tagGay MaleOn My Knees Again

On My Knees Again


No matter how hard I tried I could not forget the feel of John's cock in my mouth. It had been weeks now since I had sucked my first cock and it was all I could think about. The more I tried to put the incident behind me the more often it started playing on my mind. I soon began masturbating while curled in a ball so that I could shoot into my open mouth and on my face. The thought of sucking on another cock was becoming an obsession.

Eventually I could not take it any more and decided to try one more time. Not really knowing how to go about finding a man I went back down to the Halifax train station where I left my phone number on the washroom wall stating that I wanted to suck cock. I then headed home to nervously wait by the phone hoping that someone would call and at the same time that no one would call.

That night I got a call from an older male wondering if we could meet for some fun. I asked him what he was looking for and he said that he needed a good blow job. That's all I needed to hear to agree. I agreed to meet him at the station where he said he would be waiting outside in a blue Dodge. The drive from Dartmouth took about 20 minutes, 20 minutes to try and talk myself out of this, 20 minutes of nervous anticipation.

I pulled into the parking lot and found a blue Dodge with a single male parked at the end of the lot. I walked over to the passenger side and opened the door and got in. I asked if he had called me and when he said yes told him to drive towards the Arm. He said he was nervous of the parks and we agreed to park on one of the back roads above the park. As we drove he asked if I liked sucking cock and was I good at it. Not wanting to scare him away with an admission that he was only my second man I told him that all the others were happy with my services. He then asked if I swallowed, spit or took cum in the face. He seemed very happy when I told him that once his cock slides across my lips I will keep it until he has drained all his cum.

Once he parked I slid down to the floor and pulled open his pants and reached in for his cock. It was soft in my hand and I pulled it out and began to stroke him, feeling his cock harden a little in my hand. It was a small cock, about 5" long, cut and of average thickness. Once semi hard I took his whole cock into my mouth and began to savour the taste and feel of his cock.

This time I was prepared for the experience and rather that react with surprise concentrated on each nuance of this mans cock. Again it was the magic of the soft skin, steel hard cock and vein pulsing against my lips, but this time I knew what I wanted and began to suck his cock with a passion. I held the head of his cock in my lips as I tongued the head and stroked his cock, tasting his precum. I slid my lips down his shaft until his whole cock was in my mouth, my lips down to his balls. It wasn't long before I could feel his cock stiffen even more and the vein pulse rapidly against my lips. This time I tightened my lips and slide my tongue up and down the vein waiting to taste his cum, waiting to have another man shoot his hot load into my mouth.

He told me he was about to cum and I looked up into his face as his cock started to spasm in my mouth. With each spasm he pumped hot thick cum from his balls into my mouth and I swallowed as fast as I could. I found the taste completely different than mine or John's. The texture thinner and loved the feel of each shot pumping into me, wanting more from him.

I sucked his cock until it was dry and soft, drinking down every drop of cum he had. Again the drive back was silent. I was happy about what I had done and swore that this was the last. My curiosity was satisfied. This was not how it was to end though.

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