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On Board


The hand cuffs where loose on the wrists but her hands where behind her back. The breasts consequently where pushed out, beautiful to behold with dark nipples erect and contracted. "Where am I?" was the whisper that broke from her lips and roused her capturers gaze. "So you are going to talk to us" he smiled his reptilian like face splintering into a smile. His hand stretched out and behind her head, fingers splayed and furrowing between hair and scalp before twisting the wrist and balling the fist. He now had control of her head, pulling down so as to forced her to look up into his lustful eyes while stepping forward into her body. "You are on a submarine in the pacific ocean at 220 metres below sea level."

"There are a few personnel that would like your company", he waited for her comprehension of what that meant, "And I see no reason to deny them, unless you can think of why I might want to help you and save you from some intense pleasure giving?"

She felt his manhood harden against her, she was naked, felt cold and shivered. "OK", she said, "What if I pleasure you alone will that be sufficient."

He leant forward and placed his mouth by her ear, smelt her hair and whispered "That is a good opening offer, I like that but Bert behind me might feel a bit left out, so what about including him in on the deal, I can not stop him from talking to the others about such a breath taking siren being on board but you might be able to seduce him into submission!"

"What are you saying to her Sam?" Bert chimed in.

He released her and turned to Bert and winked. She likes you Bert and has something to tell you, don't you! he looked back at her.

"Ah ..yes" she stammered, "You are a very handsome man Bert, it would be my delight to provide pleasure to you, on the proviso that my presence onboard is kept between the three of us?" she raised her eye brows whilst looking at him with a quick glance at Sam.

Bert furrowed his brow, "You will have sex with me and Sam willingly if we both keep quiet?"

"Well, I'm not really in a position of strength so ... yes I will have intercourse with you both, I like sex and you are both pleasing to the eye!"

Bert looked perplexed and felt stimulated, the thought of her impaled upon him championed his reason.

"Fuck you Sam", she thought, "You are enjoying this you bastard."

Bert moved over to where she was and brushed his hand over her breast as he took her hands and released the hand cuffs.

Her instinct was to cover herself but she stymied to impulse and took his face in her hands, pulled him to her and kissed his lips whilst allowing her leg to brush between his legs and press onto his manly part, which she found was hard and eager. "One to me", she thought dropping her hands to his waist and tugged his pelvis into hers, then relaxing and sliding one hand into the waist line of his jeans down to the excited member and gently massaging it.

Sam looked hurt and this pleased her, spurring her continue and to unzip the pants and kneel down. At this Sam turned and left the room. Immediately she stopped, stood up and smiled at Bert. "You are a very naught boy, I'm going to have to punish you. You should not be taking advantage of a damsel in distress so turn around take down your pants and bend over."

A smirk came on this face and he then turned and obeyed as instructed.

She caressed his member and tugged it rhythmically whist delivering a occasional slap to his rear. After a few moment he almost fell over and she felt a few contractions and surmised he had ejaculated.

Time to stay low.

She was not impressed, a sex slave to two men until they reach a port but what were her options, use a escape hatch and scuba to safety. First things first, find out her location then plan a escape.

So Bert, where can I get some clothes?

Bent smiled, "You don't need any dear, the captain knows you will stay in the cabin for modesty alone will ensure your obedience. He knows you won't obey him so ..."

She brushed his hair from the left side of his face and kissed him, "Well I suppose I don't look good in overall's, a small set that hugs my curves?"

Bert looked at her and coughed into his fist, "Well I would like to see you in some lace undies and perhaps a tight outfit, let me see what I can do."

He knew that she would not leave the cabin with the items he had in mind and left to fetch them.

Upon his return he saw her slight disapproval before smiling and looking eager to try the items on.

Black lace see through panties and lacy C Cup for her D cup breasts. Overalls that where shorts and braces leaving nothing to the imagination. The other items where tight leather shorts and high heel calf hugging black boots with D links down the inside legs and two pad locks attached to two wrist cuffs.

"So what first Bert", she swallowed hard.

"The panties and boots my dear."

She pulled the panties up and adjusted them, then the bra which pushed her breasts together and outwards. Next the boots took some time to get on and once laced up would be hard to remove. Bert fitted wrist cuffs to her arms and then pad locked these to the inner thigh D rings on the boots. She was stooping, so sat down which allowed her some slack.

Sam returned with a bottle of red wine and glasses.

"Wow what a captive beauty we have here."

She scowled at him.

He unlocked the cuffs from the D rings and poured her a glass of wine.

"Well you are a sight for sore eyes my dear, I'm glad you could join us on this voyage!"

They clinked glasses and drank to the toast.

"I'm glad you like finer things in life, I trust you like intelligent woman also", she smirked at him.

"Yes you are a very beautiful woman and highly educated, I'm honoured to have your company!"

"So when do we start Sam?"

He looked around and Bert was absent, "Jane be careful what you say", he motioned towards to communications device in the cabin, "it bugged" he whispered".

She placed her mouth to his ear, "What happened, why am I aboard when my orders were to give you instructions and stay put?"

He turned his head to her ear, "They were going to eliminate you, I was under orders to do so, Bert and I brought you here and he thinks you are just my bed warmer, so play the part and when we reach port I'll get you off".

"Kill me, they wanted to kill me...but why Jim, why", she was puzzled?

"They are winding up the network and you are a loose end, I wanted to say something but if they knew they would have sent someone else, now I have to hide you."

"What about Bert, does he know?"

"Bert is leaving tonight and is unlikely to return, he won't say anything, he likes you, you made him happy just now, the gear your in was his girlfriend's attire", he raised his eyebrows to give emphasis.

"Classy taste", was her sarcastic retort.

"He loved her and she died on a operation, I thought he was going to suicide but now this gift to you makes me wonder".

"Jesus Sam, you don't think he wanted me...".

"No, no, definitely not, your not really his type and he knows it that is why he gave you this, he is moving on with his life and this linkage to her is broken by seeing you dressed in it, it displaces her."

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