tagRomanceOn My Way Home

On My Way Home


Thinking about the night before, as I sit in my office, a smile crosses my face and I start absentmindedly doodling on a notepad. This week has been hell here, I think to myself as I glance over at the stack of papers sitting on my desk. It is already 7pm, I should have been home 3 hours ago, but the work won't do itself.

The phone rings and I am pulled back to reality. "You're not home yet." I hear your voice and my heart melts immediately. "I know, baby boy, I'm sorry. There is just so much work, I am almost on my way ho..." but before I can finish my sentence, I see you standing in my door with a picnic basket and your cell phone pressed to your ear.

"I have to go", I whisper into the phone and smile at you as I hang the phone up. "Me too, I have a date..." you say into your phone, even though I've hung up already. I lean back in my chair and swivel around, smiling at you.

"Baby, what are you doing here? You know I have so much work to do." But I can't even pretend to be upset with you; the smile on my face is not to be wiped off.

"Since you didn't come home for dinner, I thought I'd bring dinner to you." You walk in and place the basket on my desk, walking around it to me, you sit down on my desk in front of me. I stand up and wrap my arms around your neck, kissing you softly and looking into your eyes in between each kiss.

"Hi, angel" I smile at you, running my hand down your cheek. "Hi, beautiful", you whisper back at me and finally wrap your arms around my waist, too.

I reach for the basket, not realizing how hungry I was until you just walked and reminded me that I haven't eaten yet. But as I lift the lid, I see that this is no usual dinner- again.

A bottle of your favorite wine and a French baguette are in the basket, along with some fruits. "God, you spoil me, baby" I smile at you and you tighten your grip around my waist.

"Don't worry, I didn't come here just to feed you. I can't get last night out of my head, and you ran off to the office this morning so fast I didn't even get to kiss my girl." I leave the basket and turn around now, looking into your eyes.

My forehead leans against yours and I lift my head up to press my warm lips gently to yours. Slowly I feel your mouth open and my tongue slides in past your lips easily, kissing you a bit harder now, gaining energy from your lips.

"I know, I'm sorry I ran off so fast." I smile once more but you stop me from talking as I feel your hand on the back of my neck pulling me back into your warm lips and sharing another passionate kiss with me.

I moan out softly, lost in the moment, but then remember where we are and why I am still here. "Ba...mmm... baby, I have to fin..." but you don't let me speak again, wrapping your arms around me and devouring my lips with yours. Our tongues intertwined with one another, you tease me mercilessly and my heart begins to race.

I feel your hands under my butt suddenly as you lift me up and sit me on my desk, and press yourself forward so that you're now standing between my legs. I break the kiss for a moment and stare into your eyes.

"You didn't come here to feed me dinner, did you baby?" You smile at me devilishly and whisper back, "What do you think, beautiful?" "I didn't think so." I lean forward again and our lips lock once more.

You push back on me with your body and kiss me hard again, pushing me backwards gently with your arm behind my back until I find myself lying on my desk. You are propped up on your hands and your upper body is above mine as your lips now devour my neck and you hear me gasp for air and moan your name.

My hand instinctively start roaming through your hair and down your back, until my fingers find their way to the front and the buttons on your shirt start to come undone under them. One by one, I push them open and sitting up, I tear the shirt off your chest and down your arms, until it is on the floor beside my desk.

Suddenly I realize we are in my office and a tiny look of panic crosses my face. You look into my eyes and whisper "Don't worry, baby girl, I checked- no one is here and I locked your office door, just in case."

I don't even bother answering you, all my fears having left my mind and body I just wrap my arms and legs around you and hungrily, with the most passion, start kissing you hard until I hear you groan and feel the vibration of your lips on my tongue. Slowly I feel your hands moving to my blouse, too, and your long lean fingers start to undo my shirt.

Wanting you so bad, and in the heat of the moment I push your hands away and rip my shirt open, buttons popping off and flying across my desk. You grin at me, surprised at this, "Wow... am I excited for this or what?"

Your hungry hands move up my tummy and with a sudden move you cup my breasts through my push-up bra. I growl quietly as I feel your hands on my skin and my nipples grow instantly hard in your palms. I can tell you are getting excited as well, as the bulge in your pants doesn't leave much to the imagination.

I tug at your waist and pull your belt out, letting it as well fall to the ground where your shirt is. To my surprise, and excitement, as I finally rip your pants open I realize you "forgot" to wear your briefs again.

I smile at you and you give me a teasing puppy face. "Oops, I think I may have forgotten something after my shower." "Forgotten? Yeah, right, tiger!"

You can tell I am very happy about your forgetfulness as I push your pants down and make you step out of your pants. I slide off my desk now and push you backwards until you find yourself sitting in my leather chair, naked.

My top somewhere on my desk, I am still in my bra and skirt, my high heeled pumps on my feet as well. I lean forward with my breasts almost dangling in your face, and kiss you hard once more. Kissing your lips and neck, I move my way down slowly, dragging my tongue down your chest to your tummy until I find myself kneeling in front of you.

"What are you doing, baby? I brought you dinner, remember?" I place my finger on your lips and whisper to you to shush, "It is my turn now, baby boy."

I hear you gasp as you look down on me, kneeling between your spread legs, my face just inches from you and you can not only feel, but also see how hard and excited you are for me.

My fingers wrap around you, and I feel the pulsating and throbbing in my hand. I lick my lips teasingly, looking into your eyes, then lower my lips until the tip of my tongue touches your head.

You jerk in your seat as the electrifying feeling shoots through your body. Like a lollypop, I play with your head, licking it and sucking it into my mouth, where my tongue plays with it even more.

I let my fingers help me out, as I start to stroke you slowly and you moan to me how good I feel on you. I close my eyes now and suck you into my mouth as far as I can. You growl "Mmm, baby, you are so damn good."

Looking up at you with my big brown eyes, I notice that your head is now tilted back and your hands are gripping the armrests of my chair. To catch your attention, I teasingly let my teeth graze across the tip of your member and you jerk up in your seat.

I smile at you, and continue lusciously enjoying my treat. Not before long I feel your hand in my hair as you start to play with it, all the while moaning my name and whispering how good this feels.

I feel you starting to tense up and I start sucking on you harder. You are throbbing in my mouth and your breathing becomes more rapid. "Oh god baby... you tease me so... mmm... so much..." I stare up into your eyes and continue to taste you until you buck your hips forward and instantly I feel your sweet juices hit my tongue.

I don't stop teasing you until your hips slow down and you, still completely hard, slide slowly out of my mouth, trying to catch your breath.

I sit up and smile at you, licking up the last drop that is glistening on the tip, before I get back up and sit down on the edge of my desk, leaning down, with my arms resting on the chair, and kiss you softly. You can taste a drop of yourself on my lips and you moan into my mouth as your tongue slides past them into my hot awaiting mouth.

You have finally regained enough strength to stand up as you keep kissing me. You grab my arms and push me back onto the desk, ripping at the fabric of my bra with your teeth until you pull it off me completely.

I try to move under you, to feel your tongue all over me, but your strong grip keeps my arms pinned down above my head as you trace your wet lips all over my skin, purposely avoiding the nipples.

You look up at me and I whisper "Stop teasing me baby, you know how bad I want you." Before I finish saying this, a sharp moan escapes my lips as I feel your teeth biting my nipple and tugging at it. You slowly start to release your grip on my arms and I don't bother trying to move them.

You hike my skirt up to my waist and with your long fingers remove my stockings slowly. You are now sitting back in the chair, my feet resting on the edge of it. You don't take my silk thong off, but instead pull it to the side and teasingly slide your finger up and down the crease.

I close my eyes and hold my breath, anticipating your next move. I feel your hand move away from my crease as you bring your fingers up towards my face and trace the moist fingertip along my lips for me to get a taste of myself.

I moan seductively and suck your finger into my mouth, licking the sweet honey with my tongue and letting it linger in my mouth to savor the taste. But my lips part once again and I gasp as I feel your experienced tongue slide between my lips.

I buck my hips but you hold me down, pressing your face deeper into me and making me moan your name over and over. You can feel my juices starting to flow onto your tongue and this just encourages you to add fuel to the fire as you shift around so that your tongue is now teasing my clit and two of your fingers find their seductive way into my warm center.

Within minutes you have me writhing on my desk, going faster and slowing down in a precise rhythm. Before I know it, an intense orgasm starts to shake my entire body. Just as I am about to catch my breath and open my eyes, I see your face hovering above me.

You lean down, kiss me passionately on the lips and whisper "Watch out, baby girl" as you plunge deep into me and pull me up at the same time so that now I am sitting up, facing you, with my legs instinctually wrapped up around your waist for leverage.

Devouring my neck with your lips and constantly returning to my lips to bite and tug at them, you continue to frantically thrust into me, sitting on the edge of my desk, watching us in the reflective glass of the picture framed behind my chair.

Seeing us intertwined like that, a pile of arms, legs, sweat covered backs and heaving chests is all that it took to make me scream "I'm coming for you, baby". It took a second to register that you moaned the exact same thing at the exact same time. Our bodies stiffen at the same time and we stare into each others' eyes in ecstasy.

For what seems like an eternity, our bodies are one and are both copying one another in the shared orgasm they caused each other. Finally we both exhale sharply and collapse back on my desk.

Kissing me softly now as I am still trying to catch my breath, you look me over and smile devilishly: "Still have a lot of work left?" I run my fingers through your hair and smile back at you, exhausted. "I think I am done here for the night."

I feel your hands wrap around me, lift me up, and with just my skirt hiked up, carry me out through the deserted building to the car, on our way home.

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