On Holiday


Tom and I had been married for just over a year when we went on a holiday to Surfers Paradise. Tom's a salesman, and good at it, and he wound up with a nice bonus this year. We decided to blow part of it and headed north to the sunshine.

That first day we didn't really know what to do first. There are so many attractions for gullible tourists, and that's what we were and quite content to be so. We were going to have fun. We finished up spending most of the day at Dream World and were both pleasantly tired when we got back to our motel.

The motel we were staying at was only medium range, rated at just under four stars, I'd guess, but it was comfortable and suited out pocket. They had a decent swimming pool and spa in enclosed gardens and there was also a games room up the top with a magnificent view. Out unit was on the twelfth floor, and overlooked the ocean.

After dinner I wanted to go try out the pool and spa. Tom was feeling lazy but agreed to come down and sit with me. Personally I think it was just that he'd had a couple too many with his dinner and needed to sleep it off. Anyway, I slipped on my bikini, grabbed a towel, and we went down to the pool.

For some reason the pool was deserted, leaving just me and Tom. Probably because we'd eaten slightly early and everyone else were only just settling down to dinner now. It was getting cooler as the evening advanced, but cooler is a relative term. Compared to the temperature back home it was hot and the pool looked good to me.

Tom settled on one of the deck chairs provided, tilted his hat over his eyes and snoozed. I think he fell asleep just like that. Me, I dived in and started swimming. I didn't need all that much exercise as we'd been running around all day, but I did feel the need for a refreshing dip to cool me down. A cool shower would have done the same, but wouldn't have been nearly as much fun.

After a short swim I started strolling around the perimeter of the pool area, admitting the gardens. I like gardens but I'm a terrible gardener. I buy a plant, follow all the instruction about where to put it, when to water it, when to fertilise it and then stand back and watch it die. Tom says some people have natural green thumbs, and then points out that mine are probably black, carrying the touch of death to things vegetative.

"Like my gardens do you?" this deep voice rumbled behind me.

Startled, I turned around, and was even more startled to find myself facing a gorilla wearing shorts and carrying hedge clippers. Gorilla was my first impression, and my second, too, for that matter. He was big, with the sort of face only a mother would love, and she'd probably have her doubts. He was also well-muscled, and extremely hairy. I know men have hairy chests but this guy carried it to ridiculous levels. I'm quite sure his hair qualified as a fur coat.

It was the hedge clippers that gave me the vital clue. He was, undoubtedly, the gardener. And a very good one from the display around us.

"Oh, hullo," I said. "I'm Chantelle. Yes, I do like your gardens. They're superb."

"Gary," he rumbled in that deep voice of his. I'd never heard a voice as low as that before. Although he was smiling, at least I think it was a smile on his face, his voice sounded as though he was a tiger growling. It sent shivers up my spine.

"What is this?" I asked him, indicating a very nice little bush with flowers that resembled little green and red bells. "I've never seen one before."

"Qualope bells," Gary told me. "Quite a rare plant. You won't find them down south. Too cold."

"How do you know I'm from down south," I challenged. It's not like I had an accent or anything.

"Colour," said Gary, and noticing my confusion, he deigned to explain. "You're pale. No decent sunshine where you're from. So you're from the south."

Observant and able to interpret what he saw, apparently. Now that he had mentioned my colouring I could see that he was deeply tanned.

Now that the ice was broken Gary started pointing out the various plants to me, indicating which ones were purely tropical or sub-tropical and couldn't be grown in colder area. I suppose we must have spent about twenty minutes moving around the garden. I found the whole thing fascinating.

"Just around here we have the Evening Glory," Gary told me, as we moved into the corner next to what I think was the shed holding the pump equipment for the spa. "You'll find it's due to come out about now."

I turned to look closer and my bikini bottom hit the ground. I gave a little squeal and my immediate reaction was to bend down and snatch them back up into place. That's when I found I didn't really have room to bend down. I had the shed on one side of me, the gardens full of bushes on another and Gary blocking me into a neat little triangle. I did manage to turn to face him.

"Are you mad?" I asked him. "You can't just pull down a woman's clothes like that. Back off and let me get dressed again. Kindly remember that my husband is just over there."

"Your husband is dead to the world and even if he woke up he probably wouldn't notice us in this corner. It's rather shadowy, what with the shed and the overhead trees. And I don't want you getting dressed again just yet."

Gary moved a little closer to me and that's when I realised that it wasn't just my bikini bottom that had been dropped. I could feel Gary lightly touching my stomach. For the life of me I couldn't help looking down. I felt a touch of relief to find out that at least some parts of him weren't covered in fur, and then a queasy stomach as I saw how much of him wasn't covered in fur.

My hands were on his chest, trying to push him away. I'd have had as much success trying to push a real gorilla away.

"Enough's enough, Gary," I said very firmly, showing that I wasn't going to put up with this sort of nonsense. "People just don't behave like this. Now please back up."

"Actually, people behave like this all the time," rumbled Gary. "I know that I do."

Instead of backing up he moved a little closer and his 'evening glory' was now pressing quite firmly against my tummy, which was now filled with dancing butterflies.

"Look, Gary, all I have to do is yell. My husband will wake up and you'll be in real trouble."

"But you're not going to yell," Gary told me. "You're wondering what it's going to be like."

With that amazing comment he then reach over and touched one of my nipples, and I was shocked to see that they were erect and pressing against my top. I was even more shocked to find that I was slightly aroused.

Gary reached down with one hand and caught me behind the knee and lifted. He seemed to find the task absolutely effortless as he hauled my leg up and wrapped it around his waist. I was almost doing vertical splits and I was horribly aware of just how exposed and vulnerable I was. To my shame I could feel both heat and moisture surging inside me.

The way I was now standing it was only a minor adjustment for Gary to shift his erection until it was pressing against my soft womanhood. One moment I was trembling, feeling him pressing against my stomach, the next I was holding my breath as I felt him pushing firmly into me.

I didn't have to hold my breath long. With one long firm push Gary simply took me, driving all the way home while my passage obligingly stretched and yielded to him. He reached for my neck and pulled loose the top tie of my bikini and the bra just dropped down, revealing that the bra wasn't required for support purposes. My breasts pointed perkily at him, the pink nipples highlighting the whiteness of the breasts themselves. I made a mental not to get some sun-tanning in while I was here.

With Gary's hands holding my breasts, his 'Evening Glory' bloomed. He thrust into me hard, demanding a response, and getting one as I started moving with him. His hands covered my breasts and teased them while his shaft drilled me unmercifully, pushing in, retreating and surging back forward triumphantly.

I found myself moving with him willingly. Resisting didn't even cross my mind. The knowledge that Tom was only yards away, sleeping, seemed to add an illicit fillip to what was happening to me.

Gary was staring down at me as he took me, just watching my face and my reaction to his ravishment. All I could do was stare back at him, feeling him moving in me, demonstrating his mastery and my utter helplessness before him.

My breasts and nipples were tingling as he played gently with them, the contrast to the way his cock was running rampart inside me amazingly erotic. I was gasping, trying not to scream, but my whole body was soon shouting for relief.

Still Gary was driving his erection hard into me. I found that I'd been backed up against the wall of the shed and my other leg had lifted of its own accord and wrapped around Gary. I clung helplessly and Gary dominated me, driving in again and again and again.

By the time it ended I had been reduced to a whimpering plea for relief, desperate for things to come to a climax, or to my climax, anyway. I only found out it was coming when Gary suddenly closed his mouth over mine to swallow my screams and powered into me to relieve himself with his own climax. I went with him, shuddering and screaming, while a little voice was relieved to note that Gary was silencing me.

When I finally gathered my senses together I found that my bra was done up and my bikini bottom was back in place. Gary just started walking back along the garden, quizzing me about the plants he had earlier identified. A casual glance showed Tom still snoozing on the deck chair.

As we drew level with the spa Gary reached over and pressed the button that brought the spa to roaring life. Then he gave me a casual push and I found myself stumbling into the spa.

"Take a seat and relax," he told me. "Let the spa soothe all your worries. I'll see you tomorrow evening."

See me tomorrow evening? He had to be kidding. I mean, he'd just ravished me. OK, apart from a few verbal protests, maybe I hadn't resisted too hard, but I'm quite sure it counted as ravishment. And he was asking me to come back for seconds? Some men have egos so large it's a wonder they can walk under that weight. See him tomorrow indeed.

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