tagSci-Fi & FantasyOn Another World Ch. 10

On Another World Ch. 10


Greetings readers! As you may (or may not) have known, my computer crashed...temporarily putting a halt to my writing. But, as you can see, I'm ba-a-ack! Okay, okay...I can't blame it all on the computer crash. There are other reasons as well. For example, in real life, I'm a single parent with a teen-aged son...need I say more?

All right folks, here it is! For those of y'all who wanted more actual sex...read on. Again, I am not knuckling under to those who complained about the lack of sex in this series...usually, I plan my sex scenes well in advance, but this one became unexpectedly necessary to the plot regarding Dee-Ess's relationships with his new wife and the two remaining slave-girls. It'll start with a brief, abbreviated 3 female/1 male orgy of sorts. And perhaps a wee bit more sprinkled throughout this chapter. Other than that, I will get back to the most important thing...the story. Don't get too used to it. We must all save Terrania from Kahn's evil clutches, am I right?

Some of you may remember that a few chapters ago, I went through a rather thorough explanation on Qoo-jan names and now, I have introduced a 'white' Qoo-jan, named Qa-teela. Somehow, up here in this strange grey mush I call a brain, I reasoned that her name is not different because of her skin and hair color, but rather, her skin and hair color are different because of her name. I know, I know...it doesn't any make sense to me either. Nonetheless, I will continue with it, as is. The 'white' Qoo-jan names will also be gender specific. For example, if Qa-teela were male, he'd be Qo-teelo

Help! Help! I've finally slipped off the deep end and can't find a good enough shrink that's willing to take my case!


After a brief moment of silence. "The time has come for us to speak, Husband." Seq-qah repeated herself as though I might not have heard her the first time. I lay, propped up on my bed...by Earth standards it was a very large bed, being nearly ten feet square. Seq-qah, my wife...my first wife was kneeling on the bed next to me, nude as was her habit. Standing next to that bed stood Qij-jah and Qa-teela. They too had removed all of their clothing and were now also naked. "Husband...Master, Thou knowest that I love thee with all my heart, dost thou not?"

"Yes, I know." I said looking at her. Somehow, she seemed more beautiful since the wedding...or life joining as it was some times referred to here. Her India ink black skin contrasted nicely with her snow-white hair. Her hair was growing back already on the sides of her head. Seq-qah was...is a physician. It is the custom on Terrania, that physicians would remove the hair on the sides of their head, wearing it in what resembled a Mohawk. And the bared part of the scalp would be tattooed on the left side with a blue, inverted, nine-pointed star. The scalp itself is not shaved, but the hair was removed with a long lasting depilatory, which thankfully does not stink as the ones on Earth do.

I looked at the other two. Qij-jah was much like Seq-qah, but a little younger, with the same black skin and white hair. Qa-teela however was quite different, with translucent white alabaster skin and mid-night black hair. Yet they all claimed to be of the same race. I mentally shrugged.

Seq-qah smiled softly. "Dost thou not know that they love thee as well?" She gestured to Qij-jah and Qa-teela. "They love thee as I love thee. I am now thy first wife, but even taking that into consideration, they are no less thine than I. They love me the same and I them."

"And your point is...?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Remember Master, it is not possible for me...for any of us to be jealous of one another. We are not of thy home world. We love thee and one another unconditionally." She gracefully slid her arms about my neck and kissed me with a tenderness I found surprising...even for her. She leaned back a little and looked deeply into my eyes. I could not only feel her love...I could see it in her now gold eyes, in the way she looked at me. "Thou dost know how much I love to share the pleasures with thee...make love with thee. Master, it is my wish that you love them... pleasure them...make love with them too. I want to share you with them."

"Oh yes, we beg thee, Master." Qij-jah said. Qa-teela was nodding in agreement. Then she too, spoke.

"To us, the females of your home world, Earth, must be awfully silly women. We shall happily and joyfully share thee with one another."

Seq-qah moved in close again. "Ple-e-e-a-a-s-s-e-e, Master." She wheedled, her lips brushing against mine as she spoke while the other two slowly started climbing into bed with us.

Ahhh...what the hell. I thought. They were right. I wasn't on Earth anymore. And mostly likely would never return there. I liked Qa-teela, though in truth, I really didn't know her all that well yet. Qij-jah had been my first lover on Terrania and I did love her. But not nearly as much as I had come to love Seq-qah. I wasn't sure how I felt about that. I then vowed to, as best I could to treat them all as equally as possible. I knew, some how that that was what they wanted. Hmmm. I wondered how the Mormons dealt with this. I knew next to nothing of the proper etiquette of polygamy. I'd figure it out...one day perhaps.

Now, I was wrapped in three pairs of loving arms. Three pairs of lips kissed my lips, my shoulder and my neck. Two hands, one white and one black began fondling my shaft, which was of course, felt harder that a Louisville Slugger...or seemed to anyway. One Day.... I thought. This emotional telepathy could still possibly be the death of me. As it always had before, their arousal and passion became mine as well.

Seq-qah's hand quickly joined the others at my groin, cupping and caressing my sac. "Master, I...we shall all love thee, always."

Qij-jah took my left hand into her right, guided it to her dripping wet pussy and then to Qa-teela's. "See, we are ready for thee, Master." She breathed softly into my ear. She didn't need to guide my hand to Seq-qah's love cleft. I knew she would be wet and ready...she always was. Especially now during the first quarter of her pregnancy. Seq-qah hissed...then the others followed as well. Apparently, the emotional telepathy worked between the women the same as it did between them and me. I knew then, it was going to be a long exhausting night.

I was slowly pulled forward onto my knees, and then allowed to ease back so that my backside rested on my heels. Qij-jah climbed closer, straddling my left thigh while Qa-teela did the same to my right. Both began rubbing against me. Soon, both of my thighs were coated with their essence.

With Qij-jah and Qa-teela rubbing on me, kissing me and still stroking my rock-hard shaft, Seq-qah slipped around behind me. "I beg thy forgiveness, Master. This must needs be done." Then she bit me. The bite did not incapacitate me as I had expected. When Qoo-jan women bite and inject their venom, they can choose between two types of venom...actually three, but I'll get into that later. They can bite to render a reluctant male unable to move in any way. This occurs during the female's cycle and aids in procreation. The other venom, they can inject, is for lack of a better term a male aphrodisiac. It increases the man's enjoyment, allows him to ejaculate huge amounts of cum...and can make him nearly multi-orgasmic. The female can consciously control how much of each type they administer.

This, depending on one's point of view can be a very good thing, for at that moment, Qij-jah bent down and took my cock fully into her mouth. She began sucking furiously. With all that was happening, plus the emotional telepathy, I knew it not would be long before....

I came! Qij-jah swallowed every drop with ease. As I started to relax, I noticed my cock was not getting softer. It remained as hard as it was as Qa-teela took over sucking on me. Seq-qah was still at my back, rubbing her entire body on me. "Enjoy thyself, Master." She whispered softly while nibbling my right ear. "It is more than our duty to give thee pleasure. It is also our desire. We all love thee."

"And I love thee." I said to Seq-qah, speaking in her fashion.

I was gently pulled onto my back and Qij-jah mounted me, wasting no time lowering herself down on my cock and began riding me. She started moaning at once and seemed ready to come in only a few seconds. Which she did, only to be replaced by Qa-teela

This continued into the wee hours of the morning when we all fell blissfully to sleep.

I awoke a short time later...actually I dreamed that I woke up to find myself in a huge circular bed at least 50 feet in diameter. The goddess Kriegor was there naked and lowering herself slowly down on my erect cock. She began to ride it almost frantically. A few moments later, she hissed and shuddered in an intense orgasm. She then grinned down at me sheepishly and said. "I did not want to wait any longer." She continued to screw me wildly until we both came and then she collapsed on me, thanking me profusely. And then...I woke to find myself in my own bed with Seq-qah and the others.

"What an odd dream." I muttered softly to myself.

"Art thou sure it was only a dream, Master?"

"Would she do a thing like that without asking?" I asked her, somehow knowing that she had known what I dreamt.

"Thou art mortal. She is a goddess, Master. She outranks thee." Seq-qah said, then giggled.

I rolled my eyes, still a little angry. But, the truth was that no real harm was intended or done...if indeed it had happened. So, I let it go.

I fell into an uneasy sleep. Troublesome thoughts dominated my dreams. Among other things, I was bothered by Verella's repeated rapes at Kahn's hands. As far as I know rape, as I had known it on Earth did not exist on this world...until Kahn arrived on Terrania. Kahn, like me was from Earth. The Mongols, like every other army since before recorded history, raped, sacked and plundered during their conquests. There could be no doubt that Kahn brought rape to Terrania.

During my research before leaving Tertapolis, I learned that Kahn, apparently first appeared in Zoqeland approximately 100 cycles (Terranian years) ago. The war between Zoqeland and Terrania had been going on for over 200...and this was not the first. For reasons known to most, Zoqeland had been bent on world domination for thousands of cycles...why, was something that I had hoped I left behind on Earth...religion...well, kind of.

Zoqelanders were atheists. Atheist like no one can imagine. Any worship of any god or goddess was outlawed. The practice of any kind of religion...or anything that could be construed as such was immediately punishable by death! No trial, no nothing. If one is accused, they are executed. Period! I was almost surprised that the entire planet hadn't been completely depopulated. Maybe that explain the near zero population growth on this world? That is why I was here, I guessed. Most of Terrania and all of Qoo-jah practiced one form of polytheism or another.

Since I had been brought here by the Olygard to stop Kahn and save this world, I assumed that even they believed in a higher power of some sort. Either that or they were at least sympathetic to the beliefs of others.

The loses of Qaj-jah, Verella, Tiq-qah and to a lesser degree even Lol-lah still weighed on my mind. I cared for them all and even loved Qaj-jah, but that was in the past now and there were more important things to worry about now. I would never forget any of them, but I needed to move on. I had a world to save...actually, it was two worlds and it was now my intention to do so. But...what to do first? Actually first, I needed more information. Then, as if in answer.... Master? It was Noj-jah.


I wanted to bring thee up to date while I have the opportunity.

Proceed. I told her.

We are camped just northeast of Edisnaeco. Some of Kahn's men are building great machines of some kind. Weapons, I am sure.

Yes...I expected as much. He is planning to attack us here at Gateway I'm sure. Do you have an estimation of how many soldiers has with him? I asked.

I cannot be absolutely sure Master, but I think there may be near seventy-thousand...many of those are archers.

Plus all the siege engines they are building.

Yes, Master.

Well, it would appear that we have our work cut out for us.

Again...yes, Master. Master? May I ask thee a question?


There are rumors here...didst thou life-join with Seq-qah?

What? I was somewhat stunned. That was only a couple of days ago. How could you hear about that? Yes, the rumors are true.

We Qoo-jan have our ways. She was giggling. I could feel incredible happiness from her. May all of the deities bless thee, Master! Oh! Before I forget...I estimate that it will be a cyclo (Terranian month) and a half, perhaps two before they can move against thee.

Ah! That's first thing one might consider to be good news I've heard in a while. Anything else?

No, not at this time except...except that I love thee and remain devoted to thee, Master. Contact was broken then. Though we had spent little time together, I did not doubt her love for me. I was finally getting used to how things worked here so far from Earth. Morning came much too soon.


I rose early. Qij-jah and Qa-teela bathed me while Seq-qah washed my hair and shaved me. After which, all three aided me in dressing...something else I was getting used to. I left my quarters with the girls, all dressed in their side-less tunic/dresses. Seq-qah, as my wife, was entitled to dress as any other noble woman, but chose not to. Her reasoning was that if she ever had to act in my defense, it would be a great deal easier dressed as she was. Qij-jah and Qa-teela wore typical red-trimmed tan tunics while Seq-qah wore a gold trimmed black one. All wore the smaller version of my crest over their hearts. As we were about to depart, I was approached by Suulee, my cute, newly acquired Hungtau slave girl. She bowed low to me. "Master?" Thankfully, she and the others had learned quickly not to get down to their knees when wanting to speak to me, as was the custom.

I looked at her smiling softly. "Yes, Suulee. What do you want?"

"Master...if it pleases thee, I would like to spend some time with Zeq-qoh, thy male slave." I silently groaned inside. I had repeatedly told her that Zeq-qoh was not actually a slave, but a member of my protection detail as I saw it. Although she technically was, correct. Then, I could not help but grin at her. What she was really asking, was for permission to have sex with Zeq-qoh.

"It would indeed please me. Spend as much time with him as you would like." I said, barely able to keep the humor out of my voice. This was actually a blessing to my way of thinking. Since I was the only other male in my household, it would be up to him or me to keep the girls happy...as it were. And I certainly wanted all my girls to be happy. I made a mental note to thank Zeq-qoh later.

We left my quarters and began walking along the top of the great wall that was Gateway. Seq-qah, as my wife, walked beside me. All the others followed behind. Thanks to her knowledge of the many strange and mysterious herbs and such on this world, her hair had grown in nicely. I thought her even more beautiful with a full head of hair.

It was a quiet sunny morning. Sentries were at their posts. Regular maintenance was taking place...as was training. I noticed a group of about a hundred engaged in serious calisthenics. Leading them was a man I recognized almost at once. I stepped right up to him. "Captain Kraygar!"

"M'lord?" He responded, saluting me.

"Come to my quarters after the noon-day meal. Bring your ten best men from this group."

He saluted again. "It shall be as you say, M'lord!"

Then we were interrupted. "Riders approaching!" Came a report for a man near the gate. I walked to edge and gazed out toward the road. It was Kahn, accompanied by a small number of troops, one of which held a large white flag. I found it unsurprising that the white flag meant the same here as it did on Earth. Kahn wanted to talk. He stood out among the others, mounted on his war-horse while his men rode kyliah. Not doubt to offer us unacceptable terms. His terms would be very simple...give up our gods and become atheists...or die. That was the Zoqeland goal. For Kahn, I knew it was nothing more than world conquest.

A short time later, I rode out to meet them. Kôjar, Tiq-qah, the garrison commander and Seq-qah rode with me. Kahn appeared to have an escort of about twelve riders. I assumed that meeting him with a small party would show confidence.

I noted an angry flash of recognition from Kahn as we stopped just a few feet away from them, but he said nothing. I decided to dig the spurs in a bit, figuratively speaking. "Nice horse...Percheron? I thought you Mongols favored smaller ponies."

Kahn was very clearly stunned! He stared at me. "How...?"

"I am here to stop you. When the time is right, I will kill you and send you to hell to join Temüjin. If not for that truce flag...." I pointed at the flag. "...I would kill you now." I gave him a deep penetrating stare.

Rage clouded Kahn's face. His hand went to the hilt of his sword. "Kill them!" He bellowed as he drew the sword, which turned out to be a large lethal looking scimitar.

The first thing I did was turn to Seq-qah. "Back to the gate with you...now!"

"But, Husband...." She started to object.

"Our children are your first concern now!"

I drew my katana and blocked a blow from Kahn's scimitar just in time to not lose my head as he and his men attacked us. Seq-qah fled as commanded.

"Treachery!" Kôjar shouted as he lopped off a man's head with his bastard sword.

Tiq-qah leapt out of her saddle slashing at two of the enemy at the same time with her kattari, killing both of them.

Kahn had just...perhaps unknowingly, committed the worst breach of etiquette any warrior could. To attack an enemy while speaking under a truce flag was unspeakable! Especially when your side initiated the truce. From more than a hundred yards away, I could hear angry cries from my men along the wall. I turned and swung my blade at Kahn's neck, missing as he swung at me. Sparks flew as his scimitar glanced off my shield-like bracer. With unbelievable speed, he turned in a 360º circle and beheaded my kyliah, which went down taking me with it. I got quickly to my feet a faced Kahn awaiting his next attack. His horse reared up, attempting to kick me with its front hooves. I managed to duck below them, move in close and stabbed the magnificent horse in the center of its massive chest. I hated to kill the animal, but the horse was trained to protect its rider and I couldn't fight both of them. The horse screamed in pain and fury and fell, dying.

Kahn, as I expected jumped clear of his mount and landed lightly on his feet. What happened next however did surprise me. Instead of continuing to fight, he fled. For just a moment, I was frozen with confusion. Kahn...was a coward? No! He couldn't be. It had to some something else. I heard him shouting to his men in the distance. I couldn't hear what he was saying, but figured it out a couple of seconds later. A cloud of arrows appeared from behind a low embankment. I thanked whatever gods there were that Seq-qah was now out of range. "Kôjar...! Tiq-qah! Archers! I shouted at them both. I needn't have bothered. Kôjar had seen them the same time I had. Besides his sword, he had a large wall shield hanging from his saddle, which he took with him diving from his kyliah. Nothing could save his mount now, so he would use it as a shield for the first volley of arrows. Tiq-qah was caught in the open with no shield.

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