tagGay MaleOn a Run Ch. 01

On a Run Ch. 01


I bent over to tie my shoe when suddenly I felt a hand on my ass and a voice say, "well what do we have here Johnny?" I instantly tried to stand up, but another hand on my back pushed me back down. "You'll stay there for now, I like the view," the man said as he rubbed my ass through my spandex running shorts. I was terrified, I knew there were at least two men there seeing as my name isn't Johnny and the man had clearly spoken to someone else. I was too shocked to speak and I knew I was in for something I wouldn't like.

A bit of background before I go any further. I'm a 19 year old college student. I'm about 5' 9", 130 lbs, pretty thin, and kind've a "pretty boy". I've been running for a LONG time, and just recently started doing triathlons. Because of this, I started shaving my legs (and most of the rest of my body hair). The shaving has of course added to the "pretty boy" comments, and I've had more than a few gay guys start coming on to me. I'm not, by the way, gay, or even bi. Not my thing. Ok, maybe a little curious. I will admit I really liked it when my girlfriend fingered my ass while she blew me, but that's it.

So anyway, back to the story at hand. My girlfriend and I had just broken up and I took it pretty hard. We'd been dating for about 6 months, and it was going great till it just stopped going. So I decided I'd sort out my feelings on a long run at one of the local parks. The weather was great and I knew that I would probably have the park to myself, so I decided to forgo a shirt and just run in the tight spandex shorts that I race in for triathlons. I was about 8 miles in to a 13 mile run when my shoe came untied. I bent over to tie it which is when two guys came out of nowhere and my day went to shit.

"I think we could have some fun with this one, look at that ass, and those legs," said the second man, Johnny I assumed, speaking for the first time.

"Mmmm you know it," the first man replied as he slapped my ass.

"Get the fuck off me!" I yelled, finally getting over the shock of the situation. I tried to kick the one behind me as I attempted to stand up again. My kick met nothing but thin air and just served to piss the two off.

"Boy you better calm yourself," Johnny said, "Me and Will here are gonna have a good time with you, and if you chill the fuck out, you just might enjoy it!" At that the one behind me (Will) pulled my shorts down as Johnny walked around in front of me and I got my first real look at him. He looked to be about 6'2" and at least 190 lbs of muscle. He was already naked and his cock was BIG. I'd say around 8". It put my 6" to shame.

"Not only are his legs shaved, but his asshole is too!! Damn I can't wait to slide in there," Will said from behind me as he began stroking my ass with one hand and his cock with the other.

"Guys please stop. I'll do anything but don't do this. I have money!" Which was aa complete lie by the way, I'm in college after all.

"I'm not missing this ass for anything," Will said as he began to tease my ass with his fingers. I tried to move away, an act made harder by the spandex around my knees, but Johnny pushed me back.

"Why don't you put that mouth to better use," he said as he pushed his cock towards my mouth. "Go on, suck it. I know you want to pretty boy, you probably take dick all day every day." I had no choice, I took his cock into my mouth, a definite first for me. It tasted kind of salty, especially the pre-cum already pooling on the tip. As soon as his dick was inside my mouth, Will pushed a finger (lubricated with something, thankfully) into my ass.

Johnny pushed his cock deeper into my mouth. I clumsily attempted a blow job, by this time deciding if I could make them cum I could get home faster. Seemingly in response, Will added a second finger to my ass and began to finger fuck me. As Johnny moaned in response to my sucking, Will began to rub his cock across my ass. I don't know how big it was, but it certainly felt hefty.

Almost subconsciously, I pushed my ass back onto Will's fingers, enjoying the sensation. Will immediately noticed exclaiming, "Look at that Johnny! This little queer is already enjoying it!" Johnny did nothing but moan in response. I could feel a trail of pre-cum on my ass from where Will had dragged his cock. For whatever reason it turned me on, and my cock began to harden.

After another couple of minutes, Will and Johnny switched places. I noticed that, to my surprise, Will was black (surprise because there weren't many black men in our town). Will certainly had the cock of a black man, and I struggled to take his cock into my mouth in much the same way that I had struggled with Johnny's. I managed, however, and then began to give him a halfway decent (in my opinion) blow job.

Johnny managed to put 3 fingers into my ass, then began to spread them, stretching my ass far more than it had ever been before. I moaned around Will's cock, which Johnny must have taken as his signal that I was ready to fuck. He spread my ass cheeks and put a bottle of something, presumably lube, against my asshole and squeezed some in. He then lined his cock up and began to tease me with it, pushing the tip in, then taking it out. In and out, in and out.

By this time I was happy to be Johnny and Will's little slut for the day. I pushed back towards Johnny's cock as I sucked on Will hard. Johnny leaned with me and continued to tease me. Finally, without warning, he grabbed my hips and pushed his cock the whole way into my ass. I moaned as loud as I could around Will's pulsing dick, enjoying being spit roasted by the two hung guys.

As Johnny let his me get used to having his cock inside my ass he told Will, "From back here, he really looks like a she! Smooth legs, nice ass, skinny. Damn I'd fuck this dude any day."

"True dat," Will replied, "Put some tits on him and we'd have ourselves a real shemale! Hell, even without the boobs he'd be passable with a thong and bra. He's so slim he almost has curves!" The way they were talking about me like I wasn't even there was really turning me on. I could feel my cock throbbing, pulsing up and hitting my stomach then falling back down.

Before I could think about the long term implications of my present situation, Johnny began to fuck me, slowly and almost sensually. I forgot where I was, my entire being was focused on the sensation of his cock pulling out, then thrusting hard back into my ass, slowly but forcefully. With every stroke, he pushed Will's cock deeper into my mouth.

After not much longer, actually a surprisingly short amount of time, I felt Will's cock begin to pulse. He began to shoot cum into my mouth. I, of course, could not keep up with the amount that was spurting from his cock and it began to dribble out the sides of my mouth. He pulled his cock out and shot one or two spurts of cum across my face before his orgasm began to subside and his cock began to soften. He put it back into my mouth and I started cleaning it off.

Johnny grabbed my hips and began to fuck in and out harder and faster. I moaned loudly as his cock too began to pulse and he shot jet after jet of hot cum into my tight little hole. After he stopped cumming he pulled out with an audible pop from my asshole as his cum began to dribble out and down my leg. He pulled my spandex up, sealing the cum in my ass.

"Can I go now?" I asked tentatively?

"Nah, you're coming with us." Johnny said as I felt a prick on my ass and my world went dark.

I'm thinking about writing a second chapter, I'd love to hear any ideas people have. Right now I'm thinking some sort of she male thing, but I'm not quite sure. As always, eedback is greatly appreciated, positive and negative. Thanks!

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