tagRomanceOn Forgetting Ch. 09

On Forgetting Ch. 09


"Girl, I don't plan on letting you sleep for the next month," Connor growled, grabbing the back of her knees and dumping her onto the bed.

"You'll wear me out," Langdon giggled, scooting back toward the pillows.

Connor followed her across the bed in a predatory manner, his eyes glittering with dark promise. He trapped her beneath him just before she reached the headboard and took advantage of it. He planted a hand on either side of her head, leaning over her, and captured his mouth with hers, delving his tongue into the depths of her mouth. The frustration of the past few weeks skimmed below the surface, as he methodically possessed her lips.

Langdon sighed against his lips, the sensations overwhelming her as her hands travelled feverishly over his body. She traced the shifting muscles in his shoulders and arms before grasping at his back and pulling him down with a strong desire to feel his weight pressing against her.

Connor groaned and captured her wrists, pinning them to the pillow above her head. Langdon mewed with disappointment as he pulled back from the kiss. "Leave those there," he commanded, squeezing her wrists for emphasis.

Langdon started to object, "But-" cutting off when her breath caught in her throat as Connor's lips found a particularly sensitive spot just under her jaw line.

She didn't miss the fleeting smile that changed the shape of his lips before he returned his attention to her neck. His talented mouth moved down her neck, nipping, licking, and feathering kisses in a combination of sensations that had her writhing in need. He let his hands wander, caress, possess her body, intent on memorizing her curves again. As his hand reached her breast, she arched into his palm. His knowing fingers toying with her, tweaking until her nipple hardened into a tight pebble. So absorbed in his ministerings, she didn't notice when he released her bra, only becoming aware with the scrape of lace along her nipples.

Connor tugged the bra free and pinned her arms back down when she reached for him. He made a tisking sound and shook his head, "Keep them there." He kissed her pouting lips, drawing her lower lip between his teeth. She moaned trying to follow as he pulled his lips away only to drop her head back to the pillows as his lips trailed down her neck to the valley between her breasts.

His mouth latched onto the breast his hand had recently vacated, kissing a spiral that came increasingly closer to her pert nipple. Langdon squirmed, moaning each time he moved away. "Connor," she pleaded.

He chuckled against her skin, nipping gently. "I think your skirt is getting in the way." He plucked at the button and tugged the zipper down as he continued to tease her. It was with great regret that he shifted off of her to remove her skirt. She lifted her hips as he tugged it down her hips. His eyes followed its progress as first the dark lace of her thong gave way to smooth, creamy thighs, the cute dimples of her knees, her sleek calves, and finally the polished tips of her toes.

He quickly shed his pants and boxers and returned, kneeling between her legs and pausing to appreciate the view. Her modesty, affected both by their state of undress and his scrutiny, caused a blush to suffuse her pale skin. "God you're beautiful," he whispered, running his fingers slowly up the outside of her calf. She watched his face as he studied her carefully as if cataloguing every feature his eyes passed over. His eyes flickered over the still fading marks on her knees and he stiffened momentarily before stooping to kiss each knee.

Connor met her eyes fleetingly, letting the corner of his mouth twitch in a sly smile. His lips returned to her knee and slowly worked up along her thigh, passing over the scrap of lace to kiss the depression just inside her hipbone. He pressed light kisses across her tummy, enjoying the way she sucked in a breath every time he touched her.

When he finally closed his lips around the peak of her breast, Langdon's eyes fluttered closed and she arched against him, a gasp issuing from her parted lips. Her hand slid over his shoulder weaving her fingers into the dark waves of his hair, clutching him to her. Connor released her nipple and grunted, catching her hand, kissing it and replacing it on the pillow. "Keep them there," he growled.

She gave a frustrated sigh, "It's not going to happen."

He gathered her wrists in one large palm and pinned them securely to the bed. "Do I have to do everything myself?" He cocked a brow, humour and desire turning his hazel eyes into a glittering green.

Connor was playing with her, teasing her in the most horrible and wonderful way, and the look alone was intense enough to send a rush of heat straight to her belly. It should be a crime for him to look that good, she thought, her eyes flitting over his body before meeting his stare. In the soft glow of the candles, his tanned skin shone bronze, the rolling hills of his muscled arms and shoulders were accented, his hair seemed darker than its usual brown, and his eyes were glowing from behind dark lashes; he was an Adonis, dark as sin and equally tempting. Her tongue peaked out from the hot recesses of her mouth, wetting her lips and he watched its progress before it disappeared.

A growl started low in his throat and he slanted his mouth over hers, tormenting her until she was breathless with want. She twisted her wrists in his grip as his knee wedged firmly between her thighs. He pulled back to watch her face as his fingers pushed aside the thin lace barrier of her thong and ran through her wet slit. Her hips bucked as his fingertips grazed her clit. Her face heated under his gaze and she let out a gasp as two of his fingers slid inside her. She was hot, throbbing, and wet for him. Her arms tensed and she moaned as he leisurely stroked her into a frenzy of need. "God, Connor," she panted. "Let me go."

He bent his head and kissed a short trail along her collarbone and up her neck. "No." She shivered as his breath stirred the tendrils of hair beside her ear, his fingers curling inside her, pressing against the most sensitive region with knowing movements, and sending shards of pleasure through her body. "Please," she whined as his teeth closed on her ear lobe. "I want to touch you." She cried out as his thumb flicked over her clit before pressing firmly on the little nub. She lost the ability to form all coherent thought, bright lights flashing behind her eyelids as she threw her head back, her body arching in the power of the orgasm that washed over her.

His mouth came down on hers, swallowing the scream of her release, and he continued to feather kisses across her face, neck, and shoulders as she slowly recovered. "I let you touch me, and this will be over too soon," he groaned, her slick muscles clamping down tightly on his fingers as he slid them from her wet channel. "I want you too much." His fingers were drawing small patterns across her heaving chest when she finally let her eyes flutter open. A self-satisfied grin turned the corners of his mouth as he bent to kiss her flushed lips. He rested his forehead against hers, taking a calming breath with her. She sighed, "Can I have my hands back yet?"

He smiled, "I'm not sure I'm ready to let you go just yet."

"Connor," she whined, dragging her smooth calf along the outside of his rough leg. He sighed at the sensation, his palm sliding up her ribcage to cup her breast. She keened softly, "Not fair." A shudder ran through her. It was as if he knew exactly where to touch her, how to kiss her, when to hold perfectly still to tease her. "Stop teasing me."

He chuckled darkly, his mouth finding all the sensitive places she didn't know she had. "I want to make sure this is exceptional," he murmured against her skin.

Langdon twisted beneath him, wrapping her legs around him and drawing him against her. "Exceptional?" she heaved.

"Mmn," he hummed, his tongue flicking across one of her tender nipples. "You know, first impressions and all."

Her breath caught as his mouth closed over her breast, drawing hard on the sensitive flesh. She struggled not to giggle, "First impressions? Connor, you cad."

He released her breast from his mouth with a slight pop and he gazed down at her with a mischievous glint in his eyes. "Cad?" He twisted his fingers into the thin lace strap of her thong and yanked, tearing the fine material aside. "Now I'm a cad."

Langdon chewed on her lower lip and returned his stare with humour to match. Her thigh slid up to his hip, cradling him and opening herself to him. She saw him tensing with restraint and she pushed. He wasn't ready for it and he tumbled to his back, Langdon sprawling across his chest. She giggled and pounced on him, catching his face between her palms and kissing him deeply.

He groaned, his hands grasping her hips where she ground against him. She released his mouth to pay homage to his exposed chest, kissing, licking, and scoring her nails teasingly over his ribs and shoulders. She smiled at the small moans it drew from him and rose up on her knees, trailing her fingers down his stomach to tickle just below his belly button. He pressed his eyes shut with a grunt for a moment and opened them, blinking slowly to bring her into focus. "You're torturing me," he griped.

She smiled, her eyes sparkling as she shifted over him, slowly impaling herself on his erection. They moaned in unison at the sensation and Langdon's hands came to his chest as she fought to balance herself. Connor thrust his hips, catching her off balance and she tipped forward, bringing her close enough that he could catch her mouth in a passionate kiss. He wove his fingers into the hair on the nape of her neck, trapping her against him. She whimpered against his lips, her hands gripping his shoulders.

She panted when he released her lips, his arm wrapping around her lower back, pulling her down further so he could worship her breasts. She choked out a cry, her arms beginning to shake with the effort of holding herself up.

In the other room, Langdon's phone rang loudly, startling her as her head shot up. Connor growled, rolling her beneath him. "Let it go to voicemail." He took up a leisurely pace, drawing slowly and almost completely from her before thrusting back inside her as she lifted her hips to meet his. His teeth nipped teasingly along her neck, drawing a series of moans from her.

Langdon gulped in a breath, the sweet friction building between their bodies driving her closer to the edge. "Like... I c-could leave," she ground out, pulling his mouth down to meet hers. His tongue swept hungrily through her mouth to match the movement of his body into hers. She drew his lower lip into her mouth, nibbling on the tender morsel, releasing him as she gasped, her body clenching around his.

Connor lost the tenuous grip he had on his control and kissed her with all the frustration, tension, and emotion that he had let build in the past days. He picked up his pace, thrusting into her with passionate abandon. She cried out and buried her face against his shoulder, tensing and biting down on the soft flesh she found there. Her inner muscles tightened around him, her body shuddering as she came.

He echoed her cry with a yell of his own as he emptied himself inside of her. He lowered himself, dropping his head against her chest as both of their hearts beat a rapid cadence. Langdon's fingers tangled through the sweat soaked tips of his hair as she panted. He sighed and turned his face, absently kissing whatever skin he could find. "God, Laney," he groaned, shifting to find her mouth. She fought the urge to smile as his mouth caressed her with gentle pressure. "I love you, Laney."

She stretched and wrapped her arms around him, smoothing her fingers up and down his back. "I love you too, Connor." She mewed with disappointment as he shifted off of her.

He chuckled when he turned on his side and drew her into the curve of his body. He nuzzled her neck, kissing the sensitive skin just behind her ear. "Don't worry, I'm not done with you yet," he purred. A shiver ran through her at the husky tone of his voice and he laughed again, cupping her breast softly in his palm. "What time is that train in the morning?"

"Seven," she gasped.

He growled. "Seven? On a weekend? Remind me to punish you for that later." She squeaked as he pinched her tender nipple and entwined her fingers with his to keep him from doing so again. "Spoil-sport," he murmured. She mumbled a response that he couldn't discern and he smiled, pressing a kiss to her shoulder. He pulled the blankets up around them and pulled her snugly against him.

"Tomorrow," he promised.


Paul grumbled and barely suppressed the urge to hurl his phone across the room. Why the fuck wouldn't she answer her phone?! When he got his hands on her, he was going to kill her! The corner of his mouth twisted into a grin and he snorted. Well, killing her was the whole point, wasn't it?

The door swung open and he casually followed the newcomer into the semi-private snook in the corner of the pub. The man didn't say a word, and Paul had learned that he wasn't one for small talk. The man raised an eyebrow over irises of almost black, and Paul found himself squirming under the scrutiny. The man made him vastly uneasy.

Paul gently set the boxy knapsack on the floor by the man's feet. The man nodded, slid a bulky envelope across the table and stood, collecting the bag. He smirked, winked at Paul and strode out of the pub.

Paul quickly tucked the envelope into his coat and swiped at his brow with the back of his hand, trying to clear some of the sweat that had collected in the past few minutes. He signalled the bartender for a drink and downed the whisky as soon as it was in his hands. Almost there, he thought, heaving a sigh of relief. Almost there.


Langdon mumbled in her sleep, the teasing fingers stirring a vivid dream. When she breathed his name, it came out almost as a moan and Connor smiled. He feathered kisses across her taut stomach, his hands firmly moulding her breasts into the shape of his palms. Langdon groaned, shifting to press into the warmth of his body, her hands reaching for him.

He chuckled, catching one hand and pressing a kiss into her palm before drawing her index finger into his mouth. Langdon sucked in a breath, her eyes fluttering open, filled with a dazed expression. He released her finger. "Morning," he purred, dipping his head to brush his lips over hers.

She cooed and stretched out beneath him, squinting into the dark room. "What time is it?"

"Time to get up if you want to catch that train." He kissed her temple and pushed himself onto his knees. "We've got to leave here in 10 minutes." The shocked look on her face drew a smile to his. "Good thing you're already packed. Now get dressed and I'll make us some coffee." He swatted her thigh playfully as he rose from the bed then pulled on his boxers as he headed for the kitchen.

Langdon rolled onto her stomach, peered at the clock, and smothered a groan. What was I thinking booking a seven o'clock train? she wondered.

An hour later, Langdon curled up, resting her head against Connor's chest as the train lurched into motion. Trains always made her sleepy, and it was a good two hours to Tralee. Connor kissed the top of her head and wrapped his arms around her. "Tired?"

She nuzzled the v of skin that peaked out from the collar of his button-down shirt. "Someone kept me up all night," she mumbled.

He chuckled and the sound warmed her down to her toes. "Well, get some sleep now then. You might be kept up late again tonight." She poked him playfully in the ribs and snuggled into his warmth, drifting off into a pleasant doze.


Dr. Maslow stared at the body he was preparing for burial. "What the hell?" There was something out of place. Years of performing the hospital required post-mortems had given him an instinctive sense of when there was a pathological problem, and now was no different.

This hadn't been his post-mortem, but he frequently would make the autopsied bodies ready for a funeral home. He prided himself on his technique, making sure the families of the deceased would not be aware of the necessary cutting his job demanded.

He removed the organs from the body cavity, laying each one out with care. He wrinkled his nose, the smell of formalin much stronger than it should be. Sorting carefully, he isolated the offending organs: liver, kidney, heart. The remainder seemed to belong, but those three were older, like something from his preserved collection. He stormed into the storage room, his eyes meticulously scanning the shelves. Reaching the rear of the room he found what he was looking for.

Small splatter marks of formalin were clear on the floor in front of the shelf. He pulled the tubs out one at a time and opened them. Empty... All of them were empty. "Oh my God," he whispered taking a quick count. There were over thirty organs missing. If the preserved ones were going into the recently deceased bodies, then the fresh ones were...

Holy shit.

He dashed back to his office, pulling the autopsy report for the patient he had just been working on. Skimming it, he held his breath. Patient had died of... heart failure. That was all it said. No rational, just heart failure. No atherosclerosis, no infarction, no emboli, just failure. He frowned and read the external review on his way back to the autopsy room.

He painstakingly reviewed the body, finding what he was praying would be absent. A small needle wound that was uncharted, undocumented, just visible in the soft tissue behind the ear. Maslow felt his gut clench and he turned back to the chart, searching for the name of the person who had filed the report.

He grimaced when he found it... Paul Cavatoni.

Maslow picked up the phone and called the security desk. "I need the Garda here, now."


Connor watched the station sign as the train pulled away. They were nearly to Tralee and he'd have to wake her soon. Something in him rebelled against the idea, loving the way she felt curled against his side.

The shrill ring of her mobile made him jump and he dug into her bag to turn it off before it woke her. He muttered a curse under his breath and answered the phone, speaking as softly as he could. "Hello?"

"Uh... Connor?" came the voice on the other end.

"Yeah, this is. Who is this?" he kept his voice low as Laney stirred against his side.

"Hey, it's Paul. I was looking for Lang..."

"Sorry, mate. She's sleeping." Connor furrowed his brow. What the hell was Paul doing calling so early?

"Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to disturb. Hey, look. I was hoping to run through some work things later today. Is there a good time for me to come over?"

Connor rolled his eyes. "Not really, Paul. We're actually on our way out of town for the weekend. It's sort of last minute, but I'm sure Laney will catch up with you on Monday." The train conductor came over the loud speaker and announced Tralee as the next stop.

"Oh. Ok then. See ya round, Connor."

"Later." Connor ended the call and stared at the phone for a few minutes. That was the third time he'd called in as many days. Strange, the man had always struck him as somewhat anti-social. There was also something that unsettled him about the tone in Paul's voice. Like poorly disguised anger. He ran his fingers through Laney's hair. Maybe he'd have a chat with Paul when they got back.

Langdon's fingers tightened around the fabric of his shirt as she started to wake. He brushed his thumb over her cheek and kissed her forehead. "Hey, babe. Wake up. We're going to hop a bus in a few minutes."


This time Paul lost his temper. He picked up the nearest book and, with a roar, sent it smashing into the wall. "Away for the weekend?!" he bellowed. He started pacing. There was no way he could wait for Monday. He needed this done.

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