On Display


London in the spring of 2012 was a city of hope and buzz. In the streets of Camden tourists crowded pavements and cafes, and Londoners strolled the canals and contemplated love and life.

In a quiet street, a few steps away from the throngs, Mark and Victoria surveyed their new flat. They had saved for many years to buy it, and now they had the money to undertake some much needed renovations.

The couple were in their early thirties, married and deeply in love. They could spend days in each others company and never grow bored. They made love as though they had only just met.

Both cycled regularly, both took care of their bodies and took pride in how they looked. Mark often marvelled at how he had this beautiful woman at his beck and call, Victoria couldn't believe her luck in finding such a caring, generous man who looked gorgeous naked.

Their friends were scattered all over the city. They were of the age that some of them were starting to have children. Mark and Victoria enjoyed their friends' company but the conversations had increasingly been focused on babies, mortgages and DIY, none of which held any interest for them.

It was on a sunny day, when spring had begun heating the furnaces of summer, that Victoria put down a magazine she had been reading and fetched herself a drink. Bored, Mark reached over to take a look. She had been reading an article about high class sex parties, where everyone wore a mask and suit or cocktail dress. As the evening developed so the clothes started to come off, and people started having sex right there for all to see.

"Interesting article." Mark commented as his wife came back into the room.
"It is isn't it? Don't get any ideas though, you." She took the magazine back.
"Not your sort of thing?" He replied after a long pause.
"Getting naked in front of a bunch of pervs? I don't think so."
"I'm not sure these people are there to perv, I think they're there to hook up with other people."
"I don't need to hook up with other people."
"Nor do I. I don't need it, but I am curious."

Victoria looked at her husband. She remembered that he had had very little sexual experience when they had first met, and that she was his first. She wondered if it was his animal self that made him curious.

"Hmmm." She said, not committing herself.

Mark knew he shouldn't push it, but he really was amazed to discover that people, people who were friends, got together for drinks, a few laughs and to get naked. He had to find out more.


It had been a perfect holiday. Amazing food, long, dramatic hikes and idyllic beaches. Mark and Victoria had returned looking tanned and toned. Victoria had also returned with the surprising realisation that she no longer was intimidated by Mark's suggestion of going to a sex party.

This realisation had come to her one day on the beach. It had been towards the end of a long day of hiking. Victoria had removed her bikini top and was soaking up the rays in a thong. She was reading a book and couldn't help but notice all the men on the beach glancing over her body.

She didn't mind the attention. She had Mark with her and so it was obvious she wasn't alone. She was pleased with how her body had toned up, plus what harm was being done? The men were only occasionally looking at her, they weren't doing anything outrageous. Her only disappointment was that these men didn't seem to want to engage in conversation. The couple had hoped to get chatting with the locals but the locals didn't seem interested.

It struck Victoria that the parties of which Mark had talked may be what they had been looking for. She realised she could cope with being in a room full of people in just a thong, after all there would be other girls there in equal states of undress. Everyone would be there to enjoy themselves, to chat and to make friends.

Mark was tasked with finding an appropriate event. Men and women in equal numbers, friendly atmosphere, with a touch of class. The first and third were easy to guarantee, finding a group of people who you knew would be welcoming was a much more difficult challenge. He plunged into the depthless world of kink, connecting with people online. He knew that he held in his hands the precious, delicate dignity and beauty of his girl, but at last he found exactly the sort of gathering in which she would not only feel comfortable but, hopefully, enjoy immensely.


Victoria stared at herself in the full length mirror. She was entirely naked. The light clung to her breasts, stomach and thighs. She turned and the light glowed on her buttocks. In the shadows she was smiling. Happy with her body, Victoria was ready.

"You look amazing."

Mark stood as his wife entered the room clad in a full-length tight fitting dress that described her curvaceous figure. From behind it looked as though she was not wearing a thing - the back of the dress open to the base of the spine and the thin grey silky material leaving no doubt as to the shape of her butt.

Dressed in a tailored black pinstripe suit and pure white shirt, handsome Mark took Victoria's hand and led her outside. Worried that a long journey may cause her to change her mind, and wanting to treat her like the beautiful goddess that she had so obviously become this evening, he had booked a taxi.

In an elegant side street called Beauville Avenue, just on the edge of central London, a shiny black door was set in the elegant front of a Georgian house. The windows were all shuttered. The taxi dropped Mark and Victoria outside. He led the way up the steps and handed his wife an ornate Venetian mask layered in ornate gold and purple detail.

He knocked on the door and pulled on his own, much simpler mask. The door was opened by a tall lady in a black silk ball gown, and gold heels. She, too, wore an elegant mask.

"Mark? Victoria?"
"Yes, pleased to meet you." Mark held out his hand but the lady went and hugged him, and then Victoria, tightly.
"Oh it's so good to meet you! Thank you for coming. Please come in."

They entered the hallway, their shoes clicking on the exposed wooden floors, their eyes taking in the deep red walls and large mirrors in intricate gold frames. Somewhere in the house they could hear the low buzz of conversation and music consisting of a strange combination of violins, woodwind and synthesiser. Their hostess led the way into a small library and invited them to sit on a green leather sofa. She handed them two flutes of champagne.

"I'm Jane, I think I've spoken with you on email Mark"
"Yes, that was me."
"Well welcome to my house, which I own with my husband Rob. You'll meet him in a bit."
"Thank you, it's a beautiful building." Said Victoria.
"Thanks. Now, I'm sure you know all this but I have to go over some rules first. If you get too drunk you won't be invited back, we like to retain a touch of class. If you don't feel comfortable taking your clothes off, then don't take your clothes off, there's absolutely no pressure here. Make friends before making out, this is a social event more than a sex club. And finally, and most importantly, no means no."
"OK, got it." Said Mark.
"There are bowls of condoms everywhere as well as lube and wipes. We have a waiter and waitress - they aren't to be touched by the way - serving finger food and drinks. If either of you want to take a shower we have a couple upstairs along with plenty of fresh towels. Play rooms are all on this floor. I know this is your first time so please let me assure you that we are a friendly bunch and really don't expect anyone to do anything they realise they're not comfortable with. Now, let's introduce you to some people."

As Jane led them back into the hallway Victoria realised that, despite her rapidly beating heart, she was beginning to feel more comfortable about this. Mark had assured her that these people were friendly, and now she could see he was right.

A few people turned to see the new couple walk into the room, which was surprisingly large, furnished with black leather sofas and clad in dark green floral wallpaper and white painted walls. More of those beautiful mirrors hung on three of the four walls, along the fourth were a few paintings of erotic scenes.

Everyone looked so smart. All the men wore tailored suits, all the women in gorgeous figure-hugging dresses. Apart from the waiter and waitress, who bore silver platters of finger food, everyone wore a mask - the women's all as detailed as Jane's and Victoria's, the men's all as simple as Mark's. Jane introduced them to a couple before going to answer another knock at the door.

They all shook hands and made introductions. Apart from Mark, Victoria thought Harry to be one of the most handsome men she had ever met. He had a strong frame, square jaw and angular cheekbones which peeked out just beneath the mask. She wished she could properly see his eyes.

Mark put his arm around Victoria's waist, which was part possessive, part assurance that he considered her as beautiful as any of the other women in he room, including Harry's partner Freya. Freya had long wavy blonde hair that tumbled across her small shoulders to point teasingly towards her full breasts. She had a stunning face and Mark, like Victoria, silently wished he could see her eyes.

"Is this your first time here?" Freya asked Victoria.
"Yes. It was Mark that heard about it and we thought we'd give it a go. How about you?"
"This is our second time."
"Oh? So you enjoyed it enough last time?"

Freya giggled and blushed before replying.

"Yes, although I wasn't brave enough then to get involved with anything. But it's like Jane would have told you, there's no pressure to get involved. We watched other people having fun but...I wasn't quite ready. Harry briefly took part in something but that was it."
"Can you say what it was you did?" Mark asked Harry. "Feel free to ignore that question, I'm still discovering boundaries." He added.
"It's a reasonable question." Harry replied, smiling. "There were a few women on one of the beds having sex and whatnot. One of them invited me over and unzipped me. She treated me to a blowjob as I watched this gloriously debauched scene."
"I kind of enjoyed watching it all too." Said Freya. "And at the end of the night, after we'd left, I regretted not taking part."
"So you think you'll have a go tonight?" Asked Victoria.
"It depends if I meet the right girl or boy to try something with." Through the mask Victoria saw Freya give her a wink and cheeky grin.


It was shortly after 10 o'clock, about two hours after they had arrived, when the party took a turn. Mark and Victoria had met and chatted with several friendly couples, most of them open about why they were here and what they had enjoyed in the past. At the other side of the room a woman with straight black hair was having the back of her dress unzipped. The two narrow strips of material that formed the top half of the dress now hung from her waist

Mark remembered talking with the woman, Tamsin, earlier on in the evening. As with everyone else here she was friendly, in a long-term relationship and excited to be here. The man who had unzipped her dress, her husband, began unfastening her corset. The two people with whom Mark was talking with continued their conversation as if nothing was happening, and he, too, tried to zone back in on what was being said.

The corset was removed. Tamsin's breasts, small with erect nipples, were displayed for all to see. Having revealed his wife, her husband rejoined the group. They all carried on talking as before. Mark glanced across to Victoria, who was with another set of people. She too was looking at what was going on across the room.

"Please, Carl, get me out of this dress."

These words were spoken by Melanie, the woman in the group of three of which Mark was a part. Melanie continued talking with Mark as Carl slowly began undressing his partner. Her dress slid all the way off. She, too, was wearing a corset that squeezed her breasts up and her waist in amidst a flurry of black lace. She wore a matching black g-string, the tiny lace triangle at the front barely covering her. The corset was removed to reveal her lovely tits.

"Do you like what you see?" Asked Melanie. Mark looked at Carl.
"Don't look at me!" Carl said. "At this party we're encouraged to look at each others' bodies. I love Melanie, and yes, I can be possessive. But I also enjoy sharing, as does she."
"So?" Prompted Melanie.
"Beautiful. I mean, you have a great body."
"Thank you."

With that done they resumed talking about more every day things. Every now and then another woman was stripped of her dress. Mark sought out his wife.

"Are you OK?" He asked when they were alone.
"Yes, they're really nice people."
"Just because the girls are taking their clothes off it doesn't mean you have to, not if you don't want to."
"I know, it's OK. Let's see how it goes."

An hour later and three quarters of the women had been undressed. Carl had removed Melanie's last remaining piece of underwear and shortly after had led her naked to one of the playrooms. They were joined by another couple, clothed male, naked female.

Mark and Victoria were with a husband and wife they had been chatting with towards the beginning of the evening. They had enjoyed and felt comfortable in their company. Freddie and Gayle were older, about ten years older, but still retained youthful looks. Freddie had removed Gayle's dress, which now was draped on the back of one of the sofas with several others, some time ago. She wore pasties and a black thong.

Victoria was glad that Mark had reminded her of the dress code. The invite had the usual 'smart dress' requirements, but with the addition of 'Short, unpatterned boxer shorts for the gentlemen, black underwear for the ladies'. She had finished four glasses of champagne, but she was not drunk, not even tipsy. She was, though, beginning to feel more and more liberated. Without feeling under any pressure whatsoever, and keen to see Mark's reaction, Victoria made up her mind. She waited for a lull in the conversation.

"Mark, would you please remove my dress?"
"Are you sure?" He whispered in her ear.
"Yes." She whispered back before kissing him full on the lips.

Mark took his time. He was supremely proud of his wife's tight body, and wanted to make sure he had the attention of some of the others in the room as he slowly revealed her. Because the dress was open at the back it had no zip. He slid the silky straps off of her soft, elegant shoulders.

Her corset advertised the curves of her perfectly feminine torso. She took compliments from Freddie and Gayle as she was undressed. Mark removed the corset and laid it on a table beside them. He noticed a few people looking across, including Jane who gave him a surreptitious thumbs up. Slowly, slowly, he inched the dress over the twin ovals of her bum. He kissed the tiny mole there. Down along her smooth thighs off of her long legs. She stepped out of the dress and Mark placed it behind them.

Mark was fully erect and hugely turned on. His love, his gorgeous, perfect muse stood in just a tiny g-string and high stilettos. He could tell her heart was beating as fast as his, her breasts, bigger than a handful, rose and fell rapidly. But he could tell she was at ease. Her dusky nipples had hardened and she smiled widely beneath her mask.

"There's something so beguiling about a woman." Said Freddie. "Her delicate, graceful neck on such lovely, narrow shoulders. The two inviting breasts, those divine fruit, protruding in such a tantalising way. Her small back, which can be covered by a man's hand, down which the perfect curve of her spine ends so magnificently between the soft ellipses of her bottom.
"That inspiring behind, above the sensitive backs of her thighs, giving a little glimpse of the wonders that can be found at her front. Smooth thighs that bulge ever-so gently. Silky stomachs framed by those delicious oblique channels that point down, down towards maybe a small tuft of hair, maybe nothing there at all. And then the star of this magnificent display. Something that is, maybe, the very essence of her being. Two small, unassuming lips which part like the most erotic orchid to disclose the pink pleasure beneath, made from the softest material to be found on Earth."

Victoria's mouth was open and she knew she was blushing. My god, she thought, this man has a magical way with words. She knew she wet but she didn't care. She knew Freddie could put it more eloquently but she now felt so very naked and so...well...horny.

"Freddie, dear, you mustn't embarrass us girls like that." Said Gayle as she took his hand in hers.
"Forgive me, darling, but I find you creatures so inspirational. Now, if you will please excuse us."

Together they walked away into one of the playrooms. Mark slipped his arm around his wife's bare waist then, without realising, began stroking her butt. She looked so incredible, barely dressed in this room full of clothed men. About half of the guests were now in the playrooms from where there emanated the occasional groan or scream of pleasure.

Victoria felt so alive and so aware of her body. Being stripped by Mark, those words from Freddie, her husband casually caressing her naked arse. And now, across the room, she saw that she had the attention of the handsome Henry.

But she wasn't ready. Not yet. She had already done so much more than she thought she would. Standing in a room of fully dressed men in nothing but a mask, heels and thong. It felt strange, but wonderful. She felt free, and powerful and so very sexy.

"Are you happy?" Asked Mark.
"Yes, but I think I'm ready to go."
"Now? OK, that's fine."
"Thank you. I'm sorry, I know you want to stay."
"It's fine, really. You look amazing. You are amazing. I love you so much."
"I love you too. Let's have a quick look in one of those rooms first though."

Mark left his hand on his wife's bum. It wiggled and squirmed as they crossed the room to an open door. Victoria felt Harry and Freya's eyes on them which made her feel like that magical creature Freddie had described.

Through the door a large bed with perfect white sheets was surrounded by half a dozen men in suits, and four near-naked women. The edges of the room were in shadow but a bright light shone on the bed. More of those ornate mirrors were hung on the walls. On the bed were two more women.

They wore their masks but nothing else. Their perfect skin was, in it's entirety, on display. Victoria assessed their breasts. One pair much smaller than her own, the other about the same size. All with nipples firmly erect with excitement. Lying on her back, the woman with the smaller breasts, with short golden hair, had her legs slightly parted. Her pussy was clean shaved, small and glistening with either excitement or saliva.

The other woman, a brunette, was bent over her. She was kissing her neck, her chest, her nipples. Victoria was breathing rapidly again, shocked at what she was seeing, but at the same time not at all surprised. Her attention was focused on the brunette's butt, at the tight hole on display there. How incredibly intimate. She also knew that something would be expected of her soon, and still she was not ready. She turned and, followed by Mark, she left.


They had to wait another three months before they received another invite through the post. In that interim period their relationship had gone to a new, very exciting, level. Their love flourished, their sex life became an imaginative adventure of kink.

Victoria had, at last, taken all of her clothes off in front of another man. It was during a photoshoot for couples - she wouldn't have done it without Mark there beside her. The results were stunning. The confidence she had in her body had never been higher, and she had never been happier. They both knew that this all stemmed from that evening when Victoria had offered up her bottom and breasts to the gaze of perfect strangers.

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