tagSci-Fi & FantasyOn Another World Ch. 03

On Another World Ch. 03


Here readers, is another chapter of the "On Another World" saga. Again, you will read a great deal of background information at the beginning. And again, I apologize for that, but it should make the rest of the chapter read a little more smoothly. I ask you to be patient. I am by no means a professional writer...I just love writing.

More on the Qoo-jans: All Qoo-jan names are two syllables of three...and on rare occasions, four letters and are hyphenated. The letters just before and after the hyphen are nearly always the same. Male name always end in 'oh', while female names end with 'ah'. The only exceptions to these rules lie within the names of their world and their race. No one knows why this is.


I closed the book I had been reading. I had spent most of the past of the past three days studying the history, laws and customs of Terrania, my new world. I had learned a great deal in a short time. I was living in a city named Tertapolis, which is in the province of Eutopia and is the provincial capital. This was located in the country whose name was the same as the planet itself. This took up nearly the entire southern half of Terrania's largest and northern most continent, which covers nearly forty million square miles by Earth measurement. This makes it larger than Europe, Africa and Asia combined. Again, though I have no idea why, the continent bears the same name as the planet. It is connected to its neighbor at its southeastern most tip by a very long narrow isthmus. Picture if you will, the Central American isthmus, though many times longer, yet no wider than Panama. Its entire length runs almost due east/west. There it is attached to Terrania's neighbor, Mitgartten, which is not much larger than Australia.

Time here was nothing like on earth. A Terranian year, called a cycle here, was well over twice as long as one on Earth. The days were also nearly twice as long, being over 40 hours by Earth reckoning. There are only ten months in a Terranian cycle. Yet there are ten, eight-day weeks per month. Twenty Terranian hours per Terranian day. Unlike Earth, leap years are only needed once every 10,000 cycles...Terranian years.

Terrania, the world, is very sparsely populated compared to Earth, being four times its size with only slightly more than one-quarter the people. From what I had read, I estimated Terrania's entire world population at near 1.75 billion. This was compared to Earth's 6.68 billion, though it was a complete mystery as to how, exactly how I knew or remembered that.

Yet another mystery was solved. This one about the 'Q-girls'. Since true siblings were rare here, greater emphasis is place on that relationship. Qaj-jah, being the elder, by custom became first girl in my household. Even though Qij-jah was specifically trained to serve me, starting at a very young age and that she was bound to me first. In the short time I had been on Terrania, Qij-jah was, in fact my actual favorite of the two, but I decided to live by local custom.

Later, this evening, I was to meet Verella for the first time. Verella was to become my first wife. Along with polygamy, arranged marriages were the norm here. It was my understanding that Qaj-jah had met with Verella's uncle to make all the proper arrangements. By Terranian reckoning, my title was Lord...My military rank was Grand General, which was roughly the equivalent of a Field Marshall on Earth. Simply, I was in charge of all the nation's military forces. Qaj-jah had told me that being related to a man like Granahkt, even if only by marriage, would give a measure of power, politically speaking. I had no doubt that he too, had something to gain from such a union. And, as much as I hated politics of any kind, I knew I would need all the help I could get to accomplish the task assigned to me by the Olygard. I quietly decided that if this young woman and I could get along well enough; I would consent to marry her.

Qaj-jah entered the room. "Is there anything that I may get for thee, my Master?" She asked pleasantly.

"Just answer a question for me, girl."

""Yes, Master?"

"Just how many wives am I expected to have?" I asked her. This information was not fully explained in my recent reading.

"For a man of thy rank and station, the norm would be five. There is no law limiting how many thou may have. But, by custom...only five, Master. The average on this world is normally three or four, but thou art of high in rank and position."

"So, nearly half the women this world will never marry?"

"Yes, Master. That is why Sappho love is permitted and somewhat encouraged here. You know...women with other women. I think the term is lesbian in thy tongue, Master. The females of this world enjoy intimacy...sex, a great deal more than the females of the world thou camest from. It is not their fault that there simply are not enough males to go around."

"I'm not blaming anyone. But five wives?" I shook my head slowly. There was no way that I really wanted to have five wives.

"What troubles thee, Master?" Qaj-jah asked me, suddenly very concerned.

I started to answer, but ended up saying nothing. I simply did not know how I could express my misgivings about my current situation to her.

She slowly approached me and slid onto my lap with a grace and smoothness that still was surprising to me. Then she put her arms around my neck and kissed me softly on my forehead. "Master, this girl begs to speak freely to thee."

"If you knew me as well as you should, you wouldn't need to ask."

She only smiled and then nodded. "Be patient, my Master." She said to me in English. "A part of thy heart and soul will always belong to thine old world. Mine sister and I understand that. Let us help thee to acclimate to thy new world. I love thee, Master, as much as mine sister loves thee. Do not concern thyself about thou having many females in thine home. The Grey Ones have given thee great strength and abilities. Dost thou believe that they would leave thee lacking in intimate matters? Please Master; do not concern thyself about Qij-jah and myself. We simply cannot be jealous...it is not possible for us to be. We are Qoo-jan. It is not a part of who we are."

How could I tell her she was only partially right? I really didn't give a damn if the Olygard also granted me the ability to 'keep up' as it were. In my youth, I would have been happy having a lot of women...and did from time to time. But as I became older, the idea of a monogamous relationship was becoming more and more appealing to me. A wife is some one to love, I mean really love! I was not sure I would be able to actually love more than one. "And what of Verella?" I asked skeptically.

"We will love her as well. As your wife, we cannot help but love her. It is our way. Again Master, we are Qoo-jah...we cannot help who we are, who we love. It just is the way things are...." She smiled lovingly at me. "It has to do with the bonding mine sister and I share with thee. In thy veins, there is a minuscule bit of my blood. Qij-jah's as well. And in our veins, a tiny bit of thine. We will love whom thou loves...we will hate those thou will hate. We are bound to thee emotionally in every way, Master. Dost thou understand now?"

I looked deeply into her eyes and nodded. "Yes, I believe that I do now. Perhaps not fully just yet. I do understand some."

"Do not misunderstand me, Master. If thou wert to be in love one who intends harm to you, we would still love them...But we would not hesitate to kill them. As painful and heartbreaking as that would be. You are and always will be our first priority in everything." She kissed me. I could see in her eyes and could feel that she had meant every word. There was absolutely no doubt of it. "Master, mine sister and I love thee more than our own lives."

I had been on this world for less than a Terrranian week and these two women were ready to lay down their lives for me if it ever became necessary. I accepted that, but didn't like it much. It was contrary to what I was raised to believe. You're Terranian now! You need to adjust your thinking! My subconscious yelled at me.

"Bite me." I muttered back at it.

"Master?" Qaj-jah queried.

"Nothing, little one." I answered.

She smiled brightly. "I like that, Master."

I looked her with a raised eyebrow, having no idea what she meant.

"When thou addresses me as little one, Master."

"I see...." I had absolutely no clue as to why I called her that...it just seemed to fit. I chuckled. "I guess that would make Qij-jah 'wee one', eh?"

"Oh Master, I do love thee." She giggled and hugged me tightly.

"And I, you." The fact that I found myself actually loving this girl came as no surprise to me...I had been warned. Something to do with the bonding I had been told. I just didn't expect it to happen so soon. And Qij-jah as well. I loved them both. Enough that I would not hesitate to die for them...Though it would not be wise to let them know that. All my emotions were still somewhat jumbled in my head still.

"Come Master, mine sister and I must prepare thee to meet thy new wife." Qaj-jah said to me, then assisted me to my feet and led me the bathroom calling for Qij-jah to come help.


Later that evening....

I sat quietly and waited. I was dressed comfortably in a karategi, sometimes called a gi. For those of you not familiar with martial arts, on Earth, it is also referred to as a karate or judo uniform. I had had a tailor make me a few to my specifications for wear in my quarters. Many of you back on Earth have no idea how comfortable they can be.

At the moment, to be honest, I was feeling just a little silly waiting to meet my fiancée for the first time. Well, according to the 'Q-girls' she was my fiancée. I was still not quite sure about this. I had been told a great deal about Verella. But, I had not yet seen the woman, or perhaps, she was just a girl. The 'Q-girls' never did tell me her age. I had only been on this world for a few days, and I already had two lovers. And now, a perspective third. Talk about moving fast....

Then there came a soft knock at the door. The door swung open slowly and Qij-jah entered, followed by Qaj-jah. They both smiled at me and Qaj-jah spoke. "Master, mine sister and I would like to introduce and present Verella, niece and ward of Granahkt the Wise, Governor of Eutopia, to you. She is presenting herself to you for your examination and appreciation." At that time, my girls stepped aside and a third Qoo-jan girl came into the room. Again, a very lovely woman. "I am Tiq-qah, my Lord. I am in the service of my mistress, Verella. May I be permitted to present my mistress to thee?" I nodded, and then Tiq-qah stepped aside and Verella elegantly entered the room. I stood to face her.

She was extraordinarily beautiful. Her golden yellow-blonde hair was shimmering in the light. It fell across her shoulders, and half way down her back. She wore a black hooded cloak with the hood back. It covered her form completely from her lovely neck down. The cloak appeared to be made of silk or perhaps satin. Her footwear resembled ballet slippers and was nearly the same color as her hair. She was somewhat taller than the "Q-girls and Tiq-qah. Her eyes were at chin level to me. She smiled nervously and curtsied to me. The curtsy was more like half bow, half curtsy. Although she appeared to be nervous, she also seemed to be very happy to stand before me. She spoke in a soft, lilting voice. "My Lord, I am most pleased to be here with you this fine evening. By custom, I am here for your inspection and approval...and to serve your pleasure if you wish it. My uncle has informed me that a union between our families would be nicely...mutually beneficial...and in this case, I must wholeheartedly agree with him."

I took a closer look at her. She appeared to be in her late teens, very near twenty or so. Her eyes were probably the bluest I had ever seen. She was easily, in her own way, every bit as beautiful as Qij-jah and Qaj-jah. Then I remembered. The girl on the balcony over the street I saw a few days before. I smiled, and then asked her, "So, what's next?"

She smiled at me, and then smiled and nodded at the 'Q-girls'. They stepped up to her and started to undo the clasp that held the cloak snugly around her neck. With the clasp undone, they, with Tiq-qah's help, pulled back, lifting it off her shoulders and away from her body. I stared. Beneath the cloak, she was naked.

She smiled suggestively at me and asked. "Do I meet with your approval, my Lord?" She was stunning! Her breasts, while easily larger than those of the 'Q-girls', were still quite lovely, though I might have preferred them to be a bit smaller. Her hips were a bit wider, but also very attractive. There was no hair at her pubic area whatsoever. It appeared to have been shaved. She stepped directly up to me, put her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. She began to rub her body against mine invitingly. She broke the kiss and looked directly into my eyes, "May I serve your pleasure, my Lord?"

"My pleasure?" I asked, not knowing what else to say.

"Yes, my Lord...." She looked down at her body. "This is yours now. Would it not be wise to have a little taste of it, as it were? I am told that I can be quite pleasing. I shall give you many sons. I shall make your house the envy of all." I wasn't sure but it seemed to be an almost desperate, pleading quality to her voice. There were proverbial red flags popping up all over the place. She behaved as if assuming I had already agreed to wed her.

I grinned knowingly at her. "I can assume that I will not your first?" I asked with only a little sarcasm.

"No, my Lord. There was but one other before you. But this body served his pleasure for nearly a full cycle. He taught me much of the pleasures two can share with their bodies."

"What happened? Why were you two not wed?"

"He died in the war, some time ago, my Lord." She whispered very sadly. A tear threatened to spill out of her left eye.

Then she shook her head as if to eliminate a bad memory and kissed me again. Before I knew it, she had slipped her hand past the waistband of my gi and started fondling my stiffening cock. Her eyes widened, "My Lord, you have so much more than he who came before you." She whispered breathlessly.

Unlike the 'Q-girls', there was no emotional telepathy, but I could see her need in her eyes. I was by no means huge down there which did not say much for her last lover, but who was I to say anything about it. She began stoking my shaft more urgently. "Please, my Lord...I wish to pleasure you. I need to!" She moved us toward what looked like a loveseat. I do not know how she figured out how to loosen the bottom part of my gi, but she did and a moment later, it was at my ankles. She looked down at what she now held in her hand. "Oh my, I have been blessed by the deities." She sat and without a moment's hesitation, took my cock into her mouth. She tried right away to deep throat me, but was not able to, gagging slightly. She continued to try though.

After a few minutes, she gently pulled down on me. I knelt before her. With her on the loveseat and me on my knees, I was at the perfect height to take her. "Oh please, my Lord. Take your wife...take her now!" It was as if she already thought of herself as my wife. She reached for me with her legs, hooking her heels at the top of my thighs and then pulled. She became instantly wetter the second the head of my shaft contacted her folds. She was coming already.

"My Lord.... She panted. She pulled a little harder and the head of my cock popped into her. I could not ever remember a pussy as tight as Verella's seemed to be! She hissed at me in Qoo-jan fashion and though she was not Qoo-jan, still managed to look rather fierce. She came again. Verella grasped my ass in her hands and resumed slowly pulling on my body. Finally, after a long while, our pelvic bones ground against one another through our skin. She was so incredibly tight; it was almost but not quite painful. I could only imagine the pain she was feeling. Her hips started to piston against mine. Passion and lust burned in her blue eyes. "My Lord, I have never been so full as I am now." She gasped at me as she came yet again.

"Does it not hurt?" I asked.

"Yes my Lord, though I care not. There is some pain, but the pleasure greatly surpasses that. Ravage me, my Lord. I wish to bear you a son." She released my ass and literally tore away the rest of my clothing. By this time, she was bucking against me frantically. She seemed to be coming over and over again in an apparent long chain of orgasms.

She looked over my shoulder at the three Qoo-jan slave girls who were watching us with rapt fascination. "Will they be joining us in our bed from time to time? You know, Tiq-qah is now yours as well." She grinned mischievously. "She is what you could say...quite talented."

A thought occurred to me. How the hell was I suppose to keep up and please these four women? I doubted that I could even keep up with the 'Q-girls' over time. Then I remembered my earlier conversation with Qaj-jah and shrugged, mentally.

Verella continued to thrust against me even faster. "Oh, my Lord. I cannot stop coming. I could love you very easily. For this...." She squeezed my shaft with her vaginal muscles. "...I could even become your slave.

I heard a noise behind me and then a totally naked Tiq-qah sat on the loveseat next to Verella. I could see as she bent to kiss Verella that her eyes were bright gold. After she kissed her, she smoothly hooked an arm around my neck and kissed me. Looking over my body, she smiled and said to Verella, "We have indeed been blessed, my Mistress." She looked down, watching my shaft pound into Verella. Then she whispered softly. "May this one try it, my Mistress?"

Verella smiled. "Of course, my little sweet one." She managed to smoothly remove my cock from within her and maneuver Tiq-qah into her place. She gently grasped my tool and pulled it toward her slave girl's waiting pussy. "My Lord, here, take a sample of your newest slave. I promise you will not regret it."

I looked over my shoulder, though I do not know why. There were the 'Q-girls' both with huge anticipatory smiles on their face's and they were nodding in encouragement.

My evil side, long dormant, suddenly surfaced. With one savage thrust of my hips, I was buried to the hilt inside Tiq-qah. She let out a yelp of pain, then wrapped her arms and legs around me and thrust her hips forward, as if she were trying to get even more of my cock inside her. A soft whisper passed her lips. "I thank thee Kriegor...and thee, Master." She sucked in a deep breath and was rocked by a monstrous orgasm. Tiq-qah kept one arm around my neck and wrapped the other around Verella's shoulders, kissing her deeply. "I love thee, my Mistress. I thank thee for sharing thy husband with me." She never slowed pounding her pelvis against mine. "When thy time comes, please tell me, Master." She said to me. "It would be better to give thy seed to thy wife."

I looked up as the 'Q-girls' dropped to their knees on either side of me. They too, were naked now. Qaj-jah, to my left was kissing my shoulder as she reached out and started fondling Tiq-qah's breasts. To my right, Qij-jah bent low and was eagerly lapping at Verella's pussy.

Between being surrounded by four exceptionally beautiful women, what I was seeing and the emotional telepathy coming from the three Qoo-jans, I knew I was very close to coming. I had to move quickly. I withdrew my shaft out of Tiq-qah, gently nudged Qij-jah aside and plunged back into Verella's dripping hole. Qij-jah kissed me as all of them threw their arms around me. I hit my peak, feeling my semen spraying inside my new fiancée.

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