tagBDSMOn Display: At Home

On Display: At Home


It was two weeks ago today that I had one of my most intense experiences yet. In the public library, no less!

I had been feeling really frisky and daring and He figured that out. I think it was the midnight stroll around the whole outside of my house, naked, that I volunteered to do that first clued him in. (It was already pretty warm that week - it's since cooled off again.) Of course, that wasn't the end of it. Still feeling horny (He wouldn't let me cum), He had me plan a fun assignment for the next night (Wednesday of that week).

First, when I got home from work, I had to put on a bikini (not my most revealing - just a plain old (a little too small, GRIN) bikini. Then I had to take the key to my handcuffs (he made me buy handcuffs, but that's another story) and put it in the car (parked in the driveway), behind the back seat's head rest by the window. Of course I had to lean all the way in, with my ass outside the car, legs stretching, for the neighbors - driving by and also just getting home from work, to see. That definitely got the juices flowing!

Next, my house key was put on the roof. (I live in Arizona and have a flat-roofed house.) I had to get out the tall aluminum ladder, put it along the side of the house, and place the house key on top of the air conditioner, which is in the center/front of the roof. All of this done with my slightly too-small bikini.

So: the key to the handcuffs was in the car. The key to the house was on the roof. The key to the car I was allowed to keep with me, on a string around my neck. I was then allowed to go inside, put on my dog collar and leash, strip naked and make myself dinner (mac and cheese). When dinner was done, I had to take the food in my dog bowl (yet another story), go into the backyard naked (7pm by this point, just after sunset), lock the house's back door handle lock from inside, then close the door. Yep, locked out, naked, collared and leashed.

Next, the food put down on the patio, my hands behind my back, attaching the handcuffs. Wondering again why I do these things for him... then remembering as the cuffs clicked and my juices started flowing even more.

I thoroughly enjoyed eating the mac and cheese from the bowl using just my face, his little slut puppy. Waiting as it got darker, wondering at what time I would feel safe/brave enough to go into the driveway, in full view of the neighborhood to get the key to the cuffs from the car...then onto the roof, still naked for the key to the house.

Normally I don't play *too* much at the house - subtly, sure, but not this blatant. Still, I was feeling really wild, and was very much into it. Until, of course, I had an orgasm. He had (cruelly?) given me permission to cum as many times as I wanted - as long as I said, "Please let me cum!" ten times before cumming - and I had to scream it - even if I screamed it into the grass or my arm, I had to really let it rip.

So the first orgasm came pretty quick. Probably by 7:30, I was in the middle of the backyard, laying face-down in the grass, arched so my cuffed hands could reach my clit, yelling, "Please let me cum," into the grass, praying no one could really hear me. I came so hard, lay there, and then it hit me. I was laying in the middle of my backyard on a Wednesday night at 7:30 with no way to get into my house until I got up on my roof, naked, to get the key. To do that, I'd have to go into the driveway, naked with my hands cuffed behind my back, leash and collar on, and open the car door, then crawl inside and get the key to the cuffs.

For a few minutes my mind was reeling. What if the neighbors saw? How could I live here if someone did? I'd have to sell the house and move. What if someone called the cops? What if someone was out for a late walk, saw me like that, and raped me?

Nothing to do though but lay there in the grass and wait. Eventually, worry was replaced with arousal, then I'd masturbate and beg to cum, yelling into the grass, the hammock pillow (that worked the best), even one time, around 11, yelling the tenth one right out loud and had the most intense orgasm of the night.

Finally, sore from masturbating and a little bored, I crept out my side gate, onto the driveway. I figured it must have been around midnight, but it was actually only about 11:15 (I found out once I got inside). I snuck up the side of the house, looked around. No one, most of the neighbor's lights were off. I got the string and key off from around my neck by bending over at the waist and jiggling around until it fell over my head, picked it up off the ground, and got it ready in my hands behind my back.

Figuring that someone sneaking around would cause anyone to look more than someone acting normally, I just stood up straight, strutted over to the car, turned around (facing the neighbors!) and fiddled until the key was in the lock. Turning it twice to open the back doors too, I moved to the back door on the driver's side, opened it, and got a shock - the dome light! Hurrying, naked and lit up, I scrambled into the car and contorted myself until I could get the key from the ledge behind the seat. God, how embarrassing! Very exposed! I wish I had remembered the dome light when I agreed to do this!

Finally, I was able to sit down on the seat and work the key into the locks, releasing the handcuffs, yes, all while the light was on me. It's something to sit naked in the backseat of a car with the light lights on, trying to unlock your handcuffs!

When I was free of them, I got out, locked the doors with the key (still in the lock), then walked quickly back to the back of the house. Around the back, to the other side, where I got to climb the ladder, ass and everything else on display, to get up on the roof, where I walked over to the key on the air conditioner. Talk about even more exposed!

Once I had the key, I took the opportunity to lay down on the roof, looking up at the stars, and masturbate one more time, this time yelling into the crook of my arm ten times for Him before I let myself go over the edge.

Then the quick climb back down the ladder, unlocking the back door, wondering the whole time who saw what. Then climbing into bed for a very restful night.

Oops - I was going to write about going to the library wearing the short skirt, with the bells attached to the string attached to the clothespin attached to my pussy. Sorry, I guess that will have to wait until next time!

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