tagBDSMOn A Sunday Afternoon

On A Sunday Afternoon


God knows what I did wrong this time, I think your reasoning was, "because I want to." But I find myself knelt, legs apart in the doorway with my hands bound above my head and the huge dildo protruding from my wet cunt. The rope supports my body just above the ground and you are watching me as, under orders, I slide up and down on it slowly and deliberately, concentrating the whole time so as not to dislodge it, as it stretches and probes me.

You move away from me, throw on your coat and step into your boots, my eyes follow you questioningly.

"I'm going out to get us some wine now, you will stay there quietly and continue to fuck that dildo while I am away," you state. You turn away from my and start up the computer. "And while you're doing it you'll be thinking of what I will do to you when I return. To help you with this I'll leave you some light entertainment." You move away from the screen to reveal a beautiful girl being tied naked face down over a red velvet couch by a leather-clad master.

You go to leave and I continue to thrust against the dildo, my eyes transfixed on the movie. You return with your camera and tripod. "Oh and just to make sure you do obey me I'm going to film you, and I'll watch it when I return. If you stop or make a noise you will be severely punished." You set the camera up fixed on me and loiter a minute, watching as I slide my naked body over the dildo, grinding against it, circling it with my cunt, feeling it's pressure inside me, my eyes only half open, my pupils dilated and my breathing heavy and slow.

Then you spin on your heels and stride towards the door, which shuts with a slam and I am alone.

"Bye gorgeous," I whispered after you.

I continue under orders transfixed by the video, getting increasingly excited as she submits to his discipline. Her bare ass becomes red under the force of his hand and she lets out a scream as he spreads her ass and shoves his fat cock into her tight hole. The film continues, getting me increasingly aroused but I won't tell the whole story now or I'll just have to repeat myself later.

Eventually the porn clicks off and I let out a small moan of disappointment. Suddenly, feeling very alone, I wonder when you're coming back and pause for a while, but I remember the camera trained on me and I continue to thrust against the dildo. I close my eyes to concentrate on it and try and position myself to rub my clit, but I can't get the pressure to make myself cum and only succeed in getting myself more sexually wound up.

I hear the key in the door and jolts of anticipation and arousal shoot through my body. You have returned and, having performed in my opinion perfectly, I'm sure I'm in for a reward. You stride into the room looking so utterly desirable and oozing power and sex. You dispense with the wine in the kitchen and then return to stand in front of me. Smiling down at me you lean forward and run your fingers between my legs feeling my wetness dripping down the sides of the dildo and soaking my thighs, then straightening up you purposefully unbutton your fly and push your jeans and boxers down to you knees releasing your fully erect cock which comes to rest against my cheek. You run it against my face teasing me, then bring it forward so the head just lightly brushes my lips. I start to lick it greedily, covering the head and the top of the shaft with my saliva trying to draw you deeper into my mouth. I strain against the ropes with the hope of encasing you in my mouth, but you stay just out of reach, teasing me watching as the slut before you strains desperate to taste your cock. Then with one swift movement you pull my head onto you, thrusting your cock deep into my throat, I almost gag with the force and the sudden fullness of my mouth, but regain my composure and swallow so your entire length is enclosed in my wet mouth. I suck on you, running my tongue along your shaft making good use of my tongue stud, which I draw along your length. Then I start to draw you fully in and out of my mouth, running my lips the entire length of your penis, sucking your head, flicking you with my tongue, then again taking you deep into my throat. You have been holding my head gently the whole time supporting me and helping to push me onto you, but now you hold it firm and still and you start to fuck my mouth hard. It is no longer me pleasuring you but my mouth being a receptacle for your own pleasure.

I can feel you swelling inside me as you near orgasm then taste you as the first contraction starts and you pull my head firmly against you as you continue to come, your dick deep in my mouth and your cum spurting down my throat. I try and swallow you all down, I love the taste of you but there is so much and my mouth is already full of my saliva that I can feel some seeping out the side of my mouth and running down my chin.

You stay in my mouth a while and I gently suck you clean, smiling as I can feel your post orgasmic body warm and breathing gently against me. You remove yourself from me and pull up your boxers and trousers. Kneeling before me you lift my head and with you finger scoop the cum from my cheek and feed it to me, and you watch as I lazily suck off every drop. Smiling you lean forward and plant a long lingering kiss on my lips.

For a few minutes now I have completely neglected to move against the dildo.

You leave for the kitchen and return with two full glasses of red wine, one of which is placed on the table, the other you hold and sip.

"Right shall we watch this film then?" you ask collecting the camera from the tripod.

I few random button presses and wire connections and I am watching myself bound and naked getting off on a huge pink rubber cock. My juices coating my inner thigh glisten in the light and my face is contorted with pleasure and concentration. The site of myself so aroused starts my juices again and I absentmindedly start to gyrate against the rubber cock once more. You lie on the cushions watching the film and ignoring me. I watch you, watching me and smile, you will be so proud of me. I love you.

"Bye gorgeous" the tape whispers, the microphones on the camera make it sound much louder than it actually was.

You put the wine down and sigh.

"How long was that before you disobeyed me? A minute? Did I not tell you to be quiet?"

I jolt of horror with disappointment hits me. I didn't even realise I'd done it. I had so wanted to please, dejected I looked to the ground and muttered "Sorry."

"What was that? Speak up slut."

"Yes you did, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. I wasn't thinking. Sorry." I said.

"Hmm, I am going to have to teach you to concentrate on your orders."

You pause the video, stand and fetch my collar and lead. Standing in front of me you lift my hair and firmly buckle the collar round my neck. Next you snap the lead on. Holding the lead firmly you reach up and release my hands from above my head and remove the cuffs. With a tug on the leash you force me forwards onto my hands and knees. Moving behind me you grab the dildo and thrust it hard, deep and fast into me. I gasp and the force pushes me forwards onto my elbows and I cry out as I steady myself, bracing myself against the pummelling of my cunt.

It doesn't last long however, you remove the dildo and I stay positioned on all fours panting as I recover. You grab the lead and drag me towards the table as I crawl behind you. You position me in front of the table over a couple of cushions and tie the lead to the leg. I wait on my hands and knees for your command.

"Head down, on your elbows slut." Instantly I did as commanded, my head turned, resting against the floor, my forearms flat on the ground and my bare ass displayed in the air. My legs were spread slightly exposing my still soaking slit ready to be used as you desired. I felt the rubber between my legs but it wasn't the dildo this time. You lubricated the butt plug with my juices, dipping it into my gapping cut and running it along my slit. Then you position it against my anus and with one smooth movement you force it into me.

"Now bitch I am going to watch the rest of this video, check for any more slip ups. Don't move and make sure that plug stays fully in you," you order. "I will deal with you when I'm ready."

With that you settle back on the remaining cushions, roll yourself a joint, collect your wine, hit play on the video, and settle down to watch.

I stay still where positioned the plug stretching my anus and struggling against my desire to turn my head to the TV to watch myself.

After a few minutes my vanity and desire to watch myself build so much I just have to ask for permission to raise my head.

"Paul Darling… "

"Yes Slut, what do you want?"

"I was wondering if… well if I could possibly move my head to watch the video… please?"

"No Slut, you may not. All I care about at the moment is your ass. I want to see it displayed to me, waiting for me to whip and fuck it."


I returned to being quiet and consciously pushed my ass further into the air, displaying it to you, offering it to you.

"Slut, do I have to watch any more of this or can I assume that you obeyed me for the rest of your time alone."

"I did as I was told, there's no need to watch the rest."


Just at that moment – typically my luck – the porn film ended and I heard the small moan I uttered come from the video.

"Slut, you lied to me. Not only did you disobey me but you lied to me too," you chastised.

You were behind me now and I gasped as I felt the sting of your hand against my bare ass. You spank me again harder this time and I can feel my flesh reddening under your firm strikes.

With the palm of your left hand you push against the end of the butt plug driving it deep into my ass as you repeatedly spank me with your right. The combination of the pressure and pleasure in my ass, and the pain from my punishment was exquisite and my body begged to be fucked by you. I wanted you in my ass, I wanted to feel your huge erect cock stretching me still further, reaching the depths that the plug couldn't.

"Paul I want you, fuck my ass. I offer my ass to you. Fuck me hard, please!" I beg.

"I'll fuck you when I want, not when you want." you retort.

Another sharp spank greets my ass. I want to beg you again, to plead with you to fuck me, but know better than to not accept your word. I stay in position concentrating on the feelings.

You get up from behind me and I know you are stripping. I want to turn my head towards you to admire your naked form, but I've disobeyed you too much already and control myself.

You kneel behind me and I can feel your cock pushing against me. Your hands start to caress my ass kneading my cheeks and pulling them apart, giving you a perfect view of the butt plug entering me. You grab the plug and move it slowly in and out of me and I start to moan as you move you hand between my legs rubbing my clit squeezing it between your fingers. Oh it feels good. My body starts to relax I can still feel a slight sting from the spanking whenever your arm brushes my buttocks and this does nothing but add to the sensation.

As the feelings spread through my body I start to moan loudly, I push myself against your hands and grind my anus against the plug. I am concentrating on nothing but the feeling and my slowly developing orgasm. Hence I am completely unprepared when you suddenly lean over me, grab my hair and bracing yourself with it, thrust deep into my warm welcoming cunt. My head is pulled back against the chain as you fuck me hard tugging at my hair, pushing your entire length into me and impaling me on your cock. And my cunt loves it, initially still surprisingly tight, its now gushing fluids and expanding to accommodate your length and girth. All the while I can feel my ass being squeezed around the butt plug. I feel so full and utterly controlled by you. I'm your slut and you're fucking me. But the force with which you are penetrating me is slowly forcing the plug out of my ass and with a particularly hard thrust it falls to the ground.

You instantly stop with your hard cock still deep inside me.

"Did I not tell you to keep that butt plug in you? You really aren't doing very well today, but you'll learn."

With that you pull yourself out of me and reach for the whip.

"I am going to whip you now and you are going to count each stroke for me so I don't lose count. If you lose count we'll just have to start again from one – understand?"

"Yes," I utter.

"Right how many do you think you deserve? Ten? Yes that will do. Brace yourself, I want you to take this like a well behaved slut. You will not scream," You order.

I brace myself, arching my back, offering my already pink ass to your punishment.


The first whip catches me off guard, it lands in the small of my back, each separate leather strap leaving it's own mark on my pale skin. The unexpected position of the pain means I cry out and completely forget to count – Good start.

You just sigh, "Right lets start that again. COUNT."


"One." This one hit at the top of my right thigh…………


"Two." Just across the top of my left buttock. I wriggled after it is received, revelling in the sensations, imagining the redness starting to develop further on my white flesh.


"Three." Three hits the same place as the first and I could feel the contact with the already raw skin. It was all I could do to bite my lip to stop me screaming, but I know better than to forget to count.

Four, five, six and seven went by in a blur of pain and arousal. I had never been whipped this hard before and was dreading the last three. But at the same time I wanted them more than anything. I needed them.


"Eight." Eight landed straight across my buttocks, one of the leather straps flicking into my crack and just clipping my anus, it cause my to gasp and hesitated slightly on counting, but thankfully not enough to cause a restart.


"Nine." This wrapped round my inner thigh causing some of the leather to become coated in my juices.


Oh god the pain that shot through me body, I fell forwards on my elbows, struggling through gasps I somehow managed to get the word ten out. The whip had struck directly between my legs, stinging my most sensitive areas. The leather struck my clit and my lips sending waves of pain through my genitals. But the sharp pain faded in seconds at it always does and I was left with my genitals tingling and extremely sensitive. When your finger ran between my legs, very gently massaging my clit, carefully running me between your thumb and forefinger, I thought I would come instantly.

Breathing quickly, sweat dripping of my body and almost unable to speak I somehow stammered,

"I…. I need…. come….please…."

"Yes, you may" you reply. "But don't think this is the end of it."

The orgasm comes quickly and envelops my body. I cry out as my arms give way and I collapse on the floor, my body still quivering from the last contractions of orgasm.

You allow me a minute or two to recover then lift me back up onto my elbows. You reach across to the wine and then gently lifting my head you feed it to me. You're stroking my hair and when I've finished drinking you give me a lingering kiss on my temple and remove the glass.

"I know you may be feeling relaxed and satisfied now, but that orgasm was a bonus and I'm still going to take your ass," you state gently.

Then you fetch the dildo and kneel behind me and I can feel your cock pressing against my anus, but it's still dry so you rub it between my legs coating it in my juices. When satisfied that you are sufficiently lubricated you return it to my anus and thrust into me. I brace myself against you, groaning and moaning as you slowly push yourself deep into me. You move in and out of me, slowly at first then faster as my ass accepts you, loosening and welcoming your cock. You fuck me hard. Its all I can do to stay on all fours and not collapse onto my front.

Then I feel your hand move between my legs and the rubber tip of the dildo running along my slit. As you had done with your dick you coat it in my juices and settle it against my hole. Keeping your dick deep in my ass you thrust the dildo up my cunt. I gyrate against your cock and spread my legs further to allow the dildo easier access.

"Take the dildo," you instruct. "Fuck yourself with it."

Supporting myself on one arm I bring the other between by legs, take the dildo from your hand and start to move it in me, pushing it in deep, then withdrawing it and thrusting again. You take hold of my hips and fuck me hard. I can feel your cock pushing against the dildo and the dildo pushing against your cock as they vie for room inside me.

My remaining arm gives way and I am forced forward onto my front, my breasts rubbing against the floor and my head close to the table leg its still chained to. Noticing my lack of support you realise I now have another free hand and command me to rub my clit with it. After some difficult manoeuvring my fingers reach my clit and start to rub frantically. All the while I fuck myself with the dildo, and you roughly take my ass with your hard cock.

As a second orgasm starts to build you still have one hand on my hip and the other is grabbing my hair, tugging my head backwards.

I beg for permission to come, and am shocked when you reply in the affirmative, I am normally made to ask at least three times and that's twice now I've instantly been granted it.

I come hard and the tightness and my throbbing muscles around you cock trigger your orgasm. I can feel you growing and contracting inside me as your spunk is shot deep into my ass. While I'm still quivering with my orgasm you collapse on top of me, your body hot, sweaty and heavy.

We lie together breathing softly, the occasional muscle twitch and spasm still controlling our post-orgasmic bodies.

We lie for what feels like an eternity, with your cock and the dildo still filling me, but now still and gentle. Eventually you rise and I groan as your body leaves mine. You pull yourself out of me and gently remove the dildo. You wash it, put it away and return to me. Gently you unbuckle the collar and lift me till I am sitting in front of you, leaning against your naked chest. Your move my head towards yours and deeply and tenderly kiss me.

Then leaning across me you collect my wine and with one hand holding my hair from my face you use the other to feed me my drink. I look up at you smiling and you hold me tight protecting me in your warm embrace.

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