On Display 01


01, The Pool

This is our first "story", and I use quotes cause it is really about a true event.

My wife, Alex, is the adrenaline in my life! Full of surprises, erotic, exciting, and yet very innocent - not just acting innocent but she is sweet, caring, kind to living things, and someone i admire greatly. When we first met, I knew she was supposed to be mine.

Our bedroom lifestyle is mostly BDSM, but outside of the bedroom we are a "normal" couple. sorta.

I'm 16 years her senior, at 45 and 29 years old. I want her to miss nothing in life, and also enjoy exposing her to new and different erotic situations. Yes, I can get jealous, but it pales in comparison to the feelings of excitement and adventure we get putting Alex into erotic situations.

95% of this story is accurate, only the names have been changed to protect the privacy of the participants, and a few details enhanced due to artistic license!


First, a little about my stunning wife. She is very educated, quite intelligent, and has a thrilling imagination. She is soft spoken, rarely if ever curses, and has a sweet, young voice. Natural hair color, brunette, with a petite 5; 4" figure, 32, 23, 32, with B to C cup little breasts, which appear larger on her slight frame. She is a tomboy at heart, a competitive athlete, but the most feminine little girl ever. Soaking wet she's 108 pounds of sexiness.

My softball team is good, but we mainly play for fun and camaraderie, and would probably be crushed by the more serious jock teams. But we meet every week and have a great time usually. We range in age from 21 to 50, and make sure everyone gets a chance to play each game. So sometimes we lose because we don't just play our best players, but that's ok. In the long run, we have more fun this way, and less competitiveness, which we think is a good thing for a recreational league. But, we still play hard and do try to win.

Alex asked to come to a game, and I was thrilled to have her there. I enjoy showing her off and am so very proud of her friendliness and beauty. We were losing by 1 run most of the game, and heading into our final at bat. Alex wore a ridiculously thin sun dress, virtually sheer when she stood and placed herself between the bright sun and someone looking at her. We have a small bleacher with only 5 rows of seating. Today, she was the only wife or girlfriend there for us. Nor were there any kids today.

We managed to scrounge 2 hard fought runs to take the lead by 1 and head into the opposition's final at bat. If we could hold them without scoring, the game would be ours. Of course, in softball, it's not unusual to give up 8 runs in an inning, so our chances were questionable.

Alex rose and walked to the 4th row of bleachers, and moved in front of the sun, which was shining down behind her. The opposition and especially the batter, could see right through her dress where her legs parted. She looked like a work of art standing up there, legs apart, with the sun illuminating the sheer material of her dress, from her ankles up to the top of her thighs. She never wears panties, so I knew what I was seeing, while the others could only fantasize. As the batters walked to the batter's box, they got closer and closer to her, my angel glowing in the sunlight. I watched in amusement as the first two totally lost concentration and spent more time staring at her than looking at the pitches coming. One struck out, and one popped to shortstop. The final batter was their clean up hitter, and capable of parking one in deep left, which would tie the game. Alex lifted one foot and placed it on the metal bleacher just above her, and I heard moans! It was funny. The batter finally grounded out right to our pitcher and we won. It didn't take much debate for the guys to vote Alex as most valuable player! It was very funny and we all had a good laugh over how effective this little girl was, thoroughly seducing the opposition with such little effort. But that is Alex. She has a feminine charisma that few girls have. And she combines her overt behavior with such an innocent style, it's fascinating.

Everyone cheered her and hugged her. I know she loved the attention, and we all had a good laugh over how we won the game. Most of the guys drifted off, heading back home to their families or to other commitments. Tom, one of the older players like me, invited the rest of us to his place for a dip in the pool to cool off. The day was hot and turning muggy. We were all pretty sweaty and his house and pool were inviting. On the drive over, Alex mentioned to me that she had no swim suit, and I said, "I guess you're going to be embarrassed swimming naked, aren't you?" She turned beet red but I noticed her squeeze her thighs together, a sure sign she was aroused. Alex is very submissive, and has something driving her to obey. I knew she would sacrifice her own shame to do what she was told. Where in her life she became this way, I don't know. But clearly, she was submissive and wanted to be nothing else. And since I was Dominant with her, we made for a good couple. I pushed her limits when appropriate, and introduced her to many erotic situations that she never would have had the nerve to be involved in alone. She thrilled to new experiences, especially erotic ones, and I thrilled to show her off and beamed with pride when she attracted the attention of other men. So today was developing into something very enticing, and I couldn't wait to erotically humiliate little Alex, and watch her get hotter and hotter as she obeyed my somewhat evil commands.

The pool is large for a backyard pool, rectangular, and a hot tub built into one corner. Perfect for volleyball and laps, with a diving board in the far end. The guys changed in the pool house and wore the suits each of us left at Tom's for times like this. Often we'd head over for a swim after a daytime game. I changed while everyone talked with Alex. Some of the guys were new and had never met her before. She was the only girl and loving all the attention, I could tell. She has a funny way of standing talking, while squeezing her legs together. It's very hot to see, but I don't think she has any idea she's doing it. Everyone dove in and I watched from the pool house window, as Alex walked to the edge of the pool and continued her conversations. They splashed the bottom of her dress, and she responded by pulling it up above her knees, to about mid thigh. As the guys gathered below her, in the water, I knew they could see right up between her legs, with her pretty flower exposed to all. Alex, in her innocence, took a few minutes to realize what they were doing and dropped her dress back down and told them they were bad while she blushed heavily. One of the guys had left the pool and walked up behind her and pretended to push her in the pool, but grabbed her and held from falling. She shrieked and begged him to pull her back cause she is a poor swimmer, as athletic as she is….and the water scares her. She can hold herself up, but if anyone leans on her or touches her, she has trouble staying above water. For some reason, Alex isn't very buoyant. He had her leaning over the water while he held her up by her waist. Slowly he pulled her back to him, and her dress pulled up at the same time. Again everyone looked up and saw her treasures. Oh, I did forget to mention she is totally waxed, not a hair on the girl down there. She is as smooth as silk, and nothing blocked their view. Everyone stopped talking and just stared. Alex was helpless to struggle, for fear she'd fall in. Finally he pulled her all the way back and she was safe and her dress fell back down.

Still no one talked and some had their mouths open. It was funny, really. She is so capable or seduction with so little effort on her part, it's amazing. Although seeing her naked below the waist is certainly disarming! And these guys were now becoming victims of this innocent little vixen, drawing them in more and more. Which is when they begged her to come in the pool, and she said she would but it would ruin her dress. Tom's wife was a statuesque girl, whose swim suits would never fit Alex. I walked to the edge of the pool and joined her and told her it would be best to just go skinny dipping so her pretty dress would not be ruined. Everyone cheered yes, and Alex turned beet red again. There were 5 guys plus me and Tom, who had just come outside after doing something in the pool house with the pump. He came out with the hose, so I figured he was going to clean the pool a bit.

I put my arms around Alex and lifted her by the waist and kissed her, and told her it was perfectly ok, and I was sure the guys would love seeing her au naturale. She couldn't get the words out to object, and I invited the guys to help her undress. They scrambled out of the water and surrounded her. I stepped out of the way before I was practically trampled! Her eyes caught mine and I saw a bit of fear, but I knew it was fear of humiliation. As gorgeous as she is, her shyness was something she couldn't get over. They encouraged her and gently tugged at her dress and gave her time to say ok, but she resisted gently as they tried to lift the dress up over her head. When she held the top down close to her chest, they lifted the bottom, exposing her sweet pussy to the sunlight. Then she would reach down and try to pull her dress down, and they pulled the top up over her head, bit by bit. Finally, she gave up and they left her standing naked. She kicked her shoes off and surrendered, looking down, embarrassed terribly. Five men surrounded her, and gasped at how stunning her naked body was. Her beauty stopped them in their tracks, something I well understood. She covered herself best she could with her hands and arms, and pushed through them to the water, which gave her at least something to hide in. Everyone jumped in and surrounded my wife, and I was just beaming with pride, as she looked like an angel from heaven. Her small frame made her small breasts seem oversized for her shape, and she was the picture of femininity. Compliments were flying and I could tell she was becoming drunk hearing them. As beautiful as Alex is, she is insecure about her appearance, something that continues to amaze me. Her face is angelic, her body is to die for, and yet she is self conscious. I'll never understand that.

There was a lot of good natured grabbing and pushing and wrestling, like happens in a pool with everyone having fun. So it was no surprised that different guys had changes to touch her almost everywhere. I loved it, and knowing my girl, I could see on her face that she was becoming extremely aroused. She began to stand higher in the pool where her chest was out of the water. I told her she would burn and tossed the suntan lotion into the water. I asked the guys to please make sure she's covered cause I do not want her to burn. They walked her to the shallow end and told her to stand on the lowest step, which raised her entire body from the knees up completely out of the water. She obeyed, as I knew she would. They began applying the lotion to her back, rear, legs, and then her front. Yes, they took advantage of the situation to run their hands over her breasts and between her legs up to her pussy. I saw her twitch and bend forward as someone ran the back of his hand over her vagina. Alex needed to be careful, cause once she gets aroused to a certain point, she just loses control of herself and can't say no to anything. She and I both knew that, and I realized she was approaching that point of no return, now that hands were caressing her most private parts.

Once she was covered in lotion, no one stopped rubbing. I thought to myself, at least she won't burn and laughed quietly to myself. I saw a hand move up between her thighs and cup her vagina, and lightly run a finger between her lips, eliciting a moan from Alex that everyone marveled at. This only encouraged them to touch her more, and she was helpless to resist, not that she wanted to. She managed to walk to water up to her waist, and then leaned back into arms which caught her and supported her floating on the surface. More hands ran up her legs and over her breasts, and more fingers penetrated her little slit. Alex twitched and moaned under their fingers molesting her. The squeezed her nipples and one guy sucked on one. This cause Alex's stomach to spasm, as she has nerve endings that run from her nipples down to her clit.

If this continued, she would be orgasming shortly, and for her, a humiliating experience. She rolled onto her belly and they supported her weight so she stayed above water, This gave her some relief from the fingers probing her pussy and breasts, but now they slid their fingers into her ass. Slowly, very slowly, they sawed in and out of her tight little hole. Her hips pushed back towards the intruder, in an effort to force it deeper inside. Alex has a very sensitive ass, and once she's penetrated there, she seems to lose the ability to move and stays still, just feeling captured, although her undulating hips showed me something new.

They molested her little body good. Gentle, but thorough, they filled her holes over and over, and squeezed her breasts constantly. In one heroic effort, she freed herself and made her way over to me, by the side of the pool. I lifted her out and stood behind her, both of us facing the pool. In a rare moment of privacy, the others left us alone, as Alex told me she was losing control and was worried about what could happen. I told her not to worry, that I was there to protect her, and whatever happens will be my fault and not hers. She was a good girl and I just wanted her to relax and enjoy the sensations, and know how much I adore her. But truthfully, I did enjoy her struggle with trying not to get excited beyond control. Then I ran my hands down her slippery belly and drew my fingers across her lips. She closed her eyes and deeply moaned and begged for more. I dipped my fingers inside her and with my other hand rolled my fingers in circles around her clit.

She was involuntarily arching her hips and pushing harder into my fingers, begging for release. But I wasn't ready for that yet. I wanted to see her struggle with her arousal and look to the other men for her release. And I"m sure she knew it. I had given her a free pass to relax and enjoy herself, and at least now she knew she was allowed to do just that. I grabbed her wrists and slowly lowered her back into the water, and the guys came right to her, fingers resuming their exploration of her body, which was now seriously on fire. I thought she was going to cry, she was suffering so badly wanting to finally cum. They sat her on the shallow end steps and jockeyed for position around her. Tom sat with me, watching them work Alex over. The fingers inside her never seemed to stop, each guy taking turns with her pussy. The rest worked on her breasts and nipples, and also her ass when she lifted her hips toward the fingers. Then they stood her up in knee deep water and began to seriously slide in and out of both holes. The suntan lotion provided the needed lubrication, as the water washed away her natural juices. They reamed her in and out, over and over, until she screamed at the top of her lungs, spasms hitting her deep in her abdomen, and her legs collapsing finally in exhaustion. She cried and thanked them for finally letting her orgasm, although I knew she felt humiliated by it. Still they administered to her pussy and continued pumping their fingers in and out. Her arousal returned and again I could see her building up to another climax. And she did a second time, which was when I went and "rescued" her, helping her out of the pool and to a table with an awning where Tom gave her a lemon lime daiquiri with vodka, he made special for her. She loved frozen drinks and polished this off quickly, sitting naked in her splendor.

By this time, I don't know how these frustrated men resisted raping her. I knew how hot i was, and surely they were just as hot, if not hotter. Alex was drunk in about 15 minutes. It doesn't take much, and she was woozy from the alcohol and the sun. We all were hungry and when Alex volunteered to make some lunch in the kitchen, we all said yes please. Off she went, naked as the day she was born, with all the eyes fixed on her from the rear as she headed for the door. Tom shouted that there were burgers and hotdogs in the fridge and Alex turned partially to acknowledge that she heard. The guys couldn't stop complimented me on how wonderful she was. They wished they had someone like Alex, a combination of so many wonderful attributes, going well beyond her appearance.

One by one, they guys drifted into the kitchen and fondled Alex as she tried to make lunch. I imagine it's not easy with fingers up inside you, but she did her best. I watched from the kitchen window to make sure she was ok. But they didn't try anything more than fingering and fondling her. Alex brought out lunch and the burgers and hotdogs for Tom to throw on the grill. This quieted everyone down a bit. Alex sat naked among us, her legs open most of the time, and her pretty flower on display.

We got ready to go home, and three of the guys invited us back for a party that evening at another location. I said we would let them know, and thanked them for the invite. Alex hugged each one, and kissed each one, trying her best to get them hard one more time, my little tease.

She told me that two of them forced her hand down their suits to their cocks in the kitchen. She apologized but said she had no strength or will to stop them. She squeezed them and stroked them only a little, she swore. I told her it was ok, and we discussed the party, and I told her she better think seriously about it because there was little chance I'd be able to stop them from all fucking her. She gulped and thought about it. But she was mine for the next few hours. I told her how proud I was of her and how incredibly gorgeous everyone found her. She blushed and squeezed her legs together. "Swear to me you will take me home and f me please?". Alex would never say "fuck". She's just such a good girl. I promised and then later she gave me her decision (to be continued).

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