On A Mission Ch. 01


“You have a wonderful body, Katie,” Kristen whispered in the girl’s ear.

“You do, too. And I want it,” was the reply.

Katie unfastened the button on Kristen’s shorts while they stood face to face. As soon as the zipper was down the shorts fell to the floor. Katie quickly placed both hands inside the back of Kristen’s soft white panties and squeezed the woman’s cheeks, pulling her closer at the same time.

While they kissed, Katie pushed the panties down as far as her arms could reach. Then she knelt and finished the job.

If a more perfect female body existed, Katie surely had never seen it. The term hourglass figure didn’t come close to describing the luscious curves that made up Kristen Hile.

Kristen stood awkwardly with her arms hanging at her side, not sure what to do while the girl admired her body. Her hands fretfully stroked her hips and stomach, as if trying to flatten them. But there was no need for that. Every inch of the woman was sculpted and Katie was losing control.

“Lay down, Kristen,” Katie said in a comforting voice. She had spent weeks planning a slow, sensuous teasing at this point. But now that she was with Kristen, in her bedroom naked, she wanted desperately to devour the woman.

As Kristen turned to climb onto the bed, Katie got her first good look at the woman’s round, firm ass. Kristen got on the bed and rolled onto her back.

“No. Turn over,” Katie said.

Kristen smiled and obeyed. Katie watched as Kristen’s back appeared, followed by her ass and the back of her long legs. Kristen put her hands under the pillow her head was on and looked back at Katie through her blonde hair.

The girl was reaching out, running her fingers down the smooth back and to the top of the wonderful ass. There, she stopped for an instant before feeling the soft cheeks. She traced the outline of the cheeks down to the top of Kristen’s thighs. Then Katie felt the legs she envied so.

Katie began to get into the bed and Kristen turned onto her side. The two immediately embraced for a long, intense kiss. They rolled on the bed like kids with their legs entangled and hair splashing everywhere. Moans of pleasure filled the room as hands searched what little space was available on the two closely knit bodies.

Ultimately, they ended up with Katie on top and her mouth firmly wrapped around a healthy portion of Kristen’s left breast. Katie was enveloped in Kristen’s legs, unable to move. But, she had other plans and forced her way down the delicious body.

Katie’s hands slid under Kristen and felt for the woman’s ass. Once in her grasp, Katie licked until reaching the tip of Kristen’s clit. Certain that her new lover had never had another woman in this position before, Katie was intent on making it memorable.

She licked the short, soft clit with long strokes. Each one caused Kristen to lift her ass off the bed. Katie responded by making each stroke harder until her entire mouth engulfed the area around the clit. Now she began the fantastic process of orally manipulating the clit until Kristen could not hold back.

This part of oral sex with a woman often put Katie herself on the verge of orgasm. This was particularly true with Kristen. She had waited so long for the moment that she had to restrain herself in order to heighten the satisfaction. Katie frantically wanted to play with herself and cum. But, her role right now was to indulge Kristen.

And Kristen was enjoying every second of it. Her mind was flooded with conflicting feelings of contentment, restlessness, ecstasy and fear. It was obvious now that she was going to cum under the influence of this girl’s mouth. Kristen’s problem was how to handle it and what to do afterwards.

However, before her mind was allowed to contemplate that much longer she found herself squeezing her own nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. She didn’t even remember reaching for her breasts. Oh, well, she thought. Stranger things might happen yet.

Kristen’s clit had grown considerably and Katie now had something to maneuver with her tongue and lips. While Kristen began raising and lowering her hips as if fucking Katie’s mouth, the girl decided it was time to offer the next best thing. Sliding down the bed a few inches, she allowed her tongue to find the opening to Kristen’s cunt.

The first time Katie’s tongue entered the hole, Kristen thought she would explode. Katie magically moved her tongue and licked the top edge of Kristen’s vagina. Then it was a series of short, quick stabs as if entering her with a small cock.

One of Kristen’s hands left her breast and pushed down on Katie’s head, forcing her deeper inside. The girl gladly obliged. The sweet taste of Kristen’s juices, combined with her obvious enjoyment of the proceedings, aroused Katie even more.

A few more thrusts and she returned to Kristen’s clit. The woman moaned with approval and murmured the girl’s name in seductive tones. Katie felt the familiar quivers in Kristen’s body that heralded a pending orgasm. She felt the body stiffen, shake, collapse and repeat the process.

Finally, Kristen announced she was about to cum. Katie took firm hold of the woman’s thighs and buried her head hard against the clit. Kristen’s moan grew in intensity steadily until she was several inches off the bed and was pushing her body against Katie’s head. That was when Katie almost lost control.

Kristen shook so hard and gyrated so powerfully that the girl nearly lost touch with the clit. But she was persistent…as was her style. With each lick, Kristen groaned louder and extended her orgasm.

For nearly a minute, Kristen Hile disregarded everything—her marriage, her previous sexual experiences, her kids, her fears, her regrets. All she knew was the overwhelming sensation flowing through her body.

Then it subsided. Or so she thought.

As Kristen lay drained on the bed, Katie slid back up to the woman’s breasts. Methodically, she began licking each nipple, feeling each one react to the warmth of the girl’s tongue.

After a couple minutes of this relaxed nurturing, with Kristen lightly running her fingers through Katie’s hair, the girl reached down and touched the now-soaked area between Kristen’s legs.

“Oh, God. Katie. No…” Kristen said with a whimper. “I can’t.”

Katie never hesitated because she’d never been with a woman who couldn’t cum a second time with the right treatment. In this case, that consisted of a tender rubbing of the clit and soft licking of the nipples.

Kristen’s mind was still on the body-numbing experience of her first orgasm and didn’t realize that she was already reacting to this new assault. Her hips rose to meet Katie’s hands and her nipples once again ached with desire.

When she heard Katie’s small voice tell her, “That’s it. Relax and let it happen,” she knew another orgasm was looming. A couple wonderful minutes later her body was shaking and she was crying out in delight…again.

What was happening? Kristen lay on the bed drained of all energy. A beautiful young girl rested her head on Kristen’s breast, playing with her navel and the hair above her clit. And Kristen never wanted it to end.

When David got home, she might have different feelings. The next time he was inside her, filling her with warm cum and lifting her by the ass, she might think otherwise. But, for now, she never wanted it to end.

The women eventually dressed in silence. Katie had said she would wait for another day for “her turn.” Each had told the other how amazing it felt and that they wanted to do it again. They sealed the deal with a kiss.

To her amazement, Kristen’s lovemaking with David actually improved the next time they were together. As her husband rolled with her on the bed, Kristen thought of Katie and her sensuous mouth all over her. The woman’s orgasms grew in intensity just as her nipples had grown with the touch of the girl’s tongue and lips.

Kristen’s opportunity to “pay back” her young nanny occurred on a warm Tuesday afternoon.

To be continued…

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