tagSci-Fi & FantasyOn Another World Ch. 04

On Another World Ch. 04


Greetings once again, readers. First, I must apologize for the delay in getting this chapter out to you. I've having serious computer/internet problems...now that it seems to be working properly again, here is your next installment. I want to thank all those who have read and apparently enjoyed this series so far. That being said, there will be a fair amount of background information included within this chapter as well. In this chapter, there will slightly less sex, in detail, that is...and maybe in the next. But, fear not readers, you have my word that there will be more in the future

More on Qoo-jans: They are physically stronger than most Terranians. Their bones are much denser and harder than all living creatures on Terrania.

On aging on Terrania: Life expectancy here is; baring a violent death is well over 1,000 cycles. Qoo-jans, slightly less at 700 -- 800 cycles. Qoo-jan women are considered to be well past their sexual prime and best child bearing years at 200.


I looked at Seq-qah for a long moment. "Why do you say that?" She had just professed her love for me, though she'd only recently met me. Granted, we had just, a short time ago communicated telepathically...something that should have been impossible yet; my first and only attempt thus far, had been successful. Seq-qah was my own personal physician, assigned to me by Gilliam. She was Qoo-jah and while technically a slave, she had a position of some respect and much more freedom than any slave on Earth ever knew. Nearly all Qoo-jan on Terrania were slaves...by choice, oddly enough. The one thing I was unable to understand was how they derived personal pleasure from being slaves. I had resigned myself to the fact it would probably take me years to fully understand everything on my new home world.

"As I said, my Lord. I have seen into thy mind...thy heart. Thou art a good and kind man. How could I not love thee?" She said to me, smiling. "My Lord, I would...."

She was interrupted by a knock at the door. After at moment, one of my personal guards entered my quarters. He was a rather young looking man, dressed in chain mail with a tunic bearing my crest. He carried a halberd in his right hand. Upon entering the room, he approached me. He shifted his halberd to his left hand and placed his open right hand over his heart, in a Terranian salute. "M'lord, Major Kôjar sends his respects and requests that you join him in the planning room."

"Very well. Tell the major I'll be there in a moment...dismissed." I turned to Seq-qah as the guard departed. I grasped her shoulders and kissed her lightly on her forehead. "We'll finish this talk later, girl." I left the room wondering why I had kissed her. We did not share the bond like I did with the 'Q-girls', yet I felt some kind of a connection with her. This was mildly disconcerting to me. Who is this girl? Why does she affect me this way? The thoughts raced through my mind. And how in the hell were we able to communicate telepathically? This shouldn't be possible, but we did it.

What was it with the women on this planet? I'd been here only a couple of weeks and I loved the 'Q-girls' completely. I cared a great deal for Verella and Tiq-qah after spending but a single night with them. Four, women! And now, Seq-qah? I never even imagined anything like this in my nearly 60 years on Earth. It was certainly something to ponder...later

I walked into the planning room...which I had dubbed the War Room and found Kôjar waiting for me. He led me to one of the large tables in the room. There was a small-scale map of the area around Tertapolis. Then, he pointed to the map. "I would like to suggest M'lord that we leave right at full dark and ride to this lake, here. It is called Shallow Lake because even during the wet season, one can easily wade all the way across. We should arrive there at a point opposite of the camp. Then move forward on foot." Intel reports that a large party left there two days ago and another today. I think it might be best for us not to tip our hand until they can do nothing to stop us.

I nodded. "An excellent plan Major."

"Oh, by the way, my Lord Granahkt has said that he would like to see you before we depart." Kôjar told me.


"He waits for you there, in your office." He pointed to door across the room that I had noticed before, but had thought it might be a closet or something like that.

"Very well then, carry on." I remarked. I turned and strode to the office. I opened the door and entered. There he was. Granahkt was a giant of a man at nearly seven feet. He had the look of a man in his mid-60's. Iron gray hair and a long beard that matched. With a deeply tanned face and bright blue eyes, he was what many women would consider to be quite handsome despite his age. And a powerfully built man as well. I had no doubt he could hold his own in combat.

"M'lord Dee-Ess, I cannot tell you how pleased to see that you survived the attack. I'm told that it is you, yourself who is going after my niece. I wish I could go, but as governor, it is not permitted for me. I can only ask you to do your best to bring her back safely to me."

"I shall try my best M'lord." I said. I found myself liking this man even not knowing him at all.

"I know you will." He paused before continuing. "About her dowry. I would like to...."

"No...." I interrupted him. "Not yet, M'lord. Let us wait until she is safely back here with us before discussing that."

He nodded and sighed. Then he smiled. "It will be as you say, M'lord Dee-Ess." He chuckled. "To be honest, I half expected you to say that. If only I were but a few years younger and not the governor. Then no one could keep me from accompanying you. Of all my nieces, Verella is my favorite.

"As I said, I shall endeavor to return her safely, M'lord."

Without another word, he bowed his head and left my office. In a very short time, he had earned my respect and admiration.

I returned to the War Room. "Major Kôjar, I think we shall leave about two hours after sunset. It should be full dark by then."

"It shall be as you say, M'lord."

I departed and returned to my quarters. Seq-qah had been awaiting my return. She curtsied lowly to me and asked. "How may I serve thee, my Lord?"

I chuckled. "I'd almost kill for a good hot cup of coffee right now."

"At once, my Lord." Seq-qah said. She curtsied again and quickly left me.

I walked to the table and sat down on one of the chairs. The events of the past few days ran through my mind. I mystically appeared here on Terrania less than two weeks by local reckoning. I was the supreme military leader of my new country on this world. On Earth, I was just a lowly enlisted man...having obtained the rank of Gunnery Sergeant before I retired from the Corps. I also had what I thought of as two and maybe three 'live in girlfriends' and a fiancée. And there was yet another girl involved with me too. All five of them, ready to satisfy my every need...sexual and otherwise. No woman I ever knew on Earth would even consider sharing her man, as these five appeared to be very happy to do so. Maybe if the female to male ratio was the same there as it was here? Nah, no way. I thought, chuckling to myself.

Moments later, Seq-qah returned with a cup of coffee for me. She also brought one for herself. She sat next to me and we sipped our coffee in companionable silence for a time. From her, I felt a calm peaceful happiness. Then I heard a whispering that seemed to come from within my own mind, with Seq-qah looking at me intensely. She put her hand over mind and inside my head; I was then, just able to hear her voice inside my head.

My Lord?

I answer in my mind. Yes, Seq-qah?

I am still amazed that we can communicate this way. My Lord, I would beg of thee, a favor.

What favor would that be? I asked silently.

I believe, my Lord, that if thou and I were bonded, physical contact would not be needed for us to communicate this way.

I considered what she said. And you would consider being personal slave as well as physician?

Think of the advantages, my Lord. We could 'talk' secretly and thy enemies would know not. It will, I am sure, aid us in our search for Qaj-jah and Qij-jah...as well as the others. I beg of thee; please give my idea some consideration?

Seq-qah was a genius! And, I could tell by her feelings that she was thinking mostly of my safety. There were other reasons, but those were of lesser importance to her...at the moment anyway. It would mean of course, taking her into harms way. I wasn't very thrilled with that, but Seq-qah was correct in her thinking. It would be a huge advantage in finding the girls.

Aye...It sounds like a good idea. When you've finished your coffee, locate Gilliam and inform him. For a moment before you touched my hand, I think I may have heard your thoughts. I thought to her. I pulled my hand back and our 'link' was broken.

We finished our coffee, talking over small unimportant things, although the recent events weighed heavily over us both. Seq-qah finished her coffee, kissed me on my forehead and left.

About an hour later, Gilliam entered my quarters, accompanied by Seq-qah. He looked at me, his face filled with disbelief. "You and her can really communicate telepathically? Between a Qoo-jan and one of us, that is not supposed to be possible."

I explained to him what Thor had told me. I was not actually Terranian; I was a human from Earth. That, while Terranians and Humans were very close, there were tiny differences in our DNA. Maybe that made it possible?

Gilliam nodded his head slowly. "Indeed...." He said. "If all you say is true, it would go a long way in explaining the seemingly impossible. Seq-qah has told me of her idea. Do you wish to proceed?"

I shrugged. "What's the worst that could happen?" I said, already knowing the answer. If Seq-qah's plan failed, it wouldn't really cost us anything.

Gilliam produced from his robe a small box containing a slave bracelet. The bonding ceremony took place in the same place and manner as Qij-jah's and Qaj-jah's and took very little time. I laughed silently to myself. I was quickly becoming a bit of an expert at this.

Gilliam looked expectantly at us. Seq-qah smiled shyly and moved to the other side of the room. Master? Her thoughts came through very clearly as if she had actually spoken them.

I smiled. Yes Seq-qah, I can hear and understand you clearly. I though at her.

She ran back across the room and threw her arms around my neck, hugging me tightly. Master, this is wonderful! Then, to Gilliam, she said. "It works better than we had hoped, my Lord."

Gilliam nodded. "I am still finding it difficult to believe, but this ability the two of you possess...it may aid you in your task." I knew that Gilliam did not fully approve of my mission to bring the girls back home. His...our world was at stake. But, at the same time, he understood. Were he in my position, he would most likely do the same.

"M'lord Dee-Ess, while I do not approve of this mission, I understand it." He said, confirming what I already knew to be true. "Kahn must be stopped and eventually be defeated. That should be our top priority. You know this, do you not?"

"Aye Gilliam, I know this all too well. But, I cannot shake the feeling that this is all part of the same mission.

Gilliam looked at me thoughtfully for a long moment, considering what I said, then nodded. "You may be right. If that is the case and I'm beginning to think you may be right, I have additional preparations to make." He left without another word.


Several hours later....

We rode out through the gate into the countryside. It was my first time to be truly in the open countryside since arriving on Terrania. Our first stop was to be a large lake, a short distance from our destination. According to the intel I had thus far collected, the girls were very likely at a campsite half a day's ride away. It was a dark night. Thankfully, the kyliah we rode had excellent night vision. Even my own night vision, which would be considered super-human by Terranian standards, was quite good. During my research, I had learned that kyliah had endurance that made horses of my prior existence completely worthless in comparison. The kyliah I rode could carry twice the weight it carried now at an easy lope for days...only needing to stop once a day for food and water. It could run at an all out dead run for hours.

We rode hard in an effort to get to the campsite well before sun up. Much to Gilliam's dismay, I led the way. Even though none of the three moons was in the sky at the moment. I could see as if it were heavily overcast daylight. I could see a path in the long grass where others had passed before us. I have never been much of a tracker, but I had no doubt that the men who had tried to murder me and had taken my women had come this way. I would find them...and they would pay.

After several hours, we arrived at the lake. We were now only a few short leagues from the Tushük camp. From here, we would go on foot. We dismounted and silently crept along a wide well traveled path, more like a roadway, that went around the lake. In the last few hours of darkness before dawn, there was no traffic. Ahead of us beyond the lake, was a long low ridge. Through the darkness, I could see that there was a sentry posted where the road went over the top of the ridge. He would have to be eliminated before we could get into the camp.

I looked around trying to figure the best way to get to this man and take him out. Then, I smiled as an idea came to me. I slipped off the road and worked my way slowly behind him.

I slunk forward slowly toward him, katana drawn. My enhanced capabilities made me as silent as a ghost. I knew Gilliam and Kôjar were not happy. To them, I was taking an unnecessary risk. But, I felt that I needed to lead by example. How could I expect them to take risks if I did not? Before I could stand back and order others to do my bidding, I had to first, earn their respect.

Then, there I was. I could have almost reached out and touched him. The fellow was apparently not well acquainted with soap and water. I cleared my throat softly.

He spun around to face me, startled and reached down to drawn his sword as I slashed with my katana. I felt my blade cut into him. He froze. He look on his face went from surprise and anger to bewilderment. For just an instant, I worried that I might have missed. He began to open his mouth as if to say something. Then his eyes rolled back....followed by his head right off of his shoulders. It actually bounced on the ground and continued to roll down the side of the ridge. I reached out, grabbed the body, and eased it down. I was fortunate that none of the blood spraying out of his neck got on me.

I wiped his blood from my katana on his tunic and sheathed the blade. I looked to the north and could see the Tushük camp. It looked to be largely deserted.

Seq-qah crept up to my side. Thou art unhurt, Master?

I nodded, but thought or said nothing to her. It was time. With gestures, I got my men into a skirmishes formation. We were ready to move when I saw something that made my blood run cold.

In the camp, two burley men were dragging a naked Qoo-jan woman out of one of the tents. Her hands were tied behind her back and her ankles were bound. Her back was to me. The poor girl had no hair, as it had apparently been shaved off. She was taken to a stake surrounded by wood. They were going to burn her alive! I took off at a dead run.

Still, they were more than a league away. The fact that I could see them all clearly was amazing. The rest of my party was right behind me, but falling behind because of the incredible speed at which I ran.

The girl was tied to the stake by now. The two brutes were splashing some liquid over the entire area... it was, no doubt highly flammable. Other Tushüks began to gather around. I redoubled my effort and was running faster than I thought possible. Yet, I was sure I would not get there in time to save the girl from being burned.

Suddenly, blue-white flames engulfed the woman. She screamed. To burn that color, the fire had to be intensely hot. The woman screamed again. The fire did not just burn her. It was as if her flesh itself was feeding the flames. She screamed yet again...a long piteous scream that burned my own soul. The Tushüks who were still gathering around started pointing and laughing at their entertainment for the early pre-dawn morning.

For a brief moment, I was horrified. How could anyone take pleasure from watching another burn to death? These monsters did. I refused to think of them as people. Just as well. I thought. That will make killing them so much easier. No more time for thinking, I was there.

I leaped the final 50 feet through the air, landing on the burning platform. I ripped away the girls bonds, picked her up then leapt to the ground. Then I beat out the flames on her. I somehow was able to do all of this without burning myself...although how, I neither knew nor cared.

The Tushüks seemed momentarily unable to move. They were apparently shocked that anyone would have the audacity to interrupt their little 'show'. I drew my swords and waded into them. I slashed out at the two that had brought the girl out in the first place. In a second, they, like their companion on the ridge, fell headless to the dirt. I found myself surrounded by more the a dozen warriors who wanted nothing less than my death. Males and females, including a couple of Qoo-jan slaves of their own, attacked me.

A rather large, but attractive nude woman leaped at me sword held high. With my katana still in hand, I punched her in the throat with my fist. Between the power of my punch and her momentum, her neck broke with a surprisingly loud crack. She flopped to the ground, sputtered and then coughed out her last breath. "Bad waste of good pussy." I muttered crudely in English under my breath. Those remaining hesitated and then were overwhelmed by the rest of my party. In a very sort time, scores were killed...a dozen or so taken prisoner. We were fortunate that those remaining in the camp were not trained assassins. The battle did not last long. Afterward, I walked back to where the fire around the stake still burned. Seq-qah and the 'Z's,' Zog-gah, Zeq-qah and Zeq-qoh all acquitted themselves much better than I expected. They were slaves...but they were also good warriors.

In a very short time, we had defeated them, managing to take nearly a dozen prisoners. Major Kôjar had them on their knees a few feet away as I turned to Seq-qah, who tended to the burned girl.

The girl lay there. I thought her to be dead. No one could have possibly survived being burned that badly. I inwardly cursed my slowness.

Then the girl coughed and softly groaned. I spun and stared at her. How could she still live? My mind screamed at me. The outer layer of her skin was charred badly. Her legs were completely gone from just below the knees down. Another shock...she opened her mouth and in a rough, gravelly voice, she spoke. "Who is there...? I cannot bear this pain. P-Please end my suffering." That she was not lying their screaming in pain was a little disconcerting. That she was able to speak at all was stunning. The voice, though damaged by the fired still sounded a bit familiar.

Seq-qah knelt closer to her. "Here, I will give you something to ease your discomfort." She gently lifted the girl's head and poured a white liquid into her month from a black cup. The girl coughed and sputtered, but managed to swallow most of it. Whatever the liquid was, it started to work immediately though the girl was still in agony. She opened her eyes. The pupils were tiny pinpricks, the irises white. It was as if she were looking right at me. Seq-qah looked at her and then me. "She cannot see Master. She is blind." What came next stunned me to my core.

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