tagBDSMOn My Wife's Leash

On My Wife's Leash


It had been one year to our arranged marriage. My wife Zeni had been really sweet and humble initially but as the days passed by she began to reveal her true self. She was a dominating goddess.

I was a socially dominating omega male earlier but she converted me into a loyal submissive pet. Sometimes I could not believe the drastic changes she had brought in me. During our earlier months, she used to do the house chores and take care of me but now it was the other way round. I would never have thought before our marriage that I would be massaging my wife's feet but here I was massaging her feet which she kept on my laps while eating popcorn and watching Mahabharata on star plus.

Goddess Zeni has a voluptuous body. Her breasts are simply magnificent. They are big, they are firm and they are tight. Her skin tone is also very fair giving her the look of an elegant queen. She loves to wear tight tops and shirts at home. The thing is that her breasts are so big that they press really hard against all the tops and t-shirts. Her enormous boobs have perfect round shape and their size is completely visible from the impression on her shirt. They are like two really large watermelons. Her nipples are extremely big, sometimes when she isn't wearing a bra and her nipples are erect, they make a big 1 inch tent in her top. Her nipples are perky, most of the time they are erect and almost even a slight touch makes them erect, they are pinkish brown in colour, they appear as if two large cherries are kept on a huge ice cream sundae. I feel sorry for all her bras that they have to support such enormous watermelons. Her naughty nipples sometimes become so erect that they are visible even from within a bra and her t-shirt.

One could easily get physically tired if he started to kiss her feet making his way upwards. I too got physically tired doing so but I dared not to stop when I pleased her. Her toes are ticklish. She smiled and giggled all the time when I worked my tongue upon her divine feet. She has long juicy legs especially her thighs are really creamy and soft. Her legs are all milky white and smooth. She maintains herself well. She loves being worshiped and kissed all over.

We are a working couple. Mostly we have time for each other only at night. She got frustrated that we could not spend enough time with each other and she wanted more so she decided that during weekends we would spend most of our time indoors and give each other time. Soon she started making rules for the weekends. Initially it was all normal but, soon she started to dominate me more and more. So basically what she did is that on weekends she turned into a complete dominatrix and I became her submissive pet.

I got clear instructions for the weekend a day before and some of the instructions were permanent which she made and are listed below:-

1. You can't take my name and must address me as Goddess, mistress or ma'am only.

2 .You are not allowed to wear any clothes at home except if someone comes to visit.

3. You must wear a leash at all times (she had presented me a leash on our wedding anniversary)

4. You must wake me up only by gently crawling into the bed and sucking my pussy.

5. You must immediately get on all fours when I am holding the leash.

6. Your eyes must be kept downwards at all times.

7. You are not allowed to touch your dick without permission except when you bath or pee.

8. You are not allowed to cum without permission.

9. You are not allowed to masturbate without permission (I think she made this rule so that I stay horny all the time and my dick stays erect).

She is extremely strict regarding these rules and I obey them religiously because I am really afraid of the consequences she would put me through if I break any of her rule.

I woke up at 6 am as she had told me to. I did my chores, bathed and wore the leash. I entered into the kitchen nude and started preparing breakfast. When I was about mid-way preparing queen's breakfast, it was time to wake her up.

I crawled gently in the bed from below I lurked between her legs. She slept nude so I simply placed my mouth between her soft plump pussy lips and started to lick her. Soon she was partially awake and she started moaning. She then spread her legs wide so that her pussy was completely accessible to my tongue. Her eyes were closed but she was awake now. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head and pushed it to where she wanted me to please her. She guided me through her pussy. Her intensity of desire converted to the force by which she was grabbing my hair. Her pussy was completely wet with my saliva. My tongue danced inside her soft pussy. Her moans turned louder. I increased my pace and the movements of my tongue I knew my goddess was about to cum soon. She held the back of my head tight and buried my face deep inside her pussy. I knew she was cumming. Multiple waves of pleasure were sent down her body the epicentre being her godly pussy.

"Aaaaaaaaah!" and "ummmmmmmm! ", were the only sounds she made. Her whole body jolted in pleasure and divinity. Her heart beats amplified and they were in synchronization with the pleasure waves which made her every inch tingle.

Her breaths became slowly reduced to normal and she had stopped moaning but I was still sucking my goddess as she hadn't told me so stop.

"You can go now, draw me a bath, "she said.

I quietly left the bed and got the bath tub ready, checked if the water was the right temperature, poured in some scented oils and kept the loofah and soaps close to the tub.

"Your bath is ready Goddess Zeni, "I said softly.

She stood up and held onto my leash as soon as she did that I lowered down to all fours as she had instructed me to. She walked me like a dog to the washroom and tied the leash to the door handle and told me to sit there like a puppy and only come inside when she says so.

"Come here! Dog, rub soap over my back," she ordered.

Her whole body and shining. Her breasts were partially submerged in water and the water was cloudy due to the bubbles so I couldn't see anything below the water. I could see queen's cleavage and it appeared as if it was a narrow valley between two humongous mountains. I sat down on the tub behind her and took the sponge in my hand and slowly and gently started rubbing her back and neck.

"Come to the front now little puppy do my feet, "she said gently.

I did as she spoke. She lifted up both her feet and kept them on my laps. My dick was erect all the time and her angelic feet were just inches away from it. I started rubbing Goddess's feet gently by the sponge.

"Rub them with your bare hands, you fucking moron!" she scolded.

I rubbed the soap over her feet and around her toes, then I gave her a foot massage.

"Get out now! Prepare my breakfast I am hungry, "she ordered.

I got out of the washroom, dried myself and rushed to the kitchen. I had prepared egg benedict a cucumber-tomato sandwich with some fruits as she had told me to.

"Pet come here dry me up, "she said as she walked out if her bath.

I rushed near her grabbing two towels as I reached her. I handed goddess one towel and the other I started to dry her feet. The towel she had she used it to dry her hair only and I dried the rest of her angelic body. I started with her feet then her legs, thighs, pussy, tummy, boobs arms and finally her back and neck.

She walked towards her wardrobe and I followed her on all fours. She handed me a pink panty and told me to help her wear it. She lifted her foot as I slid the panty between her legs, I did the same as she lifted her other foot. Then I pulled the panty upwards till it was hugging her pure luscious pussy.

She got on the bed turned on the TV and shouted, "Get me my breakfast."

I got her breakfast on the bed and I stood beside her. My dick was erect it was standing up like an army officer does when in attention. She put her finger on the tip of my penis, pushed my dick downwards and released. My penis started oscillating like a pendulum up and down till it finally was in equilibrium. She again did the same thing, she kept on doing it till she finished her breakfast.

"Go to the kitchen, take these plates, wash them and come back, "she instructed.

I did the dishes and came back to her.

"You look tired little puppy, lay down on the bed with your feet towards the TV, "she told softly.

I had a feeling that Mistress had some cruel plan for me. Queen Zeni took off her shorts and her pink frilly panty and sat on my face such that she was facing the TV and my erect penis. Of course, she paid no attention to my penis.

"Dog don't just lay down there use your tongue, you dumb nerd "she ordered.

I started to suck my goddess and lick her divine pussy. She was busy watching 'Kuch rang pyar ke aesi bhi' on TV .She began to ride my face making it all wet with her pussy juices and my saliva. She had big lips and my face was completely smothered between her milky thighs and ass. She increased her pace. She was raping my mouth with her big puffy pussy lips .Finally she stopped riding on my face when she was satisfied but I had to suck and lick her as she hadn't ordered me to stop. She sat down completely on my face, she lifted herself just once or twice every minute so that I can catch a breath.

This went on for like 2 hours .My dick was erect like a flagpole all this time and she gave no attention to it her eyes were glued to the TV screen.

She switched off the TV, collapsed onto the bed and said, "Don't play with your little dick when I'm asleep."

I replied, "Yes mistress."

I too slept for some time and then woke up and ate some food and waited for my Goddess to wake up.

She woke up soon and shouted, "Get me my nail polish kit."

I brought it to her and sat nearby her feet. She applied a blood red shade over her toenails, then brought her foot close to my mouth and said, "Blow them till they dry up nicely. "

I began to blow her toenails while she was busy polishing her fingernails. After 10 minutes, she told me to do the same with her fingernails. She got up after that and went straight to the washroom to freshen up and do the rest of her make up.

When she got out, she was wearing a red slutty lingerie. I was spellbound and I was numb looking at her huge breasts hugging the bra so tight as if the bra will tear apart.

She held me by my leash and started roaming me on all fours like a dog. She would even pull my leash tightly sometimes when I lagged behind. She got near the phone and ordered some pizzas for dinner. Then she sat on the sofa and instructed me to stay right in front of her so that she can rest her feet on my back.

Here I was down on all fours with my head lowered and my pride crushed and my dominating queen of a wife was on the sofa resting her godly legs on my back while enjoying a chocolate bar.

Soon the pizza guy arrived. She put on a robe and collected the pizza. She came back and pulled me from my leash took me to the bedroom. She sat on my back as she opened the pizza box and started eating. She got off me and fed me some slices too.

"Fetch me some water doggie, "she humiliated me.

I got her water. She drank it and as soon as she was done she let her boobs out of her tiny bra which was barely able to hold them. She told me to come close and then shoved her boobs in my mouth. I sucked on to her nipples and massaged her boobs. I think the main reason that her boobs got so tight and big was that every day she made it my duty to massage and suck her breasts. So I sucked them and licked them all over even bit her nipples gently.

My tongue was dancing with her erect one inch pinkish brown nipples. Her breasts were so enormous that I couldn't completely hold them with my hands. My hands were barely able to cover even 50% of her magnificent breasts. I got so indulged in massaging her big water melons that I had completely forgotten about my dick which had been teased a lot today and was so erect that even a slight touch would make it cum.

Goddess was extremely unpredictable some days when she felt like drinking my cum she would turn me into a cumming machine and made me cum about 9-10 times in a day. Of course, my juices would end in the first 4-5 times still she drained me completely till she was satisfied

And sometimes she would completely forget about my penis like today.

Finally while I was massaging and sucking her boobs she said, "Your poor little dick must be hurting it has been erect for so long I think it needs a release, start sucking my feet make them wet with your saliva."

I did as she said I started sucking her feet and toes. Soon enough her feet were completely wet with my saliva. Her godly feet were glistening.

"Good puppy, now place your cock near my feet," she instructed and I obeyed.

I brought my erect dick near her feet and she started to rub it with her feet. She was giving me a footjob. I stood there in silence as she squeezed my dick with her divine feet. She held it between her toes and massaged my dick head with her other foot. She continued doing this for some time. She knew I was near so she started to squeeze my dick hard between her feet. Squeezing and rubbing, I had been erect for too long and I couldn't hold it further.

"May I cum mistress, "I asked for Goddess's permission to cum.

"Yes, dog, "she said.

I came hard on her magical feet for around 5-6 seconds, strands of my cum completely covered her godly feet. They were now coated with my semen and saliva. I felt relieved. It was the best feeling ever. My heart beats were calming down now.

"Get a hot water bucket now and wash my feet," she ordered.

"Yes, mistress, "I replied and got a bucket and started to wash her feet, I was done soon and I could see that queen was yawning.

"Get me some ice cream" she ordered.

I got her 3 large scoops of chocolate ice cream and stood next to her.

"Get in here suck me, my little slave hubby, "she said humiliating me.

I put my mouth on her pussy and began to suck and lick her pussy, gulping all her yummy juices.

"Let me add some favour to my pussy, " she said and kept one scoop of ice cream right above her pussy which started to melt and started flowing down to where I was sucking her.

I was sucking her pussy juices covered with ice cream. I sucked all of it and licked her pussy clean. I could hear her moan loudly, I knew she was about to cum.

She grabbed my head and shoved my mouth deep in her pussy in heat of passion. Her whole body shook with vibrations and pleasure waves as she buried my head deeper into her godly vagina.

"Aaaaahhhhh! "she screamed and came into my mouth.

She released the grip on my head and said,"You can sleep near my feet and don't play with your tiny dick."

I made myself cosy near queen Zeni's feet and hugged her legs with the leash still wrapped around her wrist. I gave two tiny kisses on both her feet feeling happy that I served my queen well. I dozed off to sleep with the taste of ice-cream and Goddess's divine pussy still lingering in my mouth.

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No wife here ....

Lots of good women out there.
Why stay with this one ?
Go find a better person .

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It's really hot 🙈🙈!!!! I could relate to the TV series though...😂😂😂❤❤❤❤

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Watching Mahabharata on star plus.. LMAO.....PS ( really hot story...I am sooo damn wet 🙈🙈🙈🙈❤❤❤❤)...

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I won't lie I've always been a submissive kind of girl but short storiea like this one really make me want to become a mistress. 5stars cus I'm wet as fuck now.

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