only be a couple hours.”

“OK,” Katie said. “Seniors today?”

“No. Humane Society.”

“I think that would be fun. But, I like people better than animals,” Katie said.

“Trust me. If you volunteer, you deal with people plenty. Sometimes I prefer the animals,” Kristen said with a sour look.

Katie laughed. A hand tugged on her jeans and she looked down at Carly.

“What, hon?” Katie asked.

“Can we read today?”

“Of course. And you get to choose, right?” Katie said excitedly.

“Uh huh. I already know what I want,” the little girl said.

“OK. I’ll be there in a minute. Let me talk to your Mom.”

Carly returned to the knot of kids behind Katie.

Kristen said, “I’ll take you to the pound one day and you can see if you’d like it.”

Katie smiled broadly. “That would be great. I’ll buy you lunch.”

“Oh, you don’t have to.” Kristen suggested a day next week and it seemed to fit Katie’s calendar.

“How dressed up do I have to be? I don’t own anything this nice,” Katie said, running her hand over the sleeve of Kristen’s blouse. The hand rested on the arm an extra second or two and the young woman looked up at the other through thick eyelashes.

Kristen debated quickly in her mind how to answer without offending Katie. “Wear anything. You might have dogs jumping up on you, so don’t make it too fancy.”

“Well, you always look so great….” Katie let the sentence fade without finishing. Her eyes followed Kristen’s body from shoulders to toes, and back up.

“How are classes going for you?” The question was clearly an attempt by Kristen to change the subject and Katie complied.

“Oh, fine. Midterms are next week, so I need to study before then.”

Kristen looked concerned. “Really? Would it be better to visit the Humane Society this week then?”

“Actually. Yes.” Katie hoped the dishonesty of the statement wouldn’t be too obvious. But, the idea of spending some time with this woman as quickly as possible appealed to her.

“When?” Kristen asked.

“Uh, tomorrow is no good. But, how about Thursday?”

“Yeah, that’s fine.”

Katie said with a devilish grin, “I get off here at noon. Do you trust the kids with anyone else?”

“I guess I’ll have to. Want me to pick you up?” Kristen asked.

“Sure. That would be great,” Katie said.

A few minutes later Mrs. Hile was on her way to her meeting and the young Katie Sherwood was reading with Carly. Her mind, however, was on Carly’s mother.

More care than normal went into Katie’s selection of clothes on Thursday morning. She wore her usual tight jeans, but chose an uncommonly low cut shirt. She would be particularly careful, she told herself, not to get painted by one of the kids, which happened more than she would like to admit during the week.

The morning seemed to drag on endlessly. Finally, at five minutes to noon, Katie began turning the kids over to the afternoon shift. A couple minutes later she had her purse over her shoulder and was standing outside the front door waiting for Kristen.

When Kristen’s SUV pulled to a stop in front of Katie, the woman got out and meticulously lowered each child from the car and helped them inside. The kids had been duly warned their favorite teacher would not be there, but the disappointment was still evident.

It was nonstop chatter during the fifteen-minute drive to the humane society offices. After arriving at the pound, Kristen was the perfect host and guide. Katie realized quickly that Kristen was well liked at the society. Other volunteers, as well as the few paid employees, greeted them with smiles and offers of “inside” tours.

By the time they left an hour later, Katie knew everything there was to know about the place. And she was hungry. So, it was welcome news when Kristen suggested they have lunch next.

They agreed on a soup/sandwich/salad place they both frequented and headed that way. It was late enough when they arrived for the lunch crowd to have pretty much deserted the restaurant. After ordering from the counter and picking up their food, they located a booth and settled in.

Katie had envisioned this as being her best opportunity during the day to test how far she could go with Kristen. It didn’t take her long to find out. During a discussion of Katie’s recent dates, Katie asked her companion about married life.

“So, what’s it like being married to a doctor?”

Kristen looked at the girl, chewed a little longer to buy time, and said, “It’s OK. I wish we had more time together, but that’s OK.”

It clearly wasn’t OK and Katie pounced.

“You get bored?” Katie asked innocently.

“Not bored,” Kristen was quick to respond. “I have the kids. I have plenty to do. It’s just…well, sometimes our schedules don’t match up very well.”

Rightly or not, Katie understood that to mean their sex life was screwed up. But then, Katie could interpret almost anything to involve someone’s sex life. She liked to take fortune cookies from Chinese restaurants and add “…in bed” to the end of them to see if that made them any more interesting.

“Ahh. I’m sure that can get frustrating.” Katie’s emphasis on the last word got her point across. She made sure to bury her eyes in her salad to avoid any recoil from Kristen.

There was silence for a few seconds.

“Do you go out with anyone?” Katie asked.

This time she looked for Kristen’s reaction. At first there was a blank stare. Kristen was apparently trying to determine if Katie actually meant men, as it sounded, or just friends.

“I have a few friends. Other volunteers, mostly. We get together sometimes. It’s hard with the kids.”

Katie saw an opening and decided it was time.

“Have you ever dated a woman?”

The incredulous look in Kristen’s eyes was piercing.

“Katie Sherwood.” As soon as she said it, Kristen looked above the walls of the booth to make sure nobody was within close proximity. “I can’t believe you said that.”

“Is that a no?” The innocence on Katie’s face was exceeded only by the inquisitiveness.

“Of course it’s a no,” Kristen quickly relied. Then, without thinking, she asked, “Have you?”

As soon as she said it, Kristen knew it was a mistake. The beam in Katie’s eyes gave away the answer long before it left her lips.

“Actually, yes,” Katie said. “You should try it.”

Kristen smiled, almost laughed. “With you?”

“Why not?” The younger woman pulled her fork sensuously from her mouth and waited for an answer before chewing. The answer didn’t come, so she ate before choking on the salad.

“Because I’m married…and have kids.”

Katie looked at her friend and scowled. “So?” It was uttered the way a twelve year old would answer her mother.

Kristen wanted to answer, but couldn’t find a more convincing way to put it. She said nothing, instead.

“Kristen, listen to me.” The words alone caused the women’s eyes to lock together dramatically. Katie leaned forward. “I have dated married women. I love married women. They are passionate and caring. You are beautiful…and married. I want to date you and I WILL date you. It’s only a matter of time before you submit to me.”

Kristen opened her mouth, but Katie continued before she could say anything.

“You think you’ve had good sex with your husband. But, you haven’t lived until you taste my breasts and feel the nipples get hard as you suck on them. Or until you feel my tongue all over your tits, sliding down your body until my mouth’s between your legs.”

While she was talking, Katie kicked off one shoe. Now she let her foot touch Kristen’s leg, high on the calf. The older woman’s entire body shuddered at the unexpected contact.

“Think about having an orgasm without worrying about a man. Without feeling like your role is to please him. Kristen, I could make you scream with pleasure.”

Katie’s breasts were pressed against the table as she talked, pushing out of the top of her shirt until nearly exposed. Kristen took a deep breath and settled back into her seat.

She put her napkin on the table.

“We better get going,” she said, fumbling for her purse.

Katie smiled and slid her shoe back on. The women rose from the booth and walked silently out to the SUV.

The ride back to Katie’s car was tense and hushed. Kristen found herself repeating Katie’s little speech over and over in her head. “Married women…taste my breast…between your legs…your role…scream with pleasure.”

Katie thanked the other woman for the tour and lunch. After retrieving the kids and with one last naïve smile, Katie watched the vehicle circle out of the parking lot.

The next couple weeks were traumatic for Kristen Hile. She avoided Katie like the plague and continuously denied to herself that she would ever have sex with another woman. But, whenever she saw Katie she looked at her in a different way. At times Kristen would look at Katie and imagine her in bed with a woman—licking and kissing. In the shower she even visualized a pair of hands wrapping around her from behind and fondling her breasts. Then she would admonish herself for ever having such thoughts.

Dr. David Hile sensed a change in his wife. She seemed more harried than normal, even a little bit agitated. He certainly didn’t mind that she clung to him more closely when they were together, but something wasn’t right. With Mother’s Day approaching, he saw an opportunity to make things right again. He decided to stop at the day care on his way home one afternoon and talk to Katie.

Mother’s Day morning arrived with presentations of hand-made greetings from the kids and kisses all around. When things settled down, David took the opportunity to give Kristen his “present.”

“Your gift is a little bit different this year,” he began. A surprised smile crossed his wife’s face. “I know its time consuming and bothersome taking the kids to day care and all…”

“No it isn’t,” Kristen interrupted.

David started up again. “So, I decided to hire a nanny for the kids.”

Immediately, Carly chimed in, “What’s a nanny?”

“It’s someone who will stay with you at home during the day and when Mommy’s away,” David said.

“But we like Miss Sherwood,” Kyle whined.

“Yeah,” Carly voiced in agreement.

“Well, good. Because how would you like Miss Sherwood to be your nanny?”

Both children screamed their approval simultaneously and ran to their father, hugging him and cheering.

Kristen was numb. She wasn’t sure what look was on her face, but when David finally gazed at her she tried to manage a smile. The kids ran out of the room and could be heard whooping all the way up the steps.

“It will be perfect,” David explained. “The kids adore her. Katie has all kinds of free time during the day. And, she needs the money for college. She agreed to it last week and said she can start any time.”

Kristen looked down at the crayon drawings the kids had given her. Then back up at David.

“Thanks, hon.” She felt if she said anything else she might cry. And not from joy. The young couple hugged and David kissed his wife.

“Happy Mother’s Day.”

It wasn’t until late that night that Kristen had time to seriously think about the situation. She and David made love on the couch after the kids were in bed and now she lay in her own bed staring at the dark ceiling. David’s head lay on her shoulder and his hand rested on her breast.

She felt compelled to tell her husband what the 19-year-old was up to. But she didn’t want to appear ungrateful for David’s generosity. Kristen weighed the pros and cons of upsetting either Katie or David, and decided she just needed to be firm with Katie. She would tell the girl she wasn’t attracted to her and that Katie would have to go elsewhere for her sexual pleasures.

It sounded so simple in the quiet darkness of the bedroom. The difficult part was convincing Kristen Hile she didn’t want Katie around.

Katie was scheduled to start the week after Mother’s Day, as the day care had a replacement for her already working part time. Kristen both dreaded and yearned for the day to come. She dreaded it for the fact she would have to confront the girl and yearned for it to get it over with.

Monday morning came and Kyle and Carly ran to the door when the doorbell rang at 9 a.m. They were all over Katie as she entered the house with her book bag on her back. Kristen managed a smile, which did not compare to the beaming face of the new nanny. This was not going to be easy, Kristen told herself.

Around lunchtime when the kids had settled down a little and Kristen saw that Katie was not occupied, she asked the girl to join her in the living room. They sat on opposite ends of the couch, both unsure of what would be said next.

Kristen started. “Katie, I’m glad David contacted you about this job. I’m glad you could do it and that it will help you with school. But, this is a job. Nothing else. And I expect you to treat it as such.”

Katie was quiet for a moment, her smile neither lessening nor growing. “It’s gonna be cool being with the kids this much. And you.”

“Katie, you’re not going to be with me. I’m not…,” Kristen was cut off by the girl.

“What do you do here all day when you aren’t volunteering?” Katie asked.

Kristen wanted to finish her sentence, but felt more comfortable with Katie’s question. “Well, I clean up after the kids, watch TV, eat.”

“That doesn’t need to change because I’m here,” Katie said. “And I’ll be doing the cleaning up.”

“No. It doesn’t need to change. And I won’t interfere with what you’re doing,” Kristen added.

“Then we’ll have time to talk.”


“And to get to know each other better.”

The exasperation showed on Kristen’s face. “If you’d rather return to the day care…”

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